Here’s a laugh for poor people in NZ – govt pretending to consult

I’ll make sure I make a submission, they’ll ignore it of course – BECAUSE WE MUST CHALLENGE NEO-LIBERALISM THROUGH THE COURT PROCESS – THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE IT – THE ONLY WAY!   I got this link through the United Nations Association in NZ – its grossly corrupt and set up by National party terrorist scum Wairarapa MP John Hayes.  Ewwwwww

If anything is proof UN are grossly corrupt its the UN Association – who have repeatedly rejected and abused me – saying they are not interested in gross violations of UN treaties and human rights in New Zealand.  They are globalists and its full of foreigners who are only in New Zealand to take control of it – FACT!

MFAT are grossly corrupt, I’ve had dealing with the human rights people and they are PRETTY MUCH ALL MENTALLY DISTURBED, must be radicalised and brainwashed extremely well to get those jobs.  They tried to have me removed from human rights meetings, it was really scary when I hadn’t done anything except tell the truth and expect something to be done about it.

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