New Zealanders have to return to work after violence – why not Muslims?

Did you know Victim Support are grossly corrupt arm of our Libertarian govt!   Look at all the money they just got from the money raised????  What about EVERY OTHER VICTIM OF CRIME IN THIS HELL HOLE COUNTRY – where is there money and support??????  ACC – yeah right!

Did you know Victim Support are NOT ALLOWED to support victims of police violence, they also close down for 10 days at Xmas.  When they know women and children will be most harmed by violent intoxicated men (mostly, women do it too).

I was disgusted by the man who said he can’t work because he’s at the hospital with his wife every day – WTF – TELL THE PATHETIC LOSER TO SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT AND GO BACK TO WORK THE BLUDGER.  He lives in New Zealand now, its cruel here people have to work no matter what is happening to their friends of family.  As Ardern is a violent racist (against local impoverished Pakeha and Maori population)  – she has given these people at the mosque money and support no other victim of violence in New Zealand gets.  Look at what she is doing to me just for asking for professional health care after being a victim of violent crime.  Wonder what’s worse death or rape in a cruel corrupt society – I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW – DEFINITELY RAPE – DEFINITELY WOULD RATHER BE DEAD!

ALSO – it is not life-long mental harm unless you are left destitute and rotting on welfare in New Zealand – being denied the ACC/professional health care you are entitled to by law and the  mental care you entitled to by law.

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