Don Brash THE TURD THAT WON’T FLUSH – trashing ACC again

Firstly Don Brash is one of the most corrupt neo-liberal terrorists in New Zealand, he destroyed this country while Reserve Bank governor – he is now 80 years old, nobody listens to that revolting old bigot – except other revolting old bigots!   What concerned me the most is the article trashing ACC ‘compensation’, just like the video by that Victim Support CEO going on and on about compensation and entitlement.   Ewwwwwww

Don Brash states as fact that all those parents were only after large compensation payouts for their ‘infant’ children – ewwwww.   Yes there was sexual abuse hysteria at the time but the idea that these parents were doing it to get ACC compensation is ridiculous and I AM SURE THEY WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS AVAILABLE.  Plus I don’t even know if is available, to get payouts for historical sexual abuse is very difficult and must prove dysfunction of some sort.   The children WERE OBVIOUSLY NOT INFANTS if they were talking to police etc.

It upset me a lot to see Judith Ablett-kerr beside him as I have begged her several times to be my lawyer and she ignores me.

The NEw Zealand government is still being run by cruel corrupt violent abusive neo-liberal terrorist scum who want all government money to support their business interests and create them huge profits.  Its nothing about caring for people or society, its nothing about peace and justice – its about violence and injustice.  I can imagine there are many people like me now screaming at them for compensation after years of criminal negligence by corrupt government organisations – especially those privatised organisations who are never held to account by anybody and continue to make New Zealand No 1 in the developed world for youth suicide, self-harm, domestic/flatmate violence and homelessness.


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