I’m covered in ticks

These are the Oxford dictionary definitions of a few words I have come to understand very well, sadly the NZ government and many others do not.  As a result of using these words I am often threatened, discriminated against, degraded and discredited.  If you identify with some of them then contact me – there are things we can do legally and the more people the better.

  • Authoritarian  –  favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom (tick)
  • Bully  –  a person who deliberately intimidiates or persecutes those who are weaker (tick)
  • Cruelty  –  cruel behaviour or attitudes (tick) law – behaviour which causes physical or mental harm to another, whether intentional or not (tick)
  • Degrade  –  1. Cause to suffer a severe loss of dignity or respect (tick) demean (tick) lower the character or quality of (tick)
  • Degrading  –  causing a loss of self-respect (tick) humiliating (tick)
  • Discriminate  –  2. Make an unjust distinction in the treatment of different categories of people (tick), especially on the grounds of culture (tick), disability (tick), or age (tick)
  • Ill-treatment  –  act cruelly towards (tick)
  • Intimidate  –  frighten or overawe (tick)
  • Oppress  –  1. Keep in subjection and hardship (tick) 2. Cause to feel distressed or anxious (tick)
  • Oppressive  –  1. Harsh and authoritarian (tick) 2. Weighing heavilty on the mind or spirits (tick)
  • Retribution  –  punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance (tick)
  • Persecute  –  1. Subject to prolonged hostility and ill-treatment (tick) 2. Persistently harass or annoy (tick)
  • Subjection  –  1. Cause or force to undergo (tick) 2. Bring under one’s control or jurisdiction, typically by force (tick)
  • Torment  –  severe physical or mental suffering (tick) – a cause of torment (tick) 1. Subject to torment (tick) 2. Annoy or tease unkindly (tick)
  • Torture  –  1. The action or practice of inflicting severe pain as a punishment or a forcible means of persuasion (tick) 2. Great suffering or anxiety (tick) – subject to torture (tick)
  • Torturous  –  characterized by pain or suffering (tick)

Oh God I’m covered in blood sucking ticks, thank you ACC, mental health, NZ government, NZ justice system and many many others supposed to be protecting people from these injustices.


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