NZ government wastes your taxes on this – WTF?

Yet another government propaganda organisation – privatised organisation so someone is making money out of it ewwwww.  Yet another thing paid for by YOUR TAXES that is not a requirement of International or NZ law, while providing necessaries of life, like safe stable affordable housing to disabled and poor IS A REQUIREMENT OF INTERNATIONAL AND NEW ZEALAND LAW.  In fact its the most basic principle of law to not destroy people or deny them justice – for governments and judiciary to treat rich and poor the same.  YEAH RIGHT!  But of course they do not cause they are corrupt.

And below are the people who run Real Estate Institute – all with conflicts of interest and profiting from this – ewwwww  – these are the people who love wealthy immigrants and hate/persecute local poor people.  Look at where all these filthy rich maggots come from, LAW AND ACCOUNTING.  POWER AND MONEY – corrupted power and money.  Set up in 2008 by Labour I am assuming because Nats didn’t get in until November – this is Clark and Ardern’s neo-liberal terrorism!

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