Here is some more from Mark Blyth about global economic failure


And New Zealand media didn’t tell us what was going on either and still don’t.    They’re owned by the Oligarchs and the dumb face that Fox journalist is putting on – is about what I expect of those morons on TVNZ, Breakfast, AM Show, The Project and that other ridiculous NOT NEWS show they run.

What is distressing for me is how prepared our government and those around me are to commit constitutional crimes against someone like me, who simply asking for what the law says I’m entitled to.   What they are doing to me to discredit and terrorise me, what the community are doing as well – the poverty is driving people to fascism.

For those people in Wairarapa reading this I know for a fact Wairarapa Voice are liars and fascists and I have made complaints about them.  Very disturbingly a gay sounding man in Andrew Little’s office – who hates all people who make any reference to the bible when responding to his corruption and bigotry – did all he could to stop me and protect Local Govt NZ, Business Round Table (ie NZ Initiative), Carterton Council and Wairarapa Voice.   Especially to protect Jill Greathead who I proved lied on TV about an event they had last year.  Where I was insulted and degraded for being there, told I was mentally ill over and over and should leave.

I will have to put my complaint up and show you what happened.   Jill Greathead is a liar and neo-liberal fascist through and through – people like her are ONLY INTERESTED IN AUSTERITY for disabled poor human sewage like me and MORE MONEY FOR THEM.

What he says about old people is SOOOOO TRUE – if you check out the people running Wairarapa Voice or Localism NZ (DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FASCIST BS FEUDALISM EITHER) etc its all old people who own 80% of the wealth AND THEY JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!


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