NZ TREASURY purposely create intergenerational poverty to cause harm & create jobs

What NZ government and NZ Treasury say they do on their website IS THE OPPOSITE to what they actually do in real life for 20% of the population – just so happens I used to be middle class and not see what was going on.  Following an event that left me rotting on welfare under control of ACC and NZ government I found out what happens in the darklands, to those they TARGET for persecution, exploitation and degradation.

Now I am a voice for this targeted group of citizens, which has made me a target for gross violations of my civil and human rights, perversions of justice, repeated harassment by police in my home and when legally protesting.  My interest in the meaning of culture could even describe those of us confined to the neolib darklands as a new cultural group created by our now deeply class divided ‘globalist’ society.

I’m 54 I was born in the 60s I didn’t know racism or elitism, I associated with all types of people – I never saw any other person as being anything but my equal.  It is only in the last 10 years I have realised just how divided our society is, which I know has been caused by the past 30 years of extremist neo-liberal economic violence against the poorer citizens, mostly fuelled by cruel, culturally offensive, globalist immigrants.

Below is the web page that lies about what Treasury/NZ govt do.   The idea that this government is fiscally responsible is ridiculous.  If they were they wouldn’t have run up a $60billion government debt (costing $billions in interest to foreign banks) because THEY REFUSE to take adequate taxes from the richest people, who now have most of the money and resources.  NO GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO RUN UP DEBT AND PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT GOVERNMENT TO DEAL WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Government and Treasury ARE NOT A BUSINESS AND THE BUSINESS MODEL THEY ARE USING DOES NOT WORK – it causes unnecessary suffering, death, dissension, envy and hatred.  All gross violations of our unique Maori/Pakeha culture enshrined in constitutional laws, human rights, civil rights, etc, also our National Anthem (which Ardern just quoted after ChCh shootings, surprised lightening didn’t striker her where she stood).  Also guaranteed under UN treaty CONTRACTS signed by previous governments.

For example, why are they coming out and saying a cut in govt interest rate (I don’t understand how this really works by the way) is going to stimulate growth.   All I see around me is growth, house building going on everywhere – why are they making it easier to borrow money to stimulate growth??????    If they gave the disabled and poor of this country the resources and incomes THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BY LAW it would inject $millions into local economies.

Also why are people on invalids benefit not allowed to borrow money to buy a safe stable home to live in?????   I have a guaranteed income, I look after my home, as a disabled person I am required to have access to all those things my healthy peers do AS REQUIRED BY LAW.  It may take me longer to pay off a mortgage but why am I denied one????   It can’t be because my income is too low because I am currently paying rent and paying off the mortgage and expenses of the rental property I am in.

2 thoughts on “NZ TREASURY purposely create intergenerational poverty to cause harm & create jobs

  1. Binary Options

    You might think that poverty causes hunger and prevents people from accessing clean water (and you would be right!), butThis might seem a bit like a “no brainer.” Without a job or a way to make money, people will face poverty. But it’s easy to assume that if someone wants a job, they could have one.

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      I’m not sure what your point is – are you telling me everybody who wants a job gets one? Particularly those people who have injuries and health issues?

      I was watching Duncan Garner yesterday – groan – talking with some people who started a SEASONAL WORK app – he repeated several times how there are enough jobs for everybody in New Zealand. These people had chosen to be gypsies, they had lots of money and wanted to be transient, apparently you meet heaps of cool people that way. Usually I find people who want to move around a lot are quite dysfunctional people with few friends or family who will put up with them. Not all cases of course.


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