Unprofessional corrupt behaviour of ACC, Wai mental health & Masterton Medical Dr


Professional treatment care and rehabilitation for Jayne Routhan – ACC sensitive claimant with compounding Complex PTSD as a result of sexual abuse and ongoing trauma through medical neglect and unsafe environmental conditions.




 I am writing this in response to the latest email from my doctor (now dismissed), who met with two of her Masterton Medical colleagues, ACC case manager Sarah Jones and Wairarapa mental health services representative Andrew Curtis-Cody to discuss my care and rehabilitation.


 These people have met and decided I am to receive a support worker (when none is available) and inpatient care at Ashburn Hall in Dunedin.  This meeting to decide on my rehabilitation does not follow professional health processes as it did not involve me, my psychiatrist or my counsellor.  My doctor did not advocate on my behalf and her email proves she does not understand my disability nor is she prepared to accommodate it as required.  They did not follow any professional health or rehabilitation models which makes this experimentation – experimenting on people is illegal under NZ Human Rights and international laws. 


 This rehabilitation plan they decided on also does not follow ACC social rehabilitation and other care requirements under the IPRCA and ACC Code of Claimants Rights.  It does not follow the Code of Claimants Rights that applies to health providers like doctors and mental health professionals.  It did not accommodate my cultural and religious beliefs as required by law (for example application of Whare Tapa Wha).


 This meeting to decide on my health care is also a violation of the two ACC reviews I have won to have my rehabilitation from 2009 reinstated.  This rehabilitation involved support in my community using a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals and community services, as well as a period of time in a mental health facility, as discussed and agreed with Dr Alan Doris.



People in New Zealand continually ask why so many suicides and why so many people with mental health issues are dysfunctional when there are so many services here……….  Pretty obvious from my statement above that what is there is unprofessional, corrupt and abusive, as I have repeatedly said.

Am preparing this for the local mayor who wants to find out what the hell is going on with ACC and others that I am in such a mess.  Finally I might have someone that can advance what I am saying – though trying not to get my hopes up.  Never trusted the doctor at Masterton Medical from when I first met her, I have heard of a new doctor in Carterton that is supposed to be very good, so will see if I can get in to him next week and change doctors.




3 thoughts on “Unprofessional corrupt behaviour of ACC, Wai mental health & Masterton Medical Dr

  1. michael

    I too have suffered at the hands of incompetent staff at wairarapa mental health in particular with Andrew Curtis Cody. I had a head injury that caused me to develop PTSD I also suffer from antisocial personality disorder which basicly ruined my marriage and other aspects of my life. Wairarapa MH refused to treat me with the only proven effective treatment which is Dialetical behavioral therapy. Treatment involves an inpatient admission to Te Whare Mahana which is a facility in Nelson. my G.P told M.H that I needed to go on the program, child youth and family said that in order for me to have a proper relationship with my children I would need to complete the course but still they refused. instead they opted for me to meet with Andrew Curtis Cody once a month to “check in” I stopped attending because all that would happen in these appointments was that Andrew would ask me how I am, I would say no change and he said o.k I’ll see you next month. that wa
    s a year or more ago.

  2. John barnes

    I remember Andrew Curtis – Cody from Porirua Hospital in 1989 approx . I recall he was a really arrogant, cocky and rude individual. Patronising and really full of himself. So nice to hear that he has matured and improved for the better over the past 30 years ! A Legend in UK & NZ services in his own grandiose mind……no doubt. Glad I spoke up even if so belatedly.

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      Hi John,

      Just saw this, sorry it got lost, please please tell me more – I’m gunna get that @#*!!!! if its the last thing I do. He has made Wairarapa No 1 for suicide in New Zealand.

      Has he had other complaints – that might help me??


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