Citizens Advice Bureau – Wairarapa – where & how NZ govt lie to people

I wanted to write to Citizens Advice Bureau in Masterton and apologise to the lady who had to endure the result of years of persecution by ACC, police, NZ govt and all neo-liberal terrorism I have suffered.  Also wanted to tell her I admired her for being strong enough to stand there and accept the extreme distress and rage coming out of me – for valid reason.  I know a New Zealander would never be able to do it, the lady I spoke to was from Sth Africa.

It was distressing for her I’m sure, to realise when she came to New Zealand she was driving a disabled and poor local from their home and culture.  Its not her fault of course, our cruel corrupt neo-liberal controlled government didn’t tell her they were going to drive purposely impoverished local population from their homes and give them to rich foreigners.  (Which is what causes fascism and what happened in ChCh).

New Zealanders refuse to accept what has cruelly and corruptly been done to this country over the past 30yrs since American/globalist neo-liberals/Libertarians took over.  They are just like Jacinda Ardern, in complete denial at the unnecessary suffering disabled, poor tenants and unemployed people are being subjected to.  In fact New Zealanders, through multiple media and councils, continue to think people on welfare are all addicts and bludgers and should not have anywhere to live, and should be required to beg for food.

Recently I was photocopying my complaint to the Medical Council about a psych report by head of psychiatry in Wellington Justin Barry-Walsh.  I had to stop when the cost got to $30, I only have $10 discretionary money to spend every week, I was yet again spending food on essentials of living, to try and get health care and justice.   Because I am poor I had to do this at Warehouse Stationery, I became more and more distressed when I was doing the photocopying, tears rolling down my face but trying not to show people I was extremely distressed and highly suicidal at the time.   People really hate you if you cry or become upset in public – especially politicians and rich people.

I became so distressed I ended up at Citizens Advice Bureau – I don’t really know why – I suppose because they keep telling people there is justice, there is health care, that everything is great in Wairarapa.  I had seen them a few times on Wairarapa TV, going on about how great things were – given the people saying it were wealthy immigrants, I can understand why they would think that.  Me being a purposely impoverished, persecuted disabled local victim of crime goes against everything they have been told to believe.

It wasn’t the first time I had been to CAB, to try and get health care and justice I am entitled to by law, which doesn’t exist in New Zealand at the moment.  Lots of organisations tell you to go to CAB when you say you can’t get health care and justice, that’s what they are told to say by their corrupt government bosses.

So more recently I phoned CAB extremely distressed by what was happening to me (ie no safe stable affordable housing, no doctor, can’t afford to live on disability, no health care, no lawyer, police violence etc), I was told by the woman on the phone what I needed was counselling.   I became even more distressed and hung up – what did this woman think a counselor did exactly – they don’t provide you a home, health care, protect you from violence or persecution.  They just sit there and listen, counsellors aren’t part of the medical establishment or health care.  Look up the law, they were purposely removed and social workers were included instead.

Not long after I dropped off one of my poetry posters called I Don’t Want to Live – in this cruel evil place.  I put my details on the back, gave them links to my youtube channel and website which they could have contacted me through – they ignored it.

I then went in a few weeks ago and left a message with my phone number on it to contact me about what was being said on the TV about CAB and how they could change the world and help people – that was also ignored.

So when I got there recently in an extremely distressed state I couldn’t stop the trauma and hatred I felt about what was happening to me coming out.  Those people are all older people who have homes to live in, lots of them are wealthy immigrants, all of them have watched neo-liberals advance rich and persecute poor for years and DONE NOTHING.  But what could they do anyway government and corporate terrorists were hell bent on implementing neo-liberalism and they are prepared to do ANYTHING necessary to do it.

IN fact neo-liberals/libertarians love it that people who purposely made unemployed and homeless have to beg for food, that is part of what they believe in.  I have studied disability I have been working in this field for 17 years, what the government say they do for people with disabilities is either not available or only available to certain types of disability and certain types of people.

Chris Hedges and his guests validate everything I am saying about certain groups of society being targeted for persecution by neo-liberal terrorists.  In New Zealand our hatred is squarely aimed at impoverished victims of crime – which has made the lies she has told about Victims of Mosque shooting even more insulting and incited even more hatred towards those people.   The millions of dollars they were given, when victims of crime in NZ are mostly treated like human sewage, if they are a woman and have children they are denied health care and welfare and their children are taken from them, they are denied safe stable affordable places to live.

The government have just announced children of disabled poor women will be removed because they can’t cope and their kids will be given to working foster parents – who are about to get a pay rise for doing it.   While ACC ILLEGALLY deny abuse victims childcare, homes and professional treatment care and rehabilitation, our government create laws to create jobs for foster parents, who are often also poor.   Ewwwwww

Chris Hedges and others are also saying NOBODY WILL DEBATE THE ISSUE OF NEO-LIBERAL TERRORISM OF POOR BY RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its true, nobody will, those making money out of neo-liberalism make sure there is no public debate on the issue.  I have been denied a voice and hearing by local and national leaders for years – they don’t want to hear how bad it is – they don’t want to seem me distraught and crying because my life is a living nightmare.   Only because ACC deny me health care I entitled to so I can get better and go back to work.  I PROTEST AND DO EVERYTHING I DO JUST SO I CAN GET HEALTH CARE AND GO BACK TO WORK.

I’ve been awake for hours, my heart is starting to hurt really bad, all these people ignoring what is going on.  Now I see the UN maggot is in NZ validating Jacinda Ardern, KNOWING SHE IS PERSECUTING ME AND OTHERS.   He knows this because I have written to him, last year after a statement he put out THAT WAS A BUNCH OF LIES, but looked good at the time.

WHEN AM I GOING TO BE HEARD, WHEN IS MY ART, SONGS AND OTHER THINGS GOING TO BE SEEN.  When is someone in this community going to protect me from police and economic violence for telling the truth about how bad it is rotting on welfare, denied health care and justice.  When is someone in this community going to protect my freedom of speech and expression.   Elitists are everywhere, they are allowed to have their opinions all over media, yet I am beaten up and terrorised for telling the truth.  How can people let this happen and then wonder why I am angry and distraught.

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