Carterton District Council CORRUPTION by neo-liberal extremists – Elisa Vorster

This is an email to Elisa Vorster, I spoke to her recently and asked about her neo-liberal/Libertarian beliefs, how they weren’t allowed if you were a public servant working for the government.   She is the marketing and propaganda expert for the council, she runs the council website, totally dedicated to wealthy immigrants driving disabled and poor locals from their homes and lives.  The only response she was capable of was insulting me and hanging up, like all guilt ridden greedy rich neo-liberals do.

Ms Vorster,

I have been thinking how to respond to the knowledge you are a radicalised neo-liberal/Libertarian terrorist that advances rich and persecutes poor.  A government ‘public servant’ who drives disabled and poor locals from their homes to make way for rich immigrants.  That is illegal, that is a crime, that is cruel, that is immoral, that is treason, that is a terrorist act (Terrorism Suppression Act) , that is a gross violation of NZ constitutional laws (Imperial Laws Application Act) and multiple UN ratified treaties signed by our government.

It is unclear if you understand what you are doing, or if you are young and just doing what you are told to do by people who belong to the economic religion people call neo-liberalism, the 21st century expression of NAZI youth, ewwwww.  Even though my interaction with you over the shameful ‘suicide’ propaganda you wrote for the Times Age would suggest you know full well what wealthy Libertarian elites you represent are doing to the disabled and ‘purposely impoverished’ local population.

You know as part of my disability Complex PTSD I am highly suicidal, this is mostly incited by THE FACT there is nowhere safe stable and affordable to live in Carterton where I have spent most of my adult life.  I have owned homes here, worked here, my children were born here, I have relatives buried in the cemetery here.  It is you and your criminal Libertarian cult members who currently running the Carterton Council who are inciting suicide, you all know that, you all know driving disabled and poor people out of this community is doing that.

The ONLY REASON we have GOVERNMENT and LAWS is to keep the peace between rich and poor.  That is why the first Imperial Law of NZ is Westminister Statute the 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.   Which means you are not allowed to advance the rich and persecute the poor (especially to profit from them), you are not allowed to set up a ‘local government’ that purposely does that.  It is illegal to violate the inherent dignity of a person, that includes forcing them to beg for food – which is what you do through the food bank.

My personal situation involves being illegally denied health care I am entitled to under ACC and other laws, this includes a culturally appropriate home to live in, in my community.  A community run by extremely corrupt and cruel people who are mostly delusional and in deep denial about they unnecessary suffering, violence, suicide, crime and hatred they perpetrate with their elitist radicalised bigotry.   I don’t want food, I want health care and a job so I can live with dignity and in safety – forcing people like myself (ie disabled destitute mentally injured victims of crime) to beg for necessaries of life is EVIL.   I can’t actually think of a word that describes accurately just how cruel and corrupt you all are.

The second law of NZ is Magna Carta which says quite plainly you are not allowed to destroy people and they must have access to right and justice.  You can’t be that ignorant not to understand you are destroying people like me Elisa or that there are gross injustices being perpetrated against disabled and poor members of this community.
Government aren’t there to follow the majority – that’s how we ended up with WWII – that is why the UN was created and the rules of the UN were made – to stop another NAZI Germany.  Sadly, all those UN treaties are being violated by you, your council and our government since 1984 neo-liberal takeover of NZ.  We have Bill of Rights laws about how people who are elected and work for the government are supposed to behave, its how you keep power in check and STOP gross abuses of power (which is happening now and so blatantly obvious in Carterton).
You, the councillors and your colleagues are abusing your positions of power and using them to advance the rich and persecute the poor, as well as exploiting the poor you have purposely created.   You know bringing in 1000s of rich immigrants – which is what you promote on the Carterton Council website is inciting violence, hate and suicide – you know it is going to drive disabled and poor members of this community out of their homes into dangerous and inhuman situations.   THIS IS NOT MY CULTURE, THIS IS NOT MY PAKEHA CULTURE, THIS IS NOT MAORI CULTURE, THIS IS NOT THE culture of any country on this planet.   This is the takeover of our society by wealthy elites who are consumed by greed and abuses of power against disempowered terrorised majority of the population.
There is nothing I can do to stop you of course, I do my best with my art and formal complaints about what is happening to me.  It becomes extremely overwhelming, the more I realise and discover just how cruel and corrupt neo-liberals in power/government/media are, the more terrified I become.   From my extensive study of the rise of neo-liberalism it is obvious things are going to get much worse and we are going to end up in a violent and bloody revolution.  Sadly people  like the ChCh mosque shooter and Wairarapa white supremacists are incredibly stupid and don’t understand it is those in power, controlled by wealthy globalist elites, who are ensuring they have inadequate resources to live, not the person at the mosque.
This email is to make sure you understand what you are doing by encouraging in foreigners knowing locals will be driven from their homes and into inhuman situations is a crime (and uncivilised behaviour).  I will be writing to all other councillors to explain that is what they are doing also and it is also a crime, although I do think those involved in brainwashing propaganda are the worst part of this deceit/cruelty.  Perhaps one day Rule of Law, justice and decency will return to New Zealand local and central government, until then I will do my best to stay alive (although there is no reason to live whatsoever) and hold a mirror to your vile hatred.
I think this needs to be a public letter, so I will put it on my website for everybody to see.  I have youtube videos with your name on them I’m sure, that is how disgusted I was with your attitude towards suicide.  You are part of the rich pig sty that of course creates suicide ewwwwww – the thought of what you do makes me want to be physically sick.   How do you sleep at night, do you hate me and others like me so much, what have I ever done to you?????  What have I ever done to any of you neo-liberal extremists on the local council, I don’t steal from you, I don’t drive you from your homes, I don’t hurt your children, I don’t hurt you – and yet you do that to me and think its LEGAL AND OK?????
It appears local community and business leaders are incapable of discussing and debating the gross violations of constitutional laws in Wairarapa.  My art is censored from exhibition, I am terrorised by police and persecuted for telling people the truth about what it is like living rotting on welfare in this country.   I am violently assaulted by police for my NON-VIOLENT protests, I am censored from exhibition by council staff, police and ‘community’ organisations because they don’t like the art I create about what is happening to me and others.  It is 2019 and everything the United Nations and our constitutional/human rights/civil rights laws say about justice and right is unjust and wrong.  That is why feudalism is back, that is why the rise of white supremists, fascists, racists, hatred and bigotry.
It was shocking to see some woman charged with inciting racism when your marketing of Carterton on the council website is what is ACTUALLY INCITING racism and all those other things that happens to people denied the necessities of life!
You had better hope the bible isn’t true and more people don’t find out what you are and what you do Elisa.  If it is I feel very sorry for you, because you have been tested and failed and you will be going to hell if you don’t act to stop the advancement of the rich and persecution of the poor.
I’ve realised I am not a political person, I used to think I was, but I didn’t understand the VOLDAMORT of politics I was expected to abide by – neo-liberal terrorism of poor by rich.  My only interest is truth and justice and everybody knowing what the truth is and what injustices are being perpetrated by those abusing their positions of power – which is what you and your colleagues do.
How do you sleep at night, women are raped because of you (I know of one only recently due to housing crisis), children are raped and harmed because of you, people kill themselves because of you, people unnecessarily suffer and cry because of you, people die because of you – while on the other side of that those you represent become more greedy, more filled with hatred, more cruel, more violent, more self-righteous, more abusive, more bigoted and more abusive.   I know this because I live in the darklands of this community as an impoverished disabled abuse victim, I know how terrible people have become.
Sarah Greenall is a contract gardener to John Booth the mayor, we were once very good friends, our children grew up together, I saved her life during a medical emergency couple of years ago and supported her many times due to her disability – I was executor of her will until late last year.   She had told John Booth and other leaders of this community she associated with about my situation with ACC, mental health and police etc – they had done nothing but discredited, insulted and turned her against me.  This culminated in her violently assaulting me in December last year, along with a tirade of elitist neo-liberal abuse so vicious and violent I am still in shock.  All those years of good times with her and her son, all now reminders of the hatred and bigotry people like John Booth incite in our community.
I get my information from some very good news sources on the internet, you should educate yourself as well, especially about ANOMIE and what that means in a society in deep decay – which New Zealand society is. Check out Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Prof David Harvey, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein – look up neo-liberalism and what it actually means.  Trying to keep this information and what is happening to people like me censored and secret is illegal and is corrupt.  You are a criminal Elisa – just like in NAZI Germany, everything neo-liberal NAZI are doing in NZ to harm and persecute poor people has been made legal, however these laws aren’t valid.  Neo-liberalism is illegal, you are not allowed to take a country from one of equality to one of inequality by advancing the rich and persecuting the poor in order to profit from them.  Profiting from them includes getting a buzz out of forcing them to beg for food from you.  ewwwww
I truly hope something really bad happens to you and those you love Elisa, I truly hope what happened to me happens to you, then you’ll find out the true meaning of the word persecution and corruption.   I am a non-violent activist but I know for a fact some very disturbed people live in this community (driving mentally ill out of hospitals to destabilise our society was a neo-liberal terrorist act) those people are being driven mad and at the moment harming other poor people and those around them.  They have started working out who is really to blame for their situation, that’s why ChCh happened, that’s why all the MPs shut down electorate offices – they knew they incited the ChCh terrorist attack.
Civil Society Activist

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