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NZ Neo-liberals are corrupt, they purposely cause violence & addiction in society

I’ve had an epiphany after reading George Irvin’s book about the Super Rich and rise of inequality in developed countries, except the 5 Nordic countries.

I am so so angry, also after watching Campbell Live last night and those revolting parole board members, degrading and grilling that poor man.  Neo-liberals knew cutting taxes to the rich, making the poor pay more tax, driving manufacturing jobs overseas, then cutting large amounts of welfare and healthcare to the poorest people was going to cause crime, violence, addiction, stealing, deaths (suicides and murders) and serious dysfunction in society – they did it anyway.  The Nordic countries never did, they kept high taxes to the wealthy and good safety nets for the poor and disabled.  They kept their standards of living, they are some of the most peaceful countries on earth – while New Zealand’s has slipped more than any other country in the world.  We are a divided nation full of dissension envy, hatred, poverty, homelessness, broken families, broken people – where the educated and rich despise the uneducated and poor (I am currently doing papers at Victoria I can show you proof of this bigotry in power point slides).

Lately I keep thinking of the National Anthem and how those words are a promise and part of the Constitution of this country.  YEAH RIGHT!

I am definitely going to be writing to John Campbell and each one of those parole board members and voicing my disgust at the part they are playing in persecuting victims of a cruel immoral corrupt neo-liberal political agenda financed by the super rich.  That man on the television was the perfect example of a statistic – he would not have been in jail 30 years ago, he would have been working in the Railways, living in a railways house, raising his family and enjoying what our environment has to offer.  If New Zealand had continued with High Taxes and good welfare, health and justice provision where would we be now?  I GUARANTEE YOU WE WOULD HAVE THE SAME SOCIAL STATISTICS AND ECONOMIC STABILITY (GOVT WEALTH) as the Nordic countries are enjoying.

We would have $20/hr minimum wage, we would have 33 hour working week, we would be innovators in eco-science, sustainability and a leading example of social functioning to the world.  We were going that way until our government was corrupted and we were all brainwashed into believing neo-liberalism was the only way.  ACTUALLY WE WERE CONNED, and the people that did it are running our country still, they’re in parliament, in the public service and in our judiciary.

Yesterday Shane was going on and on about the Saudi sheep and how the government are paying this creep out for loss of profits when we stopped live sheep exports years ago.  If the government can pay out one man $millions then they can pay me out for cutting tariffs, cutting taxes to the rich and cutting services and professional health care to people in New Zealand.  They can pay me out for deregulation and free-trade on a scale seen nowhere else in the world.  “Paul Ormerod in his book Death of Economics said  – NZ went from being one of the most highly regulated countries in the world to one of the most unregulated.  Something no other country would have dared for fear of political suicide….”

I am definitely going to find out how to take a case to the High Court as a lay-person, I am going to challenge the government on paying out to this man for being offended, but they won’t pay out to a suicidal sexual abuse victim they have been persecuting and denying entitlements to for the past 13 years.  I am going to test this in court, going to use the law to fuck up the judiciary if I possibly can and all the way through it make sure I have the UN watching how things unfold.  I know I have a legal and moral case for them to answer, this is going to be fun (in a twisted sort of way – keeps the brain occupied.  tehehehe (I’m a red tape whore and its a red tape war.)

I might do some research into what each citizen in New Zealand was worth in 1979 (taking into consideration we owned all the power companies, railways, telecommunications etc).  I know for a fact each citizen now OWES $15,000 that the government has borrowed against them to pay for running our country – BECAUSE OF COURSE THE GREEDY DISGUSTING SUPER FKN RICH DON’T WANT TO!

I believe Kiwis trusted the people leading, our country, they gave Roger Douglas a knighthood for Gods sake.  How could you give someone who has destroyed our culture, our peace and our Gods Own way of life a knighthood – these people in charge have gone mad.  We also trusted that our media would be honest and our politicians and their advisers would be honest, honourable and have integrity –  WE WERE WRONG.

After watching Campbell Live last night I then watched Poldark and the similarities in what the rich/powerful people looked like and the contempt they had for the poor was so similar to today I was horrified.  Also the recent WWI bullshit just reminded me the lesson from all of that unnecessary death and destruction was DON’T TRUST THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE – THEY’RE IN IT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR WELFARE OR YOUR LIFE!

I am going to chalk this stuff and write poetry about this epiphany.

Woke up this morning crying, not a good sign, my heart was breaking – ACC are taking months to get this meeting with Alan Doris sorted, let alone getting all the care reinstated, am barely keeping it together – hope nothing bad happens.  I am sure they are doing this on purpose?  I told them on the first day it was urgent, that was almost two months ago now – my poor psyche is struggling to cope.  Bulimia back, trying to keep moving, keep focused on fighting back, stay alive.  I wonder how any of these revolting people could understand what it is like to try and function when you are suicidal, when on a bad day you can be assaulted with thoughts of suicide for hours on end.  Complex PTSD is a serious life-threatening disorder and I have to remember that, it is only my knowledge of psychology and how my disability operates that has kept me alive.

I have been harmed by those corrupt neo-liberals stopping all my care under ACC in 2009, I am going to sue those mother fkrs.  I can prove they purposely caused me harm, that is illegal in a civilized society (did you know there is a UN document that sets out what a civilized society is – I should post it here).

Kia kaha all my friends.

Time to stand up, time to shout, at the whole world – YOU’RE FKD

Time to stand up, time to shout at the whole world – GET FKD

Lance O’Sullivan – WAKE UP! Don’t blame the victims of our cruel corrupt govt

Grrr just saw what Lance O’Sullivan has said about getting young children out of dysfunctional homes and I am so so angry.  From the sounds of it every one of those dysfunctional families is full of victims of abuse, which makes them the responsibility of ACC and the NZ government.  Blaming them for dysfunction that I know is borne of neglect and trauma is disgusting.

I know for a fact these people are not receiving huge amounts of treatment, care rehabilitation and justice under ACC law.  Then there is the lack of legal representation and justice, on top of often being in substandard inappropriate unsafe housing – housing disabled people (which these people are) is the responsibility of the government under law.  Currently ACC, health and welfare agencies are violating UN Disability laws, Human Rights and Civil and Political Rights as well.  They are also violating Bill of Rights, Health, Disability and Human Rights laws.

We would not be having these issues if we had a country like we did 30 years ago, like the currently successful – HAPPY – Nordic countries like Denmark are enjoying.  No instead we have GPs coming out with rubbish like this – and he is so influential.  Just another reason for the self-righteous rich bigots of NZ to despise the poor and vulnerable.

I also can’t see how this approach follows Whare Tapa Wha, I thought it was a cultural thing to spend time with your children when they were young.

All I see are a group of abused children, who are now dysfunctional adults, due to 30 years of neo-liberals cutting services and care to the poorest most vulnerable people while advancing the wants of the rich.

I am ashamed and disgusted in what this country has become.

I am trying to get hold of Susie Nordqvist – the journalist who did the story – but you know journalists they don’t make it easy.  Have sent a comment through the TV3 website extremely critical of O’Sullivan and explaining what people are entitled to.  I want to meet with O’Sullivan and show him what people are entitled to and not getting!

Check out my solutions page – that company I created is what people are entitled to – so why aren’t they getting it.  Why has so much been shut down, especially those providing care to abused women and children.  Our government is corrupt and those people working in ACC, mental health and welfare who are perpetrating this gross miscarriage of just are not better than NAZIs.

Sitting beside me is my copy of the Human Rights Act 1993  Part 1A – Discrimination by Government, related persons and bodies, or persons or bodies acting with legal authority.

20J   Acts or omissions in relation to which this Part applies

(1)   This part applies only in relation to an act or omission of a person or body referred to in section 3 of NZ Bill of Rights Act 1999 (See my Bill of Rights Page) namely-

(a)  the legislative, executive or judicial branch of Government of New Zealand; or

(b) a person or body in the performance of any public function, power or duty conferred or imposed on that person or body by or pursuant to law.

What this means folks is if disabled mentally injured and mentally ill people are not being given the health care and justice they are entitled to under the law then that is against the law and punishable by criminal law (Section 157 of the Crimes Act to be precise).

How can the intelligent people in New Zealand let this go on – there is no way I am the only one who knows this stuff – I wonder how many journalists know it and refuse or are not allowed to deal with it.

I am going to go to an international news agency, the only way our news media and government are going to deal with this is a wakeup from outside.  Aussie journalists are always up for a good reason to put NZ down and fight the good fight.


Why Am I Arrested – poem dedicated to Times-Age, Masterton

Times Age Why Am I Arrested


Why am I arrested for being disabled
Why am I ignored when my injury is clear
Why am I censored for fighting back with my art
Why am I cut off from life saving care

Who decided arrested was right
Who decided ignorance was fair
Who decided my art required censorship
Who decided this pain I could bear

What right do they have to discriminate
What truth do they have to fear
What right do they have to neglect
What truth do they not want to hear

When will I be normal again
When will mental health take due care
When will I be allowed to exhibit
When will my people hear

How has this become so twisted
How do I bring justice to bear
How do I hold those hypocrites to account
How do I cope through my fears
How do I cope through my tears
How do I cope through my fears


After not publishing anything about my appearance in court for being trespassed/arrested and protesting at the hospital about mental health services, I wanted to prove just how biased, ignorant and unprofessional the Wairarapa Times Age really is.  Was outside doing this chalking for over 30 minutes and nobody came out – had people talking to me, two council people gave me a hard time – and I gave it right back.  Told them I was allowed online casino to do this under the Bill of Rights in a free country and I had already talked to the council about not taking it off, the woman kept asking who I talked to.  I asked them what they were afraid of.

When I started talking about people dying, suffering, committing suicide, living in poverty, with unstable housing and not enough to eat, the woman told me this was nothing to do with that – I MADE SURE SHE KNEW IT DEFINITELY WAS.  I got upset, but never got off my knees to stop chalking.  The guy got it, he got the dreadful woman away before she got me even more upset and into the nitty gritty of why I was there.  Went past about an hour later and it was still there, so hopefully they”ve decided to leave it.

Had a friend supporting me, which was good for a change.  After I chalked it felt like I needed to do more so started singing it, full voice towards the Times Age.  Heaps of cars around the whole time, people seeing what was going on – bet you they will be looking to see if it is in the paper – bet you it won”t be.

This is not considered a news item in a town like Masterton – when a local activist chalks poetry on the footpath about being arrested and having her art censored, when she talks about appauling and abusive mental health services.  I might make a complaint to the Press Council, just cause I can – it won”t work, but it might make these bigots think about what they are doing.

I hope lots of Wairarapa people read this – people have got to stop ignoring this gross miscarriage of justice and censoring what I am doing and saying about it.

Times-Age is neo-liberal and relies on National party voting farmers and business people to keep going – there is no way they are going to upset them by telling them the truth.  I am ashamed and disgusted in the community I come from.


Letter to New Zealand Defence Force – do not take up arms against the poor

5 November 2013


Mr Rhys Jones
NZ Defence Force
Defence Force House
Aitken Street


Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to you with great concern about the recent and coming military exercises aimed at our most desperate and vulnerable people?


I am a political activist trying to get the health care and justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human, civil and political rights laws.  I live in the darklands of this hell hole country, the human sewage of society rotting on welfare, degraded, isolated, ostracized, neglected, psychologically tortured, victimized and oppressed.  (Yes I do know what these words mean, I have a dictionary.)


When I read the newspaper report that the military exercises in the Wairarapa had the scenario of taking up arms against desperate New Zealand citizens I was horrified.  I know many people who pray and fight every day for a social and economic revolution in this country, myself included.  Where the politicians are removed from office for corruption, the rich are made to pay their fair share and all people benefit from society.  My culture is that of an egalitarian ideal for New Zealand society, something the neo-liberal right-wing took away without my consent.


My life is dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of traumatised people (especially the sexually abused) by the NZ government and corrupted health services.  There is huge evidence of abuse with medication by mental health services.  In the Wairarapa we have the highest rate of compulsory treatment orders – which of course means forced drugging.  I have avoided this form of abuse, because taking these drugs is also against my religious and ethical beliefs, by not interacting with mental health services.  This of course stops me from getting any professional health care, it is just a war of words.  (I can’t help thinking the Serbian psychiatrist, Dr Karmenica, at Masterton hospital who I know to be incompetent has something to do with this, anybody checked where this man came from – wasn’t there a Serbian war criminal who was a psychiatrist?)


Check out my internet sites, utube /jrmurphypoet.  My albums page on facebook gives a photographic history of my more recent protests.  I am also a poet, singer and songwriter, check out The Black Book on my website.

 I get threatened enough by the police for my protests, they want to strip me naked under their ‘mental health’ policy – its sick.  Now you want to train soldiers to hunt down and take by force people rebelling against our cruel and immoral government and over 30 years of austerity for the poorest and affluence for the richest.  Please help me understand how this is legal?

 Please give me an hour of your time to explain further what I know, it is human rights year of making your voice heard.  Nobody seems to hear me unless I am sitting across from them, especially the leaders of this revolting country.

 I am also concerned at the navy exercises New Zealand and the USA are about to do.  It is obvious to me these are designed to deal with those protesters who ignore the ban on protesting at sea about deep sea oil drilling.  What are you doing, these people have legitimate concerns/fears, protesting in this manner is a cultural and civil right, the law our corrupt government made is not legal.  The Bill of Rights Act and UN Declaration on Civil and Political rights are superior to protesting at sea legislation National put in place.  This is why we have these laws, to protect the people and the planet from these greedy, corrupt politicians and others.

 It feels surreal that I am writing a letter like this, but I what else can I do.  I know you are leaving this job soon but I hope you will still meet with me and give me some answers, some assurances, some avenues to get this issue looked at in future, something?

 I find it extremely intimidating that the New Zealand Defence Force would be doing military exercises aimed at violently stopping me from exercising my rights.  There will be a social and economic revolution, it is inevitable from what I am witnessing on the internet, and I intend to be a part of it in any way I can.  Which I hope like JF Kennedy said “….Will be peaceful if we are wise enough”. 

What do you think desperate and passionate people are going to do if the government brings out the military to oppress people’s guaranteed freedoms/rights, when they have unstable or substandard housing and little food.  You are supposed to be honourable people, honest and stand up for right and justice.  The very idea you would take up arms against disabled, poor and desperate people like myself is shocking – aren’t you supposed to abide by the bible and the Queen as head of the church.  You are either on the side of good or bad, suppressing desperate people the government is persecuting is bad, just in case you didn’t realise.

You may have seen me protesting outside ACC occasionally, I’m quite loud, I also chalk on the footpath and often have the police called on me because I tell the truth and they don’t like it (I been repeatedly arrested and detained but never been prosecuted – it is a form of intimidation).  Until me and thousands of other abuse victims get the health care and justice they are entitled to under New Zealand and international law I will not stop my protests or trying to speak to people like yourself.  In fact they will probably escalate, I have already taken to civil disobedience and intend to continue with that until the truth about what is going on in this country is revealed and dealt with.

Please tell the government you will not take up arms against the poorest, most vulnerable and desperate people in New Zealand.  This is New Zealand in the 21st century, there are laws to protect its citizens against corrupt and immoral governments – tell me again how I get the protection of these laws – I’ve been trying for four years with no success. 

I look forward to your urgent reply.


Yours sincerely


Letter to NZ police

30 April 2015

 NZ Police



 Dear Sir/Madam,


Can you please clarify something for me regarding my wilful trespass charges.  I have been told police are considering withdrawing the charges, when I was lead to believe police had no choice in charging me. I had assumed the CEO/DHB were pressing charges.


When I am arrested, I am read my rights – under Bill of Rights.  Under Bill of Rights it is also my right to protest however I choose and Wilful Trespass laws cannot be misused to censor my protests, so long as I don’t swear or threaten people (which would be a different criminal act).  When I have been arrested in the past I have cited the Bill of Rights and told police they should not arrest me, I was told they were forced to. 


If the police have the discretion not to proceed with the Wilful Trespass charges, why have they?  Police have dropped charges before and I was very upset about not having my dispute put before a judge.  I am again upset about being dragged through court, living on bail and having varying degrees of traumatising to helpful interactions with police.  Please remember I am protesting about violence/abuse/neglect being perpetrated by the authorities against abused, disabled and mentally ill people like myself.


Police are supposed to protect people’s right to protest not oppress it.  These are serious issues I protest about and they require a strong response.   I have made complaints of this discrimination to the Human Rights Commission without success, I have done everything possible within my capabilities to have this gross miscarriage of justice addressed, to no avail. Protesting is my only avenue for self-expression and I do not intend to stop my protests, including at the hospital.


I want this to go to court so we can establish once and for all if public servants can use the Trespass Act enforced by police to stop my political protests.  From my knowledge of the law I do not believe they can and if police have discretion then ethically they should follow the Bill of Rights and refuse to get involved, or more correctly protect my right to protest.


Can we please sort this out prior to the court date of 19 August?  Can we get a judge to decide if the Bill of Rights applies in this situation, how?  I want this over as soon as I can, not dragged out for months.  I want to know I can protest how I think is the most effective and self-expressive, not how the people who are challenged by what I say want.


I look forward to your reply, please phone me if possible 027…..


Yours sincerely


Kill Me Quick

I’m a completely worthless waste of air
You chose a government that’s cruel not fair
Every National voter should kill me quick
Living life so degraded is sick

My story’s rejected by those on show
I’m rejected because of the things I know
My heart bleeds for all those bad things done
By people who say you deserve no-one

My kids have to live with a useless parent
Someone so worthless, well that’s apparent
10 years left rotting on welfare
Cause it’s not fiscally prudent to provide health care

Running round and round on their torture wheel
Getting whipped and beaten, so how do you heal
And when I tell someone of my plight
They attack me – LIKE I PICKED THIS FIGHT!

Every National voter must take the blame
For violent & suicide, our nation’s shame
For all those abused who get inadequate care
For those that hurt them the lion’s share

You find it abhorant those that abuse
Yet for those they’ve hurt, it’s neglect that you choose
Although our laws spell out the road
You leave us writhing under this heavy load

Nobody takes responsibility it’s true
Not the worker, the boss, politician, not you
You assure those at the top get money and praise
While those at the bottom you persecute degrade

God defend New Zealand
God defend our free land
From neo-liberal extremists now running this place
Who’ve turned New Zealand into a fucking disgrace