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Out on Bail, eating again, interesting few days

To find out all the details and see photos go to .  I went to court am out on bail, have to reside at home, judge commented how the original police bail conditions were draconian and I agreed.
Did a bit of chalking outside Supreme Court afterwards to take some power back.

Went to a meeting of the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale march organising committee, so am helping out there and will be doing my Wasps In The Beehive poem.  Everybody is buzzing.

Afterwards we went to a concert at the Te Aro Community Centre, heard really good protest songs by a variety of artists – can’t wait until Occupy so we can get these people along to perform.

After the march there is going to be another occupation, yahoo, can’t wait, got my tent and bedroll out.  Not sure how long, they might be ongoing and weather dependant, once we get the group together we will work out what to do.

Hunger Strike Day 1

Back on hunger strike leading up to court appearance on Wednesday and protest march on 27 April.

Just phoned Judith Collins office and told them about my protests and why communication with ACC had failed yet again. Will now email them, just so it is very clear Judith Collins knows all about what is happening to me.

Latest protest mission – Currently Out on Bail

Police April 2013 Bowen Hs

Photo outside Bowen House on Lambton Quay, street access to the city for most of our politicians and their staff.  Police were called after I lost it a bit and let a few swear words slip out, I was giving everybody going in and out of the building shit about welfare reforms, unemployment and how we treat abused people and mentally ill people.  Felt really good.

Also sang my protest songs and recited poetry.  Phil Heatley went past – a member of the social services committee that decided on the latest reforms, who read my extensive submission and completely ignored it.  I had sent him my latest poem I WISH I WAS DEAD the day before and yelled at him if he had read it – he nodded.  He was obviously ashamed of himself.

Also saw Katrina Shanks, who had been trying to get mental health to help me but her staff had recently hit a brick wall – she hadn’t been told.  She talked to the police and begged me to tone it down so I didn’t get arrested, I did a bit and they left.

I went to get some paper to make a sign while I was protesting but on the way I encountered Geoffry Palmer, talked to him for about 5 mins, another ignorant self-righteous rich bastard who didn’t believe what I was telling him.  I had tried everything he suggested, it didn’t work, his said it was the responsibility of the Law Society to ensure every person had access to justice.  So I went there, sat in the reception area, talked to a staff member for a while but was given absolutely no assurances of getting a lawyer, so I refused to leave.

The police were called, I was trespassed, refused to leave, was arrested and left peacefully unhandcuffed with police.

At the station I was lectured by idiots for five hours (only kidding, they didn’t do it the whole time).  I freaked out a bit when they asked the suicide question and the policeman called the senior sergent.  When he came in there were 5-6 officers and me in the processing area, which I found really threatening.  He was a big guy and I was sure I had met him before, he antagonised me and I lost it and insulted him in front of everyone.  The looks on the faces of the other officers was priceless, obviously this guy was a bully and power tripper, they looked between me and him waiting to see what he did.

He responded by approaching me saying I was obviously mentally ill and then describing how I was going to have all my clothes removed and the suit put on.  My disability kicked in and I had a severe stress reaction, I started shaking and backed up into the corner of the room, ended up curled up in a ball on the ground screaming there was no way they were going to take my fucking clothes off, calling them perverts and generally doing what I needed to NOT BE STRIPPED.  They backed off, things calmed down and I was put in a cell to wait three hours for mental health crisis team.

Mental health arrived and I nutted off at them, have an extreme stress reaction to anybody from mental health, these people were no different.  The woman told me she wasn’t going to take the abuse and I just launched back into her, calling them murderers and torturers, etc.  The young policewoman told me not to abuse them, but I couldn’t stop myself – this is how badly they have abused/persecuted me.  I was sent back to the cell, where I started yelling and hitting the door demanding a lawyer and a minister – I got neither.

The police came back and told me if I answered a few simple questions that I could leave.  I told them I didn’t think I could control my behaviour when I am near them, but I reluctantly agreed because I just wanted to get out of there – my greatest fear of course is being committed.

So I talked to the crisis team, told them what they wanted to hear – which was all lies, they left and I was processed to be released.

Got real pissed off with my bail conditions the senior sergeant (The Sheriff) obviously getting me back, I was ordered out of Wellington on the next train and am not allowed to come past Petone or Porirua until court next week – we’ll see about that.

The policeman processing me commented how I obviously had a problem with authority, I said only abusive authority.  I was let go and went stayed with Ricky as arranged.  Next day I went protesting and putting up banners in Petone with Billy McKee – our first outing with the Pirate flag.

I have already made a formal complaint about The Sheriff and am planning to return to Wellington before Wednesday and violating bail.  As well as getting arrested from another agency for occupying their offices because I can’t get what I am legally entitled to.

Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

American Embassy Wgtn


We were well photographed and talked with guards, I was acting like an idiot and striking a pose for them – its weird to think they’re investigating who you are and you’ve got a file.  We’re really open about our protests being peaceful, tell them there is nothing to be scared of.  The embassy is like a military compound with pretty extreme security fencing and other stuff.

Occupation of Human Rights Commission

Protest Human Rights Com



I went to the Human Rights Commission with the intention of not leaving until I got the services/protection I was entitled to under the law!  I ended up in an urgent meeting with Bill Hamilton and an assurance my issues would be dealt with.  I also demanded to be unblocked from their facebook page and an investigation into why I was blocked in the first place.


I had read a news report that the Human Rights Commission were representing and defending the rights of a serial sex offender named on an internet site.  This made me extremely angry when I have been begging for help with ACC, mental health, the police and many others but been rejected over and over again.

Latest Guerrilla Protest Missions in Wellington

Across from Parliament

Across from Parliament

Latest chalkings, see all 30 photos on my facebook page  These chalkings were inspired by Simon Bridges comments on the news and his complete disregard for the opinions of Geoffrey Palmer and a QC about the Bill of Rights violations any laws prosecuting and fining protesters at sea would be.  I surrounded them with chalked quotes from Desmond Tutu, Edward Murrow, Albert Einstein and more.

Email to Human Rights Commission about rights of sexually abused people!

HRC foyer Dec 2012


The foyer of the Human Rights Commission in Wellington, I went up there with the intention of singing and reciting poetry for as long as it took to get some help from these people.

I got conned by one of their staff and left feeling I would actually be heard – YEAH RIGHT!  I have also been blocked from their facebook page for criticizing their organisation – and so have other people.  Have written to them thousands of times over the past 10 years and had an absolute minimum of support that still lead nowhere with regard to me getting health care and protection from police harrassment.

After I saw on a news item they are taking Sensible Senetencing to court for breaching the rights of a serial sex offender I knew I had to try and expose just how bad the Human Rights Commission is.  Also I sent them the following email:


I see in a news item that you revolting people are protecting a serial sex offender and I am enraged and desperately sad at the same time that for years you have ignored my pleas for help  (as a victim of sexual abuse being tortured and degraded by the authorities).  Help I knew I was entitled to under ACC, health, disability, Human Rights and Bill of Rights laws.  You bunch of ignorant bigots with no morals make me want to throw up.

Seems other people are starting to realise just what a embarrassing sham the Human Rights Commission is.  You ignore the most serious issue of appauling and abusive standards of health care and protection for those who are sexually abused – as well as the government degradation of those abused people rotting on welfare  – with their latest reforms.

I am ashamed and disgusted at the state of our country and the part the Human Rights Commission and others supposed to protect ‘the people’ have played in this.
When I am over protesting next week I will make sure I protest/chalk outside your office, I will also post the photos I have of my protests in your reception area and tell them about the bullshit Bill Hamilton fed me to keep me quiet.  I wonder if the media would be interested in a sexual abuse victim so desperate for the HRC to help her that she sang and protested in their foyer.
Wonder if the media would be interested in a series of protests against the HRC by a seriously ill victim of sexual abuse begging for help?  I know they would love the poetry and songs I have written about you hypocrites.
Maybe one day you will help me, maybe, it doesn’t get any better out here in the darklands – in fact while you do nothing it gets worse!
Love light and gratitude
Hope faith and forgiveness


Lecture on central & local government under constitution


What a multi-million dollar view

What a multi-million dollar view – 24th floor Vodafone House Wellington, Russell McVeagh offices – govt/ACC lawyers hosting governance lectures


This lecture was a panel of academics and the deputy mayor, one expert was employed from UK only five months ago into a senior position and waffled on and on about what was going wrong in the there and how terrible the outcomes were for people.  He was hoping we wouldn’t go that way, but it was happening anyway because of arrogant irresponsible politicians. I can’t help but feel racist towards someone from another country getting to have such an influential voice and job, when I don’t.  I lot of what he said was irrelevant, it wasn’t his fault.

All panel were critical of politicans.  I wanted to ask a question about the violation of the Bill of Rights by Wellington Council when they used private security guards to forcibly evict the Occupy protesters at Maui’s garden – they didn’t have time for me.  After the meeting I went and asked a professor in local government at Victoria about the issue of evicting Occupy protesters – he told me because the Aucklanders won in court the Bill of Rights did work and there was no conviction – the case was thrown out.  So I looked at him and said that means we can re-occupy and the council will not be able to touch us, he just smiled.  Going to make sure everybody at Occupy Wellington knows this stuff.

I reakon we should start weekly occupations on perhaps a monthly basis, this should stop the problems a long term encampment can bring – it also means we could plan for good weather and have events, speeches, educationals etc well organised.  Aaahh the life of a revolutionary.

We need more revolutionaries to stand up and be counted any way they can – check out HOW TO BE IDLE NO MORE on this site or contact us if you want to know more about joining our guerrilla protest missions around Wellington.  I usually twitter what I am up to or fb I can also be contacted on 0273040120.

Kia kaha everybody.

Join the fight for freedom
Use your pens & words I ask
Join the fight for freedom
And get off you bloody arse


Friday recogniscance mission Rape Crisis Wellington

rape crisis meeting St Johns welington



Jan Logie and a panel of sexual abuse service providers about to talk the same good intentioned bullshit I have been listening to for a decade (and others tell me has been going on for 40 years).

I picked up a few pieces of information that might be useful like another report promising services but the government providing no funding to provide them – so the jokes on us yet again.  The room was full of health providers from what I gathered talking to people, and political people.  They went on about changes and better services, how we should write to the Ministers involved and gave out very expensive looking postcards we could sign and send in (made me want to throw up).

Food provided was flash – compared with what I eat anyway – I’ve always found the food provided at this things is good – wonder how much was thrown out.  Also room was too small for a traumatised person, chairs too close together, not enough air and ways to escape – unlike the meeting going on across the hall – just shows you how much the church things of abuse issues.

Jan Logie got up and spoke the biggest load of rhetoric I have ever heard, the speakers were’nt great, felt like it was some sort of competition as to who were the most persecuted, physically disabled sexually abused people, gay people, people from other cultures or just all women (a feminist perspective).

I almost walked out in the first 10 minutes as I started to be retraumatised, but I held it together just – did make a few comments during the speakers.  Definitely will be writing to Jan Logie, Green MP about what I thought of the meeting, and it will not pull any punches.

I talked to as many people as I could afterwards and many had seen my chalking around Wellington, I told them about all the services abused people were entitled to under ACC and not getting, also about this website and the rehabilitation model and business plan I had developed.