Appeal to the judiciary, politicians and United Nations for justice & freedom from persecution

1 September 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,




I wake every single morning

With these thoughts inside my head

How could people be so wicked

Why would they want me dead?


This is the first verse in one of my many poems and the reason you are now receiving this first letter.  After 11 years begging for a lawyer, justice and the health care I knew I was entitled to by law I know this person will never come unless this injustice is stopped.  After 11 years of begging and trying to use the current justice process to get the treatment care rehabilitation and protection I know I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws, I know it does not work.  After 11 years of knowing I can’t represent myself because of the extremely traumatising nature of the legal process and the severe communication impairments I have with regard to my disorder, I know I will never be able to present it to you in the exact form you require.  Therefore I am going to write every morning and send it to the following people:



Chief Justice Sian Elias

Secretary for Justice

President NZ Law Society

President Law Commission

Health & Disability Commission

Human Rights Commission



National party – John Key

Labour party – David Cunliffe

Green Party – Russell Norman

NZ First – Winston Peters

Act Party – ?

United Future – Peter Dunne

Mana Party – Hone Harawira

Maori Party – Tariana Turiea

TV Media, TVNZ news

Radio Media, RNZ News

Internet media, stuff

Newspaper media, The Press

United Nations Office for Human Rights



As a result there will be repetition and the topics I cover may vary from one paragraph to another or become highly emotional  – this is a result of my Complex PTSD disorder and not a reflection of my intelligence or honesty!  I am not delusional or mentally ill, I have a mental injury – I am a normal person with an extremely serious and life-threatening stress disorder as a result of overwhelming trauma (rape & not guilty verdict) and ongoing neglect and abuse by the authorities, my family and  community.


There will be examples of what is happening to people and analysis of why, after 11 years of educating myself and trying every avenue I knew about or was capable of, these letters are my desperate plea for justice for all mentally injured and ill people in New Zealand.  Those 10% of us rotting in degrading hell of poverty and resentment at the bottom of the neo-liberal heap.


The documentary Inside NZ Mind The Gap along with my severely painful stress disorder and having my daughter’s exboyfriend (who I genuinely care about & lived with us for a while) smashing up my house and trying to hang himself in the garage over the past few weeks, has inspired me to yet again gather myself and attempt to get justice.


Other references essential to understanding are:

ACC, health, disability, code of rights, human rights and bill of rights laws

Criminal law – particularly Section 157 of the Crimes Act

Auditor-general and electoral law

International agreements on human rights, civil and political rights, rights of protesters

The Bible – given our justice system & culture holds it in high regard

Medical and scientific information on the treatment of traumatised people & Complex PTSD


Then there is my internet presence and accumulated knowledge/information and comments over the past 11 years (this is an older website I used)


I call myself JR Murphy as an artist to protect myself from abuse as much as possible.  The truth I talk about often causes violent and abusive reactions from people (bigots) who don’t have the education/understanding I do.  These websites include information, solutions and a record of my protests – attempts to get justice and expression of the extreme emotional pain and disappointment I feel – photos, videos, art, poetry, diary notes, etc.


I am a lay-expert in the field of stress disorders and human rights as I have spent 11 years studying and trying to understand my own behaviour and why the health and justice systems were so abusive.  Because this has been an area of personal study it covers a far wider range of topics than any university degree.  I realised I was an expert during the 10th Bi-annual conference on child abuse in Wellington (about 2005 I think), attending workshops with a varied group of psychiatrists and people working in the ABUSE INDUSTRY it was obvious I knew exactly what they were talking about.  (I had been left $10,000 by my ex-father-in-law and spent most of I trying to get health care and justice.)  I also attended a series of lectures on the constitution and public police earlier this year, run by Victoria University – I knew 90% of what their ‘experts’ were saying as well – of course I knew a lot more than them from person experience, as a victim of neo-liberalism.


I have also spent a year at Massey University studying health and rehabilitation and although I only passed one paper I learnt a huge amount of scientific information.  Often I would get more books out than required on this topic and read every relevant book in the university library – in an attempt to understand and get the professional health care I knew me and thousands of other traumatised/abused people in New Zealand were entitled to.  I only passed one out of three of my papers due to my stress disorder affecting my ability to recall information during an exam.  When at university in 2001 studying law, prior to the rape, I passed all five papers.


I find it ironic I was never able to continue with my law studies because of my disorder yet have spent the past 11 years studying and using the law in every way I was capable of.  I had come to the law after winning cases in the environment court and employment court (as an employer), when I realised I had a passion and talent for law.  I consider myself a person who likes to know the rules then push the boundaries – unlike 25 years of neo-liberal governments who ignore the rules and cross the boundaries.


More recently my determination to get justice has seen me resort to civil disobedience and I have been arrested and trespassed many times now from those places I know are responsible for protecting me and providing me care.


NOTE:  As required under the Privacy Act 1993 – this letter gives authority for the Chief Justice, Secretary for Justice, Law Society, Law  Commission, Health and Disability Commission, Auditor-General, Human Rights Commission and Office and Ombudsman to access ANY information held about me by police, ACC, mental health, private health and welfare providers and individuals (eg GP, psychiatrist, Occupation therapist, etc), parliament’s speaker (regarding my illegal trespass), any member of Parliament present and past and all justice agencies (including Health & Disability Commission, Auditor-general, Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman, Law Society & Commission, Ministry of Justice etc).  Access to my HDC advocate files (Louise Grant, Nationwide Health & Disability Services in Hawkes Bay).


NOTE: I detest the privacy act and how it is used to oppress, censor and isolate vulnerable and disabled people.


I would also point out (which the police seem unable to fathom) that the health agencies ACC HDC and some others are criminally negligent and may provide information that is inaccurate, incomplete and fraudulent – which is the reason my case needs to be considered by the judiciary (which I have never been able to access – this of course violates the Magna Carta).


I need this first letter to be sent today as life is hard, especially financially as I had to evict my daughters suicidal violent ex-boyfriend and therefore have $120 less per week with (less food of $50).  I have to find another means of income but my stress disorder is debilitating/life-threatening and I am unfit for work.  I want to try and get a flatmate but am scared of people knowing my situation and having to put my personal details out in public.  Who wants to live with a nutter (I am ridiculed and degraded in my community – called Crazy Jayne).  That is only by people who don’t know me and how hard I fight to get abused men women and children like myself the health care, support and justice they are entitled to under the law.


Care and justice they are currently denied under cruel immoral and corrupt neo-liberal practices that violate our laws (eg ACC, health, welfare, disability, code of rights, human rights, bill of rights, electoral, auditor-general, etc).  Back to the most important part of my letter protection from persecution by police and mental health services.


I am writing this letter to explain my fear of persecution by mental health services and police, to ask for your protection from the government and the legislature.  As I have never been able to get my injustice in front of the judiciary due to my disability and poverty I can think of no other way to protect myself during the protests I intend to imbark on.  Which I do not intend to cease until something is done about the gross miscarriage of justice I am experiencing and witnessing with the influence of cruel immoral abusive neo-liberalism in our health, welfare and justice system.  Caused by a complete failure of New Zealand’s constitutional (civil, political and human rights), criminal, health and welfare laws to protect us.


Current I have several trespass notices served on me by police and I have been arrested around 7-8 times – I have never retaliated at any time, only tried to escape or could not move due to fear or dogged determination to exercise the rights I knew I was entitled to.


Trespassed from Anne Walsh a mentally disturbed psychiatrist (google her) who wrote a very unprofessional unsubstantiated report on me to ACC – she is one of ACCs ‘controlled’ assessors.  I wrote her a letter about how I felt about her rejection and how suicidal and seriously ill I was – I was sent the trespass in the mail, I was degraded and appauled at receiving it.


Trespassed from King Street Artworks in Masterton for being angry and upset about having my political work censored from exhibition in the Annual Show at Aratoi Museum of Art and History.  I had been allowed to exhibit up until that year when huge cuts in funding were being announced (thanks again to neo-liberalism).  King Street artworks director Ian Chapman said in a meeting of artists that the DHB had threatened they would lose their funding if I was allowed to exhibit my political work that talked about how unwell I was and how bad mental health services were.


I was devastated they were my only family, when I was served the notice at my back door in East Street Greytown my knees buckled from under me and I wailed so loud my neighbour came over.  She can confirm this incident.  King Street artists were my only family, staff were bigoted, unkind and self-serving which I stood up to – they don’t like that in mental health/social/welfare services.  The story of my dealings with King Street could fill a book and this not the place to go into this detail – needless to say it is an injustice that needs resolution.


Trespassed from Parliament, this indignity and insult has been one of my most disappointing and hardest injustices to bear – as my complete melt-down stress reaction at the doors of parliament proves.  I have requested a copy of the CCTV footage of this incident but been refused – I am sure you would be able to get hold of this.  I was trespassed from Parliament for standing in silence during the opening prayer (which I had done three times previously without challenge, is not in the rules you can’t do & had the agreement of a security guard – which again you will have to find out who this is as a witness).   An older guard came over and started making a scene while Lockwood Smith was walking onto the house, I refused to move and said very little – I prayed with all my heart.  I got a copy of the prayer from Parliamentary services:


Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen and the public welfare, peace and tranquillity of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.




Reading this prayer and not applying its principles (note I have written to the governor general about the injustices I experience – I was ignored) is another form of propaganda.  People who sit in the gallery who are affluent and successful believe this is what these politicians are doing.  People like me who sit in the gallery cry and know this is a lie and what we are doing to the poorest and most vulnerable 10% of citizens is cruel immoral and corrupt.


After the prayer was read I sat down and ‘the Bond Bitch’ (excuse my language but this is how we speak in my culture) a good looking blond woman who works in parliamentary security, sat beside me.


At this point I would say I had taken to attending question time regularly to try and find out why what the National government (and other politicians) were saying was completely opposite to what I was experiencing.  I have several diaries full of detailed notes and a few comments on the internet about my visits and what I learnt (these are available).  I often got details of ministers to write to about different issues and information I needed so I could protest on a more formal level as well as activism.


There is an audio recording of Dave the security guard telling me on the phone I was trespassed for causing a scene in the gallery and singing as I walked up the stairs to the gallery, both violations of my rights to expression and expression of my religious, cultural and ethical beliefs.


On the day I was trespassed they were talking about ACC and I was quietly crying and did also raise my hand when I heard someone lie (but put it down when asked).  I saw Bill English gloat about how National had balanced the books in ACC when Labour couldn’t – I cried quietly as I know thousands of people lost rehabilitation services, especially sexual and violent abuse victims.  There are copies of this day on the internet, I would have to look back through my notes to find the date references (please request if you would like them) I spent some time in the Parliamentary library looking at these videos (there would be record of my visit in Parliamentary records).


I have tried repeatedly through formal human rights channels to get this violation of my right to expression of my religion and subsequent persecution by police dealt with to no avail – they refuse to take me seriously.


After I was taken away by police I continued to return in the following weeks, as I knew my rights, I have diary notes available for these visits and the ‘guerrilla protest missions’ I did while in Welington.  Chalking the footpaths around Parliament and outside different govt/public authorities and courts, a full album of photographs from my more recent protests is available with several photos on my internet pages (especially facebook).


I take my religion very seriously, it is the only thing that has kept me alive through the most horrendous suicidal, self-harming and depressive times of this neo-liberal hell.  It is what motivates me to protest in the streets no matter how scared I am, it motivates me to keep fighting for my rights to appropriate and professional health care for me and other people (especially abused children, like my daughter’s ex-boyfriend).


On one visit back to Parliament where I was sure I would be arrested , was protesting and telling them to arrest me – the police arrived a really nice policeman came up to me and said. Jayne we are not going to arrest you as we believe you have rights under the Bill of Rights to be here – I cried.  I had been ready to be arrested.  I thanked him, they left.


The following week I returned to sing, recite poetry and express my views on how we treat abused and mentally ill people.  Not expecting to be challenged by police when half an hour after I got there the police arrived and demanded I leave.  There was no way, I knew my rights, the policeman last week had told me.  They said things had changed, I became defensive and refused, the policeman and woman started to get out the handcuffs, I panicked (as I had been assaulted by two young policemen during the world cup outside ACC and they had put the handcuffs on very tight and hurt me and I flashbacked to that).  I backed away into the bottom of the Seddon Statue with my hands tightly against my chest refusing to leave, the police and a security guard tried to prize my arms away – I had the bruises on my arms for two weeks.  I have photos of this abuse – the bruises on my soul for eternity. L


I was arrested and charged and kept in for the night, I have never spent a night in jail, I am 48 (I didn’t think I could write this today as the memory so painful yet empowering at the same time).  I overheard the police discussing if I was to be let go or not and they said someone from high up had ordered it – I have been unable through privacy act requests to find out this information.  However as a result of my phobia about opening mail there are dozens of letters that could be an answer to this information (a very debilitating communication aspect of my disorder that ACC health services and others take advantage of and refuse to cater to – which they are required to do under disability and code of rights laws.)


This is a very painful piece to recall ………………..  An officer phoned my two children, then 15 and 16 and said I wouldn’t be home – I was horrified.  My teenagers a good kids but they have friends and boyfriends who take advantage of parents not being home.  My car was left on the street outside Parliament I was freaking out about the fines.  I was so grateful when I discovered the council had ticketed me but there had been no fine as someone had seen me be violently arrested by police the day before – and I am well known by the council because of my chalking.


Being processed was traumatising, having other people in control of you is traumatising when you have been abused, so are closed spaces and isolation – especially with nothing to do (they refused to leave me a pen and my visual diary even though I begged them, I use it to keep me calm and sane I told them that).  They offered me magazines to which I replied. “To look at all the things I can’t have no thanks.”


When I was arrested I was asked if I wanted a minister and I said yes as all my protests are based on my religious principles (which is what the law is based on – justice and protection of the weak).  I was regularly attending the Mormon Church in Featherston at the time which they will confirm.  I feel most at ease with a Christian minister, the minister never came.  I don’t know how long I was in the cell, time is weird in there – there are no clocks, I tried to sleep as my mental health was really bad and trying not to freak out at all the new experiences, incarceration and traumas.  They told me nobody had ever said yes to a minister before so they didn’t have anyone organised and it was the middle of the night (which I didn’t know, I thought I had dozed but obviously I had slept for a couple of hours).


I asked for a bible, it took ages for one to be found – I really needed a St James bible which are very common but they found a Giddeon one which was of some comfort.  I have a bladder weakness and wear a pad, I asked a senior male police officer (by spelling out in toilet paper on the floor to get their attention) to speak to a female.  He refused until he knew what it was about.  I was humiliated that I had to tell him that I smelt bad and needed to change the pad, it was making me cry and become traumatised in the cell.  I eventually got my request filled and felt a little better.


I repeated over and over this was a violation of my human rights, why I was protesting and exactly what I thought of some of the police officers that weren’t nice – most of them are ok.  I am always respectful of the police, except for the 4 or 5 out of dozens who have set off the abusive side of my stress disorder.  I have a wicked mouth (I seldom swear) but I have never physically threatened anybody and never will, I would only protect myself.  I sang and recited poetry in the cells, tried to occupy my extremely stressed brain, did drumming exercises – when you suffer from suicidality it is imperative you keep busy – nothing to do is bad (I am reminded of the phrase, idle hands are the devils playground).


It would be easier for you to access any CCTV footage of my arrest and proof of what I am saying.


I told them I had a disability, I was ticking (I click my fingers) put my hands over my ears and other involuntary movements.  The drumming rhythms I know help with this anxiety response.  The police phoned mental health in Masterton who I refused to speak to because they are one of my worst abusers/oppressors.  I asked for Wellington mental health to come, the police said they refused, there would be documentation of this I am sure on the police file.  I asked for a doctor, the police refused saying it was too late at night.  I had a couple of periods during my incarceration where I became extremely stressed.


That night I was given a very hot microwaved meal, I was so stressed I used it self-harm and burnt myself on the forearm (I have a photograph of the burn that looked like a heart if you want it).  Physical pain somehow relieves the emotional pain – don’t understand it because I have never been able to see a health professional about it, it mostly started after ACC illegally removed my care in 2009.


After a poor nights sleep, I was humiliated going to the toilet and covered myself as best I could.  The morning seemed forever, I couldn’t eat, at one point before the van arrived I started to cry, to sob uncontrollably about what was happening, this lasted about 20 minutes.  I had cried a few times overnight as well.  It lets off some of the stress as well.  The police tried to be nice to me, they were ashamed of what was happening to me.


I was told I was being taken to court in the van.  I had heard two black power guys and their victim had come in overnight and we were heading for court in the same van.  You hear everything when they are being processed – don’t see how that isn’t a violation of privacy laws.


I asked for my hairclips back to put my hear up before seeing the judge, it was a mess, they refused, I felt ashamed of the way I looked.  When I saw the metal box in the van I was supposed to get into I freaked out and backed away immediately saying there was no way I was getting in it.  Three policemen came closer, they were going to put me in the van by force if I didn’t do it voluntarily, I did my best to control by anxiety and yelled at them to give me some time.  It is the most revolting feeling to have to get in that little box behind the driver then have a van door over the top of that.  I cried all the way to court – I would much have preferred to be taken to court in a car to accommodate my disorder and avoid this trauma.  Or been put in the back with the gang members, they could see me crying from where they were and tried to comfort me a little while in the van.  The policemen were as nice as they could be but they knew I was freaking out.


I can’t talk any more about this event…….


My protests include singing, playing guitar, reciting poetry and giving them hell – using language that is used when you are really angry in my culture but I try not to swear as much as possible.  (My book of poetry has swearing in it, it is art).


Trespassed from Independent Police Conduct Authority in Wellington by police.  There is an audio available of my occupation protest there earlier this year, please contact me with an email address so I can send it to you, it is also on the internet, utube account.  I have made repeated complaints of degradation, bullying and discrimination they are always passed back to the people I am complaining about (sometimes the abusers which is very difficult) and nothing is done.  The harassment continues unabated.


Trespassed from Health and Disability Commission Wellington earlier this year by police, there is a video of this on my utube channel.  I have experienced years of rejection and discrimination by this organisation which I find so disappointing when they are supposed to protect me from incompetence in the health system.  I believe them to be criminally negligent.


Trespassed from Law Society in Wellington, on a particularly bad day during the latest welfare reforms (which I was extremely frightened about for good reason) I went to protest outside Bowen House on Lambton Quay.  I did get really angry and was almost arrested there as I angrily challenged all the well dressed people walking in the building.  Katrina Shanks MP intervened as she knew I had tried through her to get health care from mental health and was recently rejected yet again – she knew I had a disability (I can show you all the email correspondence with her office if you want to see it).  There would be CCTV footage available (a security guard told me once they all really support what I protest about but they have jobs to do.


I walked off to get some paper to write a sign, Geoffry Palmer was walking towards me, I said his name and asked him how someone got a lawyer in this country and a few other things.  He told me it was the responsibility of the Law Society, so I immediately decided to head there and refused to leave until I was promised a human rights lawyer or arrested – which I did.  I have tried to enlist the help of Chen Palmer law and Geoffry Palmer several times in the past but been rejected (no money).  I have also spoken to Andrew Palmer who I know is involved in the law, we ended up in an argument – wealthy affluent people refuse to accept what is happening to people like me.


That was 9 weeks ago and because they didn’t have time for my case then my lawyer had a family bereavement the defended hearing has been delayed another two months.  Another reason I choose to get arrested is so I can put my plight to a judge – although I have tried this before after the Parliament arrest saga & was thrown out of court by security.  I am trying yet again.  I am currently out on bail – me – I’m not the criminal here, cruel neo-liberals within ACC, mental health and the police are.  I will elaborate further on these specific issues in another letter.


NOTE: I have made formal complaints to police about ACC and mental health under Section 157 of the Crimes Act, I am discredited and ignored.  I have letters to prove it and Inspector Register from Masterton police has details of his investigation into my claims – then rejection of them without any chance for me to defend myself and have the human rights/bill of rights act applied.


Threatened with trespass from Masterton Hospital grounds.  Mental health services in the Wairarapa are appauling and abusive.  We have some of the worst suicide statistics in New Zealand.


NOTE:  Nigel Latter has said publicly (he is a government adviser) that neglect is just as psychologically damaging as physical abuse.  So when I say abuse in these letters it will often refer to the neglect and rejection you experience when you are very unwell, including highly suicidal, self-harming, and much more.  Please refer to the disorder Complex PTSD (Bessell van der Kolk is a leading authority) – it has been given a slightly different name recently to describe the numbers of American soldiers who have it (who are killing themselves at one a day from last news reports).  I am well connected to social media and always interested and investigating information associated with stress disorders, violence and suicide.


It is a shame Judge McLean doesn’t have the same information and education, then maybe he would stop putting out completely useless press statements.  I have written to Judge McLean in the past about this gross miscarriage of justice, I cannot recall his exact response – I only know it was rejection.  If you require our communications please advise and I will search for it if I can.


I went to Masterton hospital to sing and recite poetry after being yet again rejected degraded and abused by mental health services (Wairarapa is a small town and I have been ostracized in the arts community because of influence from people in mental health services.)  I was also abused and discredited by their complaints person Gillian Moulton (ask them for all the correspondence I have sent).  I phone many people in desperation when my eating disorder, self-harming and suicidal behaviour gets really bad.  I had phoned the CEO of the Masterton hospital (I can’t recall her name) told her my story and begged her for help – she promised me this would happen – it didn’t.  I just felt more persecuted by mental health services.


While I was singing Knockn on Hell’s door outside the DHB offices (please refer to The Black Book of Poetry on my website the CEO came down to complain about the noise.  She didn’t realise I was the woman she promised care to, she was extremely aggressive and immediately threatened me with the police and being trespassed.  I tried to defend myself, she stormed back inside and called the CAT team – a young attractive woman turned up, stood very threateningly in my personal space and refuse to back away.  We argued and she went away – I left shaking.  What if I had needed to go to the hospital for an emergency or an emergency for my children – at that time I was extremely frightened of the police as they had stripped me naked for my chalking protest.  I’m a lot stronger now and have managed to avoid being stripped and committed – which some of my friends think is amazing luck, after what they experienced.


Trespassed from ACC most recently by The Sheriff a very degrading and cruel policeman working at Wellington Central.  I am making a formal complaint about him.  I have found in my dealings with police 20% of police are really awesome people, 20% are abusive power trippers and 60% do what they are told so pretty average.  When I had to go to court recently 28 August for the defended hearing (they didn’t end up having time for) I did some protesting.  I ended up at ACC, chalked in front of the building about them being murderers, sung, recited poetry, talked to nice people on the street and yelled at people walking in and out of the building about how responsible they were for the suicide and suffering of thousands of abuse victims at the hands of ACC and justice services.  They called the police and The Sheriff arrived (we have had runins before because I have no respect for abusive authority and know my rights, he has degraded and threatened me with having my clothes removed before).


He immediately stood in my person space in a threatening way, my head was lowered and my body started to shake – having a man who is threatening you that close is extremely traumatising for a sexual abuse victim (for any woman) it is disrespectful.  I asked him to move away as he was frightening me, he refused and said he would be getting much closer if I didn’t stop my protests immediately and leave.  I know my rights, I don’t believe I had behaved in an inappropriate manner – I am really really angry and this is a matter of life and death for thousands of people (over 500 people a year suicide & large numbers of homocides are related to neglected mentally injured and ill people).  Also I don’t get to yell at the exact people who are persecuting me, so I yell at anybody I think could be them.  Like the people nutting off at the EQC office in Chch, it is actually linked to the stress disorder but I am not sure how.


He was so abusive I got out my mobile phone and recorded him for the next 7 minutes (this is available however I am having problems downloading the audio), then left because I had to get back to court to see if they could hear my case and it wouldn’t have been good if I didn’t turn up.  Plus he had become agitated and would have violently arrested me which is extremely frightening at the time.


He told me he was going into ACC and demanding they trespass me, a copy of which I received in the mail (one of the very few pieces of mail I have been able to open in a long time) and they wonder why I have a phobia about opening mail.  After I beat a hasty retreat from The Sheriff I ended up walking past the Appeal Court on the corner of Aitken Street, the words on the windows around the building disgust me – hypocrisy and propaganda at its absolute worst.  I videoed myself upset and talking about what had just happened, discussing some of the words on the building and how they were lies.  But because they are on the building the average person walking past thinks they are the truth and New Zealand actually lives up to these laws and ideals – YEAH RIGHT.  This video is available and I hope to post to Utube in the near future.  Just more propaganda put out by the neo-liberal right purposely persecuting and degrading the poorest and most vulnerable bottom 10% of New Zealand citizens.


At 2.15 we were told they had run out of time to hear my case – I had spent $35 to get from my home to Wellington on the train – I only get $470 a week and my rent is $250.  It is interesting that the government has passed a law that if people don’t turn up for court (even if they can’t afford to) then they will lose their benefits – this is an example of the neo-liberal hell I live.  Part of the neo-liberal propaganda machine to degrade the poor and incite resentment in the rich and middle classes.  Of course I shouldn’t even be in court because my loud but peaceful protest at the Law Society was extremely valid and using the police to censor and oppress the horrifying truth I was saying is criminally negligent (according to Section 157 of the crimes act) and corrupt!  A legal argument that should be played out in the Supreme Court not in the Law Society office or criminal district court.


While I was waiting for court at 10am I called in at the Supreme Court, which I often do as I protest and chalk a lot around there – judges would have seen my work.  Three judges including Sian Elias (who this letter will be sent to) were discussing, in this most beautiful building, a lease between a business person and the council.  As I walked out the door it hit me that I was in the District Court fighting for my rights to protest about the gross miscarriage of justice I was experiencing and witnessing in my community, while this is happening in the Supreme Court.  It has caused me huge sadness every time I think about it.  THIS IS INJUSTICE! I love that court and go there regularly to relax after protesting, it should be where my Human Rights case should be heard!  (Note I am not sure if I saw this case on the day of my status hearing or delayed defended hearing – its irrelevant really just trying to link it up so you don’t have anything to discredit me for.)


All that money and it only sits 37 days a year – how sad.  How sad 10% of New Zealand citizens are being subjected to cruel immoral illegal corrupt neo-liberal theories infecting our ACC, mental health and justice services and they can’t go to the highest court in our land.  I have been told there are only three human rights lawyers for the whole of New Zealand that the poor can access.  I am waiting at the moment to hear back if the Office for Human Rights (there are so many different/useless human rights organisations) will accept two cases of mine and provide a lawyer free.  A case against ACC and the police – I have got to stop the constant threat of being stripped naked by police because of my mental health issues and for making passionate and angry complaints about what is happening to me.  This letter is also a request for you to order the police to not strip me of my clothes or be allowed to threaten me with it.  To accommodate as best they can my disorder so the trauma is kept to a minimum.  Things like making me stand there while someone I don’t know holds on to me for ages –when I don’t want them to – in order to get my fingerprints YET AGAIN.  Please tell them I am allowed a pen and paper when in the cell and make sure I have access to a minister, don’t let them put me in the metal box in the van again I am begging you.  Please tell them to treat me with respect and not to arrest me just because I am annoying people – there is already case law for this.  Please tell them not to come to my home if ACC, or some other justice agency or politician phones them up and says I am suicidal.  They can phone me if they want but even that I find intimidating.  Please make them take my complants seriously, only a full and thorough police investigation into ACC and mental health services would uncover the serious corruption and negligence going on here.  (I have asked for a Royal Commission of Enquiry many times on how we treat abused people.)


I had two hours to wait for my train back to the Wairarapa and I was really angry about what had happened outside ACC so I headed for Wellington Central police station.  Outside I chalked in large letters that police should stop violence towards abused women fighting for their rights to health care and justice – I have a photograph on the internet.  (I hate the white ribbon and like minds propaganda on TV it disgusts and enrages me.) A woman police officer came out, asked my story, took my details, couldn’t say much when I described what a bastard The Sheriff had been.  (Oh yeah he also threatened with getting the CAT  team onto me, because he knows how much I hate them and have an extremely bad stress reaction when I am near them – thanks to years of neglect degradation and abuse).


The threat of being committed is real, inpatient services are abusive – I know this from the dozens of people I have spoken to about it over the years.  Once you are committed under the mental health act you lose all your rights and they can legally force you to take medication.  I have made an educated and moral decision not to take psych medication for my stress disorder.  Firstly because it is against my religious, cultural and ethical principles – psych medication affects your brain – I use my spiritual strength to keep the suicidal thoughts from overwhelming/killing me.  Mental health cannot tell me how this medication will affect my ability to protect myself spiritually (from what some would call demons) from the dysfunctional and suicidal thoughts.


Secondly I have studied enough to know how dangerous these EXPERIMENTAL drugs are on normal people with severe stress disorders – they could easily drive me to suicide or make me homicidal.  There are huge amounts of information and people opposed to the use of these medications in most circumstances, all over the internet.   Again I believe the influence of neo-liberalism has seen the removal of personal care only to be replaced with drugs to keep people quiet – it was cheaper – NO IT IS NOT.  There is also the influence of drug companies and the huge profits they are returning to the rich and powerful, shareholders, health scientists and health professionals.


I feel so strongly about this I liken it to the respect the law has for Jehovah’s Witnesses not wanting to take blood products.  I do not have to accept drugs there are other ways that fit my beliefs and culture that work, such as the rehabilitation requirements spelt out in detail in the ACC and Code of Rights legislation, also the Whare Tapa Wha and Occupational Therapy models, it is the law that these beliefs are accommodated if possible.  My requests and rights are ignored due to the influence of cruel immoral corrupt neo-liberal theories.


In the coming weeks/months I intend to escalate my political protests (which I also consider art) and push the boundaries with just how dramatic and confronting I can make them.  I will be angry, loud and offensive to all neo-liberal bigots but I will never resort to violence and I will never retaliate even if I am being physically assaulted – I never have.  If I am arrested and committed I need someone to call that will stop them from drugging me into submission – I will not be silenced when abused men women and children’s lives are at stake – NEVER!


Please advise what I should do if I am committed, who should I phone – I have tried repeatedly to get a lawyer to protect me but they look at me like they are confused and refuse.  Hopefully these series of letters will make you understand just the level of persecution going on in this country.  Especially happening to someone like me who is fighting what I can prove is criminal negligence on the part of ACC and mental health.  Could you provide me with a letter saying the police cannot arrest me and they are in fact to protect my rights to protest – unless it involves violence and excessive swearing.


I have made several submissions to the constitution conversation – I have heard nothing back.  I have had several discussions about the Bill of Rights.  I attended a series of free lectures at the School of Public Policy Victoria University on public policy and the constitution.  I will go through my notes and discuss this in another letter – what I heard briefly is govt departments are advising ministers but if they don’t like what they hear they either send it back for them to re-write or just ignore their advice.  People who don’t agree with the neo-liberals are sacked or do not get advancement and more salary.  Yes I keep myself as informed as I can and participate in this democracy as much as I possibly can – no matter how they try to oppress me.


Knowledge is power and action is vital   – there is no way they are allowed to stop me acting I have rights, international rights – it is only the judiciary who can protect me and uphold them.


I have copies of the ACC, human rights, auditor-general and bill of rights laws – I believe in the law – I can’t believe I just said that.  I believe my legal right not to take medication takes precedence over their legal right to force me to (ie Constitutional rights are superior to any law) considering what I am protesting about.   Also it is well known through the developed world that activists, especially those from the left prepared to put their lives at risk for their beliefs are being labelled mentally ill and drugged into submission.  It is an issue currently in front of the United Nations – it is happening in New Zealand and nobody will do anything about it.  Please help me right this gross injustice.


When I was doing an occupy protest at the cenotaph earlier this year I had a discussion with an older law student who told me there was no way Human Rights or Bill of Rights laws in this country took precedence over any other laws.  But this is not true – how could he possibly think this – although I heard through the odd discussion at the Policy School lectures that this is a belief in the legal community.  This of course is not true at all, in a case of such an injustice my rights under Human Rights and Bill of rights take precedence over anything a corrupt government has made law.  Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal, we have Human Civil and Political rights to stop another NAZI Germany – but because nobody can use them, our country has been degraded and become immoral.


That brings me to the repeated arrests for my protests, I have a right to self-expression my art and my voice should not be censored.  I should not be blocked/censored from public internet media and politican pages for telling the truth in the blunt and truthful way I do – that is how/who I am, that is how I communicate, I can no more change it that stop this fight against the neo-liberal hell many of us now live in.  And you wonder why people hate the rich.  It promises in our National anthem that God would stop dissension envy and hate – when you have the leader of the National party John Key calling the Labour Greens coalition Evil Hell Beasts you know there is something seriously wrong.


I don’t know the bible that well, I don’t go to church every week – I have been rejected, degraded and discredited when I have tried to get support from many Christians (including my mother) so I don’t go there.  What I do know that it says in the bible it will be the governments that are corrupt not the poor, not the vulnerable.  It also says we should care for widows and orphans more than another other group in society (in the 21st century we call them single women and their children).  We are the most vicitimized and stigmatized members of society, in the latest welfare reforms we were yet again targeted to work – no matter what is happening in our lives or with our children.  Many women on welfare have been victims of abuse, have stress and anxiety disorders and cannot get the treatment care, rehabilitation, protection and justice they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, code of rights, human rights and bill of rights laws.   I know this stuff and I fight for it – HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED – that’s me!


I am currently ostracized from my own family because I don’t work and they don’t approve of my protests – it is very sad.  So many families split and dysfunctional because of brainwashing about cruel immoral neo-liberal reforms being essential and necessary – when they are not, and never have been.  The Inside NZ Mind The Gap documentary recently pointed that out perfectly.  I was sad when the jucidiary/police didn’t come out and start prosecuting people about the gross negligence and deceit of our leaders over the past 25 years of neo-liberalism that was proven so well in the documentary.


I can’t talk anymore – oh my god I just looked – 18 pages, but I feel so much more relieved.  This isn’t my burden this is your burden, you are the leaders of this country and you cannot let this gross miscarriage of justice against abused people like myself with mental injuries and mentally illness go on.  People are dying and suffering the most unimaginable hell due to cruel immoral neo-liberalist theories.  Read my book of poetry The Black Book on my website, in some of those poems you might get the understanding of what it is like to live with being suicidal as a result of neglect and persecution.

I look forward to your urgent reply as my protests will start in a few weeks.  One of them will include a hunger strike outside parliament where I will refuse to take food or water – from my research it should take 7 days to be hospitalised.  These are the weapons of passive protest for the poor and oppressed of which I am one.  I will not stop until I get the health care, rehabilitation and protection I am entitled to by law and so does every other person in this country who is entitled to it – whether they know it yet or not.


Yours sincerely






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