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NZ Intiative (aka Business Round Table) – Neo-Liberal Terrorists

Havn’t posted for a while but been busy, lots of photos on my facebook page and comments about political issues.

Phoned Jason Krupp from NZ Initiative yesterday morning I was so angry about his research about immigration being good for ALL New Zealanders.  The man is a radicalised neo-liberal, wouldn’t listen to a thing I said about disabled people left in unsafe and unstable homes – many abused women and children.  Said he had the statistics to prove what he was saying – told him I was living this nightmare and so were a lot of people I knew – so his analysis was wrong.

Krupp hung up on me as soon as he could, for a think tank that is supposed to be educated he DID NOT want to hear what I had to say.  I phoned back several times to explain why I thought his organisation were like NAZIs by advocating abuses of human rights for vulnerable minorities.  Chris Hedges book WAges of Rebellion spelled out how NEO-LIBERAL (Libertarian) think tanks were the way rich pigs took over and started persecuting poor and advancing themselves.

I was nice to start with, just wanted him to know what was going on, when he reacted the way he did, I ramped it up a notch too and yes I swore.  Phoned back several times and was finally told I had threatened to kill them – WHICH I DEFINITELY HAD NOT, I’M AN ACTIVIST NOT A TERRORIST – and they were phoning the police.  Like I care, police will be on my side, they know I piss people off and some would love to say the things I do to the stuck up rich wankers and bitches, making their jobs harder and less rewarding (that exclude those arseholes in NZ police just in it for the power trip).

Phoned police and told them what had happened, so they didn’t waste their time looking up phone records and they knew I didn’t threaten violence – cause I never have.  Havn’t heard anything so that be the last of it hopefully.

Just been told their bullshit about Housing was on TV news last night – NZ Initiative being given heaps of coverage – fucking corrupt corporate criminals – fucking media.  Grrrrr  Going to chalk around Wellington about what I think of NZ Initiative and their horrendous ideas that have already caused so much unnecessary suffering and death.  All those people who belong to NZ Initiative are rich and will become richer if there more people in New Zealand – they don’t GAF about disabled and poor not having safe stable homes to live in or exploited workers.  They also want to make money out of the destruction of the most vulnerable in society.