Sean Plunket talks about those at bottom of NZ neo-liberal hell hole

I watched Sean Plunket and the other ignorant, immoral, abusive, wealthy, brainwashed bigots talking about poor people on Prime last night and I cried, now I have woken up and can’t stop thinking about the lies & propaganda I saw.

Paula Bennett would have to get an academy award for her performance – the idea that NEW REFORMS are going to fix everything is sick.  Yes the government focuses on their target unemployed when its good for votes but why is nobody bringing up about disabled people, mentally ill people, abused men women and children who are rotting degraded on welfare – and being refused care by ACC and corrupt abusive mental health services.

When I walk into WINZ the people sitting around look whipped and beaten, heads down, shoulders rounded.  Usually there will be someone in at the table next to you begging for more money because they can’t cope – you learn all about how bad their lives are too – I thought about making a complaint to the privacy commissioner but I am already considered mentally ill (delusional) for making more than three complaints over the past 12 years.  I have a psychiatric report that says I don’t have a personality disorder, am intelligent, mostly articulate and am not delusional about being persecuted by ACC, mental health and others.  However the Human Rights Commission and Tribunal prefer to consider me mentally ill so they don’t have to take my Human Rights case to court.

Last year in Masterton before Xmas I visited my ‘really nice’ WINZ case manager (she does her best for me within the system and I appreciate that) in the table next to me – less than 4 metres away a man in his 30s and a teenage boy were with their case manager telling her how he had not got his mail and WINZ had stopped his benefit and he was going to be kicked out of his house.  I had the feeling the man could not read, he was desperate and getting upset and angry about what was happening to him.  A security guard hovered nearby as the case manager went over and over with the man how he hadn’t replied to the letter so there was nothing she could do about what he owed she could only reinstate his benefit immediately.

I was sitting next to him rocking backwards and forwards, crying and extremely traumatised (which is what happens now when I go to WINZ I am so traumatised by the degradation of begging).  The anger he was expressing was further distressing me as I get scared of angry men – since I was raped.  I felt very sorry for him as I knew his frustration and his rage – and to have to beg for money in front of your son – nothing could be more degrading for a man – could it?

Or more recently a woman with a child on her knee begging her case manager for more money and telling her how she had come out of an abusive relationship but if she didn’t get more help she would have to go back because she couldn’t live.  She was crying with her baby on her knee.  Behind her case manager (and mine) there was a large wall mural of a photograph of happy people and the bullshit saying about Te Tangata Te Tangata….. blah blah – something about the most important thing is people.  Ignorance like that of the NZ media about what people are ACTUALLY going through when they are begging for help in this shit hole country is why we have a right-wing government.

If the New Zealand media actually showed people the degradation, humiliation and abuse you are subjected to when you are disabled, are desperate to work but can’t get health care and are left rotting on welfare for years then we wouldn’t have the dysfunction and suicide statistics that we do.

Many people are so degraded by the WINZ process they are actually driven insane and many I know are taking psychotropic drugs to cope with poverty and the discrimination and bigotry you experience in the community.  My own family despise me for not being able to work, I am the embarrassment of my family, my mother never talks about me with other family because she is ashamed of me.  I have few friends now because people HATE poor unemployed disabled people – we are not supposed to be able to participate in the community.

Another story for Sean Plunket and his bunch of ignorant bigots last night.  Some guy went on about stable man/woman relationships as being important but the way WINZ is set up they are almost impossible.  Me, I’m just too screwed up from being raped sodomized and the person being found not guilty, then being subjected to further degradation, neglect, discrimination and abuse from ACC and mental health services to have any man interested in me – except for sex of course, they all want that with no strings attached.  I was getting help in 2009 when I had my professional rehabilitation plan in place but ACC illegally took all that away and made my life worse as removing that much care and support without any consideration as to the psychological consequences.

Someone I know explained it well, she has mental health issues (child abuse victim who ended up in a situation where her own children were abused and taken from her).  She was trying to get to know a local man, as like most people she wanted to be in a relationship, she said he was mean to her but it was better than nothing.  As she walked up his driveway a neighbour yelled abuse at her – calling her Donnarea.  She told me she left immediately as she was so scared, scared the man abusing her would phone WINZ and tell them she was living with this man she was trying to get to know and her benefit would be stopped – it had happened before.  You should see the state of the house this woman lives in (check out an Asian landlord in Masterton well known for renting out flats that are no more than squats.)

Since I was raped in 2002 I have been unable to work, while my ex partner has worked the entire time.  He has a house and a life, I have no stable home and am now so unwell because of the Complex PTSD I can’t work – I also spend 80% of my time fighting for health care or justice – I am so unwell and so desperate.  I have psychiatric reports saying I am unwell and yet I can access no services.

Snr Sgt Paula Holt phoned yesterday and told me she is arranging a meeting with ACC – so ACC can tell me the services they are prepared to offer me.  I’m starting to get really anxious and unwell about it.  Apparently ACC aren’t going to arrange for the reinstatement of my care as required by two ACC reviews over the past five years – they have come up with an entire rehabilitation plan for me without my input and which shows no similarity to the care I was getting in 2009.

I know for a fact ACC are not subject to Health and Disability Commission laws because HDC does not consider them a health provider.  If ACC are deciding on the health care I am to get, without consultation with me or any of MY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS then they are health providers and therefore should be subject to HDC rules.  AND THIS IS WHERE THE CORRUPTION COMES IN.

Now of course I should bring up the FACT three years ago I watched a presentation by a KPMG consultant at a Victoria University lecture on Crime punishment & fiscal responsibility.  He told us that the UK had ditched the NGO system of delivering mental health services 15 years ago because it was causing huge social problems, dysfunction, violence and suicide.  He could not understand why the government still used this system when it didn’t work.  When those in the UK had studied why the NGO system doesn’t work, it was discovered the NGOs only helped those mentally ill people that were easy for them – the people that really needed the help were rejected and ignored.  EXACTLY THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING IN NEW ZEALAND – AND IF THE HEALTH AND DISABILITY COMMISSION OR HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION AND COURT WERE DOING THEIR JOBS without discrimination against people with traumatic stress disorders, then people wouldn’t be suffering and killing themselves.

Isn’t it sad the people of New Zealand are being denied all the facts about just how bad it is living with a disability in poverty in this hell hole the neo-liberal right-wing greedy have created.



Check out my Human Sewage poem.

Paula Bennett is a filthy disgusting liar, any plans they have at the moment are targeted at one particular small group of unemployed – what about abused people, mentally ill people, what about people who want to work but become suicidal when they have to go for interview after interview, knowing they are never going to be employed.

When are the people living in the darklands of this shit hole country going to get a voice?  NOT THROUGH THOSE ARSEHOLES AT THE SALVATION ARMY EITHER – I could tell you some horrible things about those ignorant abusive bigots – gossips, self-righteous people who hate rather than help and know nothing about professional treatment care and rehabilitation of abuse victims.  Don’t forget the system had people from church counselling that guy Burton before he killed on the firebreaks in Lower Hutt.  The NZ government thinks it is a great joke that Christians are taking over the professional mental health care of sexually/physically abused and traumatised people – cause Christians like to be needed and it doesn’t cost them any professional health services.

I challenge Sean Plunket and any one of those people on his show about poverty to have a one hour discussion with me – recorded of course – so I can prove how ignorant bigoted naïve and out of touch these people really are.


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