Talking law with M. Protesting in Wellington. Met with Auditor-General

Busy few days, finishing up on a real high after my protest at the Office of the Auditor-General.  I was there to get another trespass notice, sing, recite poetry and hold them accountable.  But as I have said many times before you just never know what is going to happen when you go on a protest mission.


What happened is Lyn Provost (the Auditor-General) was in the office and wanted to see me.  I have a video of my protest up until that point as she didn’t want it recorded.  She told me they had started preparing the performance audit for ACC and WINZ and me and M could be part of it as we were just the types of people that were being hurt by the current processes.  I cried most of it, a voice at last – though I know it is going to take ages – will come out before the elections next year – which is good and will be something the Labour government better address.  (Can’t help feeling suspicious about the timing, as a political tool for Labour – and a sure don’t trust them.)

I intend to keep up my protests and should hear next week if the Director of Human Rights will represent me against ACC and the police.  In fact I intend to escalate my protests and start breaching bail conditions and trespass notices very soon, along with some ideas I have got about using pigs blood as an artistic form of protest.

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