Spent the weekend protesting and chalking up a storm


Went to the protest about rape, victim blaming, poor services etc in Wellington.  Didn’t go as expected which always happens when out protesting, but learnt heaps which is the main thing.

M and I were both disappointed by the same rhetoric and complaints that she was hearing 30 years ago (when involved with rape crisis).  I didn’t understand why people were calling for better services when they should have been calling for the services they were entitled to by law.  I have written to several sexual abuse organisations about what I know of the law and provided solutions but I never heard back.  Also I was treated really badly by Rape Crisis in Masterton so would NEVER EVER GO BACK THERE – those women were vicious and cruel.

There were a lot of young people there – when we did a debrief later we decided we have to focus on educating these sexual abuse centres and people involved with them about what we know of the law, their entitlements to health care and justice and the science of healing from abuse.

BLOODY HELL I CAN’T UPLOAD PHOTOS – shit I hate sorting this stuff out – wish I had a social media support team – grrrrrr.


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