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Changes coming after govt try to take my disability & threaten homelessness

I’ve uncovered even more corruption in social agencies, charities, government, justice and police.  I’m terrified after being subjected to the most vicious fascism at a Wairarapa Voice – power to the people – event organised by Carterton leaders and business people.

Now senior police are having me dragged through court for Misuse of a Telephone again – this time Police Complaints Authority are doing it – LOL.  Yip, for phoning them upset after they allowed police to violently assault me AGAIN during a non-violent protest.  I never threatened them with harm or anything, or they would be able to do me for threatening them, just Misuse of a Telephone – I’m assuming so they can have my phone cut off.

They are also continuing to refuse to release the CCTV footage of this latest violent assault – they told me they would provide it – but then don’t.  I need it for my complaint to the UN – they know that – which is why I received a letter last week from Chief Ombudsman Boshier abusing me for putting up art in their office and begging for help on their 0800 number.

When I watch international news media about the lengths wealthy Libertarian terrorist globalists go to in places like South America, Africa and middle east to keep their cruel illegal version of Capitalism going to advance themselves and their families – it helps me cope with what I’m being subjected to.

Disillusionment in the community is everywhere, our democracy is a farse, so is word of law or justice for all.  Democracy in the western world is on the brink of collapse, so is the banking system – then those of us who have nothing will be able TAKE BACK what these Libertarian NAZI stole from us.

Been reading history books on 19th Century colonisation in NEw Zealand – it has been staggering to realise what is happening 200 years later is just the 21st century version – it was wrong and unjust back then, it is wrong and unjust now.

Kia kaha and aroha to the poor and powerless, you are not going mad, you know there’s something wrong and there is.  Not long now, things are about to blow, DO NOT TRUST anybody in a position of power, you will know what to do when the revolution starts.  Hopefully I’ll know what to do as well 🙂  15 years of protesting and learning about the corruption of Libertarian terrorists around the world, was for something, 15 years of learing about psychology, sociology, political history, human rights, etc – so I’m ready when things as we know them end.

Now I’ll focus on trying to wake people up to how bad it really is, including how bad the propaganda through our media is.