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Look through the information on this page, see what I have learnt over the years I have been learning, educating people and lobbying to get the services and facilities I am wanting to realise through this $30,000 Good Stuff grant.

It just so happens my field of expertise is stress disorders, psychology, poverty, politics, occupational therapy, law, sociology, suicide, I have been involved for almost 2 decades.  I also have lived experience of being a terrorised vulnerable disabled women in our society interacting with ‘services’.   I know where the problems are and how to solve 80% of them.

There is nobody as passionate as me about getting real effective support/services/resources to those who need it, most appreciate it and whose lives would be most positively impacted by it.

My ideas are based on professional health and rehabilitation models, along with disability and other constitutional laws in New Zealand and internationally.

Give me a chance, give this a chance, the extent of my knowledge and experience should be harnessed and used to bring change to the mental health sector – change years of governments and inquiries says need to happen but up until nobody had a plan how this was going to be achieved.  What I am proposing is that plan.

It is important to recognise these facilities are a workplace, health care and training environment all rolled into one, with the support of volunteers – like people from the Mens Shed.  They are not a drop in centre, everybody must have a professional rehabilitation plan and pathway to employment.  This would not be appropriate for people with intellectual disabilities.  ACC would be a significant funder of services, especially in the area of mental injury, through the regional mental health facilities.  ACC have recently announced they intend to drop investing in fossil fuels, so now would be the time for them to invest in housing and service infrastructure for their mentally and physically injured claimants.

I can picture what they would look like, how they would operate, I can see it in my minds eye in operation, functioning really well.  I can imagine myself walking through the large building, with two houses in varying states of completion being worked on by a large team of people.

Producing a house every fortnight, as teams of people from our working population also pitch in to get these facilities up and running to address the suicide and social issues that plague our society in 2020.

To imagine this throughout New Zealand, changing lives and statistics, taking Wairarapa and West Coast to the regions with the least amount of suicides, rather than the most.  To New Zealand leading the world in this field, creating a more inclusive, equal and peaceful society.

I am so excited and so scared at the same time, after all these years to see something tangible and medically/occupational therapy based would be…………………………  AMAZING.


Driven to self-harm by ignorant police & community leaders

So I had a meeting on Thursday with police, the local mayor and the council social worker/ propaganda PR person.  That night my mental health was so bad I started self-harming and now I’m covered in bruises over my face.  Although I had asked to get these people together and the mayor kept telling me everything would be OK etc, IT WASN’T.  The saddest thing is I don’t even think any of them realise how insulting, degrading and bigoted what they were saying to me was.  Not all of what they said just some really bad bits – the neo-liberal bits.

Firstly I had a previous meeting with the mayor and sent him two emails with questions before the meeting on Thursday – he didn’t respond.   While in our recent meeting he keeps saying to me – You trust me and the people here don’t you.   ACTUALLY I DIDN’T TRUST ANY OF THEM, I admitted to not trusting the policeman.

I live in the region of New Zealand that has the highest self-harm rates in the OECD (developed western world).   The way those three people approached what I was telling them, my complaints about police violence, mental health staff violence, how bad my life is etc was so bad in so many ways.

Even though the mayor has said several times he would help me, the more he gets to know my situation the more he doesn’t want to know what is happening.  I text him before the meeting saying I was terrified.  During our talk he got angry with me for saying at our last meeting he implied there was going to be no state/social housing built in Wairarapa for disabled people like me.  He said he didn’t say that but he did, he used economic jargon, I even emailed him about it to get the words he had been told to use.   I follow economists, I have studied economics, I wonder if he didn’t really know what those words meant.

I’m not sure how long we were there, when suddenly he started telling me he had to go to the funeral that had been in progress next door to us since we started.   Why did he make an appointment to see me if he had another appointment and why didn’t he tell me he had to go at a certain time.  Instead he humiliated me and made me feel bad for not having finished what I was saying.

He compared me asking for his help with this situation to people who ask him for help with potholed roads and footpaths – which made me feel really bad by trivialising the seriousness of what was happening to me.  He got so uncomfortable about what I was saying, especially about police.  To start with he assured me in detail and repeatedly the police officer was an old school friend of his and trustworthy.  Then when I was leaving – after them – I saw them talking, smiling and shaking hands outside the police station.   No matter what I say it seems obvious to me the mayor is going to back his school friend to the hilt – he did in the meeting.

The police officer was very uncomfortable about the unwarranted police violence and abuse I have been subjected to over the years and how IPCA have never done anything about my valid complaints – they are abusive.  He kept saying they’re independent, they’re independent – my response was they might be but they are still corrupt, I have been violently assaulted, psychologically tortured and persecuted/not protected from crimes against me – while charged with crimes that 95% of the time have been either thrown out by a judge or dropped by police.   He kept defending the police and telling me he hadn’t done any of those things to me so I shouldn’t care they happened at all.

He told me he was a human being – I told him HE WAS NOT.  Those three people were there as mayor, police and social worker/bullshit PR person – they weren’t there as human beings.  It was their jobs – WHILE IT IS MY LIFE – if they left their jobs next week they wouldn’t give me a second thought.  I will never forget that meeting and how bad it made me feel.  They have been so brainwashed by this neo-liberal extremist garbage they don’t even know how to be NORMAL people.

One of the most upsetting things was when I said all the money I had saved up had run out 2 weeks ago the social worker immediately told me she could get me the budget services – WTF.  I’m 55 years old, I bought my kids up on welfare from the age of 37 (they were 6 & 7), I know how to fucking budget.  I can’t believe she said that – what an insult.   My rent went up $70 in 12 months and I can’t get a flatmate that isn’t abusive (having been through six I’m now phobic), my invalids benefit didn’t increase.  We have had a small increase since, but that happens every year apparently to deal with inflation – don’t know where they get their figures because the rising cost of rent and food isn’t 2-3% like media say – not for poor people like me.

So these people are demanding to see how I spend my money so they can tell me how to spend it so I can afford food.  I wonder what these revolting people who are so much more intelligent and better than me at budgeting their money would say to me exactly??   I’m sure they would make sure I didn’t have any money to go to funerals or participate in the community, or have a holiday ever, or travel anywhere outside my district, or participate in our ‘democracy’, or join clubs, or buy good shoes to cater to my bad ankle, or accommodate my bulimia (which I am sure they would say is MY CHOICE AND I DESERVE TO BE POOR BECAUSE OF IT).

More proof our community leaders are the ones who advancing the rich and business people while rejecting and persecuting disabled abused poor people who don’t have necessities of life – like safe stable affordable housing or sufficient income to live with dignity.

Wairarapa No 1 in OECD for driving children to suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, eating disorders, self-harm, compulsory treatment orders and of course homelessness.  You don’t see the homelessness here because people are driven to Wellington, where they get emergency housing.  Wealthy elites drive disabled and poor out of this region illegally and purposefully.

I wonder if any of them want to hear how to stop our region’s world leading suicide and self-harm statistics – I have the solutions.   Wouldn’t you think these people would be embarrassed by those stats and what they drive people to – but they’re not.


Cruel illegal lockdown procedures in New Zealand psychiatric hospitals COVER UP

I was in one of those places, temporarily and illegally as I was being punished for legally protesting about abusive mental health services, government corruption (including purposely making poor people suffer and allowing them to die by depriving them of health care and justice), poverty etc.

When the Ombudsman’s office – who I definitely know to be grossly corrupt – came out with a statement recently that they had inspected Wellington secure mental health units and there were not adverse events and he had been liasing with District Inspectors I had proof of the corruption.   A friend of mine suicided where I was due to the cruel severe lockdown procedures we were subjected to by abusive staff – already abusive before the lockdown and they got worse afterwards – as you would expect with abuses of power. (refer Prof Philip Zimbardo).  I had been in constant contact with the DI and she knew nothing about Bosier’s inspection and had not spoken to him, when I phoned her the day I saw the news item.

I contacted the Ombudsman’s office and was told I AM NOT ALLOWED TO PHONE THEM AND THEY HUNG UP ON ME.  I emailed them about some of what had happened but have had no response whatsoever.  As backstory to this, I have begged the Ombudsman for help for many years and be rejected over and over again, even though I know my complaints are valid.  Part of my protesting involved taping art a piece of art expressing what I thought of their bigotry discrimination and injustice.   As a result the Ombudsman lobbied the police multiple times to have me charged with ‘wilful damage’ and ‘wilful trespass’.   Police in Wellington didn’t do anything about it, because THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL – however I was being processed for another protest a few years ago and the Ombudsman’s emails were accidently put with some other documents.

List of violations of human rights/disabled rights and lockdown processes in New Zealand mental health facility.

  1.    We were locked down and not allowed outside five days before the rest of New Zealand, we were not allowed to prepare at all for the lockdown as we were not allowed to leave the building for our usual community visits from Saturday morning.
  2. All Occupational Therapy processes stopped, all contracted staff were stopped, all weekly activities were stopped initially (SOME were reinstated but only because I was making repeated complaints).
  3. No patient was allowed to leave the building, we had a larger outside yard with high fences, that is 100m to walk around the outside of in the mens area and two small yards in teh women’s area, one that wasn’t big enough to walk around and the other is a fully enclosed metal cage big enough for a car to park and open all 4 doors – this goes directly into the women’s ‘de-escalation’ unit where new people usually live – where I was put.
  4. Prior to lockdown part of our rights and reward for ‘good behaviour’ was people in this particular unit were allowed supervised (and unsupervised) visits into the community.  To do things like go to the shops or a park/beach etc.  I can’t remember everybody’s PLAN but mine was 2 one hour supervised visits a week, where I was also allowed my mobile phone (not initially, initially when you arrive you are not allowed to do anything other patients are). I was also allowed 3 half hour sessions on a computer to go on social media or look up information on google etc.  Plus twice daily 30 min walks outside the unit but still on hospital property.
  5. As punishment for ANYTHING the staff decided (for good reason or not) patients were deprived of their community visits and going for walks outside the unit but on hospital property.   Patients were also deprived of their freedom by being locked in small isolation parts of the unit, they were deprived of things like incoming and outgoing phone calls, seeing a doctor, occupational therapy/art room, more comfortable bedding (eg I was deprived of two mattresses to sleep on and left with one for months by nurses – wasn’t until I told the Occupational Therapist how much pain I was in trying to get up – I have ankle/leg injury issues – within two hours I had a second mattress.
  6. When staff called us together to tell us we would be locked down early and all the home and community visits were stopped, along with people coming to the unit.  The young woman who ‘died suddenly’ had her first home visit with her mum (after 12 months) organised for the weekend we were shut down and it wasn’t allowed to happen – she was very disappointed.  It was a junior mental health nurse (a revolting abuser) that told us because she didn’t want to wait for the shift supervisor.  Also management staff are not working on the weekend, so were not attending or explaining anything about what was happening and going to happen.  When I objected to some of the restrictions – knowing they were a gross violation of our rights, I was insulted, degraded and intimidated for speaking up.  By staff and those patients they were nice to and enjoyed being there (both patients were men with brain injuries and histories of extreme violence, which was intimidating for me)
  7. It wasn’t until a few days later I ASKED TO BORROW CLEANING EQUPIMENT from the contracted cleaner to clean all the door handles and things us patients and staff touched all the time.  The cleaner refused to do it, saying it wasn’t in her contract (note there was one really bad cleaner who was there most of the time and two others who worked occasionally who were awesome and really cleaned up for the lazy one).   After a few days the occasional staff member cleaned the occasional door handle etc.
  8. There was one computer for the 15 patients to use, including for zoom psychiatrist, dietician etc.  There were as many as 15 individual computers in the staffroom that were not allowed to be used.  We were deprived of use of the computers for the first few weeks of lockdown but eventually allowed to reinstate our previous PLANs with no extensions due to the lockdown.  While people in the community were encouraged (on TV adverts as well) to stay connected via social media.  I never saw one computer being cleaned between users, I had to clean all the phones – which we did have slightly more access to during lockdown but not on the days the really abusive staff were on.  I was told during lockdown I would only be allowed 3 mobile phone calls a week, as this was the rules.  I ignored this person and did phone people when I wanted up until the sudden death, then I was not allowed to call anybody and people who called me were not put through many times (including from when I first arrived).
  9. Because of the horrendous management of that place, people who were FRIENDS and brown nosed the nurse manager got more hours than others.  They used to get paid time and a half on weekends so the worst staff/teams worked then as the pay was good and they could intimidate, abuse and degrade patients without ‘outsiders’ (other support staff & management from outside the unit) around.  They didn’t choose staff because they were safer as they were younger, were living alone or had very small bubbles, were living locally etc.  In fact they avoided using those sorts of people – mostly because they were casuals and not part of the TIGHT KNIT TEAM OF ABUSERS so were more of a threat to their very cushy unprofessional work lifestyle.
  10. We were told staff at Ministry of Health in Wellington (ie Dr Ashley Bloomfield and his staff) were the ones imposing severe illegal lockdown restrictions – not the staff we were dealing with (I don’t believe that was true with every restriction we were subjected to).
  11. ON the weekend we were locked down I heard a male staff member joking and gloating about how work would be even easier than normal as they didn’t have to do anything.  Management and staff believed a constant stream of videos (many of them violent and/or of a sexual nature, in a psych ward with people who have committed serious violent and sexual crimes – mostly men, but also women).  I have never hurt anybody, they hurt me, I was put in this place as punishment and to intimidate me to stop me legally protesting about how bad mental health services are/poverty/neo-liberal extremism/govt corruption etc.  Movies used to start at 9am sometimes, women couldn’t watch them in our unit because our TVs couldn’t be hooked up to a computer and weren’t loaded with Sky Sports or movies or Netflix, like the mens area TVs were.
  12. Staff used to tell us stories about their family members breaking lockdown and going to their workplace to get something they needed, or going to see friends they weren’t supposed to.  Their contempt for us was so ingrained, our safety being compromised didn’t even enter their heads.
  13. Several decent staff who were casual nurses and MH support workers and living alone during Lockdown 4 were prevented from working, while staff who had big families got more work.
  14. Two staff members from outside the Wellington/Porirua region worked constantly during lockdown both had members of their bubble violating lockdown.  One was from Wairarapa and the other from Levin – while two staff members who were living alone and lived in Porirua were stopped from working WHEN THEY WANTED TO BECAUSE THEY WERE BORED AT HOME ALONE.
  15. NEW STAFF were employed and started work during Lockdown 4.  One of them was a 7 months pregnant Indian woman and another a young Maori woman (she was cool but didn’t stand up to lazy bully staff, she did all the work to keep busy, she did some exercises to help support me but no other staff would).
  16. Several staff members who were kept working were over 65, one of them was 72, should not be working at any job and had several BOARDERS in her bubble.  So not only did she get a pension, she worked almost full time (cause she was liked by management and an abuser) and had her own home with every room filled with a boarder who worked locally.  Same old lady who used to continually gloat about all the overseas trips and cruises she did – lots of the staff did that.  I said something about how inappropriate it was to talk about these things in front of people who often were from extremely poor backgrounds, that it was offensive – staff would ALWAYS get up, walk out and lock any door they could as punishment for me saying something.
  17. Just before and beginning of lockdown staff forced patients to watch the news IN ITS ENTIREITY on the unit TVs.  Even though patients were supposed to have control of what was watched, it was cruel abusive staff who actually had control.  Because I was new and unwell and didn’t want to hear ALL the news I asked for channel to be changed after 10 mins – I was becoming very upset and traumatised – staff subjected me to weeks of psychological abuse/lied in clinic notes etc for asking for the channel to be changed.  Staff said I stood in front of the communal TV and was yelling when asking for the channel to be changed.  They also said other patients didn’t want it changed.  None of which was true, a meeting with the nurse manager and a psychiatrist about that situation confirmed I was telling the truth, but minutes of the meeting didn’t have anything about the discussion and nothing was done about what was and did happen to me.
  18. In lockdown 4 staff were still bringing in books to swap in the little library (that was supposed to be for patients, yeah right).  I had to ask for them to be cleaned before any of us touched them, they were left on a dinner table for us to look at.
  19. During lockdown 4 Dennis Klue the manager (everybody calls him Clueless and the nurse manager’s surname is hope and she’s called Hopeless – very accurate description)brought in two tradesmen to replace every toilet roll and paper towel holder in every patients room and communal areas.  The didn’t finish everything on the first day so they came back the next day as well.  When I complained I was told the changes were necessary because they had changed their paper supplier to one that was cheaper (and American which I don’t know if that’s relevant).
  20. The first time I was allowed out to walk on the grounds the strange Wairarapa nurse with me patted a dog of some random people.  Same nurse was really strict and although nice when she started working there soon became degrading, insulting and abusive – like the others.
  21. The other five female patients in the small part of the unit we were in (while 9 men were in the rest of the unit – which was originally supposed to be ONLY FOR WOMEN) went to bed after we were locked down.  At least for the first week, I was always up early and doing my best to keep busy, lose weight and keep fit – majority of staff were not supportive of any of the things I was doing.  I used to ask them for help but they were so lazy and completely self-absorbed vast majority wouldn’t do anything.  Several random outsiders did come into the unit, we weren’t told why they were there.  One day during Lockdown 4 one of the worst support workers a big nasty Samoan bully of a woman came in with a person and said this is the women’s area, they all sleep until lunch time.    I was sitting there, working on a play I was writing, or doing crochet I had decided to learn during lockdown, or reading a history book, or doing my accupressure exercises to help with my swollen leg (which had a blood clot but doctors in there told me it was tendonitis and nothing to worry about).  It was like I didn’t exist, which is how most of the staff treated you, especially with visitors.
  22. One of the casual nurses, who I got on with, was in her 50s, Samoan had been a nurse all her life involved in public health, she was also a trained counsellor.   She was critical of staff and attitudes in that place, she told me but because she had been bullied a lot in her life (and her culture) she just ignored how bad the staff culture was there and tried to get on with her job.  She lived on her own and when she came in just before I was thrown out, she told me she was finding things difficult as she was alone in her bubble and really liked coming to work so she had something to do.  She would have been an invaluable and safe person to have working on a full time basis and would have relished how she could have helped patients.   Instead she was prevented from working as much as she usually did in her casual position with C & C DHB.  I know for a fact management staff knew how we got on and they prevented her from working – preferring to have the cruellest nurses on.
  23. Other patients were in contact with other people in other units within the Porirua psychiatric hospital grounds, our unit was getting more restrictive and worse treatment than them.  Patients in other units were also told more than we were.  It took many weeks before management would even come and talk to us about what was happening.
  24. Ideas we had about how to make lockdown more bearable were discouraged and those I suggested were of course mostly ignored.  Nothing I suggested was outside the lockdown rules in all hospitals – as I had a little time on the internet and looked up what the rules were.
  25. The saddest thing, is I could see the other people struggling and I wasn’t too affected because I am very isolated in the community and used to being restricted by my phobias and extreme valid fear of police etc.   I tried so many times to get people more help, so many.  The young woman who died was really struggling, we talked about it and she missed going to a cafe (she had just been given leave to do this before lockdown and it stopped).  We had two fully equipped kitchens in the unit – in the men’s area – nothing in the women’s area.  I asked repeatedly if we could do some baking together and more regularly than the cooking some were allowed to do before lockdown.  I was insulted and refused.
  26. Those who were not allowed to go out the community were allowed to buy things through a shop type arrangement, where a staff member would go out and buy things – eg stamps, juice, shampoo/condition, healthy & unhealth snack foods.  This all stopped during lockdown because they couldn’t work out how patients could pay for the items without cash – they couldn’t do online payments apparently.  Instead of us being able to buy things we really needed Dennis Klue used to bring us every week a 1.5 of coke zero, packet of lollies, packet of biscuits and large packet of chippies – during easter we got chocolate as well.  I don’t eat junk food like this and chocolate gives me migraines so I don’t eat it.  We weren’t allowed to make biscuits we had to buy them.
  27. A lot of the women and men had eating issues and were overweight, the dead woman had bad teeth and wasn’t allowed to see a dentist.  I know she was in pain several nights after eating her bag of lollies.  I stopped giving things I didn’t want to others and started giving them to staff or put them in the prize pool for 1 hour of bingo we did once a week.  They tried to stop the bingo until I got upset about it.  Apparently they didn’t want to do it because they didn’t have any prizes because they weren’t allowed to go out and buy anything.
  28. They had one of the best resourced art rooms I HAVE EVER SEEN, we weren’t allowed to go in there for weeks – people have to be supervised, which is fine with me.  Because they had cut so many staff and the ones left were so lazy, they wouldn’t take people in there.  Some of us could have been making things to use as prizes – but staff wouldn’t do anything as civilised or sensible as that.
  29. I can’t go on, I’m getting upset, there is more but I need a rest.

I will be sending a copy of this to the Ombudsman, but I have just noticed that it says this WordPress site is not secure – that is not true – it is as secure as every other wordpress site on the internet.  When I looked up this website and my youtube channel while I was on the computers in the hospital, I could not find them, even when I put in the URL.  Censorship rules in NZ health system, that’s for sure.

Got locked in a psych ward for 3 months, can’t say much yet

I’m still under the mental health act and I don’t trust those people I’m still in contact with, by Zoom.

I was let out six weeks ago, without ACC care in place, promising it would be – after another patient I was close to ‘died suddenly’.  I was locked in isolation the next day for three days then sent home without services – I had such hope for the future, my mental health has deteriorated significantly and still ACC refuse to provide services.

Although I did do some of my own healing in that place, there were really bad things that went on there as well – I don’t feel safe to say much more for fear I’ll be locked back in there.  Cuckoos Nest stuff and abuses of power, bigotry, sexism, racism, psychological abuse, tribalism, cruelty, incompetence, criminal negligence, psychopathy, etc.

They couldn’t break me with boredom, I’m an artist, from the first day I was allowed a pen and paper I was writing and then drawing and doing other artworks.  I wrote a play about another patient and I – Monkey and Dragon, loosely based on our Chinese astrology signs, our longing to see people we cared about, local history and our incarceration in the Bird Cage, with a 10sq mtr concrete fully caged exercise yard while others were at the beach.

All my friends & supporters think about Appeal Court judge doing the right thing

If you are a Christian friend then pray, if you are a spiritualist send white light, if you are an atheist think about those judges making the right decision in regard to my Habeas Corpus application.   That I also receive all the ACC entitlements ($ and care) and prevent the police etc from using the law to oppress/terrorise/hurt me.

I’m in court in an hour or so please pray or imagine that all going well too.

But mostly focus all the energy you can spare on Wellington Appeal Court and Supreme Court – this decision will have wide ranging ramifications.  If poor people deprived of money and services can get the heads of government departments on $800,000 a year into a court room over very short period (say 2 weeks) then there will be hell to pay.  LOL fronting up to those they harm – HELL YEAH!

GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO IT TOO – share this post.

Kia kaha and aroha to us all.




ACC depriving me of access to LOPE – loss of earnings entitlements

Because I was studying law at Victoria when I was hurt my potential earnings was that of a top constitutional/public law expert like Mai Chen – who I know is on over $600/hr.  Can’t wait to tell the judge about this,



New Zealand ranked No 1 in the world for covering up corruption 2020

Please note, this is only a PERCEPTION not a fact.  Also the most recent supporter of this CRACKPOT NEO-LIBERAL EXTREMIST PROPAGANDA organisation is ex Auditor-General Lyn Provost.  The same woman who knew my situation with ACC and police etc and did absolutely nothing after I was interviewed for the last ACC performance audit.   Watch this space, because I am going to make sure the Auditor-General is held to account for the years of complaints about ACC they ignored.  Hell Yeah!

Media and government always bring out this propaganda about not being corrupt whenever people tell them JUST HOW CORRUPT OR GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY REALLY IS.


Rapists & sexual deviants in New Zealand film industry, power over media & juries

Absolutely disgusting story from NZ Herald – giving that sexual pervert a voice!!!!!   Those women who weren’t believed will be devastated FOREVER, I know what its like to have your rapist found not guilty – our juries are full of people obsessed with powerful people and who hate abused women and children.

Its interesting I am 55 yrs old and never ever been called up for Jury Duty yet I don’t work and am intelligent.   Yet juries I have seen are mostly BOOMERS and people who look low IQ.   I think the behaviour of juries towards abuse victims in New Zealand proves just how disturbed this country is – this culture is.  From the jury to ACC care – I would imagine the people defending rapists and sexual perverts have either done it themselves in the past or have someone they care about who has done it.


Labour Party & ACC Minister on MICROSOFT news – guaranteed elitist propaganda

I started crying reading this neo-liberal extremist garbage – they now blatant about the propaganda that surrounds governments who fail to protect all people and cause dissension envy and hate.

This article is particularly distressing because they talk about transparency and being positive and all that sort of bullshit at the same time and terrorising and oppressing me, making sure my art is censored and things are made much worse.

New Zealanders are obsessed with positive news, it is part of our culture, part of all the immigrants who arrived here RUNNING AWAY FROM THEIR PROBLEMS, especially greedy gold miners etc.  Also why we have the highest rate of bowel cancer IN THE WORLD.  Also why NZ media can blatantly lie and everybody believes them, also why I am terrorised in my community for telling the truth about how bad things are – not just by those destroying me and others like me – but also those being impoverished.

The Stanford Prison Experiment (and hope of Mont Pelerin Society of global neo-liberal extremist murderers) makes it obvious that I am the person in the cupboard being terrorised by everybody for actually standing up to degrading psychological and physical/social abuse.   It is heartbreaking to know just how corrupt the leaders of this country are and I’m sure many of them are that radicalised and brainwashed they don’t even realise (don’t want to realise).

They put Iain Lees-Galloway and the local Labour MP in the photos because they know how many people are being screwed over by ACC and Labour part in Wairarapa- especially mentally injured abuse victims.  They also know Wairarapa is No 1 in NZ for driving terrorised poor people out of their homes and to suicide.  Also No 1 in THE WORLD for driving women to self-harm, forcibly drugging terrorised abuse victims/poor people as well.

I know the rich in Wairarapa are doing their best to drive disabled and poor out of the region – so they don’t have to look at them.  I was talking to someone who has lived in Carterton all his life and he said they had to move out of their flat again – owner was coming back.  That they were told to move to Wellington and they would get jobs etc – these two people ARE NOT CAPABLE OF WORKING, they both have mental health issues.   They were also told to go boarding – like people in the community are supposed to look after these people????  What sort of insanity is that????   THE MARKET LEAD INSANITY of destroying mental health services, destroying state housing and making the poorest and most desperate in society take on these ‘often dangerous’ people – which of course causes massive trauma and huge levels of suicide.


Habeas Corpus application now @ NZ Appeal Court – LIBERTY is freedom from oppression & imprisonment – HELL YEAH!

So pissed oFf before Xmas because of $10,000 ACC withholding from me and so broke, looking around for a way of getting my legal stuff in front of a judge and thought Habeas Corpus might work. Now I know even more sure about it.  This will be why Crown Law are appealing it in Appeal Court because REALISE THIS LAW IS THE DOOR FOR US PEASANTS BEING DENIED $ AND SERVICES, TO HOLD LOTS OF DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT AND LEGAL AGENCIES TO ACCOUNT.

Crown Law said they didn’t want the urgency requirements of Habeas Corpus applied.  As you will see the documents they used to support their case for having the appeal for the application thrown out actually gave me the evidence I needed to support it.  What dumbarses – can’t see the forest for the trees those legal people – live in their own little elitist self-righteous worlds.

Sure I have a right to use this law mainly because I discovered the dictionary definition of LIBERTY is freedom from oppression OR imprisonment.  Below is the original application, then the appeal because I Judge Ellis struck out the application, now Crown Law are appealing the appeal – arseholes.  Below is a link to the law if you want to look it up.


In the High Court of New Zealand


Wellington Registry


No: …………………………..



Under the Habeas Corpus Act 2001



In the matter of an application for a writ of habeas corpus


BETWEEEN                                                  Jayne E R, Carterton, Civil Society Actor as defined by the United Nations handbook on Civil Society




AND                                                               Scott Pickering, CEO of ACC at 19 Aitken Street, Wellington

AND                                                               Mike Bush, Commissioner of NZ Police at 180 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington

AND                                                               Debbie Power, CEO of Ministry of Social Development at 56 The Terrace, Wellington

AND                                                               Andrew Kibblewhite, CEO of Ministry of Justice also at 19 Aitken Street, Wellington

AND                                                               Dr Ashley Bloomfield, CEO of Ministry of Health at 133 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington





Application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus











Filed by: Jayne E R……..        jrouthan@hotmail.co.nz


To the Registrar of the High Court at Wellington




To Scott Pickering, Chief Executive of ACC at 19 Aitken Street, Wellington


And Mike Bush, Commissioner of NZ Police at 180 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington

And Debbie Power, Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development at 56 The Terrace, Wellington

And Andrew Kibblewhite, Chief Executive of Ministry of Justice also at 19 Aitken Street, Wellington

And Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Chief Executive of Ministry of Health at 133 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington


This document notifies you that –


  1. The applicant, J E R, will on ……………………………….. apply to the court for an order for a writ of habeas corpus


  1. The grounds on which each order is sought are as follows:


  • I am being detained (which includes every form of restraint of liberty of the person) by being deprived of my entitlements to ACC treatment, care, rehabilitation, housing and Independence Allowance illegally withheld after winning two ACC Reviews in 2010 and 2011 (now over $10,000 according to WINZ staff and Lawyer Alisdair Ross who ACC gloated they were holding of mine).
  • I was told ACC Review decisions have the same standing as a District Court decision and yet ACC continue to deprive me of my entitlements. Instead repeatedly saying I will receive services then failing to provide them. With no concern for my welfare or life.
  • I am being harmed and my physical and mental health are deteriorating and life-threatening.
  • My level of poverty, deprivation, restriction and confinement are greater than that of an incarcerated convicted criminal.
  • I receive less health care, access to a lawyer/law, opportunity to work, study, social interaction, care, rehabilitation and stable affordable shelter (ie basic necessities of life) than an incarcerated convicted serious criminal.
  • Although not in prison or a police cell when I write this, I am under constant threat and fear of incarceration and/or drugging without bail for any protest I do where I become distressed in any way.
  • I have been recently labelled insane and unfit to stand trial on approximately 25 unjustified charges related to my protests. As a result these matters will not be argued and court and those who have harmed me and I responded with non-violent protest will not be held to account. This will also include my complaint of a completely unwarranted violent assault with handcuffs during one of the arrests.
  • It is the right thing to do.
  • I am so poor I am forced to beg for food which I find extremely degrading, people in prison aren’t forced to beg for food.
  • It is the appropriate instrument to quickly force those harming and depriving me of my own money (10yrs of accrued Independence Allowance) and health care, taking into consideration the life-threatening nature of my disability (Complex PTSD has a 60% mortality rate due to suicide).
  • I have been unable to get a lawyer to take a judicial review for nine years. Community law refuse to instruct me how to do it myself, I don’t have the money to hire a lawyer and although I have studied the documents that instruct you how to do it have been unable to work it out.
  • WINZ are well aware of my situation with being deprived of ACC care. When my awesome case manager Tina Hemi tried to do something about it, she was prevented.   I am kept rotting on welfare and unemployed which contributes significantly to my suicidal ideation (WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS and not what Dr Nick Judson suggests). I don’t want to die, every suicidal episode I have makes that outcome more likely.
  • I have asked dozens of lawyers to act for me in civil matters, I have been given lists of names by Community law. The answers are always the same, I don’t have time and/or I don’t have the expertise in such a complicated case. (Not me who made it complicated.)
  • If I had the IA of over $10,000 ACC are withholding these are some of the most basic things I could afford that I cannot do now:
  • Insure my car – it is not insured for first time in my life since last rent increase
  • Get new tyres, repairs and service for my car so I feel safe and it is reliable (electric windows have just stopped working)
  • Visit my daughter who had a serious car accident several months ago
  • Develop a business around my poetry, songwriting, art, writing and other things I make and sell using recycled new materials from the building and retail industry
  • Eat decent healthy culturally appropriate foods for someone born in New Zealand
  • Have people to my home for a meal and take food with me if I invited somewhere else. I don’t do either as I am so humiliated at my food issues.
  • Go into a joint home ownership situation with another person so I have a stable safe affordable home (where I can grow a vege garden and nobody can kick me out)
  • Not experience safety, shelter and food insecurity which is extremely debilitating, stressful and inhuman
  • Pay back people who have helped me over the past couple of years particularly when I became too terrified to get another flatmate after a more than six really bad ones.
  • Pay back a person who has helped me more recently who is also an impoverished abuse victim with Complex PTSD. So she can visit her children/family/grandchildren only 2 hours drive away for the Xmas/New year holidays. Her distress at not being able to do this is also my distress, she really needs to see her family. It is impossible to support someone when you both being subjected to degrading soul-destroying poverty, you end up traumatising each other more often than not.
  • I am now so terrified of police, if I go for a walk without my car, I become overwhelmed if I see a police car or police officer and my brain/body shuts down. I immediately freeze, put my head down & close my eyes until I know the danger is passed. In the middle of the street, it is so humiliating.
  • Legal Aid are acting illegally and denying me criminal legal aid for current raft of minor charges related to my valid legal non-violent protests.
  • Health providers are refusing me all health care (except hospital A&E) due to inaccuracies, lies, discrimination and bigotry. Most of this is perpetrated by ACC, public mental health services (which I protest against), police and contracted officials, like those who work for Bell Gully and Meredith Connell.
  • I desperately need to see a doctor about my ankle, valid skin cancer concerns and my worsening kidney/bladder issues.
  • When a 6’+ tall security guard at Masterton court I had never ever seen ‘rattled’ no matter who he was dealing with and I had got on with very well for past few years became abusive and threatening. When I was waiting for my bail forms last time after I had just been labelled insane and realising the ramification of this and the demand for a compulsory treatment order by police. Jason became very angry when I started wailing in distress & threatened me with police cells (which he knew I was terrified of) so I had to stop, the pain in my chest/body was overwhelming and I started self-harming/hitting myself, he again threatened me so I had to stop. I was sitting and bent my head down, started rocking and saying repeatedly I wish I was dead. He again became angry, threatened me with police, was really mean and insulting and told me I WAS DOING IT ON PURPOSE TO HURT HIM. Mental health staff had told everybody my overwhelming distress was me putting on an act. I wrote a poem called I’m Not Allowed to Cry. I also had a similar experience with WINZ staff.
  • I am sure I could give more reasons for why being kept impoverished and without health care is being unlawfully detained and worse treatment than the very dangerous criminals in jail but I am becoming very distressed and unwell writing this.


  1. The application is made in reliance on:


  • ACC Review decisions 182678 Date of hearing 30 June 2010 (Appendix A) and 194747 Date of Hearing 10 February 2011 (Appendix B)
  • Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 with particular reference to (1275) 3 Edw 1, c 1 – (Statutes of Westminister the First) so much of that Act as is stated in the worlds “The King willeth and commandeth….. that common right be done to all, as well poor as rich, without respect of persons.” [being the English translation of part of the authentic text of that Act as it appears in the edition called Statutes of the Realm].
  • Magna Carta 1297
  • Habeas Corpus Act 2001
  • Crimes Act 1961 Sections 150A – 151 – 116 – 157
  • NZ Bill of Rights 1990
  • Human Rights Act 1993
  • New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000
  • Common sense and doing what is right
  • Addressing a gross injustice of Psychological Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment as defined by the United Nations.
  • Full version of NZ National Anthem God Defend New Zealand (which I consider a constitutional document)
  • New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026
  • Disability Action Plan 2019-2023
  • NZ Government signed ratified United Nations treaties:
  • Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  • Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities
  • International Covenant on Economic Social & Cultural Rights
  • Oaths sworn by police, public servants and judiciary to uphold the law and do what is right as interpreted by the Queen who is head of the Anglican church, which believes in the King James bible – which sits beside me while I write and gives me the strength to do this application in the face of overwhelming fear within me and evil within those that put me here.

19th day of December 2019


Print ……………………………………………………


This document is filed by the applicant in person. The address for service of the applicant is ….

……………………………………………………………………………   APPLICATION FAILED AT HIGH COURT, SO I APPEALED

Rule 30                                                                                                            Form 2





BETWEEN                 Jayne E R



AND                           The Queen





Filed by:   Jayne E. R Carterton.   Phone …..hotmail.co.nz


The appellant in the proceeding identified above, Jayne E R, gives notice that the appellant is appealing to the Court against the decision of judge Rebecca Ellis in the High Court at Wellington on 19 December 2019 to decline my application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus, based on Sections 5.35a and 5.35b of the High Court Rules. Particularly that my application was struck out because it was plainly an abuse of the process of the court, which it unequivocally was not.

  1. The specific grounds of the appeal are:


  1. That the Registrar at the High Court in Wellington did by her actions accept my application. She gave me an email address so my respondents could access the supporting documents for the application. Told me to serve the respondents at the various government agencies and come back after she had seen the judge. If she thought my application plainly an abuse of the process she would not have done that. She saw me cry with relief when she accepted it, as I knew the significance of the registrar acceptance. I have had applications to the court refused by the Registrars and the court in Masterton.
  2. The judge Rebecca Ellis states in her decision that she would go back to the Registrar part of the process and decline it at that point. You can’t do that, the law doesn’t work like that. There is a separation of powers at this point between the Registrar and applicant which is obviously there for good reason.
  3. Judge Rebecca Ellis has, in an undignified, unprofessional, elitist and insulting way, suggested that the very fact I was delivering these documents in person proved Habeas Corpus law could not be applied. When my application in fact challenges that interpretation of detention in 2020 neo-liberal New Zealand. The Act definition of detention plainly does not include incarceration. I argue detention should include depriving people of financial and health/ACC entitlements so they are kept in terrifying, degrading, demeaning, dehumanising, cruel poverty.
  4. I vehemently deny my application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus is plainly an abuse of the legal process. It is use of the process, a simple legal avenue open to me as a poor person. An avenue that is quick and holds people in power over me to account for their actions in front of a senior judge of the court.
  5. This application can only have a positive outcome for my upcoming criminal case, as the judge and I will know exactly why I am being deprived of my Independence Allowance, other entitlements and caused harm by ACC and others.
  6. My application is not related to any serious crime I have committed. They are related to fundamental rights as a disabled and poor citizens of New Zealand, the Commonwealth and a United Nations country.
  7. The situation I am in is an abuse of political power, that goes unaddressed and weakly denied. Parliamentary Services and a group they set up to turn people demanding entitlements to health care/ACC etc into terrorised, discredited citizens. I trust this appeal and original application are clear enough to prove I am indeed an intelligent person who is definitely not insane in my desperation to understand what his happening to me and get justice so I can move on with my life and return to work.
  8. I refer to the original application declined by Rebecca Ellis and all the reasons on there that the application should be approved. I believe her scorn that I would use this legal instrument in this way was proof of her bias. Which as a #metoo women I find heartbreaking.
  9. It is right and just I get to hold account these obscenely over paid CEO’s and leaders of our country, who are abusing their power over me.
  10. That as a disable victim of crime on Invalids Benefit in the situation I am with police and being deprived of health care, very isolated, I am receiving less than someone who has committed serious crimes against people and in prison. I have never hurt anyone, they hurt me.
  11. I have not been allowed to see a GP for over three years, it is very scary knowing the only place I can go is A & E. I have physical health issues that are getting worse, I am in constant pain and cannot see a GP. After years of doctors ignoring my requests to have my ACC care reinstated I became extremely terrified and distrusting of doctors. I would need a trusted mental health worker to accompany me, that worker I had in 2009 and was removed.   Workers I have had that belonged to Pathways made doctor’s visits much much worse they were so unprofessional, incompetent and bigoted (even sexually offensive). After years of being forced to go and see doctors to get my invalids/disability benefit signed, for over two years now I have not had to do that and WINZ senior managers do not care at all I cannot access services. Neither does the complaints office and the DHB who have mocked me about the situation – when I know other people with serious trust issues get mental health support workers for this – I am deprived of this support.
  12. The appellant seeks the following judgement from the Court of Appeal:


  1. That the application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus be accepted on the grounds detention could also include a citizen deprived of financial and health entitlements being kept in poverty.
  2. That my application is not an abuse of the legal process.
  3. That the court provide some oversight on this process to prevent further persecution by government agencies I have named in this application. I am being harassed through social media and Parliamentary Services are using the police, who everybody knows I am terrified of.
  4. I do not know the scope of the court’s powers in judging other aspects behind the application for the writ. Particularly keeping me safe, from psychological harm and ill treatment at home or when protesting.
  5. Can this court have police trespassed from my home, the stress of their continued threat is huge. I don’t feel safe anywhere at any time. Cruel corrupt people are using the police to harm me further, documents attached. If they were trespassed they wouldn’t come here, I now have nightmares they are coming to get me. I have said they could phone if they must, mostly they refuse and just turn up out of the blue to terrify me. Police and others know how terrified I am and humiliated in front of my neighbours (I had a friend here last time they came a couple of days ago).
  6. To make a judgement that if my application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus succeeds this court will make sure the questions me or the judge is asking are answered. These respondents often just offer up nonsense answers and saying I am going to receive entitlements- then not provide them, or have state I have never been deprived of them, or its all my fault and I’m a liar ie mentally ill.
  7. Can the court do anything about my legal situation, now that Ministry of Justice has employed a bias lawyer to ‘assure my rights are protected’. Michael Bott, who ran for Labour in the 2011 election and both him and ‘the court’ believe this isn’t a conflict of interest. Labour are named as applicants in the criminal charges and the ones depriving me of entitlements. Also that my history with Bott started when he was a candidate for Labour and he did nothing to help me when I asked him to from 2011.
  8. Legal Aid have been unco-operative, demeaning and abusive, they violate the law instead of upholding it. It is a fundamental principle of law I have an appropriately qualified and resourced lawyer. The most violent criminals and immigrants in New Zealand get legal support of $100,000s that me as a local victim of crime, is deprived of. My formal complaints are ignored – can this court do anything about this?
  9. Any direction from the appeal court judge about what I can do and how I can get their assistance in this terrifying surreal situation would be welcome.

……………………………………………………………………………………………CROWN LAW APPEALED & I WAS ALLOWED TO SEND MORE DOCUMENTS ONCE I HAD READ THEIR APPEAL DETAILS – although they sent them 4.30pm on Friday, hoping I wouldn’t be able to respond I bet.  Thankfully I had until 9am Tuesday (because of long weekend in Wellington) to get further information to the court – absolutely vital information about the LIBERTY and freedom from oppression argument.  Now we will see how corrupt the judicial and legal system are in New Zealand.  Can’t see how they can get out of this one – the law and dictionary are very clear.



BETWEEN                 Jayne E R



AND                           The Queen






Filed by:   Jayne E. R,  Carterton.   Phone    hotmail.co.nz



On Friday I, Jayne E R. received an emaiil and documents from the respondent opposing my appeal for a writ of habeas corpus, which was very distressing. However a review of their reasoning and authorities has greatly assisted my case for the writ being issued to the respondents already named and two others who will be served soon.

The specific grounds of my appeal failed to detail one of the most simple things (when I discovered it I couldn’t believe what I was reading) about why my Habeas Corpus application should be successful. I don’t mean to offend anybody by assuming they don’t know the meaning of the word liberty but it appears the past 17 years of justice organisations (police, courts, commissions and tribunals), politicians, lawyers and others don’t. detention includes every form of restraint of liberty of the person

  1. The accepted Oxford dictionary definition of the word LIBERTY is: liberty .n (pl. –ies) 1 the state of being free from oppression or imprisonment. 2 a right or privilege, especially a statutory one. 3 the power or scope to act as one pleases……..
  2. I am being oppressed and have been for many years, which without initially knowing the definition of this law, is the basis of my application and objection to this appeal by Crown Law. My entire social media presence on facebook /jrmurphypoetmusician – youtube JR Murphy Poet and website jrmurphypoet.com are all dedicated to educating poor trauma/crime victims and exposing mine and others oppression. Without the justice I am entitled to I could not return to work and am further oppressed, so I became a non-violent Civil Society Activist to address these issues.
  3. I have done everything within my power/disability and within the current laws and processes, that I was made aware of, by all manner of authority/court/commission/tribunal, to get justice which failed.
  4. It is illegal for the government to use the concept of BUDGETS to deprive people of professional health care, state housing in their community, justice and legal representation they are entitled to under New Zealand law as a Commonwealth Citizen.   The government purposely chooses to cut taxes to the wealthy people and corporations so their wealth increases and is now considered obscene. While illegal austerity and depriving some people of statutory entitlements makes those poor people poorer. As a result New Zealand government then borrowed $billions and pay $millions every day in interest on that money to foreign banks. If that tax money going on interest wasn’t going to foreign banks then it would be used to make sure EVERY CITIZEN had the treatment, care, rehabilitation, home and access to justice they are legally entitled to. The government makes choices that ensure I have no choices. The government make these choices to profit and encourage health insurance – in fact all forms of insurance – to create profits for business and harm people like me. THIS IS NOT MY CULTURE!



The appellant now seeks the following further judgement from the Court of Appeal:


  1. I should receive the health care I am statutorily required to based on professional ethical standards, which also accommodate my cultural rights as a Pakeha New Zealander, spiritual beliefs and constitutional rights as a subject of the Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth II head of the Anglican Church.
  2. That these professional standards of care are not limited by the self-imposed budgets of cruel people within ACC, our government and other powerful people who are not health professionals. Including corrupted contractors and health professionals directly employed by ACC.
  3. That I have legal support I am statutorily required to receive, taking into account communication and trauma impairments I now have related to my disability (Complex PTSD).
  4. That I receive justice and compensation for all the wrongdoings and instances of oppression that have destroyed my peace, liberty, relationships and so many times almost destroyed me.
  5. Police and others monitored to ensure they also protect me from crimes/injustices I am being subjected to, whether from professionals, government agents, mentally ill people or any members of the community.
  6. Ensure an investigation, which the Appeal Court judges adjudicate on, to establish if police have adhered to the Solicitor-General’s prosecution guidelines in relation to the 25 criminal charges I currently face. A review of my entire police and justice file will prove without doubt I am being oppressed. The Police Commissioner and CEO of Ministry of Justice as respondents will supply all of this information if my Habeas Corpus application is successful.
  7. I don’t know if I am doing this right, there is so many other things, for so many years, that have gone on that need addressing, I will stop here and ask the court to do what they can to help me and others I know being oppressed. This is New Zealand and the very corrupt Transparency International tell the entire world every year how this country is not corrupt, when I know it is. They made ex Auditor General Lyn Provost one of their supporters, when she had me interviewed for an ACC performance audit where I told them what was happening to me. They ignored it and ACC were allowed to continue their abuse/criminal neglect and targeting of people like myself.


Dated: 20th January 2020



Jayne E R

TO: The Registrar in the Court of Appeal

AND: The respondent Crown Law