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Evil Lives Inside Me – JR Murphy

5.   Evil Lives Inside Me

To become that which I dream of
To start the journey as a wholy being
Living in syncronicity
Living with holy meaning

To be enlightened by the darkness
Surely the greatest human feat
To feel my heart smashed to pieces
See the light within extinguished

Standing at the ledge of death
Battered by a hurricane
Feet rooted like a might tree
Trunk broken but not in vain

Those spiritual roots stay alive
Through the greatest power that reigns
The power of the universe
Is coursing through my veins

When the evil overtakes me
No-one to pull me out
Let the evil live inside me
Show it great respect

Don’t empower it with anger
Don’t feed it with fear
Let it find expression
In the tom tom, bass and snare

All those kind and gentle people
Calling on God to bring us peace
For those so angry and afraid
A mere wish to slay a beast

Research, marketing, meeting, conference
And really so little difference
At the cliff face nothing changes
Still not enough funding and to much ignorance

A meteor burned in atmosphere
A shooting star to wish upon
All the pain that I have suffered
Will change the system because its wrong

Never END

This poem is apt today as yet another huge amount of mental health money is funnelled into fkn bullshit research.

This funding appears focused on intellectual disabilities and yet again ignores sexual and physical abuse victims, who are currently missing out on huge amounts of professional treatment, care and rehabilitation thanks to corrupt ACC processes.

Also a note to Roydon on the Breakfast show when he said a few weeks ago how great it was that more people were turning up to apply for jobs thanks to government welfare reforms last year.  The extra people are of course disabled, abused/traumatised and mentally ill people – those who are never going to be employed but the government insist they be repeatedly degraded and psychologically tortured by being forced to apply for jobs.  Many of these people have been ‘dysfunctional’ since children, but as soon as they turn 17 are considered adults and then subject to discrimination and being despise by the media and an ignorant society.