Field Punishment No. 1 – Mental Health Field Punishment No.1

I have just finished watching the movie about Archibald Baxter and have cried most of the way through it.  The similarities to the way we treat New Zealand’s sexually abused and mentally injured and ill people is like watching history repeat itself – just without the physical assault.  Maybe if they actually physically assaulted (though tazering is assault) you the agony, cruelty and torture people like myself are going through would be dealt with and stopped.  But because we are only forcibly drugged with experimental psychotropic drugs and refused health care (even when we are severely suicidal) in 2014 we are seen as nothing more than insane bludging worthless cowards.

Today I went to The Mix (one of the only mental health facilities in Lower Hutt) I went to do art, which is what I do as treatment as I don’t take medication (I went to deal with the fact I am having to leave yet another home).  They have an exhibition on soon and I suggested that I put in my latest poem The Kiwi Madonna, which of course is inspired by James K Baxter’s poem The Maori Jesus.  The staff member there said the poem was inappropriate and considering what some of the people had been through that went to The Mix, it might upset them so he said they would not exhibit it.  He pointed to the signs on the wall about people only being able to do friendly nice art.

I pointed out this was a free country and I was an artist, that he had no right to censor my art from exhibition – the other artists in the room said little until the compliant zombie left.  Apparently if you have any ISSUES you have to talk to the people inside the house, the art room was where people got away from their problems.  I could not believe what this man was saying and I certainly did not accept it.  How convenient that the most victimized and abused sector of society wasn’t allowed to freely express their pain and humiliation at what was happening to them and those around them.

Of course I’m not going to take that sort of discrimination and told him I would be submitting the poem for exhibition.  He could get whoever he liked to look at it and decide if it was going to be censored or not then I would expect a written explanation as to why and I would be making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

When I think about what Archibald and his friends went through, how the people back in New Zealand wouldn’t have known what was going on, how the politicians that sent these men to be tortured would have been living their affluent lives not giving one iota of thought to what these men were being subjected to I know what is happening to mentally injured and ill people today is so similar.

The media refuse to tell the New Zealand public about any of my protests, any of the medical/scientific information I have, any of the poetry songs or letters/emails I write to people begging for the health care and justice thousands of mentally ill and injured disabled people are being denied.  Of course the New Zealand media are mostly controlled by the government or someone heavily indebted to it – which is why we don’t hear about just how abusive, cruel, immoral, unprofessional currently mental health services and treatments/rehabilitation now are.  I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND I WILL NEVER EVER STOP UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE – NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY TORTURE OR REFUSE ME THE HEALTH CARE I AM ENTITLED TO!

While I was watching the part where he was left out in all weathers tied to a post l am reminded of my poem Ruth Dyson’s Whipping Post (although now it is Judith Collins whipping post).

I am disgusted in what this country has become, I am ashamed of what people do to others, what educated intelligent people do to oppress degrade neglect and psychologically torture people with mental health issues.  Especially those issues related to severe trauma – I have the same stress disorder some of these soldiers had – shell shock they called it then – now it is called Complex or Compounded Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We know more about it, the science is out there – 22 ex soldiers with this disorder a day are killing themselves in America – many are killing and hurting other people as well.

How can this madness go on, how can there be a whole industry of maggots feeding off the ignorant and bigoted approach to mental health we now have.  An approach based on a political ideology with no basis in scientific fact.  I talk to people about what I know and many attack me BUT I KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING IS TRUE, I SEE IT, I KNOW MY DISORDER, I KNOW THE MEDICAL SCIENCE, I KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER ACC, MENTAL HEALTH, DISABILITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, BILL OF RIGHTS AND CRIMINAL LAW – and I know for sure that the NZ government is not providing it.  Their priority is elitist sport and giving even more money to failing business people in some pathetic attempt to brainwash the NZ public into believing they are actually doing something about unemployment.

Our politicians know what is going on too, Andrew Little told me outside Parliament that he had a desk piled high with people complaining about ACC, many of them abuse victims.  I know how many I have begged for help from and been ignored.  Of course this gross miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue because the Human Rights Commission, Health and Disability Commission and the NZ justice system refuse to do anything about it.  They too are so brainwashed and corrupt they refuse to believe what me and thousands of other people are saying.

This movie has inspired me to stand up for my rights to freely express myself and I will take this latest attack on my freedom to the Human Rights Commission.  All very difficult when I am struggling with having no stable home and enough money to live along my life-threatening stress disorder.  Oh well, like those objectors did, you’ve just got to laugh about it – it is so ridiculous and so bad.

I won’t be able to stop writing I am sure and every political party, every news outlet and every justice agency (including Sian Elias and the Secretary for Justice) are going to get a letter about this.

This is my latest poem, I wrote this morning – only a draft so far:

New Zealand’s at war
Rich versus poor

I’m in the trenches
Ignored by the benches

Politicians and judges
Ignorant elitists with grudges……..

Also I would suggest you get Archibald Baxter’s book We Will Not Cease and read it, it is even worse and more detailed about what he went through, especially the stuff about what was happening in New Zealand, which I noted the politically correct people who made the film mostly left out.  Except when I heard one guy say – you’ve sent the working classes to fight the wars of the wealthy.  SOUND FAMILIAR!  What was WWI about – power and oil in Europe – why are they fighting in Europe/Russia etc now?  Stupidity is making the same mistake over and over again – as I have a report saying I am intelligent wouldn’t you think someone would listen to what I have to say.

In 2014 in New Zealand we have an affluent sector of society having a really good time, persecuting, degrading and neglecting the poor and disabled.  That they do this particularly to abused men women and children makes me want to vomit and of course is why I am currently out on bail for three counts of wilful trespass.

If people who don’t understand what suicidality is like (you don’t create it, it happens to you) actually knew the hell people were unnecessarily being subjected to they would have those people involved arrested.  Of course I have repeatedly asked for police to investigate my claims of harm under Section 157 of the Crimes Act, but they won’t.  I won’t stop asking though, because I know what I am doing is right and I know what they are doing is very very wrong.

Everybody at the Mix was frightened of the CATT team, most had been assaulted/tazered had the dogs set on them.  All of them had become compliant for fear of retaliation by mental health staff.

What more can I say…..   One day this will be exposed and heads will roll and maybe everyone will know my story and my 12 year fight for justice, against all odds. One day we will have a facility and professional care like my Mental Injury Services business plan and Fence at the Top of the Cliff rehab model sets out.  One day this persecution they call mental health care will stop.

Have a copy of the Mental Health Blueprint II and I am definitely going to be writing a report about that load of brainwashing marketing bullshit.  This is the sort of crap mental health funding is spent on, it is seriously sick – and of course the $90 million they give to drug companies, which most of them rich fucks like John Key, Bill English, Tony Ryall and Judith Collins have shares in.

Kia kaha to all those fighting for justice and truth.


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