Letter to New Zealand Defence Force – do not take up arms against the poor

5 November 2013


Mr Rhys Jones
NZ Defence Force
Defence Force House
Aitken Street


Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to you with great concern about the recent and coming military exercises aimed at our most desperate and vulnerable people?


I am a political activist trying to get the health care and justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human, civil and political rights laws.  I live in the darklands of this hell hole country, the human sewage of society rotting on welfare, degraded, isolated, ostracized, neglected, psychologically tortured, victimized and oppressed.  (Yes I do know what these words mean, I have a dictionary.)


When I read the newspaper report that the military exercises in the Wairarapa had the scenario of taking up arms against desperate New Zealand citizens I was horrified.  I know many people who pray and fight every day for a social and economic revolution in this country, myself included.  Where the politicians are removed from office for corruption, the rich are made to pay their fair share and all people benefit from society.  My culture is that of an egalitarian ideal for New Zealand society, something the neo-liberal right-wing took away without my consent.


My life is dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of traumatised people (especially the sexually abused) by the NZ government and corrupted health services.  There is huge evidence of abuse with medication by mental health services.  In the Wairarapa we have the highest rate of compulsory treatment orders – which of course means forced drugging.  I have avoided this form of abuse, because taking these drugs is also against my religious and ethical beliefs, by not interacting with mental health services.  This of course stops me from getting any professional health care, it is just a war of words.  (I can’t help thinking the Serbian psychiatrist, Dr Karmenica, at Masterton hospital who I know to be incompetent has something to do with this, anybody checked where this man came from – wasn’t there a Serbian war criminal who was a psychiatrist?)


Check out my internet sites, www.jrmurphypoet.comwww.facebook.com/jrmurphypoetmusicianwww.twitter.com/jrmurphypoet utube /jrmurphypoet.  My albums page on facebook gives a photographic history of my more recent protests.  I am also a poet, singer and songwriter, check out The Black Book on my website.

 I get threatened enough by the police for my protests, they want to strip me naked under their ‘mental health’ policy – its sick.  Now you want to train soldiers to hunt down and take by force people rebelling against our cruel and immoral government and over 30 years of austerity for the poorest and affluence for the richest.  Please help me understand how this is legal?

 Please give me an hour of your time to explain further what I know, it is human rights year of making your voice heard.  Nobody seems to hear me unless I am sitting across from them, especially the leaders of this revolting country.

 I am also concerned at the navy exercises New Zealand and the USA are about to do.  It is obvious to me these are designed to deal with those protesters who ignore the ban on protesting at sea about deep sea oil drilling.  What are you doing, these people have legitimate concerns/fears, protesting in this manner is a cultural and civil right, the law our corrupt government made is not legal.  The Bill of Rights Act and UN Declaration on Civil and Political rights are superior to protesting at sea legislation National put in place.  This is why we have these laws, to protect the people and the planet from these greedy, corrupt politicians and others.

 It feels surreal that I am writing a letter like this, but I what else can I do.  I know you are leaving this job soon but I hope you will still meet with me and give me some answers, some assurances, some avenues to get this issue looked at in future, something?

 I find it extremely intimidating that the New Zealand Defence Force would be doing military exercises aimed at violently stopping me from exercising my rights.  There will be a social and economic revolution, it is inevitable from what I am witnessing on the internet, and I intend to be a part of it in any way I can.  Which I hope like JF Kennedy said “….Will be peaceful if we are wise enough”. 

What do you think desperate and passionate people are going to do if the government brings out the military to oppress people’s guaranteed freedoms/rights, when they have unstable or substandard housing and little food.  You are supposed to be honourable people, honest and stand up for right and justice.  The very idea you would take up arms against disabled, poor and desperate people like myself is shocking – aren’t you supposed to abide by the bible and the Queen as head of the church.  You are either on the side of good or bad, suppressing desperate people the government is persecuting is bad, just in case you didn’t realise.

You may have seen me protesting outside ACC occasionally, I’m quite loud, I also chalk on the footpath and often have the police called on me because I tell the truth and they don’t like it (I been repeatedly arrested and detained but never been prosecuted – it is a form of intimidation).  Until me and thousands of other abuse victims get the health care and justice they are entitled to under New Zealand and international law I will not stop my protests or trying to speak to people like yourself.  In fact they will probably escalate, I have already taken to civil disobedience and intend to continue with that until the truth about what is going on in this country is revealed and dealt with.

Please tell the government you will not take up arms against the poorest, most vulnerable and desperate people in New Zealand.  This is New Zealand in the 21st century, there are laws to protect its citizens against corrupt and immoral governments – tell me again how I get the protection of these laws – I’ve been trying for four years with no success. 

I look forward to your urgent reply.


Yours sincerely


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