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Red Tape Whores – JR Murphy

I’m now a general for the rebellion
In the red tape wars
Earned in years of battles
With you red tape whores

You treat me like I’m slaving class
You don’t help me to my feet
You certainly don’t walk beside me
Or give me the rehab that I seek

To defeat you miserable bastards
One thing that keeps me going
To exact my revenge
Then see a new wheel turning

Watch you squirm as a Royal Commission
Starts looking up your arse
Watch you squirm as it is revealed
The boundaries you did pass

You disempower every person
Who’s part of your torture wheel
You disempower damaged souls
You won’t let them heal

You disregard the laws
You disregard the facts
You disregard a person’s beliefs
You create the cracks

Into which the broken hearted fall
We who should be loved the most
You drag us into your red tape war
Tie us to your whipping post

To all casualties of the war
Those driven insane by the red tape whores
Disregard the miserable bastards
Let’s break down those padlocked doors

To The End

I won – ACC are going to reinstate my care

My new ACC claims manager at the remote claims unit phoned me on Tuesday and said everything is going to be restored as it was in 2009 (with some changes to accommodate my change of circumstances – which I suggested).  I couldn’t speak, then kept asking if it was true, then couldn’t stop crying and had to get her to phone back in a couple of days.

Alan Doris is going to be asked to assess me again and be my psychiatrist, they were talking like health professionals instead of lawyers.  I am freaking out, bulimia bad, ticking bad, suicidal and self-harm thoughts not too bad but creep up on me.  My brain is finding it difficult to accept it, been banging my bloodied head on their brick wall for so long.  Also I have been close to getting care before and had it taken away so don’t trust them.

Police have been great and protesting through the courts has obviously been successful, guarantee you ACC got told by the Ministry of Justice to provide me care – bit embarrassing having someone like me in the courtroom.  Sent a pretty scathing letter to the courts about my situation and demanded they do something about it.

Struggling with study, had to drop economics paper, need a tutor, fkn ACC should be paying for this support.  Got a job up on Student Job Search.  Now hopefully the long road back to ‘normal’ 13 years I have been fighting them in total for this care.

Have started a diary about what happens.

I see the troll has been leaving lots of messages, which I don’t intend to read – hasn’t she been proved wrong – you wonder what sort of sick person has the time to intimidate, insult and degrade a disabled person fighting for care.  She bleats on a lot about me getting arrested, but police have been great and helped me out with several issues, giving me tips on what time of day to get arrested so I won’t be held in the cells overnight etc.  Following up on complaints and making sure my file has notes on it about dealing with me.