Latest Guerrilla protest mission and court

Didn’t even make it into court, had an argument with some NAZI on security about bringing in my signs.  Was in no mood after days of not being well and little sleep to take what this guy said when I knew my rights under the Bill of Rights and that I was allowed the signs into the court.  He barred me from the building, I protested loudly but he was bigger than me and started getting violent.

I made sure everybody going in the building knew what was going on and I chalked outside.  Friend Ricky went off and found my lawyer who I talked to outside.  I couldn’t stop laughing about it, how ironic.

Wgtn District Court Barred from Bldg


Got a defended hearing on 14 August, intend to get arrested and go on a hunger strike way before that.  Police refused to drop the charges – so I will make another complaint about them to the IPCA regarding harassment.

Heaps of support from people going to court, one girl said she had been trying to get mental health care for her mum since she was 16 – she was now 21 (had tears in her eyes telling us) – she was 100% in support of our protests.  The lawyers looked ashamed of themselves and security kept an eye on us.  I heckled the security guard from outside the building for a while.  I’m making a formal complaint so I will deal with him that way.

Developing lots of plans for action in the coming weeks, hopefully that will get some media publicity.  With my story coming out in Fishhead magazine hopefully I will gain some support.

Rock on the Revolution.

Just had another $100 donation towards my protests – the universe stepping in.

Videoed a friend of mine last week performing a few of his songs and posted them on utube.  Really inspired to get the People’s Embassy Utube channel etc going and get all the songs, poetry, art, theatre and dance concerning social issues we can gather by local musicians.  Check out Daniel Peck.


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