Tow The Line – JR Murphy

Outside Supreme Court

Outside Supreme Court


Chalked most of it outside High Court in Wellington today.

This is the full poem

63.  Tow The Line

The agony of emotional pain so intense that I’m now numb
With bitter disappointment in the community from which I come
Because now it is a crime to create art that does fight back
Against discrimination and neglect, against cruelty in fact

Now your support and care’s withheld if you don’t tow the line
If you would just suicide then their lives would be just fine
If the art that you create tells some truth they cannot bear
Then guaranteed at mental health they’ll force you out of there

Where creating art that tells us how the system’s failing bad
Is now considered disrespectful to those who fund the mad
I am sure Hitler and this cronies had similar rules in place
No challenging John Keys leadership, or the propaganda in your face

Dare to make a difference, dare to challenge Mental Health
Dare to write it down and dare to express yourself
Dare to be educated, dare to accept what facts you find
Dare to challenge ignorance, dare to challenge minds

But you’re not allowed to shout and scream, you’re not allowed to fight
You’re not allowed to get upset when things are so ‘not right’
You’re not allowed to talk about it, you’re not allowed to rap
You’re not allowed to be heard above the self-righteous spouting crap

……(Only chalked to here)

Since I have been disabled by rape and then neglect
Since I have been in trauma, unable to forget
Since my suicidal wish invades most every cell
I think of that little boy or girl abused then living hell

I’m reminded that in 20 years when they are adults too
I’ll wish that I’d kept fighting against neglect of the abused
I’ll be reminded of this day when all had turned on me
When all had made it very clear they didn’t want to see

But I don’t need you selfish bigots, I don’t need those to afraid
I don’t need those who like the status quo, or those to power crazed
For my descendents, for my people, for the next 10,000 years
I will dear to make a difference NOW so from abuse they may be spared



3 thoughts on “Tow The Line – JR Murphy

  1. Virginia Smith

    I just look forward to your poetry so much. I am in a mental health care respite house. 2 patients, 2 workers. I guess as i sit quietly in my room they need two workers to sit outside and smoke and yak. I just look forward to getting your poems and blogs every day . Thank you for making my life better.

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      Hi Virginia, thanks for your comments, I’m pleased my poetry helps you – it helps me too. Its hard when most people are trying to tell you what is happening isn’t. Do you have your own website or facebook? do you write? I can see some creativity in your comment.


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