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The Evil and Insane are Who John Key?


The National party are losing it, John Key is just their spokesperson after all.  He referred to the Labour Greens collaboration as evil hell beasts – what century are we in again.


Knowing a little about the Bible and the definition of ‘evil’ I would suggest the political parties who believe in caring for people (especially the poor and disabled) justice, human rights, equality and protecting the planet are far less ‘evil hell beasts’ than his party – who gives to the richest and most powerful and takes from the poorest and most vulnerable, puts profits before the planet and their own citizens or future generations.


To give you an example of how bad the current government are I was violently arrested and trespassed from Parliament for standing in silence during the Opening Prayer at Question Time last year.  I was arrested multiple times after that when I continued to return to Parliament as I knew this was blatant discrimination under the Human Rights Act – but never prosecuted.  I have been unable to have this matter resolved through formal complaitns channels so am currently preparing a request for a Judicial Review.


This is the prayer – you tell me if our politicians follow it:


“Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our Country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen and the public welfare, peace and tranquillity of New “Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”


Now I’m not a ‘big’ Christian but it seems to me there are very few of our 120 member of Parliament that have any respect for this prayer.  In my recent submission to the Constitution Review Panel I included the prayer as part of our current constitution and therefore any in the future.  I also know from research that the Queen has just signed a document ensuring the rights and care of disabled people throughout the Commonwealth – in an attempt to stop the onslaught of the neo-liberal right wing in parliament.  At the same time successive New Zealand governments have withdrawn services and funding for people with disabilities (especially in mental health services), and continue to discredit and degrade them through welfare and the media.


Also the bible is a book of prophecy and a guide to good living, the rise and fall of the rich and powerful is well documented.  How we are supposed to care for the poor, widows and orphans is spelt out, instead they are the ones suffering in NZ after years of welfare reforms, rising costs of living and health, they are also the most victimized sector of society according to official statistics.  The same people cruel, ignorant, bigots portray in cartoons as greedy and irresponsible.


The evil and insane are who?


Wake up New Zealand, these people running our country have completely lost it, overcome with power and greed.  We cannot allow this to go on, people must act to bring all politicians back into line, remind them who they work for and how a decent society treats its citizens.  I’m all for a peaceful revolution similar to that in Iceland (I saw revolutionary Hordur Torfason when he toured here earlier this year).


Journalists Are Maggots

Some journalists are maggots
That’s what I see ‘fore me
Leading us down a hell highway
Not telling the whole story

Some journalists are maggots
Feeding off the puss filled sore
Created by the system
Neglecting traumatised and poor

Some journalists are maggots
For blood they have a thirst
While ignoring all the evidence
Most poor were victims first

Some journalists are maggots
Keep hidden those screwed ‘fore me
And shut me down when I need a voice
Telling me there’s NO STORY

NO STORY in a clever kiwi
With life-threatening mental health
NO STORY in what she uncovered
When she educated self

NO STORY in what she has done
With lyrics, poetry and paint
NO STORY in her pleas for rehab
Or the 10 year wait

Some journalists are maggots
Make it worse is what they do
Regurgitate the crap they’re fed
Then vomit it on you

If most journalists weren’t maggots
Then I wouldn’t have to write
And I wouldn’t have to fight &
Fight & fight & fight & fight & fight

Some journalists they are maggots!
And their bosses they’re blow flies!
Blow flies, blow flies, blow flies, blow flies


I think these latest cartoons are a case of filthy blow flies regurgitating some ignorant bigoted crap they’ve been fed!

The Opinion Post, Wgtn

The Opinion Post, Wgtn

The journalist I met when I did this was offended and said I didn’t know him personally so what I wrote was bullshit.  I told him he wrote things in the paper about me as a long-term beneficiary that were bullshit and offensive and he didn’t know me either!  He turned and went inside when I got my camera out – isn’t social media great, we are all journalists and these guys know it.


Just worked out how to download more photos

Will get ALL my protest photos downloaded over the next couple of weeks then I can link them into poetry and other posts I do.

Off to the local library now to get some books out on Indian food.  Tonight I am doing sweet and sour chicken drumsticks on rice, havn’t had that for ages, have a nice recipe feeds a heap of people.

Will post later

Don’t Blame Me Blame Them

You resent me because I am hurt
Blame me because I don’t work
With health services refusing to help
Saying they have to keep tightening their belts
Ignoring laws made in the past
Ensuring in the rat race I’ll be last

If I was your daughter, your sister, your wife
I wonder if you’d care if it was their life

Living with a life-threatening disorder
Living on the edge on the border
Pushing down the pain you feel every day
Knowing cruel politicians gave the order

You hate me because I’m still hurt
When the torture wheel just doesn’t work
You blame me for the woes of this place
When it’s those at the top you should face
Why pick on someone with so little
When I’m stuck with no help in the middle

What if I was your daughter, your sister, your wife
What if they said they wanted to take their own life

It’s those dishonourable ones who don’t care
For those abused left to rot on welfare
While their lives are free and fulfill all their needs
They prosper selfishly refusing to share

Why do you blame me?
You should blame them!
I don’t understand?



More protests & chalking the streets of Wellington

March against Monsanto Wgtn

Having trouble downloading the photos of my chalking outside the Supreme Court and the March against Genetically Modified Organisms/Foods (GMO) I was at last week.  This was at Waitangi Park in Wellington, my homeopath friend Claire Bleakley was in the red overalls, one of the leaders in getting GM kept restricted in NZ as much as possible.  Her overalls said OMG GMO WTF – Check out on my facebook page, latest album

Friday I did some chalking and met up with the Fishhead photographer to get photos for the article they are running on me next month.  She was appauled at what I was telling her about my reasons for protesting.

I also called into the High Court and got the documents and references I need to get a judicial review, now I have to work out which is the most effective way to approach this.

  1. A judicial review into mental health’s decision to not accommodate the impairments related to my disorder and my issues with communication – which as a result prevents me from accessing health services.
  2. A judicial review into police decision not to accept my complaint of harm by ACC and mental health services – under Section 157 of the Crimes Act.
  3. A judicial review into ACC refusing to accept the impairments related to my disorder and my spiritual, cultural and ethical beliefs therefore preventing me from accessing treatment, support, rehabilitation and justice services.

On Saturday I attended the March Against Monsanto and GMO’s  (Genetically Modified Organisms/food) from Waitangi Park on the Wellington waterfront down to an office in town.  There were about 100 people and I met up with some activist friends, chalked as we marched and chalked right in front of two policemen who were guarding some Monsanto related office (can’t remember who they said).

I gave a guy some chalk and he wrote Z557 on the footpath in front of the police too.  That was the badge number of four different policemen who were sent in to disband the Auckland Occupy camp last year and assaulted protesters.  We then had a discussion about how Wellington cops were much better than the mongrels in Auckland and Christchurch.  I always like to keep on the good side of the police here – because I get arrested so much, I recognised one of the cops standing there but didn’t speak to him.  Talked about being out on bail and how proud I was of it.

Listened to the speakers for a while then headed up to Aitken Street, ACC headoffice because I had heard of an advocate camping out because ACC prosecuted him for fraud to piss him off, but the case was thrown out of court, ACC were refusing to pay damages.  He had been the first advocate I had to let me down almost 10 years ago, I told him that too.  Weird guy, listened to my Low Hanging Fruit poem but didn’t agree with my comment about the right-wing.  We had a strange discussion about what was right-wing and what was left.

He couldn’t really tell me, except how people dressed either in a suit or hippy clothes – WTF.  Have been trying to define this political left-right thing ever since.  I believed right despised all people dependent on the state, run the country in favour of the richest people, were committed to free trade at any cost and production/growth at any cost.  While the left believed in a fair deal for all people, the rights of the vulnerable in society to be cared for, controls on immoral and corrupt businesses and politicians, fair trade not free trade, sustainability of the environment and protection of all people.

Left there once I worked out he was on his own crusade and wasn’t interested in ACC claimants that were suffering and committing suicide.  Said he was a Christian – yeah right.

After there headed for The Fringe Bar in Cuba Street to watch a doco on GMOs in America and India and what Monsanto had been doing – it was horrifying.  The numbers of university scientists that were being fired for speaking out about the dangers of GM was disturbing.  Met up with some new activist friends who care passionately about different things and want to act – great.

My next protest is Friday/Saturday occupation outside the US Embassy in Wellington in solidarity with Bradley Manning, who goes to court this week.

Anybody interested come along and sleep in your car outside the Embassy, bring signs, chalk etc.  I will have my video camera there to record messages of support for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and all people fighting to expose corruption and gross negligence within our governments.

Now I’m back home to get this place sorted, write emails, prepare my judicial review, do some filing try and stay sane.


Kill Me Quick – poem

I was devastated and scared when National got back in at the last election, I knew it would mean three more years of more pain and more protests – which it has been.  I wrote this poem I felt so hopeless.

Check out my page The Black Book Poetry & Lyrics, it will eventually have over 150 pieces, this is one of them.

Kill Me Quick

I’m a completely worthless waste of air
You chose a government that’s cruel not fair
Every National voter should kill me quick
Living life so degraded is sick

My story’s rejected by those on show
I’m rejected because of the things I know
My heart bleeds for all those bad things done
By people who say you deserve no-one

My kids have to live with a useless parent
Someone so worthless, well that’s apparent
10 years left rotting on welfare
Cause it’s not fiscally prudent to provide health care

Running round and round on their torture wheel
Getting whipped and beaten, so how do you heal
And when I tell someone of my plight
They attack me – LIKE I PICKED THIS FIGHT!

Every National voter must take the blame
For every suicide, our nation’s shame
For all those abused who get inadequate care
For those that hurt them the lion’s share

You find it abhorant those that abuse
Yet for those they’ve hurt, it’s neglect that you choose
Although our laws spell out the road
You leave us writhing under this heavy load

Nobody takes responsibility it’s true
Not the worker, the boss, politician, not you
You assure those at the top get money and praise
While those at the bottom you resent and degrade

God defend New Zealand
God defend our free land
From cruel right-wing elitists now running this place
Who’ve turned New Zealand into a fucking disgrace


Check out my new page The Black Book of Poetry & Lyrics

I have started copying from the book of poetry and lyrics I wrote a few years ago, that I update on a regular basis with more poetry and songs.  This book goes everywhere with me when I am protesting.  I have a 2011 edition that has an ISBN number, with copies held in the National Library (I have been wanting to register a new edition but havn’t made the time).

Please contact me if you are a musician interested in my lyrics or poetry.

Please contact me if you feel the way I do and want to make a difference – we need to stand together to oppose the continued degradation and irresponsibility of successive neo-liberal governments.

Hard Rock Singer – song

A song I wrote a few years ago inspired by an ACDC phase I went through, from The Black Book of poetry and lyrics by JR Murphy (I need to do another edition, I have written so much since Occupy).

Hard Rock Singer

I was studyin’ 9 to 5
When ‘ the man’ he screwed me
By the time I felt half alive
Everything had been taken from me
I couldn’t work
I grew my hair
But now I understand
They didn’t want me to be respected
As a lawyer or a politician
The gods they had other plans

Gunna be a hard rock singer
Gunna be a boat rocking star
Gunna make some waves in this nation
Gunna be a rock hard, rock hard star

Well I worked real hard and got myself
A band that kicks some arse
We’re gunna be on top some day
I’m gunna be a star
I can see my name in lights
And I can see the queue
I got the light in my soul
Telling me what to do
And I’m all ears

CHORUS                       (spoken)  I hear it pays well

And you can stick your 9 to 5 livin
Your uniform and your tie
You can stick your moral standards
Cause its all a filthy lie
You can stick your golden handshakes
And stick your fucking rules
And all the other shit
You teach on TV and at shool
Cause I ain’t no fool

CHORUS  x 2                  (spoken) Yes I are
Gunna be a hard rock singer
Gunna be a boat rocking star
Gunna make some waves in this nation
Gunna be a rock hard, rock hard star


Diary – out on bail, trespass and civil disobedience protest and more

Where I’m at:

Currently out on bail for wilful trespass of The Law Society, have a status hearing end of June.  Since then I have been trespassed from The Ministry of Health in Molesworth Street for an angry/emotional protest but left when police told me to so was not arrested.

I was protesting at the Law Society because I cannot get a lawyer to represent me/protect me from ACC, mental health services and the police.  I have tried every process there is but none of them work.  Being trespassed from those places I consider responsible for the situation I am in is part of a political protest.  Inspired by my illegal trespass from Parliament and King Street Artworks (a mental health NGO).

I am forced to resort to these civil disobedient acts to highlight the plight myself and thousands of other abused and mentally ill people are in, after years of government cuts, pharmaceutical experimentation, discrimination and oppression.

My next targets are Health and Disability Commission (where I have protested before) after I read the IHC people who were found neglected and abused in a private govt funded home had being making complaints for years about this place.  Then ACC, after I read a 12 year old sensitive claimant had committed suicide in CYFS care because nobody bothered to ensure she had the crisis health care she was entitled to.  Plus ACC have still not reinstated my 12 hours care and team of health professionals from 2009 even after I have won two reviews – because I have no lawyer they refuse to reinstate the care.

Currently I have been trespassed from:

contacting Anne Walsh (an extremely disturbed psychiatrist with links to a serious crime) who wrote a unsubstantiated inaccurate biased and unprofessional report to ACC about me.  Which was discredited by my counsellor at the time and a subsequent assessment by a more senior psychiatrist Dr Alan Doris.

King Street Artworks when I tried to use their complaints process after my ‘political’ poetry was censored from their annual exhibition.  King Street were threatened with losing their funding if I was allowed to exhibit anything that criticized mental health services.  Those people were like my family and only support at the time – I was devastated but my complaints to the Human Rights Commission were ignored.

Parliament when I stood in silence during the opening prayer and sang as I walked up the stairs to the gallery (past a group of noisy journalists).  I had been attending question time on a regular basis, taking notes and trying to work out why what was happening to me was so different to what the government was saying.  I knew the rules of attending the gallery and I would never have broken them.  I have a copy of the Human Rights Act and Bill of Rights Act and know you cannot discriminate against someone on the basis of religous belief or practice of a religous belief.  The prayer they say before Parliament is beautiful and should be respected and adhered to.

As a result of the trespass and a bad stress reaction I ended up being dragged from the building (because I couldn’t walk) and detained by police.  I continued to return to Parliament and was arrested on several occasions, also was held in the cells for the night, refused a minister, refused a doctor, mental health wouldn’t come, was humiliated by a male officer……….

I went to court about the trespasses, had to wait three months, then four days before court my lawyer (who I hadn’t been able to get a straight answer out of) said police had dropped the charges.

I have been dragged through the justice system five times now over protests about ACC, mental health and the police –  I have never been prosecuted of any offence the police always drop the charges at the last minute, therefore denying me access to the judiciary (what democracy).  I have made complaints to the IPCA about harassment, discrimination, abuse and degradation but been ignored.  I have written letters and emails to all manner of legal people, Ministry of Justice, judges etc begging for help – I get nothing.

All I want to do is get the help I need to overcome my fears/phobias so I can get my life back on track and get back to work – I am an intelligent person I need a job.  I write to National MPs like Judith Collins and Paula Bennett begging them to help me so I can get back to work – they don’t.


Mean Hearted People – poem

Who are the mean hearted people
What do they do and where do they live
Why do they think it’s OK to be miserly
When the world’s a better place if we give

Bet ya they’ve seldom wanted for anything
Bet ya they’ve had it easy so far
Bet ya they’ve never suffered adversity
That shook their lives to the core

New Zealand’s full of mean hearted people
Putting costs and agendas before health
Making miserable and mean decisions
Making sure they hold on to the wealth

Bigots and racists and ageists
Those that don’t like the poor
Those that think all beneficiaries
Are bludgers and nothing more

And perhaps once before I was too
Didn’t realise I was holding a grudge
But life gave me a lesson
That has taught me never ever to judge

How I wish I could touch you and then
You would know how much pain I go through
And you might help me get the rehabilitation
I am legally entitled to

Now that I am where I am
Now I can see plain as day
Being miserable with welfare and health
Costs so much more at the end of the day

Where they open their wallets for cancer
They open their wallet for hearts
Why won’t they open their wallet
When a mental injury starts

People damaged by trauma
Raped, abused, beaten fighting
Mostly just thrown on the scrap heap
Then judged when they start reacting

10 years I’ve been asking the questions
10 years I’ve been having no luck
10 years I’ve been studying why
Health and justice for me really suck

We know why people are violent
We know why people attack
We know what to do to help them
It’s funding services facilities we lack

How dare they say Rise Above It
How dare they say It’s Not OK
How dare they say There’s No Place For Violence
When we treat traumatised people this way

We don’t need new legislation
We don’t need another report
We don’t need another meeting
Just to do what the law says we ought

How many times will I have to say this
How many people will I have to tell
How long can I survive
Living in the fires of hell?