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Lawless Mongrels

Lawless mongrels in the studio
Lawless mongrels in a suit
Lawless mongrels talking bullshit
No matter who gets hurt

Lawless mongrels running countries
Lawless mongrels our MPs
Lawless mongrels in the media
Paper, radio and TVs

Lawless mongrels in the boardroom
Lawless mongrels up the street
Lawless mongrels in our government
Demonising poor beneath their feet

Lawless mongrels are those with power
Lawless mongrels with cash the ones
Lawless mongrels aren’t those out here
Our cruel society now shuns


John Edward Spencer – a loyal and true West Coaster

For many years he delivered stuff, trucked and carried it made him tough
Moving dirt, diging holes, Rapahoe to collect the coal
In the hopper, fill the sack, stack the truck, then on his back
Sewell, Revell, Brittain, Weld, through Hokitika, down Kaniere Road
Three bags or more it was hard, as a hundred bags could leave the yard

He always sung in the shower, he always sung with lots of power
Then one day we taped him in it, entered a competition and he won it
Weddings, parties, special days, Spence would sing with heart always
Dow the phone to grandkids, restless babies in their cribs

In his 40s he took to dramas, like Carousel and Oaklahoma
Singing Rambling Rose, Danny Boy, show songs and When A Child Is Born

Blokes in sheds, men in caves, he tried to fill them to the eaves
Wood for miles of all kinds, Totara, Rimu, Matai, Pine
Motorbike parts, lots of tools, big machines, three dozen files
He’d see a bargain and could not resist, his sheds were big and it would fit
Bolts and washers, nails and screws, ropes and showers, chimney flues
And in amongst it he would squeeze, his latest car if you please

Whitebaiting’s something most coasters do, Spence was usually there too
In recent times he lived for the season, feeding friends and family and cash the reason
Rowed his boat to his posey, between dawn and dusk he made the journey
Fished away the day in the beauty there, a weka nicked his lunchtime fare
Most fishermen exaggerate their catch, not whitebaiters, they’re to clever for that
And now we can reveal the truth, of what he caught he told you only half

Many remember him in his chair, in front of telly, sleeping there
When told you’re snoring louder than TV, he’d wake and say. “No it wasn’t me.”
For many years fires he did fight, the siren would sound and he’d take flight
There were good times for family too, Xmas parties, hangi’s, doo’s
Now we’re here to farewell this man, from near and far they’ve gathered ’round
Reminisce and celebrate John Edward Spencer, a loyal and true West Coaster.



Support my fight 4 justice – GiveALittle – Speak Truth to Power

Have managed to get a Give A Little page up and running, cause I need those people who support what I do and how I do it to help fund my activism, poetry, art, challenges to law, etc and take some of the pressures of poverty off my shoulders.

With your help we can change the world for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our beautiful country and other places.

I have called it a fight for professional health care because I know what people are currently receiving doesn’t even follow health models or a dozen different health, welfare and justice laws (both NZ and United Nations laws).

Kia kaha to all those who understand and live this nightmare.

Kia kaha to all those who understand and don’t know how to stop what is happening.

Kia kaha to all those who don’t really understand, have decent lives but know what’s happening is wrong.

Kia kaha to all those police, justice and political people I talk to who feel powerless and tell me there is nothing they can do, even when they know I am right.

Kia kaha to us all   – Jayne

Unequal Uneconomy

On Parliament steps I sit and I cry
Someone stops, sits and hugs me, says I understand why

My cloak is a sign begging Please Help Me God
Those cruel that work here, do what for a job?

A police car glides past, my body tenses in fear
Will I be violently arrested, then my complaints they’ll not hear

They care not in the beehive for the broken-hearted in pain
When the desperation for care overwhelms my traumatised brain

People getting paid to support politicians so cruel
Deny abused women and children, create suicide rocket fuel

To my left here are libraries with all the knowledge they need
There’s a church with a book I suggest that they read

Surrounding this place are four courts of law
District High Appeal and Supreme are all flawed

When it’s the government torturing you, neglecting you too
There are no lawyers, no judges, no justice for you

You’re forced to beg on hands and knees in the street
To write desperate words at rich people’s fee

For wanting and needing the care that laws say
When they won’t follow the rules there’s nothing left but to pray

Why don’t the media report on such stuff
About exposing the truth when we’ve all had enough

Because cruel people with jobs, freedom, power and money
Cruel people being heard created this unequal uneconomy

Where once we all prospered under leaders who cared
Neo-liberals took over, now nothing is spared

Not the law, not the truth, not the people, not our sanity
Not the planet, our culture, our freedom, our humanity.

Never enD

The Science of strong vs weak in our societies

Was reading through an excellent book by Bessel van der Kolk and others called Traumatic Stress – The Effects of Overwhelming Experience on Mind Body and Society.  Written in the 1980s, I discovered it during my studies at Massey in 2006.  This is what our world leaders, governments, health professionals and judiciary know about trauma and violence – which is why I know they are corrupt and uncivilized – you don’t ignore science when dealing with these issues, you learn from it and react accordingly so you DON’T perpetuate it.  Was going to just write out a couple of paragraphs but felt I needed to do more of it.  Anybody interested should get hold of the book though, its brilliant, true, ignored and brilliant.

NOTE: I don’t intend to proof read or correct spelling, so excuse any typos.

Trauma and Its Challenge to Society

“Shell shock.  How many a brief bombardment had its long-delayed after-effect in the minds of these survivors.  Not then was their evil hour, but now; now, in the sweating suffocation of nightmare, in paralysis of limbs, in the stammering of dislocated speech.  In the name of civilisation these soldiers had been martyred and it remained for civilisation to prove that their martyrdom wasn’t a dirty swindle.

Siegfried Sassoon WWI solider and poet –

People have always gathered in communities and organisations for aid in dealing with outside challenges.  They seek close emotional relationships with others in order to elp them anticipate, meet, and integrate difficult experiences.  Emotional attachment is probably the primary protection against feelings of helplessness and meaninglessness; it is essential for biological survival in children and without it, existential meaning is unthinkable in adtults.  For young children, the family is usually a very effective sources of protection against traumatization and most children are amazingly resilient as long as they have a caregiver who is emotionally and physically available.  Mature people also rely on their families, colleagues and friends to provide such a protective membrane.  In recognition of this need for affiliation as a protection against trauma, it is widely accepted that the central issue in disaster management is provision and restoration of social support.


When people’s own resources are depleted, outside help needs to be mobilized to compensate for their helplessness.  During acute trauma, the social environment tends to respond with generosity; from tribal mourning ceremonies to Red Cross disaster relief, every society seems to have evolved social and religious structures that are geared to helping acutely distressed people until they can resume looking after themselves.  External validation about the reality of a traumatic experience in a safe and supportive context is a vital aspect of preventing and treating post traumatic stress. However, the creation of such a context for recovery can become very complicated when the psychological needs of victims and the needs of their social network conflict.  When victims’ helplessness persists (as in Complex, Chronic and Compounding PTSD, or when the trauma is secret, forbidden, or unacceptable (as in intrafamilial abuse or government-sanctioned violence), the trauma is unlikely to result in the mobilization of external resources, in restitution, or in the meting out of justice.  Because of the lack of validation and support, traumatic memories are more likely to continue to prey on the victims’ minds and to be expressed as anger, withdrawal or otherwise disrupted and disrupting behaviours.

(Personal note:  Really unwell at the moment, can’t stick at one thing for too long so going to post what I’ve typed, go and make some biscuits etc, then come back to it.)



Complaint about New Zealand Judge refusing information

Did you know you can make a complaint about a judge and I have, bet you he doesn’t see this coming – tehehehehe.  Plus have a couple of guerrilla protest missions planned where I will be arrested 🙂 just before Xmas


This is a formal complaint about Mr Davidson, a judge at Wellington District Court who has just refused to provide me with CCTV footage of my appearance in court on 5 November related to a legal protest I did at ACC.


I don’t know how to attach the emails to this document so I will forward the relevant emails to this address separately.


In Mr Davidson’s decision 2. No sensible basis put forward to justify trolling through CCTV records and request denied.


Oxford definition of Sensible = 1. wise and prudent; having or showing common sense.


I find it extremely offensive to suggest that I am not wise or prudent and have no common sense.   I have a psychiatric report by Justin Barry-Walshe that says I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional.  Those people who know me and why I fight for justice through the courts for disabled people with mental health issues, consider me extremely knowledgeable, they know my biggest concern is the future of our country and its people.  The also know I am a common person (unlike the judge who is part of wealthy powerful elite) and represent far larger numbers of people in this country than Mr Davidson does.


The information on the CCTV footage is important evidence in my case of violation of the most basic premise of our legal system – that rich and poor are treated equally before the law.   Laws Mr Davidson himself directed me to in his judgement of 23 June 2015 and the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988.


It will also form part of my case of discrimination, medical neglect, unlawful standards of care, failure to protect from injury or provide necessaries of life, torture (severe mental suffering) and psychological abuse by the NZ government, achieved through various agencies and corrupted processes.  I also requested from Mr Davidson statements from witnesses to my severe traumatic response prior to my court appearance which he has refused to even acknowledge.


I gave Mr Davidson the exact times and date where this information was held, so it would hardly have been ‘trolling’ through CCTV footage.


I am preparing a case to go to the United Nations on torture – although I realise this has to go through the Attorney-General who is a part of a government that  perpetuates and increases this torture of me and those in similar situations to me, Mr Finlayson is a Christian and I believe given the case I have he will allow the complaint to go to the United Nations to rule on under the Optional Protocol.


This information about my inability to represent myself adequately due to my disability is also important for police complaints I have made. Along with other complaints to various justice organisations and powerful individuals  I am approaching begging for help to end this radicalised capitalist nightmare for some of New Zealand’s most persecuted disabled minorities, such as myself.  What is currently happening in New Zealand is a violation of my culture, local and international laws.


In my email to the court I request a judge allocate me a lawyer to help me, Mr Davidson’s response is to advise me to make legal submissions I am unable to make.  The court services manager then advises me to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or my local Community Law Centre.  Having been fighting for justice many years and having contacted both of these organisations many times, I know FOR A FACT that they cannot help me in any way to get a lawyer to represent me.  CAB is only a referral agency, who would refer me to Community Law Centre.  Community Law Centre do not show people how to represent themselves in court or how to complete, file and serve papers.  Their advice to me is always the same, you need a lawyer, which of course I know, however I cannot get a lawyer they are either busy, do not do legal aid work or do not have the expertise to represent me.


It is of considerable concern to me that a judge is unaware that the current legal environment denies people such as myself access to legal representation for my complaints of harm by the NZ government and protection of my rights to non-violent protest about this immoral gross miscarriage of justice.


It is also necessary to understand the IMPORTANCE this request for information is to me and those in similar situations to me, who I am also trying to help.  This is a life and death situation, one person spending time retrieving CCTV footage of me in court is extremely insignificant compared to what this information is required for.


It is important to understand that I have used every formal process of complaint to get the health care, welfare and justice services I am entitled to under the law.  My protests are the only avenue left and according to the law I have a right to express myself in any way I choose that is non-violent, so to be persecuted (Persecute = subject to prolonged hostility and ill treatment) by the justice system for these legal protests is extremely serious.  There are also international laws that protect Civil Society Actors and I expect these to be adhered to in a civil society that has signed human, disabled, civil and political rights documents.  I expect the Human Rights act to protect people like myself, not just promote human rights then sit back and watch people like myself be persecuted.


Another important aspect is the fact I am poor, due to the government being responsible for my welfare and providing me the necessaries of life as a disabled person (ie to have the resources to live with dignity permanently on welfare).  Any action that results in costing me money is persecution, as it denies me basic necessities – any sensible person would know you cannot live with dignity on $400 per week when your rent is $250 and there is no longer state housing available after years of illegal cuts.  They would also know making a person pay back legal aid of $10 per week for needing legal representation for protests about government abuse is immoral and persecution – I know it is also illegal.


As part of this complaint I would like to refer to Mr Davidson’s judgement of 23 June 2015 regarding my attempt at privately prosecuting Mr Key for criminal violations of my rights and denial of entitlements, the omission of which are dangerous to life.  Refer CRI-2015-035-000633 [2015] NZDC 11454  – I do not know how to attach a copy of this document to my email, however I assume this ruling is available to the Judicial Conduct Commission, if it is not please advise and I will post a copy.  He also shows bias in this decision when he calls my complaint an abuse of process, ignoring those parts of my submission that say clearly I do not know what I am doing and desperately need a lawyer.


It is important I have done this complaint correctly, so it is not dismissed on some technicality, if there is anything I have missed can I be advised by phone 0273040120 and email as I have communication impairments related to my disability that sometimes prevent me from opening emails.


Kia kaha to us all, yours sincerely,