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Reading biography of Michael Joseph Savage

About halfway through the book From the Cradle to the Grave, couldn’t go past this piece without sharing it.

” While Savage admitted that “It is a fair thing that all citizens should be treated alike”, he did nto believe that all should lose their homes, farms, businesses, jobs, savings, independence, self-respect or health.  It appeared absurd that people had to go without food, for example, because New Zealand was producing too much, or, as Savage noted, that, “In New Zealand we have professional musicians by the hundreds, many of them on relief work, while the public are hungering for music”.

New Zealand, “one of the most fertile countries on earth’, Savaged argued, should e able to insulate its economy to the extent that production, employment, internal purchasing power and domestic living standards were only marginally influenced by external factors.  Every man and woman who wanted to work had an inherent right to work and should be given the opportunity to work.  Unempoyment was not only a denial of that right but a waste of productive resources and a reduction in normal spending power through lost wages and potential consumers.  To give charity to people who wanted work was economically unsound as well as HUMILIATING (my emphasis).  “The purchasing power of our own people”, Savage contended, “must be the basis of our own prosperity.” Retrenchment could only worsen the Depression because “Unless the people of this country are in a position to buy what is produced…. we cannot go on producing” and “we cannot displace labour and reduce men’s wages without at the same time weakening the market”.  …..  Savage stated repeatedly and unequivocally that men and women had a right to be employed in useful, productive work, which provided them with incomes sufficient at the very least to maintain a decent standard of living and a home and to retain their self-respect.”

It was one thing to analyse the situation and to recognise the disparity between social needs and economic reality; it was quite another matter to convince people that there was a practical solution, which would take into consideration every section of those who render useful services to society.”


“What is wrong with the monetary system he argued “is that there is insufficient money finding its way into the pockets of the mass of the people” because

“I believe definitely that… so long as private individuals control finance they control everything else.  Banking has become an integral part of the industry, and the bankers govern the situation and whatever steps may be taken by Parliament to relieve or assist industry may be nullified by a refusal of credit by those controlling it.”


Only when the state, not private banks, controlled the money supply could it be expanded when necessary and directed into productive not speculative areas of the economy.

It says earlier in the book how savage didn’t read poetry or novels, he spent his time reading about economics and politics, he had studied it, all aspects of it and he believed he knew the solution.  That sort of expert knowledge I always have respect for, imagine policies/ideas like this being presented before the next election BY THE LABOUR PARTY – YEAH RIGHT!

I have always questioned how a person with lots of assets already can get a $million loan for a farm and yet I can’t get a loan for my own home – that I desperately need.  I have always paid my rent, why am I (or the taxpayer making wealthy/healthy landlords) not getting a home out of this yet my landlord is going on overseas holidays with the money.

I live in a lovely home I can barely afford, I will probably have to leave in a couple of months and shift out of the area, sell up most of my things and move to the city with a friend, I don’t want to live in the city.  I am so upset about it but have no options.

Our amazing ACC legislation, what abuse victims are being denied in New Zealand

This is based on the 2001 Act, which has changed in regard to lump sum payments etc, but not fundamentally in the way professional health/rehabilitation services are to be provided.

Part 1 – Preliminary Provisions (important to give context to the rest of the Act)

3.   Purpose – The purpose of this Act is to enhance the public good and reinforce the social contract represented by the first accident compensation scheme by providing for a fair and sustainable scheme for managing personal injury that has, as its overriding goals, minimising both the overall incidence of injury in the community and the impact of injury on the community (including economic, social and personal costs), through –

(a)  establishing as a primary function of the Corporation the promotion of measures to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury:

(b)  providing for a framework for the collection, co-ordination and analysis of injury related information:

(c)  ensuring that, where injuries occur, the Corporation’s primary focus should be on rehabilitation with the goal of achieving an appropriate quality of life through the provision of entitlements that restores tot he maximum extent practicable a claimant’s health, independence and participation:

(d)  ensuring that during their relationship, claimants receive fair compensation for loss from injury, including fair determination of weekly compensation and where appropriate lump sums for permanent impairment:

(e)  ensuring positive claimant interactions with the Corporation through the development and operation of a Code of Claimants Rights:


Reading these words again after quite a while it makes me so sad to see again all that this law promises me and other abuse victims and what the true reality of what ACC do to abused traumatised people.  How their processes are corrupt, based on no known health model and knowingly abusive for vulnerable people.

What ACC and successive neo-liberal government have tried to say is sexual and physical abuse has very little impact on society economically socially and personally – therefore those impacted by abuse require a minimum of treatment care rehabilitation and representation.  Those of us who know the Act and know what we need and are entitled to are abused in their complaints and assessment processes, we are discredited and ignored – no matter how much personal academic study we have done in the area of stress disorders, sociology, psychology etc.

The issue of social costs to me and those around me has been in my mind at Christmas.  Listening to what my sisters are doing in the community and with their own business, friends and family – comparing that to my own life.  I used to be like that before I was hurt, my life is now so much more limited due to the increasing debilitating effects of my untreated Complex PTSD.  I used to be involved in the community, now I barely go out, for either financial reasons or fear of being discriminated against and attacked for being on welfare.  It is not always like that, most times people are very supportive of what I do but those insults still hurt a bit – as any unjustified discrimination does.

If the primary function of the corporation is to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury how are they allowed to get away with severely aggravating and prolonging stress disorders as a result of abuse?  Mostly I have found they do this to people who don’t have family support and were even abused by their own families.  Makes what ACC do to people like me all the more immoral and criminally negligent.

(b)   ACC only keep statistics on those things they want to report, the numbers of people who suicide after having dealings (or during dealings) with ACC is never reported.  The number of people who end up committed or reported to CYFS when ACC refuse to provide child support or professional rehabilitation with a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals.

People should have a leading psychiatrist, Counsellor/Psycologist, Occupational Therapist, mental health worker, supported links in the community (I had a gym membership and awesome guys supporting me), a well informed GP and other specialist support for specific issues – like sexuality.

(c)  I read this part of the Act and I know in my case none of this was followed, the minute amount of unco-ordinated care over 12 years (except for six months of professional care which was illegally taken away) was abusive and detrimental to my ongoing mental health and ability to cope.

(d) Was never entitled to weekly comp as studying law full time when I was hurt, but fought for a Independence Allowance, got the minimum for a while but stopped illegally and they refuse to address the issue at all now.

(e) Only for a short period of time in 2009 did I have positive interactions with ACC, other than that I have been made to feel like a piece of human sewage, worthless, ashamed, stupid, a liar, a bludger and more because ACC don’t want to pay for the care I need and am entitled to.  (Check out Social Rehabilitation – most essential to abuse victims and Schedule 1)

This is just the introduction to the Act, there is so much more that isn’t done, but I still can’t understand why the judiciary are allowing this to go on, why lawyers are still required to get individuals this care – a lawyer that I cant’ find.

Owen Glenn Inquiry interview Wellington

Don’t think I’ve told you what happened at the Owen Glenn Inquiry interview, people were nice, this website makes up part of my submission.  From my impression of the inquiry they want to know the problems (what people are experiencing), why current services are failing and solutions.

The experience of having a life-threatening stress disorder while living on welfare in the community is now so abusive and neglectful it aggravates these disorders and even creates them.  It is to much stress on the most basic support systems of life (ref: Maslows Heirachy of Needs) and in the case of sexual and physical violence psycho-social aspects of human interaction.  How to provide social rehabilitation is set out brilliantly in the ACC legislation – they don’t do it of course – but that is what I fight for.

Why services are failing, I gave a couple of examples of how I have been badly treated by mental health, ACC, social and community services.  I couldn’t go into many of them because it hurts me to talk about it.  I did mention about getting trespassed from King Street Artworks for writing poetry about how bad services were and the threat by the DHB of having their funding cut.

I had to talk about some really tough stuff, which I hadn’t really thought about until in the room – it really upset me but this was the people who had to know what happened so people like me could get the help we needed.  After that I couldn’t go on much longer, just referred them to this website and all the protests I have been doing, plus information I have about the ‘abuse industry’.

Was told they are hearing similar stories throughout New Zealand of abusive services.  They were really interested in my legal challenges and how I saw this in a legal sense (will do a new post for that topic).  And of course solutions, which is set out in my business plan for Mental Injury Services and the Whare Tapa Wha model – given they are all based on ACC/health/disability/human rights/bill of rights legislation and ACC has $billions for investment I can’t wait until we can tap into that resource.  We’ve even found a part of the act that says people with disabilities must be given appropriate housing and support – that will change the lives of thousands of abuse victims rotting on welfare – imagine that, an ACC home for you and your family until you are well enough to make it in mainstream society and buy your own home (or have the option to rent to buy the ACC home – even better).




Warrant out for my arrest cause I didn’t turn up for court last week

Ain’t peaceful civil disobedience fun, out of all the shit that is going on in my life at the moment, the fact I violated my bail conditions by not turning up for court last week, makes me laugh/feel good.  An act of rebellion that they can’t do anything about and if I get a visit from police I’ll make sure to post the photos and put them on twitter.

As I couldn’t get hold of my lawyer & tried to tell them I wasn’t coming then it ain’t my fault and any judge would throw it out or delay it until 29th Jan.  Just hooked up with this International Human Rights organisation, very well organised fighting against psychiatry and psychotropic drugs.  My case fits into this perfectly because I refused medication on religious and ethical grounds and instead was given nothing.  (Except for about six months in 2009 when I got the beginnings of a professional treatment and rehabilitation plan based on the Whare Tapa Wha model of care and recognised health and rehabilitation models.)  NOTE: ACC legislation has an extensive and brilliant explanation of rehabilitation and what is to be covered – especially social rehabilitation.

I still can’t get over the psychiatrist lied to the judge – have I told you about that? No, just checked I havn’t, was to busy freaking out about the WINZ review – that crisis averted for now – after a few desperate emails to Paula Bennett’s office.  At least they listened to me.

So went to court and my lawyer was late, he said he had told the court and I would be heard later.  But my name got called and I was already in freak out mode, I stood in the gallery and said my lawyer wasn’t there.  He made me walk up to the dock, yuk.  Then told me he had a psychiatrist report that said I had refused to attend a court ordered psychiatric assessment.  I FLIPPED OUT, started ticking and shaking, told him that was not true I had a stress disorder, they refused to provide me professional support services so I could see them, I wrote, I tried to get help.  Then I just became so upset I ran out of the dock and outside the courtroom, stood in the foyer shaking my hands and trying to calm down, I almost started nutting off at the judge – knew that wouldn’t be a good idea so had to leave.  It was obvious I was flipping out and needed my lawyer so judge was all good.

Went back when lawyer arrived, was sitting in the gallery freaking out ticking and rubbing my thighs up and down.  Lawyer was OK – and of course we got a new court date – when the lawyer told me outside the courtroom I got angry and loud about yet another delay and this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for discrimination and abusive mental health services.  The judge told me in the court he understood my frustration with the process, but there was nothing he could do.  I’ve had that judge before, he’s ok.  Wish I could get in front of a judge for my human rights case rather than having to make myself into a criminal to get legal representation.  BUT WHEN YOU LOOK AT IT, A PRETTY CUNNING PLAN IF YOU’VE GOT THE BALLS AND BRAINS FOR IT.  “A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel” as Blackadder or was it Baldrick would say.

I have proof of what I am saying because when the first lawyer dumped me I wrote to the presiding judge at Wellington District Court about it.  I said then my top priority was to get services in place so I could be assessed so this could be sorted out.  Have to find out who that psychiatrist was – think it was a woman and how I get John Duncan sacked.  There is now NO WAY I am going to have anything to do with being assessed by a DHB psychiatrist, I want someone independent and of my choosing.

Lots of other shit going down with my boarder leaving his window wide open every night and refusing to close it.  Getting really freaked out about it.

Then of course there is mum having a heart attack and me having to interact with my family which always ends up hurting me.

Upcoming unexpected WINZ review coming up on 6 January.

Xmas eve email from the Independent Police Conduct Authority  (YEAH RIGHT) saying they will do nothing about my ongoing issues with police, along with their refusal to investigate my claims of harm by ACC and mental health under section 157 of the Crimes Act.  Got another audio to send them and complaint about the last arrest and the use of handcuffs when I was traumatised by them (following an assault by officers with handcuffs outside ACC) and the arthritis in my left wrist that causes them to be very painful – and they were.

Waiting in the police car my hand and arm were going numb and tingling, the indentations in my wrist were there for hours – hate handcuffs and he didn’t need to use them the past two arrests they didn’t.

Then of course there was my impromptu visit to Bob Jones office – that was the highlight of my political guerrilla protest mission to-date.  After he wrote some bullshit about entitlement and Mike Dixon-McIvor being allowed to die I got really pissed off so found out where his office was in Wellington and paid him a visit.  It was classic he nutted off, insulting me it was hilarious, went to hit me but I stepped back and told him if it wise in front of three witnesses – he backed off.  Let him rant on then gave him both barrels about being a miser, scrooge, greedy capitalist neo-liberal bigot.  Sung for a while to get his attention – was covered in fake blood.  He has three young women in the office, so gave him shit about that.

Told him greedy arseholes like him should expect more visits from pissed off people from the darklands of this shithole country.  Told him if he wrote my bullshit like he did, that really hurt people and caused resentment and violence in society that I would be back.  Called him a pathetic little man and more.

Left before police arrived – got given Bob’s trespass notice when I was being processed for the ACC trespass, all good I don’t need to go back there 🙂  Walked on to ACC after Bob’s office and got arrested there, didn’t have to go into the cells or hand over all my gear shit, they just fingerprinted me, photographed me, let me clean the fake blood off so I didn’t scare people in the street when I left and let me go.  The two cops processing me in the cells were really nice, obviously supported what I was doing – it is so much easier when they’re nice.  Still hate being touched when I don’t want to be, frisked and started ticking and getting really agitated when having photo taken – it always freaks me out for some reason.

The chick processing me made sure the photo was a good shot of the fake blood, she said it looked really dramatic, we were laughing about it.  Shame they don’t take my complaints seriously then we would really get on and I would probably stop resorting to getting arrested to make a point at how serious this issue is.



Behind Rich Skirts & Ties – poem

When the rich and powerful become greedy and cruel
And those that support them are easily fooled

When the New Zealand government has forgotten its role
The most vulnerable people pay the heaviest toll

When taxes for the rich are kept way too low
Those disabled and poor take blow after blow

When those with the money jobs they do not create
In a decent society from the rich we must take

Murder and violence, addiction and crime
Those running our country do this all the time

Remove jobs and care, drive people insane
Kill yourself or another in their sick little game

Pass law after law to control everyone
Use a violent police force, steal your money, use a gun

Addict those voters with cash to shopping and sports
While those at the bottom are in news reports

Hide crimes behind rich skirts and ties
Self-righteous bigots who use propaganda and lies

When dissension envy hate and corruption are where we are now
Out-of-touch right-wing elitists are the ones with the power

When honesty and compassion, fairness and love
Guide those that lead us, with help from above

All our lives and our planet will be better off then
Once the people wake up but WHEN GOD OH WHEN!


Another busy week, giving them hell

Covered in fake blood went and gave Bob Jones shit, so trespassed from there.  Then walked to ACC went into reception with my signs and started singing and causing shit – knowing I was trespassed a few months ago.  An act of civil disobedience I believe warranted considering the situation I am in – and so are many others.

Crisis at the moment is my case manager is away sick and now WINZ have called a meeting to review my benefit – which I know was done 3 months ago and was very traumatic then.  Today I have emailed the ministers office yet again begging that they wait until after my birthday on 2nd January before they do this to me.  Below is a copy of the email:

Ms Bennett,

I am freaking out at a hastily called review of my benefit by WINZ a few days ago.  I have a stress disorder and cannot get any care from ACC or mental health, you know this, I protest about this, I have begged you for help on many occasions.

When I phoned your office at Parliament I was told you would help sort it out and maybe give me some respite from this traumatic event until after my birthday on 2nd January.  I was raped at New Year it is always a difficult time for me – being forced to go for this assessment and review is like being raped.  My mental health is seriously deteriorating – especially when all I see around me is happy people enjoying Xmas – not everybody of course, many people I know are as ostracized and frightened as I am.

I can’t go out with my friends as I have nothing to celebrate, I can’t think of anything else but this review and how great was the possibility they would stop my benefit and my life would get much much worse.

I also have money worries, worries with a new boarder and worries about my extended family who I now feel uncomfortable and stressed around.  So much for the Whare Tapa Wha Model and entitlements under ACC, disability and human rights laws.

WINZ owes me money from my new boarder, I was told someone would phone me to sort it out, but nobody did.  I am also owed $290 from my daughter’s ex-boyfriend for broken windows – the court has ordered it but I’ve never seen any money.  I am so worried I will get another fine for no car registration and now no warrant (and Xmas so nowhere to get a warrant) my daughter needs this car to get to work.  She has to work or we can’t live – what am I going to do with all my things – I am 48.  Why are you doing this to me?

After I phoned your office they phoned WINZ who contacted me quickly and offered to see me on Friday instead of Tuesday.  I agreed but am still freaking out, my bulimia is really bad and other horrible aspects to my disorder – Complex PTSD.  When I think of the meeting on Friday my whole body becomes rigid and I start rocking backwards and forwards, I start ticking and I know this is what is going to happen next week.

Why do other people get holidays and to be happy – while I get degraded and frightened even further.  I don’t understand, what did I ever do to you?  What about all the money ACC owe me from Independence Allowance and Privacy Breaches, what about not reinstating my care from 2009 even though I have won two reviews – and refusing to accept the damage they have caused me psychologically.

Please ask WINZ to leave me alone until after my birthday and sort out the money $330 they owe me from when my boarder on a youth benefit shifted in.

Please make this hell stop, I have a disability, I am a vulnerable sexual abuse victim fighting for her rights, why are you doing this to me and so many other abused women and children rotting on welfare?  I don’t understand.

Also I have noticed the huge increase in propaganda about violence and mental illness we are being subjected to at the moment.  You create this hell and then you blame people for the consequences – you people are sick.  I know the science, I know the law, I know what good and evil are and what you are doing is evil – making someone like me go through a full review at this time of year is torture and severely aggivates my disorder – which in turn further isolates me from those around me.  Good on ya, oppress and degrade the poor and disabled – that is what the neo-liberal right want.



Blood Protest at Human Rights Commission after speaking at Owen Glenn Inquiry

3 hr occupation ending in being forcibly removed by two police officers

3 hr occupation ending in being forcibly removed by two police officers

Have downloaded part of a video of a 3 hour occupation of the Human Rights Commission in Wellington, where I am talking with the Chief Commissioner.

Am editing the rest of the video and will post as I can, sang and recited poetry throughout.  About 6pm I was forcibly removed by two police officers and trespassed for two years. VICTORY!  Had run out of memory on the video so didn’t get the police, was classic, and I was yelling all the way (not swearing) just telling people why I was being forced out.  Wish I could see the CCTV footage.



Amazing Couple of Days

Buggr, keyboard playing up, been busy protsting.  Been to court, got rmanded anothr two months – fuck.  Not happy, almost fliped out in front of th judge – he was pretty good about it as I was ticking etc.

Did heaps chalking, played guitar, yelled at Grry Brownlee and a few others who give me shit first.  Met some amazing kids at parliament and other pissed off and supportive people.


Updated Black Book of Poetry, check it out

Realised I hadn’t put my short poems / chants in the Black Book, have been doing more things like this so I can chalk quickly and have impact.  People are welcome to chalk these poems where appropriate just refer to this website or my twitter address @jrmurphypoet .  Would love to see photos of course.

This is an old favourite

We’re not shares to be traded
We’re not pawns in a game
We’re not doing OK
And we’re not the ones to blame!


Intelligent, educated, free and proud
Honest, responsible, dedicated, loud
I’m no John Key Rent-a-Crowd

Stupid, ignorant, greedy rich
Irresponsible, corrupt, neo-liberal which
Is why John Key needs Rent-a-Bitch


Inequality, greed, poverty create.
Resentment, dissension, envy, hate.
Please Anthem protect us from this fate.


Watched The Vote debate last night, hurtful

Watched some of the debate on The Vote last night, some of what was said was so hurtful.  The comparison between teenagers forced to go to war and now was offensive.  It is like these people think it some sort of fun university debate.  These are people’s lives – helps you understand the enemy better I suppose.  Plus none of these people are experts in sociology, psychology or history.

I also didn’t hear anything about people with disabilities and those with barriers to education and work.

Was good to see the increased majority of people thinking today is harder for teenagers than in the past after the debate.

I’m a firm believer in Maslows Heirachy of Needs, and when people’s basic needs are not being met – especially with housing, safety, food and self-actualizationthen people become dysfunctional.

We need to be making our own clothing, footwear, furniture, small equipment, etc and trading what we are good at and what we have an excess of.  FREE TRADE DOES NOT WORK on a psychsocial level, people have been doing these trades for generations, they are genetically engineered to have talents in these areas.  Taking away jobs and social interactions through combined work for hundreds of thousands of people is destroying us.

We must immediately start a programme of state house building and training, we need to get more people growing food and working on the land, that includes in conservation…..