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Police Brutality Protest, Masterton

Police Brutality Protest Masterton

A group of around 30 people protested outside Masterton Police Station Thursday 28 March about corruption and police brutality.  The protest was sparked by police assaulting an innocent teenager, I joined the protest because of my issues with police harassment and them refusing to take my complaints seriously.

I discovered this protest on facebook and have made some very good contacts, several of the people I know from the kareoke.  One of them wants to start a radio station in the Wairarapa and can get govt funding under treaty agreements – she knows I have experience (I had a show on Access Radio for two years) – could be the start of something.

I took my guitar and recited some poetry while I was there.  The police didn’t want to hear what my complaints were, they were only concerned about the Maori protesters and grovelling to them.  Will see if I can get some support from this group, they like what I protest about and were shocked at what I was telling them about my situation.

Had a 60 something woman walk past and say “You should tend to your own nest before you criticize the police”.  What she meant was all ‘good’ Maori need to stop ‘bad’ Maori from doing bad things, no matter how they are being let down by welfare, health and justice services.  This is racism in the heartland of the darklands (sounds a good line for a poem).  When I told her why I was there, over ACC, mental health and police brutality/discrimination she just went blank, didn’t know what to say, said something rude and walked away.  I called her an ignorant bigot as she walked away – not that she would even know what that meant.

Wairarapa needs a discussion on the appauling racism, ignorance and bigotry here, with a public debate.  My poem Wasps in the Beehive comes to mind:…..

Point and blame, ostracize and shame
Persecute degrade, discrimiante invade

And its not just at a national level
Its in town and cities, down road of gravel
Its people not knowing one another
Focused on only what they can gather

Perhaps I smoke, perhaps I drink
Perhaps I’m brown, perhaps I’m pink
Perhaps my life till now’s been tough
Perhaps I’m sick have had enough……

One thing I asked the police there negotiating, was how does someone who is Pakeha get support to make complaints about the police, especially when they are being harassed and so are their children?  I was threatened my daughter and I would be charged and fined if I made a complaint about the police handling of a dispute over the ‘well run’ Kuranui afterball party.

I have also been assaulted by police, degraded and traumatised by repeated visits and unwarranted arrests, while my complaints about criminal negligence by ACC, mental health and justice staff is ignored (in fact a car was sent to my house to threaten me into shutting up or I could be arrested and committed under the mental health act).  Now I play their little game as much as I can, while maintaining my freedom, I become more staunch about my rights and govt/judiciary responsibilites under human rights and constitutional laws.

One day soon I will get this investigated, heads will roll and people will get the help they desperately need – “We’ll break down that padlocked door.”


Rebellion in the Red Tape Wars

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars
Earned in years of battles with you red tape whores
You treat me like I’m slaving class, you don’t help me to my feet
You certainly don’t walk beside me, or give me the rehab that I seek

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars

To defeat you miserable bastards, one thing that keeps me going
To exact my revenge, then see a new wheel turning
Watch you squirm as a Royal Commission starts looking up your arse
Watch you squirm as it is revealed, the boundaries you did pass

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars

You disempower every person who’s part of your torture wheel
You disempower damaged souls, you won’t let them heal
You disregard the laws, you disregard the facts
You disregard a person’s beliefs, you create the cracks

Into which the broken hearted fall, we who should be loved the most
You drag us into your red tape war, tie us to your whipping post
To all casualties of the war, those driven insane by the red tape whores
Lets screw those miserable bastards, break down those padlocked doors

Become a fighter for the rebellion in the red tape wars
Don’t let those bastards win, all those red tape whores


Here’s physical evidence and doesn’t count the hundreds of emails I have on my computer.


Low Hanging Fruit


Low Hanging Fruit chalked outside ACC head office in Aitken Street, Wellington.  Did it with my broken leg, police arrived not long after I left.

Aitken Street,  Wellington

Aitken Street,


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you through the mail

ACC and mental health

Politicians, those with wealth


Directors, Boards, Committees, Chairs

Responsibility’s never theirs


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you hammer and nail

Hang you out to dry

In the fires of hell leave you to die


Reception, Call Centre, Secretary

Told to hang up when words get scary


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you so you fail

Send our bullies round to visit

Now that’s not playing fair, is it


Police, security, health legislation

Used for torture in this nation


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you make you wail

Provide no way to get off

The torture wheel the road too rough


Doctors, Counselors, health providers

So many ignorant, right-wing insiders




Email from Parliamentary Services – Re Opening Prayer

Dear Jayne

Thank you for contacting us regarding the wording of the prayer recited in the House.  The following section, taken from McGee, David, Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand, 3rd ed, Dunmore Publishing Ltd Wellington 2005 contains a full transcript of the prayer (as indicated in bold)



The first vote ever to be held in the House was over whether a prayer should be recited.   (2) A majority of the House favoured this course and the prayer was read by a local clergyman who was apparently present in the expectation of such a course being followed by the House (3).


The wording of the prayer has been altered on a number of occasions.  The wording of the current prayer was adopted by resolution of the House in 1962 (4).  but it is not written into the Standing Orders and is not regarded as binding on the Speaker (5) It reads:


Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen, and the public welfare, peace, and tranquility of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The Speaker has used a Maori version of this prayer (6)  The fact that the House commences its sittings with a prayer, and what form that prayer takes, is a matter exclusively for it.  The practice is not subject to scrutiny by a court or other body outside Parliament (7).


Once the prayer has been read the Mace is placed on the Table by the Serjeant-at-Arms (8) and the business of the House may commence.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us again, should you have any further queries.


Kind regards,


Ross Tolley

Research Resources Officer


There is one thing in the above email that Mr Tolley got wrong, and that is this prayer is not subject to judicial scrutiny – people swear on the bible in court.  This prayer should be subject to scrutiny by a court – isn’t Christianity our founding religion, aren’t we members of the Commonwealth and a monarch who is head of a Christian Church?  Can we call our members of Parliament honourable if they ignore this prayer?


In my submission to the Constitutional Review I have included the Opening Prayer as part of our constitution.  This is a promise to the people of New Zealand, this is being ignored and I am ashamed and disgusted this is allowed to go on.


Below is a photo of me outside Parliament waiting for the police to come and arrest me for the second, or was it third time.  I had been trespassed illegally from Parliament for standing in silence during the opening prayer and singing as I walked up the staircase to the gallery – I broke no gallery/parliamentary rules.  I continued to return to Parliament as I knew my rights had been violated under the Human Rights Act and had several interactions with police.  My case went through the court system but was withdrawn at the last minute, I am still considered trespassed but the police refuse to arrest me or evict me (go the police).


However as a result of my trespass I recently was unable to speak at a select committee hearing on welfare reforms – which will directly impact on me, badly!  I was refused entry by Parliamentary security even when I had been requested to appear at a select committee hearing, which cancels the trespass notice.


I have never done anything in Parliament that I was not supposed to, I have never been violent (although I have been very frightened and aggressively arrested), I did not violate any rules by standing during the prayer or singing as I walked up the stairs – I have rights to freedom of speech and expression and rights to practice my religion.  BUT WHAT FUCKING GOOD ARE THESE RIGHTS IF I CAN’T GET MY CASE IN FRONT OF A JUDGE – IF I CAN’T GET A FUCKING LAWYER!  Bastards control everything!

Had been trespassed for standing during opening prayer

Had been trespassed for standing during opening prayer


Recording of protest at Police Complaints Authority, trespass & police

This recording covers a lot of the bullshit I am being subjected to by police – I also sing and wait until I am threatened with arrest by police before I leave with the trespass notice in my hand.  I give them shit and in one part get really upset.  Police were really nice.

Trespass from IPCA – police

I wasn’t sure about posting this, it is pretty emotional, I just want people to know what I have to go through with these idiots – especially those you complain to who are supposed to be protecting you.

Couldn’t fit the second 2 minute recording of police trespassing me, was pretty boring.


Living Pain Living Hate

When the poor start singing they can’t make it

The sad start singing they can’t shake it

The mad start singing they can’t fake it

And the rest of us are singing that we can’t take it



Singing pain, singing hate, singing truth, singing faith

Living pain, living hate, living proof, living faith

In Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa


Singing at those leaders, those destroyers of cultures

Those greedy capitalist blood sucking vultures

In Aotearoa, Aotearoa

Cause the bureaucrats ain’t doin, ain’t doin what they should

And if those there to protect us, if they only would

In Aotearoa, Aotearoa




Auditor-general come out to play, come listen to what I gotta say

About Aotearoa, Aotearaoa

Ministers Commissioners come out to play, come listen to what I gotta say

About Aotearoa, Aotearoa




And I’ll keep singing that I just can’t make it

And I’ll keep singing that I just can’t shake it

And I’ll keep singing that I just can’t fake it

And I’ll keep singing that I just can’t take it

In Aotearoa, Aotearoa



Singing pain, singing hate, singing truth, singing faith

Living pain, living hate, living proof, living faith

In Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa



A video of this song being performed by me is at


Email: Submission on Constitutional Review

Constitutional Review Panel

I am pleased I have this opportunity to express my opinions, analysis and suggestions regarding the constitutional review.  There are several attachments to this email that support my submission, (ie The Black Book, MIS Business Plan, Fence At the Top of the Cliff rehabilitation model, Te Whariki) there are also social media and internet sites that form part of it.
For the past 10 years I have fought ACC, mental health and others for health care and justice, in that time I have studied my rights and our laws.  Part of this knowledge included Bill of Rights, Human Rights, ACC, Auditor-General and Disabled Rights legislation (also criminal law).  I also studied first year law in 2001 at Victoria but was hurt at the end of the year and unable to return (ACC refused me support with my education).
Now I sit in the series of lectures IGPS is running and understand 90% of what the speakers are saying.  In fact I understand far more than most about the impact of problems with our politicians and public services.  This is life and death for me and others, this is the difference between happiness and misery, nobody else in the room is subjected to this experience from what I can tell, it is like a game to them (money protects you, poverty neglects you).
Those around me appear out-of-touch with the reality of those living in the Darklands of New Zealand and how corrupted the process of justice is, especially in my case.  People I know have also had enough of watching huge amounts of money and resources going into government projects or employees who do not have our society’s best interests at heart.  (Please read the words etched in glass around the Appeal Court, Molesworth Street, Wellington).  Or large marketing campaigns that do little to help those suffering and more to help marketing company owners buy luxury boats and apartments.
John Burrows encouraged people to make submissions in his talk on 8 March at Russell McVeigh in particular help with defining what makes up our constitution – for me this is as follows:
Bill of Rights
Human Rights Act
All signed international humanitarian agreements
Treaty of Waitangi
God of Nations (our national anthem)
Prayer recited before Parliament sits
Auditor-General Act
Electoral Act
Constitution Act
Words that surround the Appeal Court (promises)
Ombudsman Act
Health & Disability Commission Act
Governor-General and Royal responsibilities
The Bible (as we are fundamentally a Christian society under the Commonwealth and Queen) Standing Orders (anything that protects a citizen’s rights to live with dignity in a free and just society)
Thing is we have all these laws but a sexual abuse victim fighting for her rights to health care and justice is persecuted for trying to get help and protection of these laws – what the hell is going on in this country.  I have contacted dozens of lawyers but  nobody can or will represent me, even though Community Law tell me I need a lawyer – I am now severely traumatised when I am rejected.
I have copies of several of the acts and seven boxes of information and correspondence (the red tape war) on sexual abuse, psychology, health models, legal rights, disability, rehabilitation, etc etc.  I havn’t worked for 10 years, but I’ve been busy educating myself any way I could – like attending these lectures, studying health, rehabilitation and journalism at Massey University, etc.
From my notes I will respond on several issues you talked about and give my overall impression of what was being communicated.
Firstly there seems a huge Maori/Treaty focus when this is a small part of this discussion – I am committed to the Third Article of the Treaty that we are all equal and any deviation from this overriding principle is apartheid.  I loath and despise the Treaty gravy train of lawyers, academics, bureaucrats and politicians – while I witness mostly Maori people desperate, angry and afraid outside Lower Hutt District Court (and all courts through NZ I expect) on a regular basis.  Have one member of your panel ever spent time outside these courts talking to the people.  Many are there for smoking, growing or selling cannabis, mostly for health and financial reasons- it is also a cultural right as far as I am concerned.
The constitution gravy train disturbs me as well, I forgo food and clothing to pay for travel to these lectures – I have less than $200 in the bank (less if you count my 10 year old $4,000 student loan from when I studied law), I am struggling to pay my rent and cannot help out my daughter who just started a course in Wellington.  How much do the people working on this review get?  How wealthy are they?  Do they own a house, holiday every year, can buy shares in electricity companies being swindled off people like me?  Imagine if you gave poor people chits for public transport to get to these lectures – so money wasn’t a barrier to their participation in this discussion.
As part of my disorder I have become very creative and turned to the arts to deal with being psychologically tortured and degraded by health and justice authorities.  I have a psychiatrist (Alan Doris) who will write a report that confirms how I have been treated by ACC, mental health, police and others is torture – especially when you suffer from a stress disorder with its own challenges.  Sort of like picking on the most vulnerable person in the room – thankfully I have a very strong spiritual connection that protects me.
John Burrows said the constitution belonged to the people and govt are subject to the rule of law, so why are current laws not followed by the NZ government in my case?  I desperately need a lawyer can ANYBODY on your panel or reading this email please provide me with a lawyer – I have no money but have been told I am entitled to legal aid.
I was trespassed from Parliament for standing in silence during the opening prayer (there was no room to kneel) and for singing as I walked up the staircase.  I take my rights to attend parliament and speak at select committees extremely seriously, to have this right removed when I was expressing myself is censorship/discrimination of the worst kind.  I need a lawyer to deal with this issue also.
I was interested in what you said about electoral integrity of ministers under the Electoral Act.  Does that mean if a minister gets prosecuted for torture/neglect of a person begging for their help that they could be removed from office.  What about crimes against humanity – I know dozens of mentally ill and abused people living lives of degradation and dysfunction due to lack of health care, welfare and support, many have begged for help.  I have written to every politician in parliament about my situation and had the buck passed back to the Minsiter who didn’t believe anything I said and as a result NOTHING.  When this happens my protests step it up a notch – which is why I was threatened with arrest twice last week, outside police headquarters and in the foyer of the IPCA (from where I was trespassed).  Attached is an audio recording of that interaction, my recording device ran out of memory so not much of the police escorting me out of the building – they were really nice about it, just doing their jobs.  Its the IPCA were the scumbags.
Please refer to my posts, art and photographs at the following internet addresses:
(relevant older material at )
I am trying to get the protection of the Bill of Rights Act for me and thousands of abused and mentally ill/injured people, we know what it is like to be tortured, experimented on and brainwashed into thinking our mental health was bad because of our own problems, not the problems of society made worse by unemployment and significant illegal cuts in services.
Last year I watched the district court in Wellington for just over an hour, out of 12 cases four were mental health.  I know from talking with supreme court staff (on a chalking mission) that the numbers of mentally ill/injured people in the justice system was of concern.  This is blatant discrimination and vicimization of a disabled person, also I know that many of these people are being tazered – this sort of persecution and torture in a decent society is a gross miscarriage of justice.  This needs to be investigated by the police immediately.
When I contacted the police asking that ACC and mental health be prosecuted under Section 157 of the Crimes Act for failing to do what the law required (by providing me health care and support) and causing harm as a result, a police car was sent to my home.  I was threatened with incarceration and told not to be over-dramatic – I slammed the door in the officers face.
I have been asaulted by the police outside ACC, refused a doctor when forced to spend a night in the Wellington Central Police Station cells/dungeon, refused a religous minister, mental health have refused to go to police station, I have been stripped naked by police then told to get dressed and go home after mental health staff walk out.  I was arrested for writing a poem on chalk on a building in Masterton, it spent three months going through the courts only to have the charges dropped at the last minute.  I have had around 20 visits from police to my home (some have resulted in IPCA complaints), I have been arrested 4-5 times, been through the court system on 3 different occasions with the case being dropped at the last minute (which was very traumatising), my daughter has been harassed and threatened with a fine by police, etc etc.
Currently I am putting together a complaint to the High Commission for Human Rights in Fiji – I have waited two months for police to provide my file (the are supposed to do it in 20 working days), now I am going to have to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner – that is all I ever do – make complaints.  I want a real job that pays money so I can get off welfare, something that pays more than $480 per week, which is what I currently get (my rent is $250 pw).  All I have ever wanted was the care I needed to get back to work – how sad is my country – I am ashamed and disgusted in how me and thousands of other abused people are treated.
What is the point in a constitutional review if the poorest citizen cannot get justice or use the Bill of Rights and all those other legal and moral promises they make NOW?  It won’t be any different in one document because all the checks and balances DO NOT WORK! (ie commissions, auditor-general, police, ombudsman, members of parliament, separation of powers, reviews, etc)
My overall feeling from the lectures is our bureaucrats know politicians and some of their colleagues are out of control and refusing to deal with the facts of a situation.  Even MMP was introduced to try and combat the corruption and immoral conduct of arrogant elitist politicians not working in the best interests of all citzens – it was instead taken over by them.  Nobody I talk to trust our politicians or have much respect for them – yet you see them around their peers and staff and they are treated like Gods.
I have recently had another legal question I would like answered about being able to hold the mainstream media to account for censorship of my poetry and protests.  There is so much support for what I do in the community but without my actions and issues being communicated to the general public through mainstream news media I am oppressed and important information is hidden from people.
As it is Human Rights year for making my voice count I suggest your panel do much more to promote the views of people like me.  Why don’t we get to do a 20 minute speech, why do we only get questions (mine was never answered), people need a voice, not rich and powerful people – people at the bottom.   I want to speak to the Board directly, look these people in the eye and tell them exactly the hardships and suffering huge numbers of New Zealanders are now subjected to after years of illegal reforms, free/unfair trade and political tyranny.  Our appauling suicide rate is testimony to how degrading, cruel and oppressive this current regime of leadership is.
Parts of this submission require urgent action, I look forward to your reply.  God please help sexually abused men women and children get the health care and justice they are entitled to by law.  God please bring back good jobs to New Zealand.  God please stop this torture wheel of hell that is attacking and destroying our kind and caring Kiwi culture.