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National Voters Are Mean Hearted People – JR Murphy

9.   National Voters Are Mean Hearted People

Who are the mean hearted people
What do they do and where do they live
Why do they think it’s ok to be miserly
When the world’s a better place if we give

Bet ya they’ve seldom wanted for anything
Bet ya they’ve had it easy so far
Bet ya they’ve never suffered adversity
That shook their lives to the core

New Zealand’s full of mean hearted people
Putting costs and agendas before health
Making miserable and mean decisions
Making sure they hold on to the wealth

Bigots and racists and ageists
Those that don’t like the poor
Those that think all beneficiaries
Are bludgers and nothing more

And perhaps once before I was too
Didn’t realise I was holding a grudge
But life gave me a lesson
That has taught me never ever to judge

How I wish I could touch you and then
You would know how much pain I go through
And you might help me get the rehabilitation
I am legally entitled to!

Now that I am where I am
Now I can see plain as day
Being miserable with welfare and health
Costs so much more at the end of the day

Where they open their wallets for cancer
They open their wallets for hearts
Why won’t they open their wallets
When a mental injury starts

People damaged by trauma
Raped, abused beaten fighting
Mostly just thrown on the scrap heap
Then judged when they start reacting

Nine years I’ve been asking the questions
Nine years I’ve been having no luck
Nine years I’ve been studying why
Health and justice for me really suck

We know why people are violent
We know why people attack
We know what to do to help them
But it all comes down to LACK

How dare they say Rise Above It
How dare they say It’s Not OK
How dare they say There’s No Place for Violence
When we neglect traumatized people this way

We don’t need new legislation
We don’t need another report
We don’t need another meeting
Just to do what the law says we ought

How many times will I have to say this
How many people will I have to tell
How long can I survive
Living in the fires of hell


Giving themselves free doctors visits for their kids, while poor and disabled adults and children suffer in poverty with unstable housing, inadequate food, inadequate unprofessional health services etc is not being generous it is being greedy and immoral.

A counsellor told me recently the reason people like me can’t get the extensive services I was and am entitled to is because New Zealand is in $billion of debt.  So how come the government can now afford free doctors visits for the middle classes?

We Will Fuck You – JR Murphy

8.   We Will Fuck You

Buddy you’re a rich boy, born with money
Get what you want, gonna be a big man some day
You got a scowl on your face
You big disgrace
Bullying other people all over the place

We will, we will, fuck you   (with a broom)
We will, we will, fuck you  (everybody)

Buddy you’re a rich man, hard man
Shouting in the papers, crime is all their fault
You got a scowl on your face
You big disgrace
Letting your greed take over this place
(sing it)

We will, we will, fuck you   (no rehab)
We will, we will, fuck you   (everybody)

Buddy you’re an old man, rich man
Big business leadin our country into hell today
You got a scowl on your face
You big disgrace
Nobody can touch you, put you back in your place

We will, we will, fuck you   (cos we can)
We will, we will, fuck you   (everybody)

We will, we will, fuck you   (lets stop them)
We will, we will, fuck you   (everybody)




Judith Collin’s Whipping Post – ACC – JR Murphy

7.   Judith Collin’s Whipping Post – ACC

I’ve been run down, I’ve been lied to
Don’t know why I let that mean woman make a fool of me
She took all my money, wrecked my new life
Bet now she’s with one of her bureaucrat buddies
Drinkin in some up-market bar

That’s why I feel, that’s why I feel
Like I’ve been tied to the whipping post
Tied to the whipping post, tied to the whipping post
Oh God I feel like I’m dying

They all tell me that I’m being such a fool
And I have to stand by and take it lady, all for needing you
Drown myself in sorrow, when I look at what you’ve done
But nothing seems to change, the bad times stay the same and I can’t run

That’s why I feel, that’s why I feel
Like I’ve been tied to the whipping post
Tied to the whipping post, tied to the whipping post
Oh God I feel like I’m dying

That’s why I feel, that’s why I feel
Like I’ve been tied to the whipping post
Tied to the whipping post, tied to the whipping post
Oh God I feel like I’m dying



Ode To A Select Committee – JR Murphy

6.   Ode To A Select Committee

Two sentences was all you sent
What an embarrassing disappointment
The education and science committee
When asked for help turned out to be

The oppressive ruling classes
Least that’s the view from here
No-one to help me back to school
Or listen to my fear

So far all I can see
From political bullshit that I read
Are words with no substance of note
Just hypocrisy and greed for votes

A casualty of abuse was I
No fault of it was mine
But to be denied proper care
Is more serious a crime

Our stats for cancer of the bowel
Are reflected in your appraoch
NZ doesn’t deal with shit
They act as if a joke

If you take no responsibility
For care in education
Then you’re a catalyst for oppression
Of the most damaged in our nation

Abuse, violence and crime
The most serious social issues of our time
And yet all you can think to do
Is deny its victims what they’re due

And as my poems usually do
I’ll end by saying – FUCK YOU!
This will never end you arrogant ones
This will never end until JUSTICE REIGNS!

Never EnD


Evil Lives Inside Me – JR Murphy

5.   Evil Lives Inside Me

For to become that which I dream of
To start the journey as a holy being
Living in syncronicity
Living with holy meaning

To be enlightened by the darkness
Surely the greatest human feat
To feel my heart smashed to pieces
See the light within extinguished

Standing at the ledge of death
Battered by a hurricane
Feet rooted like a might tree
Trunk broken but not in vain

Those spiritual roots stay alive
Through the greatest power that reigns
The power of the universe
Is coursing through my veins

When the evil overtakes me
No-one to pull me out
Let the evil live inside me
Show it great respect

Don’t empower it with anger
Don’t feed it with fear
Let it find expression
In the tom tom, bass and snare

All those kind and gentle people
Calling on God to bring us peace
For those so angry and afraid
A mere wish to slay a beast

Research, marketing, meeting, conference
And really so little difference
At the cliff face nothing changes
Still not enough funding and to much ignorance

A meteor burned in atmosphere
A shooting star to wish upon
All the pain that I have suffered
Will change the system because its wrong

Never END

Go To Hell – JR Murphy

4.   Go To Hell

We’ve been here a long time doing the same shit
We’ve been here a long time and we still don’t seem to fit
They fill our head with bullshit, until we feel real numb
And when we don’t perform their tricks, they label us as dumb


They punish us for being wrong they make us sit all day
They punish us for being wrong and we don’t learn that way
And when we fight against it they come down on us like hell
They don’t care what life’s like at home, so long as we can spell


They make us learn irrelevant shit
They don’t care what interests us
Give us half a day of music
15 minutes of math’s enough (screamed)


They don’t tell you it’s hard to learn when shit’s going on at home
The sooner we are outa here the sooner we are gone
It doesn’t have to be like this we can change it if we’re strong
It’s our lives they’re screwing with we know there’s something wrong

GO TO HELL, GO TO HELL  (repeat)


Punk song

Heaven’s Door – JR Murphy

3.  Heaven’s Door

Sitting here listening to Eric
In my battered old 50s rockin chair
My discman gives it to me just how I like it
Loud and surround in my ear

Off in the distaqnce past the neighbours
The poplars whisper the winds symphony
As spirit blows ‘cross the papa
There’s a storm brewing sweeping up country

Eric’s started blowin harp in my head
And knockin on the door of the dead
Trying to keep it together through this killer storm weather
A battle that fills me with dread

The CDs now on Guns N Roses
As the evening air touches my skin
And the clouds rolling in from the west
Like a woollen cloak pulled cross the heavens

Now Axle starts knockin on the door
As only he knows how to do
He sings it – I live it
Trying that door to break through

Oh God when are they gunna listen
Their ears are so closed to our pain
The voice of a casualty of trauma
Writhing in pain, writhing in pain

The light is starting to fade…….

Knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door
Knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door
Knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door
Knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door



3 Finger Protest – JR Murphy

3.   3 Finger Protest

Got a 3 finger bag for my birthday
Start smoking as soon as I wake
Prefer this sort of self-medication
To the shit the drug companies make

Time to stand up
Time to shout
At the whole world
Get fucked

Eight years begging for help from the system
Still suffering affects of abuse
And afraid to the core of my being
Of what I could do if refused

Time to stand up
Time to shout
At the whole world
You’re fucked

They neglect you until its so bad
You could kill from emotional pain
Then they tell you its just mental illness
Take these pills the drug companies make

Time to stand up
Time to shout
At the whole world
Get fucked

They keep closing down places of asylum
They think its the cheapest idea
And the people that need them the most
Feel more neglected, by a society, they already fear

Time to stand up
Time to shout
At the whole world
You’re fucked

And they say there’s no excuse for abuse
And they judge who take mind-numbing shit
Then they say it’s really all our fault
Hope this song enlightens you a bit

Stand with me
And shout
At the whole world
Get fucked

Stand with me
And shout
At the whole world
You’re fucked


Wrote this while an adult music student at Kuranui College about 7 or 8 years ago, its a rock song – needs a good band to work on it.

Wherefore Art Thou ACC (rap song) – JR Murphy

2.   Wherefore Art Thou ACC (rap song)

Wherefore art thou ACC x 2

No matter how you phrase it
The law tells me the rules
They’re meant for my interpretation
You bureaucratic fools

The times I’ve used the law before
I havn’t needed help
But now I am incapable
Of fighting for myself

Don’t tell me I am wrong
I’ve read it in the act
How ACC is there for us
Why do you ignore that fact

You’ll come and clean my toilet
To get me on my feet
But when I ask for help with parenting
You tell me not to bleat

No matter how far down the cliff I’ve gone
I’m never far enough
Until I lose my sanity
Thing’s gunna be real rough

I want to scream it in your face
I’ve tried with mental health
But I know you just won’t listen
Because I have no wealth

I am a body and a mind
No more important than the other
I don’t deserve this treatment
It just keeps me in the gutter

Cause I had no status in your eyes
As I was just a student
It’s a case of human rights abuse
To you it’s fiscally prudent

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

And as I write this rap
I feel better about myself
I’m not a wasted loser
Just a product of ignorance

I don’t have cuts and bruises
Leg’s not severed at the thigh
And I never got the help I needed
Keep on asking why

The blood pools all around me
Drips from every piece of art
What does a person do
With such a badly broken heart

Every time I ask for help
It gets increasingly harder
Rejection’s like a hunter’s knife
Giving deep wounds to my mana

I’m filled with toxic shame
A festering type of wound
But all you want to give me
Are drugs to change my mood

It seems so obvious to me
What needs to be done
Treat the mentally injured
The same as anyone

Ignore me at your peril
I’m not about to go away
I will demand that you obey the law
And stop – this – twisted – game you play

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC


I love Eminem, went through a period of listening to his music constantly.  Had just written this poem and was listening to I’m A Soldier when I started rapping the words and they fitted perfectly within the song structure.  Rap is poetry, other song lyrics are quite different to poetry.  I still remember the whole song/poem and recite it when I get the opportunity, especially for young people – they love it.



I Want To Come In From The Cold – JR Murphy

1.   I Want To Come In From The Cold

Here I sit in on a windswept beach in the depths of winter
A winter that began on the first day of 2002
I am alone except for my dog
I have nothing to shield me from the elements

I see people walking along the beach sometimes
They rescue others from the treacherous sea
If not dead they give them drugs
Then take them away on stretchers
They never acknowledge me
Though they look in  my direction when I call out to them

Maybe I will eventually be so battered by storms, cold, wind and rain
That my body will become bones
Washed up like the driftwood that surrounds me
Or maybe the water will claim me
And I will be free of this earthly torture

I am mesmerized by the sea
Now numb to my cold heartless environment
Unable to move, but able to think
And imagine

To imagine a group of enlightened people walking down the beach
As they pass in front of me
Their dog would greet mine
They would walk over to me
Offer their hand and say

Come with us
You have been out in the cold too long you are frozen
We have a crib near the sea not far from here
It is warm and safe there
Come, come with us into the warm
We will play joyous games with you
We will cherish, develop and guide you
For as long as you need us
We will nurture you and never ever abandon you

You have been out in the cold far too long
We will sing and play music together
We really want you to be with us
We have so much to offer each other
Come, take our hand be healed along with the others we have found out here in the cold

But I know if ACC and mental health don’t change they will never come
I have been waiting nine long cold years
Searching for them, asking where they are
Asking why isn’t my country, why aren’t my own people bringing me in from the cold

My art I use as a beacon
That will one day bring together other people wanting to come in from the cold
It is also my sincerest hope that someday the rescuers will see the beacon
And offer me shelter in a crib near the sea
And my pen in this life will prove mightier than any sword wielded in the past lives of my ancestors

For I am Love, I am Life, I am Light
As much as I am Hate, I am Death, I am Darkness
A whole being
No longer shielded from the reality at the heart of our cruel and immoral Kiwi culture.


My first poem written about 10 years ago, still relevant today, so sad people are treated this way.  I recall sitting at my desk in Jellicoe Street writing it, looking out the large windows at my Greytown garden.