Wairarapa Suicide Prevention Campaign – LIES and MARKETING

Abuse, discrimination, psychological torture is just a phone call away at Wairarapa DHBs SUICIDE SHOW.

Anybody reading this DO NOT BELIEVE anything you see in our news media about how great mental health services are and how much help there is that is written by anybody within our DHB or current mental health providers – THEY LIE.  They’ve been saying the same thing for years and things only get worse because what I am saying is TRUE and what they are saying is A LIE.  (There is a small group of people who do get services, the least mentally ill/suicidal 50% and the top 3% while those of us in the 50-97% group GET SHAFTED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, HARMED, ABUSED, DISCREDITED AND TREATED LIKE HUMAN SEWAGE.

Someone has just shown me the Wairarapa News and my suicidality is off the scale after reading that pile of lies – after all the years I have begged for help and been refused.  Even police are told by mental health services that “lots of people have tried to help you Jayne, you just don’t want help.”  THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!  But then that lie was started by Salvation Army staff ……… and that’s another story 🙁  Wish I could show you my police file, they stopped putting all the times they were called out for welfare visits in it because it would embarrass the government.  My only criminal conviction is Wilful Trespass of Law Society for going there and refusing to leave until I got a lawyer to make them provide me professional health care I’m entitled to and stop the persecution for legally protesting.

Those phone numbers go nowhere, except to the drug abuse, discrimination and torture I describe above.  I’ve never been committed thank God, I know what awaits me after 15 years of begging for help after I was raped, the person was found not guilty and ACC started their psychological torture rather than providing the EXTENSIVE treatment and rehabilitation I was entitled to under the LAW – THAT I CAN READ. 10 years of protesting all over social media & getting story after story of the horrendous things that happen in the BIN.  Was told long time ago to NEVER EVER let them commit you Jayne, people who have will and intellect are the biggest target for mental health workers and professionals – only thing they want to do is BREAK YOU.  Nothing I have ever seen since being on this HIGHWAY OF HELL has suggested anything else than mental health services are abusive – especially to those who know the help they are entitled to and desperately need.  Then of course there was the NINE forced moves from homes due to landlords selling up to make a buck, or the violence of a flatmate, or poverty, or an abusive landlord.

A woman I know was put in Arohata for three months last year for being suicidal – I tried to help her but had to be very careful as suicidal people can drain me and make me even more suicidal – not to mention the ongoing untreated bulimia, inability to see a doctor to deal with my kidney problems, diabetes, etc, ticking, phobias, suicidality due to medical neglect and unsafe unstable housing, etc.

Andrew Curtis-Cody head of mental health, as I have said many times before is a mentally disturbed psychopath who is not appropriately qualified and the DHB love him because he abuses, degrades and rejects people to save money for them.

DHB had me dragged through court for months on wilful trespass charges  for legally protesting at Masterton hospital.  At the time my doctor was at Masterton Medical and I couldn’t even see her – though what was the point, when I couldn’t get ACC or mental health services I was entitled to BECAUSE MY MENTAL HEALTH she abused me and dumped me.  i DON’T WANT TO GO ON, I CAN’T STOP CRYING ——————  I almost threw myself in front of a car crossing the road to go to court – I was forced to represent myself and won – it was an horrendous experience.  Ask anybody at Masterton court about me – they are ashamed at way I’m being treated.

I was told by Michael Bott, Human Rights Lawyer,  I was entitled to compensation from DHB for what they did dragging me through court – the letter I received from the CEO was insulting, vicious and took absolutely no responsibility for what they did to me.  I couldn’t follow it up because I didn’t have any money, but Michael did get me off 7 other charges for legally protesting and then there were the six other times police dragged me through court and dropped charges just before trial.  Was arrested with a broken leg in a wheelchair outside Bowen House/Parliament in Wellington for protesting about that.

If you could see the CONTRACT Dr Hunefelt at Carterton Medical forced me to sign, you would understand – it says I am not allowed to say I’m suicidal – THAT IS MY DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!  I can’t even see her any more, I’m terrified of her, when I talked about mental health care she just ignored what I was saying and changed the subject – mental health and ACC had told her I was a time waster, attention seeker and they were never going to give me the services I was entitled to and had in 2009.  I can’t see another doctor either, I’ve had so many bad ones, who just reject and abuse you when they know there is no help for you – they turn on you.

I have won two ACC reviews in 2010 to have my rehabilitation reinstated from 2009, ACC tell me it will be reinstated then REFUSE TO DO IT AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO.  I can’t get a lawyer – ………………………………………………..

That article on suicide prevention will drive even more people to suicide because like me they all know how abusive services are.  After years of research and assessment of the situation I can assure you it is our cruel immoral government who are doing this – they sold out our mental health system to INTERNATIONAL DRUG COMPANIES – PLEASE READ MY SUICIDE PREVENTION SUBMISSION.

As for local media, I wrote Journalists are Maggots years ago to show my disgust in the lies they tell about mental health services and how services have been degraded to the point of marketing and those things they do provide are grossly inadequate, or abusive, AND DEFINITELY DON’T FOLLOW PROFESSIONAL REHABILTATION MODELS.

I have been blocked from emailing complaints to Wairarapa and Hutt Valley DHB for years – I asked Ron Mark to forward a complaint last year but he refused.  I could write a letter I suppose but I would self-harm and begging for help from these abusive, criminally negligent people, as I have done for over a decade.

They dragged me through court for protesting and local police were only too happy to oblige.

NOW I’M UP ON SEVEN CHARGES for screaming for health care I am entitled to – BECAUSE THE MEDICAL NEGLECT HAS MADE ME SUICIDAL – Misuse of a Telephone, 3 for graffiti on court buildings (USING A CHALK PEN) and police station for not being able to get police to prosecute ACC and mental health for illegally denying me care and a safe place to live – for harming me under Sections 150A 151 155 157 of Crimes Act.  Then listening to ACC and prosecuting me for misuse of a telephone, phoning them in the middle fo the night, I only allowed to phone their answerphone.  Two years ago my ACC case manager phoned and promised me my care would be reinstated – SHE LIED.  Been promised so many times – psychological torture is illegal in New Zealand.

……………………………….  Read my blog, that will tell you what is really going on.  Me and so many others know who bad it is but our media and leaders continue to deny what is going on.

Wairarapa community is of course reaping what it sows after 20 years of driving disabled, suicidal and poor out with no social housing and abusive mental health services.  While at the same time spending gross amounts of money on extravagant sports, arts and business promotion projects.  Trust House is full of National party voters & neo-liberal Labour people who completely agree with government not providing housing to disabled poor.

I have written many times and am in continuous contact with Wairarapa News and Wairarapa Times-Age through TWITTER, referring them to this website and telling them the truth of how bad it is for me and so many others – I AM DISCREDITED, DEGRADED AND IGNORED.

How many more people have to die before they listen to the FACTS I present – only reason I don’t act on the horrendous suicidal thoughts in my head that have me often rocking backwards and forwards on the side of my bed telling myself not to go to the knife draw and kill myself – is because I know that is what our cruel neo-liberal government want, that is what mental health and ACC want, that is what the leaders of our community want.  All this propaganda in the paper about how they care is just that propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!  One day I hope all of you who never been suicidal get to experience the absolutely torture and terror of being suicidal of years on end is.  Along with all the you’ll be right, time waster, nutter, attention seeker, bludger comments you’ll get from your family, ‘friends’, journalists, politicians, & community leaders you’ll get.

I’m trespassed from King Street Artworks for writing poetry and doing art about how bad mental health services are.  I was trespassed for being upset about having my ‘political’ works censored from their annual exhibition because THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR FUNDING IF I WAS ALLOWED TO EXHIBIT IT.  You know a community is in serious decline when they persecute and censor their artists.  Please read through my books of poetry, that will show you what is truly happening in this neo-liberal nightmare of a country.

I make complaints to Health and Disability Commission, Human Rights, HDC Advocacy Services etc etc etc – all ignored.  Apparently you can’t believe anything a ‘MENTALLY ILL’ person says.  I actually have a traumatic stress disorders called Compounding Complex PTSD.  ACC call this a mental injury and have extensive rehabilitation and services they ILLEGALLY DENY people.  My mental injury does not make me stupid or a liar – in fact I have several reports saying I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional.  That I had to get a report done for the courts saying I wasn’t delusional about the horrendous suffering and neglect I was being subjected to by ACC and mental health has to tell you something about how cruel immoral and corrupt our government are (National and Labour no different but the way).


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