How do I challenge NEO-LIBERAL AGENDA & IGNORANCE of New Zealand media?

More and more I see print, radio and television media people talking ignorant BULLSHIT about poor people, housing crisis, causes of suicide, ‘criminals’ and addicts.  Currently I’m TRYING, through bouts of self-harm, to make a request of the courts to stop police coming to my home under DUTY OF CARE suicidal BS (cause I have NEVER EVER SAID I WAS GOING TO KILL MYSELF – EVER) or legally protesting.

I am also writing a desperate plea for help to a senior court Justice – I won’t say who because I believe my letter would be intercepted if I did – that is how corrupt our justice system truly is.

I follow media and see blatantly how they LIE and censor what is really happening in New Zealand – especially to those who are disabled for any reason, due to injury, illness or mental health (which is mostly related to abuse and ongoing terror of poverty and fear of homelessness).

Of course much of what I see is ignorance – people who have never set foot in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare country.  Peter Thiel was right when he said NZ is a Libertarian utopia – given John Key is the Chair of the global Libertarian (also sometimes referred to as neo-liberal) movement who call themselves the “International Democrat Union” based in Geneva and funded by the super rich and banks who are doing very well out of it.

I have to do something about the media, so going to try and start posting replies to these people on my website and sending them a copy.  I used to send emails to media regularly about what was happening to me and others but never received a response.  Wairarapa media told me directly that what I was doing in regards to protesting about mental health services, how the DHB had me arrested and trespassed for a legal protest and I won in court – had to represent myself.

Media are of course controlled by the elites currently in power, the council people, community leaders, government agencies and organisations like Trust House.  The media will never say anything that might upset their advertisers and boy do they love to advertise mental health services (that are only available to a select few) in the media.  Even though Wairarapa is now number 1 in New Zealand for suicide the media and DHB continue to refuse people the professional health care they are entitled to under law and pump out marketing that does not work.

Suicide Prevention marketing expert at Wairarapa DHB is spending money on a 1 hour TV programme on Wairarapa TV that shows American group therapy sessions.  No group therapy is available in New Zealand if you’re suicidal due to abuse, ongoing persecution and discrimination by the state and community.  These people in power know that, they put on these adverts so people think suicidal people are being helped, when they are not.

If you dont’ apply professional treatment and rehabilitation models then you are experimenting on people – FACT.  It is illegal to experiment on people – FACT.

All over the internet there is information about the rise of neo-liberalism in the world, its the same in New Zealand, with our own slightly different application of course.  In NZ the shock and fear required to destablise and throw the majority of people into fear was the closing of mental health facilities and refusal of government to provide professional care as required in the community.

The media did a great job insuring this fear, while never challenging the government about the legalities of what they were doing.

You only have to look at my case and why I don’t have any services after winning two ACC reviews to have 12 hours care reinstated.  How my previous counsellor (I am not allowed to see her now) supported everything I was saying, so did Dr Alan Doris psychiatrist and other people in the community I was working with in 2009 when my care was illegally removed (after National got in).

You only have to look at my case and the way I am treated by police, doctors, justice system to know how corrupt our government truly are and how New Zealand is not a democracy, because democracies are based on Word of Law – that is applicable to rich as well as poor.  Where no person is to be destroyed and every person is to have access to right and justice – YEAH RIGHT THEY DO.

I phoned Fairway Resolutions yesterday – I’d heard the government had privatised them and wondered if they knew the Bill of Rights still applied to them as agents of the government.  I asked if Fairway decisions were legal and apparently they are, I asked why I won two reviews and still had no services after waiting 7 years.  So ACC are legally obliged to reinstate my care according to the two reviews and yet they havn’t and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Was watching more of Chris Hedges and some of his awesome guests, one of them said activists had to change the narrative.  They had to say something different to the middle class neo-liberal drivel we were being dished up by our disgusting media.  Even those who say they’re the good guys (like John Campell) refuse to deal with what is happening in ACC, mental health and tell my story.

I’m pretty sure NZers would like to know if a disabled artist and dissident was being terrorised by our justice system etc.  But they will never know, I have begged media for years to tell my story – they refused – they have to keep up the pretence that NZ is a great place for EVERYBODY and our government aren’t corrupt.


2 thoughts on “How do I challenge NEO-LIBERAL AGENDA & IGNORANCE of New Zealand media?

  1. WTV

    “Suicide Prevention marketing expert at Wairarapa DHB is spending money on a 1 hour TV programme on Wairarapa TV that shows American group therapy sessions.”

    This is incorrect, The DHB had no input into this programme and did not pay any money.
    Wairarapa TV would play more local and relevant mental health programming if we could get our hands on it, unfortunately, there isn’t anything else that we are aware of, however, if you have suggestions or material you think would help we are always keen to look at playing it.

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      You asked me for content, I suggested a show based on educating people about constitutional laws and ratified UN treaties, I never heard back from you. Also how would I do that exactly, the only thing I have to upload to my youtube channel is a second hand phone, it can’t take any more than 12 mins video and I have to delete each one to do the next. Last year my computer was hacked and I havn’t been able to upload or download photos or video since then.

      I was watching CAB comment the other day, it makes me so distressed, all those lies and misinformation those women are spreading in this community. And budget guy Grant was on their trivialising and lying about the situation for people like me as well. Telling us poor people rotting on welfare can afford insurance – I don’t know anybody in the darklands of this hell hole that has the luxury of insurance – not since all our rents and food went up and our benefits didn’t!

      As you will note I didn’t go ahead with the complaint, like you asked me to, didn’t want to upset you or cost you money. Makes me feel really really bad, but then how I feel about the state of Wairarapa and the cover up as to why this is happening, is why I am persecuted by police and MH services hoping I will suicide.

      If our community really want to do something about suicide they are going to have to provide the necessities of life, like safe stable affordable homes, freedom from begging for food and free public professional health care.
      The only way that is going to happen with the neo-liberal elitist fools and bigots we now have in control of our community is to protest in the streets, to show people different LEGAL ways they can effect change. How they participate in a democracy, how they fight global terrorism and understand what is happening to them like those people in Venezuela do.

      As I did what you wanted and didn’t make the complaint how about you help me, I have no way of making the content you demand – you obviously do. I just need the recording equipment and a way to upload it. So long as you aren’t going to censor it if I criticise the police, government or organisations like CAB, Trust House, real estate industry etc. Don’t worry I’ll do it without getting either of us in legal trouble – I”m not stupid, just really really angry and terrified at the same time.

      Check out the recent submission I made on Carterton Council idea of borrowing money from Local Government Funding Authority. Is that approach going to be too ‘controversial’ for you?


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