Arrested again today – for protesting at Masterton Hospital

Was so nervous about it this morning, but knew I wanted to do it, take the Bill of Rights to court.  So I went to Masterton Hospital knowing I was trespassed, got most of it recorded on Dictaphone around my neck.  Started singing, giving them a hard time, security turned up, came out with a written trespass notice.  I said I am ignoring it under the Bill of Rights, he said, it was just his job – nice guy.  Reassured him I was no threat to anybody just needed to be heard, he was all good.

Police turned up, two women, they were awesome.  Told them I had no intention of leaving, that under the Bill of Rights I was allowed to express myself any way I wanted.  I was peacefully arrested though freaked out when she said she was going to use the handcuffs, body went rigid and I almost had a panic attack.  She was pretty onto it with it and kept reassuring me.  Lucky I had put a stretchy bandage on my right wrist, didn’t hurt like it usually does.  She shouldn’t have used handcuffs, its not necessary.

Was taken back to police station, always an interesting ride and in through the back entrance.  Was processed, searched (that’s always fun), I hadn’t worn any jewellery etc cause I know how it works.  I have to appear in court Monday 9.30am, looking forward to it.  Met another officer, who fingerprints you etc, he was cool, just new to Masterton from Westport, knew brother in law – we both Coasters.  That made me feel better.  Basher came in one part of it to help photo and fingerprint me – NO FUCKING WAY.

There was no way I wanted to be anywhere near him, we just antagonise each other and that would have just upset everybody.  They were good about it and I didn’t have to – probably helps I have a complaint in about the Xmas Eve bastards.  They processed me in about an hour.  Last time I was in there I was singing and yelling and giving them shit, this time I was quiet and just did a few drum rhythms on my thighs and the bench.  The woman who arrested me – really cool chick, knew heaps about traumatised people from the way she handled me when I got upset and started freaking out a few times.

They had gone and got my car so I was let out the front door to my car and home.

Another good thing that has come out of it, other than challenging things in court, is I feel heaps better about police now I have had a couple of really good ones – it counteracts what those revolting ones did.

I told them part of the reason for doing the protest was in response to being arrested and humiliated outside the Supermarket in Greytown.  I think I had a bit of a flip out about that point, took all my strength to stop ending up curled up in a ball on the floor hysterical.  Fuck I hate that.

Feel so much more empowered.  I hope any activists reading this get an idea of how things might go when arrested for protesting and civil disobedience in New Zealand – but always expect the unexpected – the type of cop you get can change things a lot.  Do it, do it, do it – the feeling you get from it is worth it.  Just keep reminding yourself they ain’t going to eat you and getting arrested for wilful trespass is the easiest, most non-violent, way I have found of getting in front of a judge.  Hell come to Wellington to protest about appauling mental health services and we’ll get arrested together – would be heaps more fun with other people.

Trouble with me of course is I have little respect for authority, know my rights, am difficult to pigeonhole (label a criminal), especially when I’m singing and reciting poetry, or giving them the backstory and facts I know.  Also I have an indomitable will, part of being a dragon and Capricorn, and when I hit a policeman on a power trip who expects everybody to do what he tells them, it usually doesn’t end well.

Going to use the Bill of Rights as my defence and tell the judge I have been unable to get its protection and believed applying its principles to my case is appropriate in 2015.  Then going to talk about the situation I am in and the necessity to get as close to these people as possible.  Tell him about these people needing to see what was happening to people like me and in my community or they ignored it – which makes it worse.  Talk about mental health services being a torture wheel of hell, experimentation and brainwashing of the community.  Tell him all the things I have done to get care and the situation I am in with home, housing, income etc.  So we’ll see how it goes, might write up some notes to take.


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