NZ women donate bras to support Pacific sisters – WTF!

WTF – the two government departments who terrorise me the most are sending bras to Fiji – what about 100,000s impoverished NZ female victims of crime ACC deny entitlements to and MOJ justice too – who can’t afford bras????  WTF

I’ve had two Fijian flatmates over past 20 years, both women, both stole from me, both lied, both ripped me off because I am a nice person.  Both violated my trust and both became highly abusive and violent when I challenged their thieving and deceit!!!!!  One was a younger woman who was making five hour phone calls to Fiji OVERNIGHT, WHILE I WAS SLEEPING, who ran up a huge phone bill then moved out and left it for me to pay.  I also went through this lying cows third abortion with her.   The other one was older and under mental health, she used to lie to police and mental health staff about people hurting her, who were angry because she was stealing from them and not paying her rent etc.  Also she was filthy, I felt sorry for her and trusted her and she ripped me off and then phoned police (knowing how terrified of them I am) to say I had assaulted her when I took her house key off her.   Told her if she walked out of the house to go gamble THE RENT MONEY SHE OWED ME, she wouldn’t be coming back in.   I upended the purse she was holding and the key fell out – I DIDN’T ASSAULT ANYBODY.     These are the only two Fijian women I have ever had anything to do with and they were both as bad as each other.

The women in these organisations are cruel, ignorant and full of nothing but HATE for disabled victims of crime.   It is ALL WOMEN who make sure I don’t get my ACC care reinstated after winning two court cases in 2010/11, make sure I didn’t get legal aid for past 17 years for my civil case against ACC for illegally denying me care.  Not to mention the current criminal case I can’t get police to prosecute or a lawyer for.  BECAUSE I AM POOR

This is insane and extremely distressing – women in these organisations purposely harm me and other women and abuse victims like me.   This must be propaganda for these organisations and NZ public.  The only women they employ in these organisations are compliant ignorant and bigoted women – they hate all poor women and anybody asking for health care or justice they entitled to under multiple laws.

These rich women have WARDROBES FULL OF UNUSED BRAs – WTF.  I have one bra and my 75 year old mother bought it for me because I can’t afford it and the bra I had been wearing was very old and full of holes.  When my mother saw it she insulted and chastised me for wearing it and demanded she buy me a new one – I was humiliated and degraded.  I don’t have big breasts so its reasonably cheap to buy a bra for me but I know women with bigger breasts who suffer so much pain and humiliating because they can’t afford decent bras.  While these rich women who work for Ministry of Justice and ACC have wardrobes full of them.   This makes me cry.  I have myself bought bras for disabled poor women – that was when I had a flatmate and had a little bit extra money.  After a trail of mentally ill flatmates who stole and terrorised me I’m too terrified to have one now.

The propaganda and MOJ ACC websites say people like me get professional health care, get our entitlements, get what the law demands in the area of justice and lawyers – BUT IT IS ALL A LIE FOR 100,000s of us.  Its a lie their corrupt bosses tell their staff, themselves and a lie they tell the public  through our corrupted neo-liberal media.  I know this because I’m being terrorised through the court system for protesting about this gross injustice.

Another point to this is THESE WOMEN HAVE NEVER WORN BRAs so why can’t they go out, go to meetings, participate in their society because they don’t have one?????????  Why are they humiliated in their own country – NO WOMAN IN THE WORLD WORE A BRA UNTIL 100 years ago!!!!  Why is any women humiliated about not wearing a bra??????  Wheather by choice or by poverty – These rich self-righteous bigoted women HATE POOR WOMEN IN NZ and would never donate these bras to a local charity – that us poor peasants they created supposed to get our clothes from.   WTF – more proof of the HATRED AND BIGOTRY they feel for NZs impoverished women.   30 years of austerity against poorest most vulnerable women in NZ and this is the result, foreigners are considered more deserving than their neighbours.  Of course ACC and MOJ women are expected to persecute impoverished NZ women for a job!!!!!!

Radio NZ women ewwwww – I phoned them the other day, absolutely distraught about what was happening to me.  THE WOMAN journalist on the other end just kept saying how she was sorry this was happening to me, but refused to investigate or print anything about it.  The plight of NZs terrorised disabled female (and male) victims of sexual abuse and violence is covered up – rich women refuse to tell it because they don’t want to believe it is true!!!!!


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