Complaint against abusive neo-liberalism in government & legislature – Part 4-6

Also sent to: Chief Justice, Auditor General, HRC, UN High Commission for Human Rights, Ombudsmen, media, Katrina shanks MP, Judith Collins, Paula Bennett, Russel Norman, David Cunliffe, Wairarapa DHB, Law Commission, Health & Disability Commission, Director of Mental Health (blocked from him but referred to this website so he has access to the letters), Chen Palmer, ACC complaints, etc.

19 September 2013

Attention: Secretary for Justice

Mr Andrew Bridgman

And others


Dear Mr Bridgman,




I’m on a roll now, every day I want to write a letter, it is your responsibility to stop this gross miscarriage of justice towards traumatised people – especially people unable to cope in our abusive, self-serving, immoral country.  That is what 25 years of neo-liberalism has done to us made the rich rich and the poor poorer, which has ensured the suffering and poverty of hundreds of thousands of people.  That we had human civil and political rights to protect us that did not, is a sad indictment to democracy and an example of the true immorality of our political, legal and business leaders (ie the rich and powerful).


This morning I woke up with the thought of just how obvious the corruption is, so obvious I know there must be mental health professionals who know what is going on and saying little.  Or is it the scenario expressed by those at the Constitutional/public policy lectures earlier this year, where our politicians don’t listen to the advice of their ministries any longer if it doesn’t suit their political agenda.


How can I explain this simply – the brain is the most complicated organ of the body and yet the people working in most mental health services now are some of the most uneducated health ‘professionals’ we have.  A suicide attempt is someone almost dying and yet the majority of people who aren’t successful are told they are doing it for attention, to snap out of it, are abused and degraded by police, etc, that they are not mentally ill and therefore not the responsibility of mental health services.


When I first became suicidal I went to a doctor called Craig Cherry, a long-time Carterton GP, when I explained what was happening and how I was feeling he told me to make sure I did a good job because health professionals hated cleaning up the mess from unsuccessful suicide attempts.  At the time I am sure I was just stunned and didn’t know as much as I do today about the science and reason behind my suicidality.  I used to see this man and his wife sometimes if I was out at a local music venue, after I saw him as GP, he always looked down or away when he saw me – it was quite obvious.  I have been through 12 or is it 13 GPs since I was raped and developed this stress disorder, each one abusive and ignorant – but some much worse than most.


I suppose that is one of the hardest things when you educate yourself and become a lay-expert in your disorder and the law, when you meet people who are ignorant, bigoted and corrupt you know it – even if they don’t.


Another really simple fact to grasp is behaviour is studied under psychology, psychology is the responsibility of mental health services – mental health services have decided not to provide health care for anybody who is not ‘mentally ill’.  I am unable to find out just how they reach a distinction between someone who has just tried to commit suicide being mentally ill or ?????  actually I don’t know what the other option is using their language.  I have a theory that those people being turned away are actually mentally injured, normal people who have suffered severe unresolved trauma such as sexual or physical abuse and neglect.


Another no-brainer, nurses (CAT team) spend less than an hour assessing people as to their mental state if they are in police custody as a result of suicide issues.  I can confirm the times I have seen them the maximum was about 20 minutes.  In what other medical profession would one 20 minute consultation by a nurse be considered ethical and appropriate diagnosis of a life-threatening health issue.  I have been assessed when highly suicidal and in extreme psychological pain by the Masterton CAT team which included an Occupational Therapist and a social worker.  That lasted about 10 minutes from what I remember – then the police took me home to my two kids – all of them knowing I had none or woefully inadequate support.


What happened the day the OT and social worker assessed me will be etched in my memory forever like any other life and death event a person goes through.  I recall being in the police interview room after someone called them (ACC or the Ombudsman I think) because I had phoned yet again begging for health care and telling them how unwell I was.  I was extremely distressed and begged them for health services, the Occupational Therapist told me plainly that mental health did not provide health services.  When I fell to my knees hysterical and crawled towards the two men I grabbed the social worker around the ankles begging both of them for help.  The OT told me I was embarrassing myself and should get off the floor.  All of a sudden something triggered in my brain (this has happened before when I have been extremely traumatised by rejection/neglect) and I stood up and became calm.  I wiped away my tears, stood to my full height and told them I was fine could I please leave now.  They both looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.  I repeated, there is nothing wrong with me I am fine, can the police please take me home now.


The two men left the police interview room, I was alone and the calm went back to ‘internal’ hysteria, which took everything within my power to stop from flipping out and smashing up the room.  I could not let them see how freaked out I was or I would not be able to leave and I was scared of the police for good reason (once the CAT team tell them you are not mentally ill some feel they have licence to insult and degrade you even more).  I wanted to get back home, to be away from this abusive enforced environment.  I remember hearing a policeman outside the door say to the two men, you’re not allowed to leave her alone in there, you know that – but they did anyway for what seemed like an eternity.  This was several years ago and I am sure police CCTV footage of what happened in that room (to confirm my story) would have been deleted by now.  Is it any wonder that one of my current barriers to health care is I refuse to participate in any treatment care or rehabilitation process without the meetings being recorded.  I have had some success at demanding they be recorded but other issues related to the violent aspects of my disorder have meant I cannot access services – ACC and mental know of these impairments and choose to ignore them.  They refuse to provide me a safe environment to meet – please refer to Louise Grant (advocate), I will talk about this later, its starting to upset me).


NOTE:  SUICIDAL THOUGHTS HAPPEN TO YOU, YOU DON’T CHOOSE THEM!!!!  They come from your subconscious, they are not something you CHOOSE to think about – no matter how much people want to believe it.  Honestly what person would choose to visualise killing themselves in all different ways, the very idea is ridiculous.  When you develop these debilitating thoughts you have repeated near-death experiences which of course makes your stress disorder even worse.  A lot of my poems will describe what it is like to live with suicidal ideology – bought on by abuse, neglect and discrimination in society.  Living with suicidality is the greatest hell on earth – I envy people who kill themselves – the relief, the end to suffering.


I think it is time to talk more about what it is like to be suicidal and how you are treated when you are.  A few stories are in order:


Years ago when I was working/doing art at King Street Artworks (a mental health NGO that trespassed me for doing art that criticized ACC and mental health services).  I spent around three to four days a week there, they were like my family, I was always mistaken for a tutor, probably because I was more helpful and considerate of the other artists disabilities and needs.  I am a kind and compassionate person I feel comfortable and confident around vulnerable disabled people with mental health issues.  I was doing a lot of therapy art about how bad I felt and how suicidal I was at the time, this was not encouraged or approved of by the tutors and many of the other artists (with less severe mental health issues) – weird when they are supposed to be a health provider.


People knew they would get good support from me and I always encouraged and praised people for their efforts – at the same time as being honest and genuine – I believe people should be encouraged to do more than they think themselves capable of in a diplomatic and sensitive way.  Some of these people are extremely fragile and vulnerable – I can pick up on that and adjust my behaviour appropriate.  I became friends with a teenage boy who was partly intellectually handicapped and bought in by a caregiver to do art on a regular basis (I can’t recall his name) – I have been trespassed from King Street for years now.


On this particular day they came in I was doing some art around my suicidality, he came over to me and whispered that he knew how I felt but I shouldn’t tell anybody, because you can get into trouble and they would hurt me.   It was one of my most defining moments, even now it brings tears to my eyes.  I can’t remember what I said to him, words of comfort and assurance I would be OK probably.


This same boy (I think his name was John) I saw a few years later at the carboot sale in Masterton every week.  I had started going to sell my poetry and other art objects I was making, it was one of my first times so I was still unsure of myself.  I was sitting there about 9am (it starts at 7am) when a small group of people walked past me between my car and the next, it was a Maori lady (obviously a care giver) with two handicapped young men in tow (one of them was John, now a young man about 22).  She stopped to talk to someone in the next car and the boys behind her were forced to be blocked in between my stall/car and the next.  She was talking for a long time when the Maori boy was obviously agitated because he couldn’t go anywhere and felt trapped – she ignored him until he was almost beside himself.


She moved off past my stall, I said hello to John briefly, he just smiled but didn’t interact much – even though he looked like he wanted to stay and talk to me.  On the other side of me were two women doing a sausage sizzle, the caregiver obviously knew them and ordered herself a sausage in bread with all the trimmings.  Then, while they were making it she turned around and said to the boys in a very loud voice, that there was no way they were going to get anything to eat, they already had their breakfast and they weren’t allowed to eat again until she told them.  The two woman at the stall tried to say something and I just sat there stunned.  She said more, but I can’t remember the exact words, only that they were extremely degrading.


The body language of John and his friend told the story, they backed away from the woman (I remember John was in bare feet, which I thought odd as well), lowered their heads, their chests sunken and shoulders curled forward.  She degraded those two young men in a way no man should ever be degraded, no human being should ever be degraded, especially two vulnerable people like that.  Because at the time I was too scared to confront people in a new situation like that I said nothing.  When I got home I couldn’t get the event out of my head and attempted to find out where John lived and who the caregiver was so I could make a formal complaint.  But I couldn’t remember his name, only his description (though I know he would be easily recognisable to most people working in community mental health services).


I had no contact with mental health services at the time because of my own neglect and abuse by them.  However I did write to my MP John Hayes and tell him what had happened, gave a description of the boys and my concerns for their welfare at the hands of this abusive, unprofessional bully.  He did absolutely nothing!  If you want a copy of this email please advise or please request from John Hayes, although I cannot give an exact year it was around Waitangi day because there was some big new cultural event being held at Masterton park.


Every time I see a news item about the appauling immoral abusive behaviour of some independent mental health providers I think of John, I wonder if he is OK I send him white light and love to protect him.  He still lives in Masterton I think (I don’t go there much anymore – I don’t go out much anymore, no money and to many bad memories about what King Street did to me.  I wish I knew if he was OK  – I am sure he won’t be because I know just how abusive services are here and how corrupt, cruel and abusive the complaints process is here for people with mental health issues.




I have always been interested in the concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with regard to the most basic psychological and physical needs of person.   Recently I found a copy of it and realised there was not one item on the list that was being fulfilled in my life – which is why I believe I am so suicidal and so are many other people.  After years of abusive and degrading neo-liberalism the poorest and most vulnerable people in New Zealand suffer this cruel immoral injustice and nobody does a thing about it.  I often think of the government as inhumane and completely devoid of rational thought and compassion – no matter how great the scientific evidence that neglect harms all of society or how contrary to our Christian society this appauling  behaviour is.


Why are disabled, human, civil and political rights that are supposed to protect us from immorality and corruption by government not being applied??






I am the bottom of the pile, the bottom of the 10%, the human sewage created by cruel immoral neo-liberal bigots devoid of empathy or compassion and filled with greed and ignorance.  I am rotting on long-term welfare with a life-threatening debilitating stress disorder, I cannot get the care I am entitled to by law and I am persecuted for speaking out and demanding my rights under ACC, health, disability, code of rights, human rights and bill of rights laws, I am so broke.  These letters are from the Darklands of New Zealand in 2013, I am ashamed, I am hurt but I am fighting with everything I have.   The pen is mightier than the sword I’m told – we shall see.


NOTE: I consider the national anthem as part of our current constitution and therefore a promise to me as a citizen for a certain standard of government, justice and treatment.  What I am currently experiencing is cruel and immoral torture at the hands of corrupt neo-liberal bigots ignoring all scientific and medical evidence as to the harm they are causing to hundreds of thousands of New Zealand citizens.  This is not my culture!


The role of the media as a propaganda tool and creator of dissension envy and hate.


I havn’t been able to stop thinking about what the glazier said to me about not fixing windows in rental properties, as well as the Renters programme I flicked past recently on the TV.  This programme is really really bad for creating the dissension envy and hate I talked about.  How is this even allowed on TV, going into people’s homes while they are not there – how would any of the people reading this like it.  You don’t know those people’s stories, they could be really unwell, have mental health or physical health issues that stops them from cleaning up after themselves.


This programme ridicules and degrades people, without knowing why they are in the state they are, it is immoral and makes people not trust and fear all people who rent houses.  No matter how many good tenants there are.


Why are there no programmes about bad landlords?  Then maybe people like me would get necessary work done around our homes by professionals rather than handymen who don’t give a toss about you or your families safety or comfort.


What about doing some background on these people, what about getting these people the help they need to get cleaned up and get into a decent house of their own.  Somewhere you can put your own art on your walls and you can have a dog – which is a cultural right in this country.   Instead our media make it a form of ridicule and shaming, which permeates through the community and ends up at my door with the glazier refusing to fix a window because I am a renter.


This also incites class hatred and again, how can anybody think it is OK to go into someone’s home with a camera and put it on national television – it is perverted.




This is another show that really upsets me, firstly because I see so many police uniforms as a threat in my life due to my ongoing disability and associated suicidality.  Also we only see one side of the story, what about all the times police have assaulted and degraded me for protesting about the appauling state of ACC and mental health services – no cameras there.  (I now have a video and have captured two bad experiences with police, but there were many more).


It creates a lot of fear and discrimination in our communities against teenagers and drinking.  My daughters are 18 and 19 so I have been around teenagers for a few years and always encouraged their friends around.  I saw several instances where the police bullied, degraded and insulted teenagers, held them unnecessarily, made them do what they wanted just because they could.  You never got any of that on TV.


It also paints the picture of a perfect police force and they certainly are not that.  Why not have a programme exposing the bad side of the police – I am sure there would be lots of stories and camera phone footage to use.  Like the time they tried to shut down the college ‘after-ball party’ because the three 18 year old girls didn’t have a liquor licence.  Which nobody knew was required because nobody they had ever heard of a private party (that wasn’t selling alcohol) needing one.  The event was supervised by parents and went with little incident.  I was thrown out of the Featherston Police station by Lord Nelson (Sgt Nelson) after trying to reason with him about not shutting down the party.  In the end we ignored him, had the party anyway, it went with little incident, the kids had a good time and we spent the next six months with Lord Nelson trying to prosecute the three 18 year old girls, until the charges were eventually dropped.




I have just been to do the weekly shopping with $50 and I almost broke down in the supermarket three times.  I had to stop and compose myself, hold back the tears, trying not to let a panic attack develop so I had to run out.  I havn’t had panic attacks for years – its all the shit that’s going on at the moment, along with money worries and knowing there is no care for me.


Have had a few melt-downs today, where I just stop in the middle of doing something and almost burst into tears.  I think this is why.  I’m worried about money and how we are going to live on $50 food a week – I have had to change our diet – no meat this week.  I’m going to post a photo of the docket on my website.  My second daughter is talking about going flatting and I won’t be able to live here but I have no money to move either.  My mental health is really bad and I’m scared of everybody.


When I was in the supermarket my body language was one of fear, I purposely avoided looking at people, in case they saw how sad I was, I felt nervous my eyes darting around (which is a bad sign of my PTSD) my body feels under attack.  I was scared of people – like they knew what a loser and bludger I was (someone on long term welfare that said they were suicidal for attention).  Several men walked past and I wanted to burst into tears again, how many years with no partner – mostly due to the rape and resulting stress disorder – what man wants a destitute suicidal nutter with an attitude.


I forgot my calculator so all the way round I had to count up in my head how much I had spent.  I had to start again every time I started to have a panic attack.


I saw Josh (daughters ex-boyfriend) get in the car with the neighbours today, its good he’s getting some help and he hasn’t text my daughter for a couple of days so that’s good.  But it made me sad that everybody else got support through this while I’m left freaking out with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


The policeman upset me yesterday as well, while I was trying to sort out Josh getting help so he doesn’t commit suicide and leaves my daughter to get on with her life, the policeman at the end of the conversation said what about you Jayne.  I wanted to yell at him but what’s the point, I just said you know as well as I do I get absolutely nothing so please don’t ask and don’t pretend you give a shit either.


For some reason I miss my useless family at the moment, havn’t spoken to any of them for months – why would I after what my mother said about me protesting as proof I could easily work and was just being a bludger.  I know my whole family think that, they’ve got their easy lives.


Then there is my best friend? Sarah, we can’t be friends anymore the difference in income doesn’t allow it.  She has just come back from a month in England, while she was away I house sat, I would go there every day, open and close curtains, mowed the lawns, stayed a few nights, did a bit of housework so it was nice when she got home.  I dropped her off at the airport and picked her up – I had to get $30 out of my $50 savings to get the petrol to pick her up – it freaked me out but I couldn’t tell her how broke I am.


I phoned her yesterday to see how she was and got told how she was going to a (rich) friends for tea that night and how they had all booked tickets to Melbourne in November.  This friend has just bought a third house in Carterton, just a small place because she can rent her big place out for about $600 a week.  She just sold a large local café as well.  She is a nice person and we have birthdays on the same day, my life would have been similar to hers if I hadn’t been raped and neglected by ACC etc.


You try not to look at what other people are buying because it makes you feel even more worthless.


There was so much nice food that I couldn’t buy it was so so sad – eg 2 onions in the vege department, nothing in the meat department.  I didn’t even walk down all the isles – no cereals or fruit.


This is how ostracized you feel in New Zealand when you are at the very bottom of the pile.  You don’t belong anywhere, if I had seen the glazier I would have ran out of the building.  You don’t want to see people you know because you can barely speak for fear of bursting into tears.  You walk around with your head hanging low, trying to avoid people and seeing all the nice food you wished you could buy.


You think about all the people who put you here and don’t care, all the ACC staff, mental health staff, mean police, politicians, justice officials and people in your community (like the glazier).


Now I’m again asking the question what possible benefit could it be to my community to be left without mental health care, isolated, ostracized and freaking out – trying to parent teenagers and having just been through a suicide attempt and abuse by an ex-boyfriend.


Why are you doing to this to me?  I don’t understand, it hurts me, it hurts people around me, it wastes my talents and knowledge, it is torture, it is experimentation without my consent and it is brainwashing of my community.  Propaganda like There’s no excuse for child abuse” – tell that mother who cut her babys throat and slit her wrists after being refused health care three times.


I am entitled to everything in the business plan and rehabilitation model I created, see my website  Solutions Page.  This is what me and thousands of other people need.  When I read that Rio Tinto got a $30million handout from the government, when I know people like me can’t get care because they say there is no money – I am furious.  I phoned Rio Tinto in Perth today, got hold of a manager in their media team and told him exactly what I thought of this payment, and who paid for it really.  The guy tried to defend himself but I was in full flight, swearing and all.  Told him I was from New Zealand and people couldn’t get decent housing, have enough food for their families and were going without heating because of the huge cost of power.  How I was disgusted in this sort of greed and irresponsibility.  Felt really good – I’ll post on facebook the phone numbers for other people to ring.  I like holding people to account.






I have learnt several new facts in the last few days, which has inspired this letter.


Firstly a psychiatrist earns over $5,000 for an assessment of a sensitive claimant.


Corrupt = adj 1. Willing to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. (tick) evil or morally depraved (tick) 3. Rotten or putrid (tick) v. 1. Cause to become corrupt (tick) 2. Debase by making errors (tick) 3. Infect, contaminate (tick)


I believe ACC to be corrupt by paying health professionals money, they manipulate them by denying them work if they don’t provide the answers management want.  Like achieving targets at getting rid of the tale or the low hanging fruit.  Payments like those above have corrupted some of our more neo-liberal and greedy mental health ‘professionals’.  The psychiatrist that assessed me (Anne Walsh) is mentally disturbed and was involved with another psychiatrist in an attempted murder of his wife.  She should be struck off but there is no way of making a complaint about her when ACC are paying for the assessment – because she is not your health provider, even though she has a say in every treatment etc you get.  It is sick.


There are good mental health professionals in New Zealand, like Dr Alan Doris and Dr Mason Jury but they are ignored.  I have a report by Alan Doris that says how appaulingly ACC have treated me, it is ignored (please contact me if you would like a copy, or those authorised please request from ACC.)


I know for a fact ACC management staff were paid huge cash bonuses to achieve cuts that were only achieveable by denying claimants entitlements – and they did it in every deceitful, manipulative and fraudulent way they could think of.  There are thousands of examples of ACC claimants taking them to court, especially follow the National party appointment of John Judge.  Nothing has changed for me, I am assuming nothing has changed for other people.  That YANK they brought in to clean up ACC after the Bronwyn Pullar debacle only bought in more measures to stop severely disabled abuse victims from accessing appropriate, adequate and professional treatment care rehabilitation and protection/justice.  I thought it was an interesting tactic to cut all public telephone access to management staff and force people wanting to get through to abusive management and The Board to go through the call centre – who of course refuse to put people through to anybody except their managers.


I also learnt that there has been a 600% increase in the numbers of people being acquitted of crimes due to insanity.  This is more proof that mentally ill and injured people are being persecuted in the justice system.  The government know the current NGO mental health system does not work – they were advised of this by KPMG consultants at the Crime Punishment and Fiscal Responsibility lecture two years ago.  The UK dumped this method 17 years ago because the social statistics shows the NGOs were not providing services to those people they considered difficult or high needs – the very people the community wanted to get help as they were hurting others and highly dependent on the state.  I can confirm this is exactly what happens – current NGOs are lazy, greedy, abusive, oppressive, degrading and self-serving – more interested in their jobs/money and the praise they get from corrupt neo-liberals that ‘manage’ them.  Look at how corrupted ACC top level staff and the Board have become due to money and power – it is disgusting.


There are a few good people trying to work within the system but mostly they get out as they can’t bear to watch the abuse and persecution.  Like most people in this country they ignore it, trying to pretend people like me don’t exist.   I am human sewage, many people decided so, when they all stood back and did nothing, let them keep up this torture show!


Why am I sitting at 4.30am in Carterton having to write this letter?  Why is someone like me having to point out the gross miscarriage of justice going on here?  We know people are suffering and killing themselves and hurting others?


All I see the government doing is passing more laws to punish dysfunctional people, continue to allow them to be persecuted and neglected by mental health and social services, police and the courts.  I am part of this process – this is TORTURE – this is EXPERIMENTATION and there is BRAINWASHING of the population to believe mentally ill or injured abused people choose to do harm to themselves or others.  A complete lie, I live this, I understand this, I know my behaviour cannot be controlled in certain situations – that is why I am refused all health services because I am refused a safe place to meet with those who have been persecuting me for years.


Why is this being allowed to happen?  What the hell is going on?  Why would the government, knowing that the current NGO system doesn’t work keep doing it?  Why would they create dissension envy and hate against mentally ill and injured people in the community –they dumped them into?  Why would they put our communities at risk of further victimization – my case a perfect example?  I was raped by an abused child who became a man, recently my house was smashed up and an abused ex-boyfriend of my daughters tried to hang himself in my garage.  These people should have been helped, there are laws that demand it.  If ACC, mental health, the government, police and our politicians don’t have to follow the law, then neither do I.


This is a gross injustice and I cannot get a lawyer or this issue in front of a judge except by sending these letters to the Chief Justice, Secretary for Justice and many others.


And where are the media in all of this – this persecution of the most vulnerable people – sexually and physically abused men women and children is cruel, immoral and shows blatant corruption of our government and parliament.


Time to prove the judiciary aren’t just as corrupt and prepared to allow this abuse by government any longer.  There needs to be an urgent police inquiry into this – people are dying.  They need to implement urgent changes to mental health services for abuse victims and an appropriate allocation of resources to clean up the mess neo-liberalism has left.  I would also like to see $millions of charitable money going into this area.  Sport IS NOT CHARITY! A flash new playground for the local kindy IS NOT CHARITY!  A cultural event that charges money so poor people can’t go IS NOT CHARITY!


I have had enough, do you hear me, had enough.  My protests are going to escalate, there will be more peaceful civil disobedience and more graphic and confronting art.  You will not silence me!


If I am taken into custody I will not eat or drink, if I am committed by mental health I will not eat or drink in protest at being tortured and held as a political prisoner for protesting about the abusive state of mental health services for abused men women and children.


THIS MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP IT – WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING IT TO GO ON???????????????  Get me a lawyer, hear my injustice, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yours sincerely


Jayne Routhan



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