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Rich Bastards Authority

Rich Bastards Authority

They”re telling us every day
There”s no money left to pay
For housing, health, ACC, welfare
They just don”t have it to spare

Yet today I get the Dom Post
See politicians getting a boost
Thousands of dollars more money
From the rich bastards authority

John Errington who the fuck is he
Does this one percenter charge a fee
He”s chairman of a government board
Where all budgets are ignored

And with this shit he does create
Comes injustice dissension envy hate
National party are to blame
For giving to the rich AGAIN

While elitist pigs trash hurt and poor
Unemployed the puss online casino filled sore
Those rich and powerful live up high
Politicians and media spout rhetoric – why

Inequality is what we loath
And our leaders treasure trove
While others live no socks, no shoes
No homes, no car, nothing to lose

Why pay so much for a shit job done
Give them money when there”s none
Pay cuts is what it should be
Sack the Remuneration Authority

This is one reason I chalk, sing and shout
This is just one thing I”M FUCKING ANGRY about!


Open Letter and OIA request to Anne Tolley MP

Dear Ms Tolley,

Firstly this email is an Official Information Act request asking for the government’s definition of ‘the most vulnerable’.

I was in the house on Tuesday for the first time in 2 1/2 years after being trespassed for standing in silence to pray during the opening prayer and singing in a casual voice as I walked up the stairs to the gallery.  It was emotional, the security guards welcomed me back and asked how I was, they have only seen me outside and seen over the years what has happened to me.  They also know what my issues are and why I rage at the injustices I am experiencing and witnessing around me.

I took notes about what I heard at question time and one thing that the government repeated over and over again was how they were helping and going to help ‘the most vulnerable’.  I cried, because I know for a fact me and all other vulnerable people like me are losing services, mental health services are abusive and a fence at the bottom of the cliff, our benefits are worth less and less, we don’t have safe and reliable housing and jobs are almost non-existent for people with psychological disabilities – no matter how many posters you put up that it is only to do with confidence.  Discrimination and bigotry in the community are rife and the hatred towards people on welfare – who look OK, makes you want to kill yourself.

Over the past six months I have been really studying government propaganda and noted that every time some bad news came out that you would post something that looked like good news.  Not only that you would say exactly the opposite to what the media or others were saying.  So when you kept going on and on about helping ‘the most vulnerable’ I realised this was to somehow counter the fact you were cutting services to thousands of disabled, abused, stress disordered, suicidal and mentally ill people.  Not only that you have found ways of further frightening these desperate disabled people by changing welfare entitlements yet again – one of the first things you did as Minister is go for disabled people.  While others in your cabinet sell off state housing and start a programme of housing disabled people in inhuman, culturally inappropriate housing, that is never going to make it to Wairarapa.

I am Pakeha, Third generation New Zealander and I do have a culture and cruel immoral neo-liberals like yourself are not going to destroy this country without a fight.  I have Complex PTSD, which you probably already know, as a result of rape sodomy, a not guilty verdict and 13 years of neglect, degradation and abuse by ACC, mental health and others.  Only people who are subjected to prolonged trauma and bullying develop this disorder – that is what you neo-liberal ‘cuts’ (NOT REFORMS) did to me.

Watching what your government are doing to people around me hurts me beyond words.  Watching you lie in the house made me cry.  Watching you all lie and be deceitful when you are supposed to be leading this country made me cry and get very angry when I was protesting outside afterwards.  I couldn’t even sing I was so upset.  All the pieces of the puzzle about why abuse victims, traumatised people and mentally ill people aren’t getting the professional health care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under the law have come together.  I will be putting these in a report to the UN and every political party or person I believe needs one.

You are driving people to suicide and violence with your degrading inhuman policies and political agendas, then you are covering up this fact by prosecuting the people becoming violent and bullying/threatening/drugging the people who are becoming suicidal.  No more, we all know what is going on and I am going to use everything in my power to get this gross miscarriage of justice exposed.

How can you sleep at night, how can you knowingly drive people mad – do you know the message you are sending to the community about people on welfare by having security guards posted outside offices.  You are inciting dissension and hatred towards them, also the idea they are there to protect clients is a manipulative lie – ask Nigel Latta if you don’t believe me.

The fact MSD took no responsibility for driving John Tully mad is grossly irresponsible, when you and I both know that you did.  If the man had had any of his basic human needs met he wouldn’t have lost it and killed those women (refer to Maslows Pyramid of needs).  Can you also please advise me the outcome of the suicide by a staff member three days later – what was she ashamed of?

I know a woman who had left the office not long before the shootings, she had been telling me it was a terrible place to work and she couldn’t wait to get out of there, it was killing her.  What was going on in that place – how come we don’t get to hear what John Tully says about it – he’s obviously told you what happened.

A girl I met recently, disabled looking after her disabled dad in State Housing that was going to be sold, said to me. “Why is it we are getting hammered again, the same people over and over again, people can’t take any more.”

This is what you do to people Anne Tolley, in our beautiful country where everybody is supposed to have a house, a job and be valued, you treat them worse than animals – because you degrade them over and over and turn people against them.  You have almost unlimited money at your disposal – refusing to take it from very wealthy people to pay for unemployment (you created) and basic necessities to live a dignified life for ‘vulnerable people’ is more than grossly irresponsible, it is corrupt and it is evil.

I am ashamed and disgusted in the 30 years of neo-liberal politicians that have turned this country from one of the most advanced to one of the most mean, callous, hateful, hypocritical, unequal and dysfunctional.  It creates lots of jobs to have an industry focused on poor people – you better hope there is no evidence out there to prove the government have purposely stopped abused and mentally ill people getting treatment to create jobs and further their disturbing political games.


It’s All Bullshit – JR Murphy – EMINEM vs NZ National Neo-liberals

It’s all bullshit
Run by cock suckers
Backed up by some very stupid mother fuckers!

Stamp our crime they use judges, use lawyers use screws
Use marketing, public servants, policemen and news

Now lets get things straight
It don’t start at the end
Violence and addiction
Means a broken heart we MUST MEND (x5)

Seven years of neglect
It will take to destroy
The kindest of hearts
Man, woman, girl or boy

It’s the top of the cliff
We should centre attention
Not put the traumatised
Under detention

Why would they change it
Those ones with the power
They make money off us
Feed egos to feel superior

How long can these wankers
Keep ignoring the facts
Against scientific evidence
Their approach DOESN’T STACK (x5)

House and feed people well
Give them asylum
Nurture their souls
Never ever neglect them

And when you’ve helped them
Become unwound and calm
Then you can work on
The ‘not’ that caused harm


But after that’s done
Don’t turf them out
Leave them foundering
Then do fucking nowt
Or everything that has been said and done
Will be instantly and completely unfucking done

They know what to do
To stamp out most crime
Instead they ignore it
Drive people out of their mind

See I know for sure
Can tell your straight
From six years of study
I can confidently state



Now lets see what happens when I sing this outside the Eminem vs National Party courtcase in Wellington next week – tehehehehe.  Dont’ you just love art and freedom.


Wherefore Art Thou ACC – rapped to I’m A Soldier – EMINEM

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

No matter how you phrase it the law tells me the rules
It’s meant for my interpretation you bureaucratic fools
The times I’ve used the law before I haven’t need help
But now I am incapable of fighting for myself

Don’t tell me I am wrong I’ve read it in the act
How ACC are their for us why do you ignore that fact
You come and clean my toilet to get me on my feet
But when I ask for help with parenting you tell me not to bleat

No matter how far down the cliff I’ve gone I’m never far enough
Until I lose my sanity things gunna be real tough
I want to scream it in your face I tried with mental health
But I know you just won’t listen because I have no wealth

I am a body and a mind no more important than the other
I don’t deserve this treatment it just keeps me in the gutter
Cause I had no status in your eyes cause I was just a student
Its a case of human rights abuse to you its fiscally prudent

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

And as I sing this rap I feel better about myself
I’m not a wasted loser just a product of ignorance
I don’t have cuts and bruises legs not severed at the thigh
And I never got the help I needed keep on asking why

The blood pools all around me drips from every piece of art
What does a person do with such a badly broken heart
Every time I ask for help it gets increasingly harder
Rejection’s like a hunters knife giving deep wounds to my mana

I’m filled with toxic shame a festering type of wound
But all you wanna give me are drugs to change my mood
It seems so obvious to me what needs to be done
Treat the mentally injured the same as anyone

Ignore me at your peril I’m not about to go away
I will demand that you obey the law
And stop – this – twisted – game you play

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC