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Reading a book called The Sugarbag Years

A book about the 1930s depression.  The similarities with what is happening today with banks, landlords, inequality, unemployment, neglect of disabled people is spooky.  Will blog a few parts of the book I think of interest, looking for quotes through the book I can use, a few pieces of poetry I will share and perhaps chalk on the streets of Wellington.  Some of the ideas Michael Savage had are still being considered today – like government control of the banking/monetary system.  The people currently making huge amounts of money, that money would be invested in the economy instead of overpaid gambling & money addicts.

“You can’t just go on year after year scraping and scratching without it taking it out on your soul.”  A woman who had five children, her husband couldn’t get work, turned to drink then left them.  Recently in Masterton a woman had the same thing happen, except their business went bankrupt, her husband had gone and she was trying to feed four children on $50 a week.

Does this sound familiar:?

“Early in the depression the unemployed were blamed for their situation.  When stores of hardship (similar to the dumpster diving mum in Masterton) started to emerge Mayors and councils got busy and set up relief depots…  A lot of people just closed their minds to what was going on around them until it was forced on their attention – and even then some of them just looked the other way or pretended nothing was happening.”

In 2013 I see lots of rhetoric from mayors and councillors – didn’t the government pass a law that council’s weren’t allowed to get involved in funding/supporting people getting welfare, foodbanks etc…….


Two days of guerrilla activism in Wellington – JFK tribute

Check out the photos in my latest facebook album, around 40 photos, and a few on twitter @jrmurphypoet .

Thursday I saw a news event about presenting a petition to parliament calling for justice for sexual abuse victims.  I went to Wellington on the train and sang, talked to Jessie, she was really nice.  Was ignored by the media but had a great audience of intermediate kids on a school trip.  Just working through the video I took and will get them on utube soon.  Have watched them, they’re pretty amateur but raw and real and make the media and politicians look like elitist idiots.

Stephen Browning MP came over but he didn’t understand why I disliked the White Ribbon campaign so much.  One day I want an hour with these people, singing and reciting poetry, maybe then they will understand.  I have talked to him before when at the Occupy the Cenotaph camp earlier this year.  These people just don’t understand and I have to try and make them so people can get the help they need.

It is so sad all that media there and they didn’t take one shot of what I was doing or the reaction from the school group.  That’s why I wrote Journalists are Maggots of course.  The media and the politicians are part of the ‘abuse industry’ that is stopping people getting the treatment, care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws.

I was treated just as badly by ACC under Labour as National – the torture wheel.

Michelle and I have been discussing the legal ramifications of the ACC legislation requirement that people have appropriate accommodation.  I believe ACC should spend some of the $billions they have been investing in buy ‘rent-to-buy’ properties for people with disabilities, throughout the community (in the places where these injured people were living prior to their injury – within reason).  ACC are allowing disabled claimants houses fall down around them or force them into unstable, toxic, degrading housing conditions.  No person will heal in an environment like this – especially an abused person.  We mostly need a stable home, supportive community we know and they know us.  Successive governments have destroyed this.  They are supposed to provide this according to ACC law!

The passing of the bill to abolish state housing for life was the final straw, it is the governments job to provide this, that is my culture, this was illegally put through under urgency!!!!

FRIDAY the GUERRILLA POETS had decided was going to be a TRIBUTE TO the great sayings of JOHN F KENNEDY and his legendary speechwriter TED SORENSON.  Who are John Key’s speechwriters I wonder?

We also chalked support for OilFreeSeas protesters, Justice for Ashley Peacock and me (first time I’ve asked for justice for myself – felt weird), freedom for Chelsea Manning and those at Guatanamo Bay.  I chalked about revolution being inevitable if we keep treating people badly.  I can’t even imagine how many CCTVs I was on, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, they can’t do anything about our protests – the streets are ours.  But oh boy it challenges them – kia kaha to us all.

The photos turned out great, check out my facebook page etc.  Getting lots of good feedback through twitter and facebook, share with your friends.  The Guerrilla Poets are going to get together on a regular basis and have tribute chalking missions.  Activism rocks if you’re doing it right.  We encourage other people to do what we do – make your voice heard, get news of your protests on the internet.

Protest Masterton mental health services today

All photos on facebook and a couple on twitter @jrmurphypoet .  These are the lyrics of one of my songs, inspired by being rejected by the DHB.


I am human sewage the DHB decided so
Bob Francis said do nothing pretend we do not know

I am human sewage ACC decided so
Nick Smith said lets do nothing keep up this torture show

I am human sewage the Commissioners decided so
The Ombudsman said do nothing we don’t wanna know what you know

I am human sewage the government decided so
John Key said lets do nothing keep up this torture show

I am human sewage our MPs decided so
When they all said we can’t do nothing go away we don’t wanna know

I am human sewage mental health decided so
In the Wairarapa are ignorant bigots running a suicide show

Turning me to human sewage standing here just so
A witness to the lies they’re telling because they’re cruel and I know

I am human sewage many people decided so
When they all stood back and did nothing that’s why I’m here on show

Singing we have human sewage created some years ago
When free-traders took over this country and a right-wing agenda took hold


Just tried to find out from wordpress about photo issue – what a joke

Just tried to find out why photos aren’t downloading and there is actually nowhere to contact.  Forums of people asking about the same issues aren’t being told the solutions, its ridiculous.  Apparently they only answer questions from people who PAY more than I do to use their site.

So will try not to throw my computer out the window and refer you all to my facebook page and twitter feed if you want to see photos of what I am doing. Grrrrrrrrrr.

This is the same for facebook and yet they subject you to how much advertising.

Spent the weekend protesting and chalking up a storm


Went to the protest about rape, victim blaming, poor services etc in Wellington.  Didn’t go as expected which always happens when out protesting, but learnt heaps which is the main thing.

M and I were both disappointed by the same rhetoric and complaints that she was hearing 30 years ago (when involved with rape crisis).  I didn’t understand why people were calling for better services when they should have been calling for the services they were entitled to by law.  I have written to several sexual abuse organisations about what I know of the law and provided solutions but I never heard back.  Also I was treated really badly by Rape Crisis in Masterton so would NEVER EVER GO BACK THERE – those women were vicious and cruel.

There were a lot of young people there – when we did a debrief later we decided we have to focus on educating these sexual abuse centres and people involved with them about what we know of the law, their entitlements to health care and justice and the science of healing from abuse.

BLOODY HELL I CAN’T UPLOAD PHOTOS – shit I hate sorting this stuff out – wish I had a social media support team – grrrrrr.


Woke up this morning & I wasn’t as scared to protest

Was telling M yesterday how angry I get with myself for being scared of the police & mental health services to the point of stopping me protesting as much as I want in the streets.  Telling people how bad it is, collecting names of people who are being abused/persecuted, educating people, making these maggots take responsibility for what they are doing.

This morning I woke up and I didn’t feel as scared, so I am off protesting CHALK BOMBING Masterton about sexual abuse, persecution by police & mental health services of abused and mentally ill people, corrupt DHB and others.  Am not going to get really angry at anybody today (I hope), anybody who gives me shit I am going to repeat a mantra (I havn’t made up yet) that brings the focus back to what is important.

I’ve been watching more of Russell Brand and appreciate the way he turns difficult issues back to the same issue of redistribution of wealth and the fact governments are the ones supposed to care about the poor and vulnerable.

Going to take my guitar too – A couple of hours every day, or maybe Monday’s and Fridays – my two favourite days – NOT.  Mondays because I’m starting another week not working and feeling like a piece of human sewage and Fridays because I have spent the week begging for the care & justice I know I am entitled to by law but nothing has changed (or things are worse).

Also Russell was saying how meditation is getting him through and I’m going to TRY and start.  Havn’t done it for years but after Michelle tried to get me to stop thinking yesterday and I couldn’t I know I need to try something to balance me a bit more.

Have been booted off commenting on news pages etc by facebook so taken to twitter a lot more and boy has it been a boost.  It’s harder in some ways as everything is a bloody ‘sound bite’ but its making me a little more creative and hooking up with some very interesting people.  Also getting the attention of a few good media people – even someone at the dominion post (shock and horror).

My new boarder has a bit of OCD I think and loves cleaning, so its great for getting me organised – the planets are aligning I can feel it.

Letter to head of defence force about taking up arms against NZ citizens

5 November 2013

Mr Rhys Jones
NZ Defence Force
Defence Force House
Aitken Street


Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to you with great concern about the recent and coming military exercises aimed at our most desperate and vulnerable people?

I am a political activist trying to get the health care and justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human, civil and political rights laws.  I live in the darklands of this hell hole country, the human sewage of society rotting on welfare, degraded, isolated, ostracized, neglected, psychologically tortured, victimized and oppressed.  (Yes I do know what these words mean, I have a dictionary.)

When I read the newspaper report that the military exercises in the Wairarapa had the scenario of taking up arms against desperate New Zealand citizens I was horrified.  I know many people who pray and fight every day for a social and economic revolution in this country, myself included.  Where the politicians are removed from office for corruption, the rich are made to pay their fair share and all people benefit from society.  My culture is that of an egalitarian ideal for New Zealand society, something the neo-liberal right-wing took away without my consent.

My life is dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of traumatised people (especially the sexually abused) by the NZ government and corrupted health services.  There is huge evidence of abuse with medication by mental health services.  In the Wairarapa we have the highest rate of compulsory treatment orders – which of course means forced drugging.  I have avoided this form of abuse, because taking these drugs is also against my religious and ethical beliefs, by not interacting with mental health services.  This of course stops me from getting any professional health care, it is just a war of words.  (I can’t help thinking the Serbian psychiatrist, Dr Karmenica, at Masterton hospital who I know to be incompetent has something to do with this, anybody checked where this man came from – wasn’t there a Serbian war criminal who was a psychiatrist?)

Check out my internet sites,  utube /jrmurphypoet.  My albums page on facebook gives a photographic history of my more recent protests.  I am also a poet, singer and songwriter, check out The Black Book on my website.

I get threatened enough by the police for my protests, they want to strip me naked under their ‘mental health’ policy – its sick.  Now you want to train soldiers to hunt down and take by force people rebelling against our cruel and immoral government and over 30 years of austerity for the poorest and affluence for the richest.  Please help me understand how this is legal?

Please give me an hour of your time to explain further what I know, it is human rights year of making your voice heard.  Nobody seems to hear me unless I am sitting across from them, especially the leaders of this revolting country.

I am also concerned at the navy exercises New Zealand and the USA are about to do.  It is obvious to me these are designed to deal with those protesters who ignore the ban on protesting at sea about deep sea oil drilling.  What are you doing, these people have legitimate concerns/fears, protesting in this manner is a cultural and civil right, the law our corrupt government made is not legal.  The Bill of Rights Act and UN Declaration on Civil and Political rights are superior to protesting at sea legislation National put in place.  This is why we have these laws, to protect the people and the planet from these greedy, corrupt politicians and others.

It feels surreal that I am writing a letter like this, but I what else can I do.  I know you are leaving this job soon but I hope you will still meet with me and give me some answers, some assurances, some avenues to get this issue looked at in future, something?

I find it extremely intimidating that the New Zealand Defence Force would be doing military exercises aimed at violently stopping me from exercising my rights.  There will be a social and economic revolution, it is inevitable from what I am witnessing on the internet, and I intend to be a part of it in any way I can.  Which I hope like JF Kennedy said “….Will be peaceful if we are wise enough”.

What do you think desperate and passionate people are going to do if the government brings out the military to oppress people’s guaranteed freedoms/rights, when they have unstable or substandard housing and little food.  You are supposed to be honourable people, honest and stand up for right and justice.  The very idea you would take up arms against disabled, poor and desperate people like myself is shocking – aren’t you supposed to abide by the bible and the Queen as head of the church.  You are either on the side of good or bad, suppressing desperate people the government is persecuting is bad, just in case you didn’t realise.

You may have seen me protesting outside ACC occasionally, I’m quite loud, I also chalk on the footpath and often have the police called on me because I tell the truth and they don’t like it (I been repeatedly arrested and detained but never been prosecuted – it is a form of intimidation).  Until me and thousands of other abuse victims get the health care and justice they are entitled to under New Zealand and international law I will not stop my protests or trying to speak to people like yourself.  In fact they will probably escalate, I have already taken to civil disobedience and intend to continue with that until the truth about what is going on in this country is revealed and dealt with.

Please tell the government you will not take up arms against the poor, most vulnerable and desperate people in New Zealand.  This is New Zealand in the 21st century, there are laws to protect its citizens against corrupt and immoral governments – tell me again how I get the protection of these laws – I’ve been trying for four years with no success.

I look forward to your urgent reply.


Yours sincerely


A Poem dedicated to Ashley Peacock HURRY MR OMBUDSMAN


Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Rescue me from this red tape war

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I’m on my knees at heaven’s door

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This war is such cruel hell

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
There is evil down this well

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Get me off this torture wheel

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I just want to live and heal

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This situation’s so NOT RIGHT

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Before these cruel bastards win the fight

Please hurry

Justice for Ashley Peacock


Based on a poem I wrote in 2011, the year I gave up on help from the Ombudsmen, might re-write it for Ashley, anyway I’m sure you get the futility of begging to this toothless organisation for help.  What is required here is a judicial review of the NGOs refusal to provide services or someone making a complaint of torture and abuse to the police.  If Ashley were in a rest home they wouldn’t allow him to be treated like this, what the fuck are the Ministry of Health doing or

What the fuck is his lawyer doing, Michael Bott was extremely rude when I tried to phone him yesterday.  Apparently he is so poor he can’t afford an answerphone services when he is in a meeting and has to act like a total dick to get rid of you.

Also Ashley could sue these services for mental harm as he now has PTSD after so much isolation.  Also like I keep saying, where the fuck is the Bill of Rights in all this – you are not allowed to torture people.  Isolation is a form of torture NOT A FORM OF FUCKING THERAPY!

Am thinking of starting a facebook page – JUSTICE FOR ASHLEY PEACOCK – get some people protesting outside the facility and maybe a group to go with me back to the Ministry of Health – where I am currently trespassed from and would definitely be arrested if I went there myself.  Could be a bit of fun with the police 🙂  But gotta be careful I don’t put my upcoming court appearance in jeopardy – OH WHAT THE HELL.

Read Shrawan Kumar – Multidisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitation

I studied rehabilitation at Massey University in 2005 thanks to WINZ – they took away all the training incentive allowances – bastards, so I can’t continue with my studies.

Shrawan Kmar is a leading authority on the multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation and his book is excellent, I was just leafing through some of the post it notes I marked in the book and thought I would share them with you.  Get a copy of his book if you are needing to know what professional rehabilitation really is.  If you have a stress disorder dream a little what this could mean for you.

The first marked page is a flow diagram FIGURE 1.3 Sample flow chart for comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation.

Intake begins while the patient is in acute care (eg you’ve been hospitalised with assistance of police, friends or family)

Admission is preceded by contact between the acute team and the rehab team.

Interdisciplinary assessment is completed along with a daily schedule for the patient

In-depth assessment is completed by each of the team members.

An initial team conference is convened and a plan of treatment is developed

Treatment commences with an interdisciplinary focus

Weekly team conferences are used to share patient progress and modify the treatment plan

A discharge conference reviewing current level of function and ways to maintain it and prescribes for the future services

Once the ‘abuse victim’ ..”is bought into the unit the care team begins its individual assessments.  The initial assessments are administered using an interdisciplinary assessment tool.  The purpose of such an approach is to ensure that the patient is not forever repeating the same information to the various members of the team (something that traumatises abuse victims).  Generally speaking the initial assessments are a fairly cursory view of the patient’s current level of function.  Using the daily schedule developed for the patient, individual team members move to complete more detailed evaluations to develop long and short term patient goals.”  “the patient and her support team are always contributing to these goals”.

Check out my Solutions page, Fence At The Top Of The Cliff rehabilitation model for stress disordered people and Mental Injury Services business plan.

This is what people are entitled to, this is what we teach in our universities, this is what is not being applied to abused people with stress disorders.  This is what I fight for and I will not back down until I get professional rehabilitation using a multidisciplinary approach.

Imagine moving from acute care or from the community into a six week programme, then with support out in the community until independence (accepting that this may not be achievable for some people).


Poem – Sick Little Game

When the rich and powerful become greedy and cruel
And those that support them are easily fooled

When the New Zealand government has forgotten its role
The most vulnerable people pay the heaviest toll

When taxes for the rich are kept way to low
Those disabled and poor take blow after blow

When those with the money jobs they do not create
In a decent society from the rich we must take

Murder and violence, addiction and crime
Those running our country do this all the time

Remove jobs and care, drive people insane
Kill yourself or another in their sick little game

Then pass law after law to control everyone
Use a violent police force, steal your money, use a gun

Addict those voters with cash to shopping and sport
While those at the bottom are in news reports

Hide crimes behind rich skirts and ties
Self-righteous bigots who use propaganda and lies

When dissension envy hate and corruption are where we are now
Out-of-touch right wing elitsts are the ones with the power

When honesty and compassion, fairness and love
Guide those that lead us, with help from above

All our lives and our planet will be better off then
Once the people wake up but WHEN GOD OH WHEN!