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Don Brash THE TURD THAT WON’T FLUSH – trashing ACC again

Firstly Don Brash is one of the most corrupt neo-liberal terrorists in New Zealand, he destroyed this country while Reserve Bank governor – he is now 80 years old, nobody listens to that revolting old bigot – except other revolting old bigots!   What concerned me the most is the article trashing ACC ‘compensation’, just like the video by that Victim Support CEO going on and on about compensation and entitlement.   Ewwwwwww

Don Brash states as fact that all those parents were only after large compensation payouts for their ‘infant’ children – ewwwww.   Yes there was sexual abuse hysteria at the time but the idea that these parents were doing it to get ACC compensation is ridiculous and I AM SURE THEY WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS AVAILABLE.  Plus I don’t even know if is available, to get payouts for historical sexual abuse is very difficult and must prove dysfunction of some sort.   The children WERE OBVIOUSLY NOT INFANTS if they were talking to police etc.

It upset me a lot to see Judith Ablett-kerr beside him as I have begged her several times to be my lawyer and she ignores me.

The NEw Zealand government is still being run by cruel corrupt violent abusive neo-liberal terrorist scum who want all government money to support their business interests and create them huge profits.  Its nothing about caring for people or society, its nothing about peace and justice – its about violence and injustice.  I can imagine there are many people like me now screaming at them for compensation after years of criminal negligence by corrupt government organisations – especially those privatised organisations who are never held to account by anybody and continue to make New Zealand No 1 in the developed world for youth suicide, self-harm, domestic/flatmate violence and homelessness.


Jacinda Ardern & Meghan Markle join forces in Vogue to INSULT #METOO & POOR WOMEN!

I was horrified to see this news item this morning all over mainstream media – two powerful elitist maggots instrumental in making sure ALL disabled and poor victims of crime, violence and government corruption continue to suffer, live in terror, be killed and suicide.   Its sick – I write to Jacinda, she knows how abusive welfare forms and processes are for disabled abuse victims.  She knows how abusive mental health services are, she knows the government are using taxes to advance rich and business while denying disabled and poor their most basic human needs – safety, shelter and food security.

I see also Ardern’s popularity is going down – because our corrupt media have started their run up to our elections next year – this is a new thing for NZ, we never used to get political crap on TV until it was election time.    I believe the objective of neo-liberal terrorist murderers who control our media is to turn people off even watching TV news.   Ardern is nothing more than a globalist marketing phoney who has done nothing to help the most impoverished local population in New Zealand.  Ardern has caused and incited more harm, more racism, more bigotry and of course MORE HATE.   She says one thing and acts to do the opposite, ewwwwww.

The radicalised global neo-liberal elites who run all mainstream media and BS for rich pigs obviously trying to incite HATE against these women – because that is all I feel when I read what this murderer Ardern is doing.    She is the one telling police to prosecute and terrorise me rather than give me the ACC care and $10,000 they owe me.  Keep me unemployed, deny me all health care, terrorise me for asking for health care I am entitled to.  JACINDA ARDERN IS A CORRUPT LYING NEO-LIBERAL TERRORIST MAGGOT karma coming to that evil bich!

And of course the Royal Family who we all know is embroiled in sexual abuse scandals and using the judiciary to avoid responsibility and prosecution.   Alongside the millionaires, alongside the film industry – ewwwww and still the rich keep spouting BS and lies.   I truly hope these two lying maggots of women, who are leeches off us peasant women –  WHO PAY FOR THEIR LIFESTYLES and pay with our lives get the karma they deserve and experience the suffering and terror we do every day.

Jacinda Ardern corrupt neo-liberal oppressor who HATES disabled #metoo women

From: Jayne R
Sent: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 4:28 AM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>;
Jacinda Ardern MP <>;
Jan Logie MP <>;
Sarah Jones <>;>;
Ann Rice <>;
Day, Nelda <>;
Michele Eades <>

Subject: I woke up crying at 3am – my whole body wants to curl up and die AGAIN – you women are HATE!

Why are you doing this to me, all I asked for was the health care and home I am entitled to under the law – why do you do this to me and so many other terrorised victims of crime and criminal neglect?  Why do you HATE me?   I don’t understand – I have never hurt anybody, I have never hurt any of you –  they hurt me, you hurt me – just for asking for help I am entitled to.   Not what you now say is help, which is ACTUALLY HATE, I want what science says, what the law says, what UN treaties say – not begging, criminal neglect and being denied the necessities of life, which you enjoy soooo much, actual professional health models and those things ALL HUMAN BEINGS REQUIRE as defined by Abraham Maslow.

I’m sick again with this kidney/bladder infection again, its every month now, the tests were supposed to be five years ago.  You have made sure I have not even been allowed to see a doctor for the past four years.  How you all deceive and distract yourselves by focusing on other people and other countries is deeply disturbed behaviour.  We all live HERE – you know that country No 1 in the world for domestic/flatmate violence and self-harm by the women here – you all do that – you are all responsible for that – you all ignore that and you all ignore me and make sure I am harmed for telling the truth about what is going on and asking for those things me and other victims of abuse are entitled to under law.

The HATE you incite with your passive inaction – the HATE you perpetrate by avoiding the truth and by allowing what is happening to me – I have never hurt anybody, they hurt me, all I asked for was the ACC care and welfare I am entitled to under multiple laws – you allowed and participated in doing that.  I truly hope one day what you have done to me is exposed for what it is CRUEL OPPRESSIVE HATE!


Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

I see Jacinda whining poverty won’t be fixed in one budget – but at least she could stop Ministry of Social Development from degrading and terrorising poor with their red tape war.  At least they could stop all the BS ‘justice’ commissions, tribunals and courts from destroying and terrorising people.   There are so many things they could change in the next week that would let the pressure off the poorest and most affected by poverty – but they won’t.  Example stop the constant demand for health providers to write sick notes for people with long term disabilities!!!! Only people profiting from that are already filthy rich doctors.

Jacinda has also been instrumental in making sure none of my art, poetry, music or plays are ever performed, endorsed or seen by those in power or the community.  As Minister of the Arts she only supports those art projects that are extravagant and meaningless propaganda – just like her idol Helen Clark did.

Also they don’t want to fix poverty then where would all the rich and middle class throw their used furniture, clothing and crap they buy – so they can buy more crap?????

Our PM should be preparing for a global financial collapse and millions of NZers refusing to give up their homes to greedy landlords and banks.   Along with taking back land from people who were given too much money by banks and never ever worked for it – so we can grow food and provide for ourselves when the government and rich pigs have made sure we cannot!

Simon What You Forgot

Simon What you forgot
Poor suffering and dying not our lot

Simon What you forgot
The people found out your evil plot

Simon What you forgot
Justice and right will stop your rot

Simon What you forgot
Karma coming to cruel greedy snot

Simon What you forgot
The tears of the poor will get you lot!


University of Auckland – Leading the way to suicide, domestic violence & homelessness

I just found this document below, its quite old but the list of wealthy donors shows the level of corruption by rich pigs in our society and how they get to our universities – which was highlighted by Prof David Harvey recently.   Why are the NZ police giving to this charity, why are the government giving to this charity.  Insulting how they talk about WELLBEING if you read it.

OBVIOUSLY what they have been doing for the last seven years, since 2012 HAS NOT WORKED AT ALL TO IMPROVE WELLBEING to our society.  Rich pigs with lots of money to pay for health care etc, they’ve done really well – but not the poorest people – things are much worse for us.   WHY ARE WE CONTINUING TO DO RESEARCH INTO KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE WHEN THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN TEH WORLD NOW AND 50% OF THE POPULATION CAN’T AFFORD TO GET BASIC HEALTH CARE, LET ALONE SPECIALISTS OR THE EXPENSIVE DRUGS CORRUPT DRUG COMPANIES PRODUCE – most of them created through our public universities!

I had someone abuse me on facebook and I can’t respond cause I’m blocked at the moment – for telling a politician what I thought of him.   My investigation into who this man was lead me here and to Auckland Transport – yet another person who profits from sucking up to politicians.  This guy Tim Enright, will profit from trolling Golriz ??? From Green party – I criticized the revolting hag who says she stands up for victims of human and civil rights violations, people who are being oppressed for freedom of speech in New Zealand.   Which of course she doesn’t and neither does the entire Green Party who HATE MY GUTS for telling the truth.   She only does it for her own people on the other side of the world, what is happening in New Zealand she completely ignores – as all immigrants do!

The same thing happened on another MPs facebook page recently – where a medical business getting government contracts to provide products and conduct research had a relative/son trolling National party MPs social media to trash people criticising them.  Ewwwwww

Masterton Police – NINE new politically motivated charges – CORRUPTION RULES HERE!

Below is my last email to Snr Sgt Jennifer Hansen, there are others and I have had to cut some of it because I don’t want to be terrorised in my home and ASSAULTED AGAIN (because I know my complaints will be ignored).   I don’t know who the corrupt piece of garbage leading this ‘investigation’ is, I only met the two saps who arrested me.  An Englishman and NZ woman, I will be sending them some of the information they really need for the investigation this week, copies of the two ACC reviews I won in 2010/11 and copies of the two psychiatric reports by Dr Alan Doris that advise ACC not reinstating my care had caused me harm, which is illegal under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act.

From: JR
Sent: Friday, 19 July 2019 1:27 PM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer
Subject: I have done everything I can to find out what my charges are about and what a breach of bail would be in relation to my rights to protest

I am restricted by bail conditions, imposed Monday 15 July – that I don’t even understand, especially towards two of my most direct oppressors –  person from the Labour party and person from Bell Gully govt health sector lawyers.  I have done everything I can to get the disclosure documents from police and some idea on how to proceed with protests against these two particularly cruel corrupt criminals.  I have phoned police enquiries line and told the appropriate person would be emailed – I received nothing back, even though the officer said I would.
You refuse to communicate with me so I’m going to go ahead and do what I believe is the right thing!  Anybody I have already publicly protested about I will continue to – I just won’t make public they are attempting to have me punished as a criminal for my non-violent legal protests, as a Civil Society Actor, (as defined by the UN Handbook on Civil Society) against them.  I will however say I am up on multiple minor criminal charges instigated by very powerful, cruel and corrupt people.
I will target (with chalk, poetry and my non-violent legal methods) the organisations involved in this gross miscarriage of justice against me as a disabled CSA and citizen, including police.  The other people named in your bail conditions, I have no idea if they are directly involved, what their names are from memory or if they have any links to stopping me getting health care , welfare and justice I am entitled to under law, so I won’t be using their names (although I assume the person from Treasury does).
Today I have seen public comment on facebook regarding the person from the Labour party and I intend to participate in this public discussion, with everything I know Mr X has done to me, just not using the fact he is trying to prosecute me for my challenging emails/social media posts?.  Which I am hopefully legally right in thinking this would be illegal (really not keen in spending any time in the cells, which is a nightmare for sexual abuse victims (as you well know) – I will do this even though it is grossly unjust and very very annoying!
Civil Society Activist

Immigrants coming to NZ to avoid participating in global issues & democracy

The other day I was chalking an empty shop in Carterton and two people around 60 stopped to talk.  They had immigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago, they were quite proud of the fact they left England to get away from the problems there and didn’t want anything to do with participating in New Zealand democracy/politics.

Why make New Zealand your home then refuse to participate in civic affairs, what sort of New Zealander is that – not one that GAF about where they live, that’s for sure.   Makes me wonder how many other foreigners come here and do the same thing, trying to hide from and avoid the complete breakdown of neo-liberal controlled countries.   You SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO LIVE HERE IF YOU AVOID YOUR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITIES!

You should also have to give up your foreign passport if you want to live or own property in New Zealand – I am not allowed to live in any other country, why should these globalist leeches be allowed to have two countries????

This also reminds me of that horrendous English woman who runs Citizens Advice Bureau show on local radio and TV.  Lying to everybody, pretending everything is great in New Zealand, pretending we have justice and our government isn’t corrupt.  Pretending landlords are all so honest and good people, while tenants are not.   And that ignorance and rejection of local people who are suffering, like we are the human sewage of society and everything happening to us is our own fault.   They still won’t interact with me and they are still filled with older people who mostly affluent bigoted English, Sth African and New Zealanders, ewwwwww.

If intelligent people refuse to respond to the truth of what this country and ‘community’ have become then the only outcome is violence and hate.   Lets hope I’ve had my fair share and it starts raining down of the middle class and rich – after all they are the ones who deserve it the most with the arrogance, ignorance and feigned concern by making people like me beggars.   I KNOW WHAT I AM ENTITLED TO UNDER NZ AND INTERNATIONAL LAW – making me and others beg for it will be the downfall of those who created this Libertarian nightmare of hell!

Carterton Mayor John Booth is a cruel corrupt Oligarch who only considers business interests

Below are emails I sent to John Booth, I can’t give too many details because I don’t want my friend who is living in a dangerous rental to be kicked out – which is what happens in this neo-liberal hell hole.   Oh how I wish John Booth and his revolting chronies had people they cared about living like this – then things would change I am sure.  Although I know of rich families who are so revolting and miserly they make younger members live in unsafe and unaffordable accommodation.   I know one single mum told to leave her parents house in the country because they wanted to turn the sleepout into a Air BnB.

From: JR
Sent: Wednesday, 17 July 2019 3:45 PM
To: John Booth
Subject: Consulting with rich people, were their concerns URGENT?

Dear John,
 I was told you were sick by your staff, when I phoned about my URGENT email of 5 July regarding unsafe rental properties in Carterton, that was being ignored –  is that how you get out of facing me? Like a naughty child would?
I was extremely offended and distressed when I saw you come out of that office with that horrendous elitist neo-liberal bigot Bob Francis.  I know what that man has done to advance rich and persecute poor people in this region – which is illegal.  Also the monuments he built to himself in sport and recreation, while ignoring sewage infrastructure in Masterton.  Plus the disabled and poorer members of this region he caused to unnecessarily suffer and die while Chair of the DHB – especially those he drove to suicide.  Along with driving out disabled and poor locals due to lack of govt housing, which is/was illegal. My song Human Sewage was inspired by him and the original version has his name in it.  Here the link, you should show it to him, I did send him a copy by obviously he thinks as little of  me as you do.
You keep telling people you listen to me and are concerned about those things I say on the street etc – which others are concerned with as well – and yet you continue to meet with the same elitist cruel neo-liberal bigots who have destroyed our kiwi culture.

A council is not a place for failed ‘old money’ business people with dysfunctional cruel elitist personalities to get together, come up with things they want and pat each other on the back, using public money!  That is an Oligarchy not a democracy, not Rule of Law, not constitutional and not allowed under the Commonwealth Charter either!

The first law of New Zealand (Imperial Laws Application Act 1988) related to how governments (THAT IS YOU) treat ‘the people’ is Westminister Statute the 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.  Which translated means you must listen and meet with poor people as well as rich.   Next is Magna Carta which relates to not destroying people, and everybody having access to right and justice.

You and I both know local government encouraging in new residents KNOWING YOU ARE DRIVING DISABLED AND POOR LOCALS FROM THEIR HOMES and into dangerous situations or out of the region altogether IS NOT RIGHT!  You know this causes rape, domestic/flatmate violence, suicide, self-harm and child abuse – by ignoring your responsibilities as ‘the government’ you are worse than any person who does these things – much worse, because you have CHOICES, many of those people do not.  Many of those people who hurt those around them have serious mental health issues that are not being addressed, I know this having been subjected to six different mentally ill people as flatmates last year.  ACC and government leaving me in that situation as a disabled person caused me significant harm, which is illegal and I know you and your staff enjoyed so much – because of what you have just done and the bigotry and HATE I have been subjected to by several of them gossiping in ‘the community’.

I still want that meeting about landlords legal responsibilities if people are harmed when maintenance is left not done.  I know it is a crime and people can be imprisoned for it, those people who are landlords need to know that – I don’t want to be the one to tell them, or I will never have anywhere to live!  Although even what I have done now will probably insure that 🙁.  I can also confirm I am distraught and crying about what you did today.  Or perhaps you Oligarchs are well aware the police are never going to prosecute a cruel irresponsible landlord, no matter what sort of peasant tenant he harms or kills.

The government propaganda about I AM HOPE – GUMBOOT FRIDAY is really a sick joke for you people isn’t it John, a sick cruel evil joke.  You and the government and your council profit from and enjoy persecuting human sewage like myself, local victims of crime that beg for the ACC/health care and welfare WE ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER NZ LAW – STILL ENTITLED TO JUST NOT RECEIVING because our government are corrupt.  I truly hope you are exposed for what you have done to hurt the poor in this community for the years you have been mayor, I truly hope everything is taken from you for the suffering and crimes you have committed.  Just like a drug dealer would have all of their assets taken, that is what criminals like you deserve, from my perspective in the darklands, those selling drugs had no choice as there was no decent work, you on the other hand had CHOICES and you chose to advance the rich and persecute the poor for profit.

Thanks for making me feel completely worthless and my safety or those of other renters being no concern whatsoever for you as a leader of this community.  Thanks for making me cry today, I was trying to have a day where I didn’t.  They don’t happen often after what Sarah did to me, which still breaks my heart.  There is a great saying, “Tears of the poor will catch up with you one day.”   I truly hope this applies to you and your family, watching your family suffer is something rich people love subjecting poor people to, isn’t it John.

Civil Society Activist