Rough few days, WINZ sent their bullies the police around to visit

This is intimidation, this is injustice


Was on the phone to WINZ and my MP John Hayes trying to get help and explain how frightened I am after being turned down for health care and justice yet again and how the welfare reforms are going to impact on me, an hour later these guys turn up.  The police are used as a form of intimidation to stop people are making complaints about mental health, ACC and others.  It is a gross miscarriage of justice, but so far I have been powerless to stop it for me and thousands of other abused, suicidal, poor and stress disordered people.

The World Health Organisation put out a statement saying mentally ill (that includes mentally injured abuse victims) should not be forced into the justice system – this is exactly what is happening in New Zealand.

They sent Sgt Basher, I have made a complaint about him before, he was just as horrendous as I remember.  It was so bad I got out my video camera, am trying to shrink it so I can put on utube.

Phoned the Pacific regional UN office of Human Rights in Fiji this morning, am making a formal complaint to them, I just don’t trust any New Zealand justice agencies any more.  Also going to be working on two judicial reviews, one for Inspector Registers decision to not investigate my claims of harm by ACC and mental health plus how I am being treated by police.  The second about ACC’s decision not to provide me with the professional health care I am entitled to under ACC, health disability, Code of Rights, Human Rights and Bill of Rights laws.  That should keep me busy.



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