Not ‘all the white man’s fault’ RACIST ELITIST neo-liberal terrorist BS from NZ First

Below is a news item that makes me really angry – making the removal of poor children from poor women who victims of domestic/flatmate violence A RACE ISSUE.   Its the media who chose to follow this particular removal of a child from a parent – they are the ones who made it a race issue.  There plenty of impoverished, terrorised, victims of crime and violence, who are all poor people of all different ethnic backgrounds HAVING THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN – rather than the EXTENSIVE professional health care and support they are entitled to under ACC law.  Which includes help with children if you have a mental injury from abuse yourself, which includes having a safe stable home!!!!!!!!!!!!  Read the ACC legislation like I have!!!!!!

I was a candidate for NZ First in 1993 in Wairarapa, Winston refused to support me in any way because his good friend Wyatt Creech as the MP here – Creech is now Chair of the privatised health provider Health Care NZ – he is instrumental in me being denied all health care!  FACT!!!!

Many times I begged NZ First to help me get my ACC care – not just for me but for all abuse victims – they ignored me – they are not interested in helping poor people whatsoever!!!  They are really keen on rich people exploiting them and profiting from them, but actual professional health care and safe homes – HELL NO.    Ron Mark lives in my town I went to see him last year and was abused for even asking for ACC care and professional mental health care!!!!   According to him he was an abuse victim and I should get on with my life!!!

Ron was taken from his parents at 3 years old and put with a red neck white family to obviously trained him up to HATE poorest Maori.  He would not have remembered any abuse and yet he tried to tell me he knew how I felt – WTF.   He also told me before the last election that everything would be OK when NZ First was in power, that I would get my ACC reinstated after waiting nine years and winning two court cases, that I would get mental health services etc.  Of course it wasn’t and isn’t, ACC continue to deny me health care and the $10,000 in unpaid Independence Allowance they owe me.  That is my money, it is $18 a week supposed to help me be INDEPENDENT IN THIS HELL HOLE COMMUNITY, courts said it was to be reinstated nine years ago.   NZ First know all this – I’ve written to them for years – they ignore it – they prefer HATE AND BIGOTRY.

As a New Zealander who considers myself one with this land and one people with Maori – as most of us locally born from the 60s 70s 80s do – I admire Maori for being the ones to stand up to our corrupt government persecuting and denying basic necessities of life to impoverished women – often disabled women.   If we had the state housing and health care we had BEFORE NEO-LIBERAL TERRORISTS DESTROYED OUR CULTURE AND COUNTRY – then 80% of these child removals would be unnecessary!!!!!!!!!


I’m sure NZ First voters didn’t realise govt would be formed to implement 1800 more police and $20 billion in defence force spending – demanded by the United States to protect us from China.   Which we do need protecting from, but of course our government are more interested in their money buying up all our assets – so they can feed their own people and deprive locals of what they produce – especially poorest locals.

NZ First voters are leaving in droves because Winston didn’t do what they wanted and make sure the government limited immigration (because immigrants are driving NZers from their homes and decent jobs) and of course reinstated taxes to the filthy disgusting rich pigs of this hell hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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