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UK article on austerity by private school extremists explains Wairarapa HATRED

The following article explains why such extreme levels of violence and hatred against me for my valid and legal NON-VIOLENT protests.   Wairarapa is full of private schools and of course hatred of poor people here is absolute.  That is why they sold off ALL STATE HOUSING in the region and removed the state housing statistics from all public record – they wanted to drive disabled and poor from the region and/or exploit/persecute those left as much as they possibly could.

I was interviewed independently by the Mental Health Inquiry legal staff, the woman told me the reason we were No 1 in NZ for suicide etc was due to elitism.   That community leaders, mental health services, police and welfare agencies would continue to deprive people like myself of professional mental health services and necessities of life BECAUSE THEY thought of people with mental health issues as ‘the poor’.  They were the rich and they would either lock them up, drug them up and of course exploit them to create jobs – jobs for other ‘poor’ losers.  That why mental health system so bad, there so many mentally ill people with serious issues in it!

It is very sad – I never knew the levels of hate by those in positions of power here were all based on how much money a person had.

It is also very sad that the current Governor General lives here and John Hayes, ex member of parliament, ex United Nations worker and person who started United Nations Association of New Zealand also lives here.   He abused me several times for protesting about persecution of disabled impoverished abuse victims in Wairarapa.

The local newspaper Wairarapa Times-Age is owned and dedicated to wealthy, private school educated elites, everything is from their perspective.   The way they now insult, exploit and terrorise those disabled victims of crime and suicidal people is the reason we No 1 for suicide.   That is why they demand police oppress and terrorise me for asking for health care and basic necessities of life.  What goes wrong of course is I am only asking for ACC care I entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago – so I can heal and return to work, so I can live a normal life.  I am naïve, I never really understood hate of certain people was related to how much money they had – I don’t think those who do it realise either.   I know a few rich people, they say hello and treat me OK when I am with them – but they will often talk of other poor and disabled people unkindly – not associating me with them.

The one thing the article and EVERYBODY who talks about homeless doesn’t talk about – is the  number of ‘mostly women’ FORCED TO LIVE IN DANGEROUS SITUATIONS due to housing crisis and illegal lack of state housing for them.   NZ is No 1 in the OECD for domestic/flatmate violence and Wairarapa is No 1 in the world for women self-harming.  Shame local POLICE AND DECENT PEOPLE HERE aren’t PUTTING THESE TWO SOCIAL ISSUES TOGETHER YET, I am sure they are in denial and don’t want to admit it.   Another reason to hurt me, I confront them with that fact, especially judges, mental health and people in power – especially people in charities, groan, they are the worst.   Its the emotional payment they get for ‘helping’ people, but that sort of charity denigrates their impoverished disabled victims.  They should be demanding govt do the right thing so there aren’t so many social problems and people in need, not playing into the hands of Libertarian neo-liberal extremists.

Wairarapa Police check out welfare visit by Whakatane police tonight!!!!

My own fkn bitch of a sister and brother I never see not only phone my daughter and upset her with my facebook posts – they send the fkn Whakatane police around to terrorise me – don’t phone me themselves – THEY SEND THE FKN POLICE.  I’m sure you bigots in Masterton police will be loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That’s what you want isn’t it, for my family to turn against me and get me locked up and drugged up aye!!!!!

My family not allowed to friend me on fb, not that they have ever tried, they like to stay well away from worthless garbage like me – all National party supporters do!   I’ve blocked them from looking now – fkn bitch!!!!!  My family all fb friends with each other – I don’t go under my real name because my mother told me she didn’t want the family name involved in what I do.  My fkn bitch of a sister doesn’t like it I am with my mum at the moment, so the psycho cow will do anything to cause shit – ANYTHING!!!!  That bitch hates me and always has!

Cause what police doing to me in order to oppress me, psychologically torture me, keep me poor and stop me from getting ACC care I am entitled to under law makes me terrified of all police, all uniforms and all police cars  and MAKES ME UNWELL in social situations.   You know it and you love it don’t you  Const Selena ??? and Sgt Matt Wailling.   The NICE police officer I met tonight was upset by what I told him what you were all doing to me for LEGALLY AND NON-VIOLENTLY PROTESTING ABOUT BEING DENIED HEALTH CARE.  Where I target those in power doing the harm and get triggered by ignorant bigots in the community!!!!

You know – those people I make complaints about of criminal negligence under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act.  THE LAW – but neo-liberal murderers don’t follow RULE OF LAW or democracy – DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fkn bitch of a sister I HAVE BARELY TALKED TO FOR YEARS, at Xmas she started an argument day before my birthday, just so her and the kids didn’t have to come to my birthday dinner.  Her daughter and son – who I get on with very well – didn’t know what to do.  I went out with my mum, aunty and a friend, while her, her husband and the kids stayed home.  It was very upsetting.   That just a long line in revolting bitchy things she has done.

My brother, who just been to Japan for some BS trip, never visits me and I live 45 mins away.   He been to my place about three times in five years and never brings his stuck up rich brat wife.   I never allowed to look after my nieces (their kids) have them stay the weekend, hang out with my kids when they all younger.  They used to come for weekends away at a local resort motel in Masterton – they never ever came to visit me.

These are the people phoning my daughter who is 24 and got lots of her own stuff going on – I dont’ tell her how bad I feel to protect her.  There is nothing she can do, she can’t buy me somewhere safe to live or make ACC provide me services, or stop police from assaulting me and using the justice system to terrorise me IN ORDER TO DRIVE ME TO SUICIDE.   Where I live is No1 in OECD for women self-harming.

Jacinda Ardern must be telling facebook what to say to human sewage like me – to us filthy peasants who being denied basic human needs to safety, shelter, food security, decent jobs, health care, etc.   Grrrrr so fkn angry right now.


Dr Kim McGregor makes sure abuse victims don’t get ACC entitlements

Interesting the youtube channel of this issue ridden neo-liberal leech won’t download onto facebook or come up on my website.   More proof of just how corrupt our government is in regards to disabled victims of sexual abuse and how ACC IS NOT providing the professional treatment care rehabilitation and safe stable culturally appropriate homes WE ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER ACC AND MULTIPLE OTHER LAWS

NZ women donate bras to support Pacific sisters – WTF!

WTF – the two government departments who terrorise me the most are sending bras to Fiji – what about 100,000s impoverished NZ female victims of crime ACC deny entitlements to and MOJ justice too – who can’t afford bras????  WTF

I’ve had two Fijian flatmates over past 20 years, both women, both stole from me, both lied, both ripped me off because I am a nice person.  Both violated my trust and both became highly abusive and violent when I challenged their thieving and deceit!!!!!  One was a younger woman who was making five hour phone calls to Fiji OVERNIGHT, WHILE I WAS SLEEPING, who ran up a huge phone bill then moved out and left it for me to pay.  I also went through this lying cows third abortion with her.   The other one was older and under mental health, she used to lie to police and mental health staff about people hurting her, who were angry because she was stealing from them and not paying her rent etc.  Also she was filthy, I felt sorry for her and trusted her and she ripped me off and then phoned police (knowing how terrified of them I am) to say I had assaulted her when I took her house key off her.   Told her if she walked out of the house to go gamble THE RENT MONEY SHE OWED ME, she wouldn’t be coming back in.   I upended the purse she was holding and the key fell out – I DIDN’T ASSAULT ANYBODY.     These are the only two Fijian women I have ever had anything to do with and they were both as bad as each other.

The women in these organisations are cruel, ignorant and full of nothing but HATE for disabled victims of crime.   It is ALL WOMEN who make sure I don’t get my ACC care reinstated after winning two court cases in 2010/11, make sure I didn’t get legal aid for past 17 years for my civil case against ACC for illegally denying me care.  Not to mention the current criminal case I can’t get police to prosecute or a lawyer for.  BECAUSE I AM POOR

This is insane and extremely distressing – women in these organisations purposely harm me and other women and abuse victims like me.   This must be propaganda for these organisations and NZ public.  The only women they employ in these organisations are compliant ignorant and bigoted women – they hate all poor women and anybody asking for health care or justice they entitled to under multiple laws.

These rich women have WARDROBES FULL OF UNUSED BRAs – WTF.  I have one bra and my 75 year old mother bought it for me because I can’t afford it and the bra I had been wearing was very old and full of holes.  When my mother saw it she insulted and chastised me for wearing it and demanded she buy me a new one – I was humiliated and degraded.  I don’t have big breasts so its reasonably cheap to buy a bra for me but I know women with bigger breasts who suffer so much pain and humiliating because they can’t afford decent bras.  While these rich women who work for Ministry of Justice and ACC have wardrobes full of them.   This makes me cry.  I have myself bought bras for disabled poor women – that was when I had a flatmate and had a little bit extra money.  After a trail of mentally ill flatmates who stole and terrorised me I’m too terrified to have one now.

The propaganda and MOJ ACC websites say people like me get professional health care, get our entitlements, get what the law demands in the area of justice and lawyers – BUT IT IS ALL A LIE FOR 100,000s of us.  Its a lie their corrupt bosses tell their staff, themselves and a lie they tell the public  through our corrupted neo-liberal media.  I know this because I’m being terrorised through the court system for protesting about this gross injustice.

Another point to this is THESE WOMEN HAVE NEVER WORN BRAs so why can’t they go out, go to meetings, participate in their society because they don’t have one?????????  Why are they humiliated in their own country – NO WOMAN IN THE WORLD WORE A BRA UNTIL 100 years ago!!!!  Why is any women humiliated about not wearing a bra??????  Wheather by choice or by poverty – These rich self-righteous bigoted women HATE POOR WOMEN IN NZ and would never donate these bras to a local charity – that us poor peasants they created supposed to get our clothes from.   WTF – more proof of the HATRED AND BIGOTRY they feel for NZs impoverished women.   30 years of austerity against poorest most vulnerable women in NZ and this is the result, foreigners are considered more deserving than their neighbours.  Of course ACC and MOJ women are expected to persecute impoverished NZ women for a job!!!!!!

Radio NZ women ewwwww – I phoned them the other day, absolutely distraught about what was happening to me.  THE WOMAN journalist on the other end just kept saying how she was sorry this was happening to me, but refused to investigate or print anything about it.  The plight of NZs terrorised disabled female (and male) victims of sexual abuse and violence is covered up – rich women refuse to tell it because they don’t want to believe it is true!!!!!


Not ‘all the white man’s fault’ RACIST ELITIST neo-liberal terrorist BS from NZ First

Below is a news item that makes me really angry – making the removal of poor children from poor women who victims of domestic/flatmate violence A RACE ISSUE.   Its the media who chose to follow this particular removal of a child from a parent – they are the ones who made it a race issue.  There plenty of impoverished, terrorised, victims of crime and violence, who are all poor people of all different ethnic backgrounds HAVING THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN – rather than the EXTENSIVE professional health care and support they are entitled to under ACC law.  Which includes help with children if you have a mental injury from abuse yourself, which includes having a safe stable home!!!!!!!!!!!!  Read the ACC legislation like I have!!!!!!

I was a candidate for NZ First in 1993 in Wairarapa, Winston refused to support me in any way because his good friend Wyatt Creech as the MP here – Creech is now Chair of the privatised health provider Health Care NZ – he is instrumental in me being denied all health care!  FACT!!!!

Many times I begged NZ First to help me get my ACC care – not just for me but for all abuse victims – they ignored me – they are not interested in helping poor people whatsoever!!!  They are really keen on rich people exploiting them and profiting from them, but actual professional health care and safe homes – HELL NO.    Ron Mark lives in my town I went to see him last year and was abused for even asking for ACC care and professional mental health care!!!!   According to him he was an abuse victim and I should get on with my life!!!

Ron was taken from his parents at 3 years old and put with a red neck white family to obviously trained him up to HATE poorest Maori.  He would not have remembered any abuse and yet he tried to tell me he knew how I felt – WTF.   He also told me before the last election that everything would be OK when NZ First was in power, that I would get my ACC reinstated after waiting nine years and winning two court cases, that I would get mental health services etc.  Of course it wasn’t and isn’t, ACC continue to deny me health care and the $10,000 in unpaid Independence Allowance they owe me.  That is my money, it is $18 a week supposed to help me be INDEPENDENT IN THIS HELL HOLE COMMUNITY, courts said it was to be reinstated nine years ago.   NZ First know all this – I’ve written to them for years – they ignore it – they prefer HATE AND BIGOTRY.

As a New Zealander who considers myself one with this land and one people with Maori – as most of us locally born from the 60s 70s 80s do – I admire Maori for being the ones to stand up to our corrupt government persecuting and denying basic necessities of life to impoverished women – often disabled women.   If we had the state housing and health care we had BEFORE NEO-LIBERAL TERRORISTS DESTROYED OUR CULTURE AND COUNTRY – then 80% of these child removals would be unnecessary!!!!!!!!!


I’m sure NZ First voters didn’t realise govt would be formed to implement 1800 more police and $20 billion in defence force spending – demanded by the United States to protect us from China.   Which we do need protecting from, but of course our government are more interested in their money buying up all our assets – so they can feed their own people and deprive locals of what they produce – especially poorest locals.

NZ First voters are leaving in droves because Winston didn’t do what they wanted and make sure the government limited immigration (because immigrants are driving NZers from their homes and decent jobs) and of course reinstated taxes to the filthy disgusting rich pigs of this hell hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Otago University in New Zealand – centre of neo-liberal propaganda!!!!

Below is a news item I just saw on Microsoft News service in New Zealand – you know if they have it on their website (WHICH I CANNOT REMOVE FROM MY HOME PAGE when I open a new tab).   Below are some issues I want you to consider:

  1.   Since when does NZ have a CENTRE FOR PEACE AND CONFLICT???????  Your taxes pay for that and neo-liberals created it in order to terrorise those people who HAVE EVERY REASON NOT TO TRUST ANYBODY IN THIS HELL HOLE FOR THE POOR AND UTOPIA FOR RICH PIGS.
  2. A survey of 1000 people out of 5million – how did they survey them????   Did those people have home phone lines, or internet access – which poor people often do not have.
  3. Its interesting how this elitist university person goes on about trust – as a disabled victim of our government and subjected to 80% of the crime in NZ I have no trust in anybody.  Why would I, you can’t trust anybody when you live rotting in poverty, denied ALL HEALTH CARE and justice.
  4. It is a well known fact 20% of the NZ population experience 80% of the crime – ALL OF THESE MILLION PEOPLE live in poverty, majority of these people are terrorised abused women.  NZ has the highest rate of domestic/flatmate violence IN THE OECD – that is because our govt are corrupt and do not provide state housing for disabled people AS REQUIRED BY LAW.
  5. Was this information put up as news by our corrupted neo-liberal media for propaganda purposes????   To make people think there is nothing to worry about, to make tourists think there is nothing to worry about.
  6. I live in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare, I can assure those people who have easy good lives – you have a lot to worry about cause the poorest most destitute and persecuted people in this hell hole are going to come for the rich.

I read a lot of news reports and the worst, most bias and elitist neo-liberal propaganda comes from Otago University.  That is the centre for child abuse, for persecution of poor families, for hate, for persecution of victims of crime and criminal negligence by govt/ACC/mental health.  ACC centre for REMOTE CLAIMANTS – ie people illegally denied treatment care rehab and homes they entitled to under ACC law – is based on Dunedin/Otago.  If I phone any ACC number from my phone it automatically goes to an answerphone that is NEVER EVER RESPONDED TO.

Don’t believe me about how corrupt NZ universities are then check out Chris Hedges and others now criticising them all around the world.  They are the ones who spread neo-liberal economics and brainwashed millions of students into believing it was the only possible economic model.  Why do you think heads of universities in NZ are paid the most obscene salaries in this country.  Just like head of Police, ACC etc.   Fact is the most corrupt neo-liberal terrorists in NZ get the most money – the new (Adrian Orr) Reserve Bank Gov has been one of the most highest paid public servants in NZ – he is the most corrupt as well.   He’s presiding over a global economic collapse and all us peasant going to pay soon – the poorest and those in rentals will pay the most of course!

Universities are supposed to be full of the most intelligent people in our country (lots of neo-liberal elitist foreigners in there now).   They are the ones the government relies on for information – they are the ones who have made NZ No 1 in the OECD for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, women self-harm, eating disorders and of course homelessness.   The following CENTRE FOR PEACE knows how many NZers (mostly local people of all ethnic backgrounds who were born here) are subjected to violence and crime.  They know it is caused by poverty and people not having their most basic human needs met for safety, shelter and food security.

Here is the news item – I would contact this ‘Centre’ and this university lecturer but I know there is absolutely no point.  I do this all the time when I see BS from Otago University – nothing changes.  These people in our universities are THE MOST ELITIST bigoted murderers in our country.  All they do is work out ways to create jobs and profits to exploit terrorised impoverished victims of crime.  And by the looks of this article to make sure majority of NZ citizens live ignorant and happy with their lives.

Elites R Cannibals – Poem

Don’t believe a thing they say
Rich and powerful had their day
Have your pitchforks at the ready
Elites are few and we are many

3 decades thieving from us peasants
Using propaganda for things unpleasant
Now farming us like animals
REBEL !!  Resist these cannibals

All history proves we will win
Against this enemy within
Now’s the time to decide
How violent will be this turning tide!!

Never enD

Why is NZ Journalist Sophie Bateman hiding her YouTube videos?

Been reading some of the most ignorant elitist BS from this young woman journalist.   Found a link to a youtube post she did couple of years ago so tried to find other stuff on her youtube channel.   But it appears there is a way of stopping people from seeing everything you post on youtube and just having it selectively available to some people.  Ewwwwww.

Come on Sophie you ignorant journalist maggot – why don’t you want me and others to see everything you post?????   Here is the link I found, I also discovered she has no followers and nothing else can be checked out or looked up – what is she trying to hide.

I stupidly watched bits of Breakfast on TV 1 this morning and The Am Show on TV 3 – it was horrendous bias bigoted business news by Oligarchs.    A bunch of construction industry people DEMANDING THE GOVERNMENT GIVE THEM JOBS WITH ROADING PROJECTS – WTF?????    And the guy on the TV said over and over again, how their workers won’t be able to feed their families if they don’t have these government projects – WTF????????????

Amazing how these VERY WEALTHY BUSINESS MAGGOTS say they are capitalist, then expect the government to provide them work???????????????   NZ IS BROKE – TAXPAYERS ARE BROKE – our country is trading insolvent.    These people won’t build homes for disabled and poor NZers, they want construction for the rich pig NZers and immigrants.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its capitalism, if there is no work then the business takes the losses and closes down – they don’t go whining and demanding money FROM THE FKN GOVERNMENT – FROM THE TAXPAYER to prop up their businesses – THEY GO UNDER AND EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR MONEY AS THEY SHOULD FOR MAKING SUCH BAD INVESTMENTS WHEN THERE WAS ONLY TEMPORARY WORK – LIKE THE CHCH EARTHQUAKE.   I would also like to point out local contractors were denied work in their own communities so these big business oligarch scum got all the money and profits!