Why is NZ Journalist Sophie Bateman hiding her YouTube videos?

Been reading some of the most ignorant elitist BS from this young woman journalist.   Found a link to a youtube post she did couple of years ago so tried to find other stuff on her youtube channel.   But it appears there is a way of stopping people from seeing everything you post on youtube and just having it selectively available to some people.  Ewwwwww.

Come on Sophie you ignorant journalist maggot – why don’t you want me and others to see everything you post?????   Here is the link I found, I also discovered she has no followers and nothing else can be checked out or looked up – what is she trying to hide.

I stupidly watched bits of Breakfast on TV 1 this morning and The Am Show on TV 3 – it was horrendous bias bigoted business news by Oligarchs.    A bunch of construction industry people DEMANDING THE GOVERNMENT GIVE THEM JOBS WITH ROADING PROJECTS – WTF?????    And the guy on the TV said over and over again, how their workers won’t be able to feed their families if they don’t have these government projects – WTF????????????

Amazing how these VERY WEALTHY BUSINESS MAGGOTS say they are capitalist, then expect the government to provide them work???????????????   NZ IS BROKE – TAXPAYERS ARE BROKE – our country is trading insolvent.    These people won’t build homes for disabled and poor NZers, they want construction for the rich pig NZers and immigrants.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its capitalism, if there is no work then the business takes the losses and closes down – they don’t go whining and demanding money FROM THE FKN GOVERNMENT – FROM THE TAXPAYER to prop up their businesses – THEY GO UNDER AND EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR MONEY AS THEY SHOULD FOR MAKING SUCH BAD INVESTMENTS WHEN THERE WAS ONLY TEMPORARY WORK – LIKE THE CHCH EARTHQUAKE.   I would also like to point out local contractors were denied work in their own communities so these big business oligarch scum got all the money and profits!

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