Photos from recent Occupation of the Cenotaph in Wellington






After the march against asset sales in May we set up camp at the Cenotaph and I couldn’t resist chalking this.  Had some amazing conversations with people, same challenges as Occupy Wellington last year.























Stephen Browning Green MP came down to see what we were up to – most MPs were on a break.  This lady was from up north and dealing with Kauri dieback around Tane Mahuta – they swapped numbers etc and had a good talk.  Occupy site is great for that – can’t wait to start our people’s embassy.




Photo from the law school building – got an Occupy supporter who is a student and can get me access to the law school library and computer.Photo0530





Occupy attracted heaps of political artists, including this group of making a silent movie about asset sales.  I also listened to an awesome rapper, several poets and musicians – also have musicians interested in performing.



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