Monthly Archives: October 2013

Busy couple of weeks, supporting friends

Friends torn apart by unemployment, disability, discrimination and poverty.

Went protesting for mental health awareness week, they didn’t like it one bit what I was making people aware of.  Pathways called the police and I was threatened with being arrested when I got upset about what was happening to me at the hands of mental health services.  I look at those incidents as badges of honour now, I must be doing something right.

One of the police officers knew me from Wellington and said they were aware I was on a mission to get trespassed from different places I hold accountable for the situation I am in.

Using facebook, so check me out there if you want to know more about what I’ve been doing.

Putting a Health & disability complaint together against a friends doctor – what a revolting woman, can’t accept the care my friend has been receiving is abusive and her health is deteriorating.  Doesn’t mind getting the money for the doctors certificates though.  Luckily me, her counsellor and a local Rape Crisis centre are supporting her and doing our best to sort this mess out.

Giving the media and government shit on different facebook pages, the neo-liberal bigots come out of the woodwork but I can handle them.  The more they say the better I look, I’ve got all the information and scientific proof – they have nothing but a selfish immoral political theory that hurts hundreds of thousands of people and helps an elite few.

Been practising my guitar every day and have 10 songs, intermixed with poetry, going to head to Wellington or Carterton soon to perform, want to do it with a friend, don’t trust my community.