Woke up this morning & I wasn’t as scared to protest

Was telling M yesterday how angry I get with myself for being scared of the police & mental health services to the point of stopping me protesting as much as I want in the streets.  Telling people how bad it is, collecting names of people who are being abused/persecuted, educating people, making these maggots take responsibility for what they are doing.

This morning I woke up and I didn’t feel as scared, so I am off protesting CHALK BOMBING Masterton about sexual abuse, persecution by police & mental health services of abused and mentally ill people, corrupt DHB and others.  Am not going to get really angry at anybody today (I hope), anybody who gives me shit I am going to repeat a mantra (I havn’t made up yet) that brings the focus back to what is important.

I’ve been watching more of Russell Brand and appreciate the way he turns difficult issues back to the same issue of redistribution of wealth and the fact governments are the ones supposed to care about the poor and vulnerable.

Going to take my guitar too – A couple of hours every day, or maybe Monday’s and Fridays – my two favourite days – NOT.  Mondays because I’m starting another week not working and feeling like a piece of human sewage and Fridays because I have spent the week begging for the care & justice I know I am entitled to by law but nothing has changed (or things are worse).

Also Russell was saying how meditation is getting him through and I’m going to TRY and start.  Havn’t done it for years but after Michelle tried to get me to stop thinking yesterday and I couldn’t I know I need to try something to balance me a bit more.

Have been booted off commenting on news pages etc by facebook so taken to twitter a lot more and boy has it been a boost.  It’s harder in some ways as everything is a bloody ‘sound bite’ but its making me a little more creative and hooking up with some very interesting people.  Also getting the attention of a few good media people – even someone at the dominion post (shock and horror).

My new boarder has a bit of OCD I think and loves cleaning, so its great for getting me organised – the planets are aligning I can feel it.

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