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Chris Hedges predicting Christchurch Terrorist Attack incited by neo-liberal Jacinda Ardern

While world governments continue to participate in neo-liberalism things are only going to get worse.  Jacinda Ardern and Labour had the opportunity to expose and reject this global insanity and the CHOSE NOT TO.  They chose to leave more and more of us with NO CHOICES instead, grrr.    They chose to stick to the COMMONWEALTH Elizabeth monarchy line, which Boris & Brexit have proven IS THE WRONG DIRECTION, THE WRONG PATH, WRONG ROAD, WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.

I hope Charles heralds a more compassionate era, but I’m not holding my breath, although media avoid him and focus on William and Harry – so maybe, fingers crossed.


UN Association of New Zealand – corrupt globalists or not? You choose?

Got latest news from UN Association of New Zealand and was incensed considering my situation and what I know.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2019 9:26 AM
To: United Nations Association of New Zealand <>
Subject: Children should be taught in schools about democracy & constitutional law, HOW TO NOT DESTROY THE WORLD ON A GLOBAL SCALE USING THE UN & GLOBAL TRADE

And here is the news from an oppressed disabled Civil Society Actor in New Zealand who has been told by your organisation for years  (and Amnesty) that you don’t deal with individual cases – no matter the levels of violence and injustice.  No matter which group of disabled/persecuted people you belong to and advocate for.  Yet you turn up to have a say in human rights consultations like last year.  YOu were there at Victoria University when they tried to evict me from the meeting for no reason – I got an apology about that from the university.

Since then I have been formally trespassed for being upset with a woman from a quasi govt organisation that decides on the types of work us peasants will be trained for to cater to employers.   Apparently the American running it was wondering why disabled people were not included in employment needs, while the NZ woman who part of that group was an elitist patronising insulting bigot who was happy disabled sexual abuse victims (mostly women)being illegally denied extensive ACC treatment care rehab and SAFE HOME TO LIVE IN then entitled to under law WERE SUFFERING AND KILLING THEMSELVES, having their children taken and forced to live in dangerous situations due to illegal lack of housing – AND DEPRIVED OF WORK THEY CAN DO CONSIDERING THEIR DISABILITIES AND COMMITMENT TO THEIR CHILDREN.

The above is a long sentence I know, can’t be bothered fixing it.   Was watching an excellent youtube video by academic George Monbiot about how GLOBALISATION was the death nell for capitalism because it doesn’t work on a global scale.   Mmmmmm isn’t your organisation the one that promotes global trade above all reason & proof of its destruction.  Aren’t you that part of the United Nations that everybody is working to shut down and stop.  Also National Party MP and your founder John Hayes was my MP in Wairarapa and extremely bigoted, abusive and fascist from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of years begging for my ACC care to be provided as required by law.  Wairarapa became No 1 for suicide during his reign of neo-liberal terror. He is also associated with the neo-liberal charity abomination Trust House Wairarapa, where they take from the poor with ‘market’ rents and give to the middle class and rich for sports, arts and business projects.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Oxford (and every other) dictionary definition of CHARITY is giving to people in NEED – not people who have all their needs met and just WANT MORE & MORE & MORE & MORE.    Meaning of the world CHARITY was changed by our corrupt neo-liberal controlled government through the Charities Act – how Orwellian is that.  Changing the meaning of words, go figure!  I’m starting to wonder if neo-liberal terrorists use Orwell’s book 1984 as their manifesto!

Here are the facts and maybe one day – although I very much doubt it – you will actually do something to help me and other victims(mostly women) of domestic/flatmate violence who subject to 80% of the crime in this country.  Neo-liberalism is a failure, housing market is a failure, human rights are a failure, UN is a failure, capitalism is a failure, democracy DOESE NOT EXIST and RULE OF LAW DOESN’T EITHER for us oppressed disabled poor rotting in the darklands of this neo-liberal terrorist hell.

YOu should really check out my facebook page Jayne E Routhan I just started it and first time since I was hurt 17 years ago telling my affluent family what is happening to me.  Its going about as hate filled as you can get.  So far my brother has told me if my life is so hard I should kill myself, then yesterday that I am a violent toxic poison person for telling my family HE HAD TOLD ME TO KILL MYSELF.   Although I am connecting with other ostracised members of the family who understand what happening as well.

Currently up on 23 minor police charges for my LEGAL NON-VIOLENT protests within the rules of UN Civil Society Handbook – which I show the judge at times.  Latest round in years of being charged with minor crimes only to have them dropped or win them, dozens of them since 2002 (after rape & trying to get ACC care I entitled to) Two of these charges relate to a current sitting Labour Party member I am not allowed to name and Bell Gully Compass Health.  One related to a piece of art I blutacked to the Labour party office in Masterton and a poem I put on my website.   Also for throwing red paint on the White ribbon banner in Masterton police station after I was violently assaulted and threatened with rape for protesting that I couldn’t get my ACC care and was phoning them highly suicidal, self-harming, almost psychotic and they had police trying to prosecute me for Misuse of a Telephone for begging to have my care reinstated.  You already know all of this I have contacted you several times before over the past 10 years.

Please respond to this email, advise me why you have refused all these years to interact with me and what you intend to do in the future now you know what is happening to me.  Thank you
I look forward to your urgent reply.
Jayne R
Civil Society Actor

From: United Nations Association of New Zealand <>
Sent: Monday, 30 September 2019 1:39 PM
To: <>
Subject: September Newsletter United Nations Association (UNA NZ)

Latest from the UN and UNA NZ


Latest news from the UN Association of NZ
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September 2019

Ka nui te mihi kia koutou katoa
Dear Members and Supporters of the United Nations Association

The United Nations is an organisation that serves the world. If there is a problem in one country they try to solve it by negotiation.

The younger generation should be taught in schools about United Nations activities. At the start of UN model assembly, recently held in Hamilton, I asked the High School students, “Have you heard of UNDP?”. They did not know the answer. After giving the answer I ask them, “Who was the first female head of the United Nations Development Program?”. They do not know the answer. I then ask, “Do you know the name of the previous Prime Minister of New Zealand?”. Then they will say, Hon. Helen Clark.

Our topic for this year for Hamilton Model UN, which you can read about further down in this newsletter ,was Climate Change. This is a very hot topic locally and internationally.

On the 27th September, school students are striking from school and university to protest lack of acton on climate change and push for a climate emergency declaration. These students are our future. They are awake to the effects of climate change on their lives. This strike, they are calling for adults to join them.

I come across various students who say to me that they have taken part in the Waikato Model UN Assembly in the past. Students who had won the speech trophy had ended up as solicitors and doctors, doing well in life. One of them had even ended up as Prime Minister.

I will be glad if the New Zealand Government could introduce UN activities into the curriculum of the school education system and our Prime Minister Hon. Jacinda Arden should be able to suggest this since she had won the Waikato branch speech trophy in the past. There is a lot of reason for this request.

You are welcome to forward and share this newsletter with anyone interested in strengthening the work of the United Nations.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Mano Manoharan
Waikato Branch President
United Nations Association of New Zealand

UNA NZ and Family Planning host United Nations Population Fund Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem.
On the 16th September UNA and Family Planning hosted an afternoon discussion with UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem. 

Dr. Natalia Kanem is the Executive Director of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Under-Secretary-General. Dr. Kanem brings more than 30 years of strategic leadership experience in medicine, public and reproductive health, social justice and philanthropy. Dr. Kanem is among the highest-ranking women at the United Nations and the first Latin American to head the agency. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) which recognised that reproductive health as well as women’s empowerment and gender equality, are the pathway to sustainable development. How far have we come? What challenges do we face? The discussion was an exciting opportunity to learn more about the direction of the UNFPA and where we need to focus going forward.

Pictured above: Dr Natalia Kanem (centre) Executive Director of UNFPA with Peter Nichol (right – President UNA NZ) & Joy Dunsheath (left – Immediate Past President)

New Zealand Sustainable Development Goals Summit Hosted in Auckland this Month 

On the 2nd September, experts from all sectors addressing New Zealand’s sustainability challenges gathered at the 2019 New Zealand Sustainable Development Goals summit. The theme focused on ‘Accelerated action, together.’.

Victoria Rhodes-Carlin, a member of the steering committee spoke about UN Youths event ‘the Aotearoa Youth Declaration’ that is hosted in Auckland very year and creates the Youth Declaration policy document. The Youth Declaration gives decision makers access to youth perspectives on key issues. Including, many issues encompassed by the SDG’s. Read the Youth Declaration 

A keynote address was given by Helen Clark.

Sophie Handford- National Coordinator for the climate strike shared a youth perspective on sustainability. The next School Strike for Climate takes place on the 27th September. Find more information here. 

Dr Gillian Greer Co-writer of the SDG peoples report chaired a panel discussion on gaps between where we are and where we are as reported in New Zealand’s National voluntary review on the SDG’s. You can read the peoples report here here  and the national voluntary review  here. The panel also discussed how to bridge those gaps trough collaboration. 
Read more about the summit, which plans to be hosted again nest year, here.

68th United Nations Civil Society Conference
In late August the United Nations Civil Society Conference was held in Salt Lake Utah, USA. 

The conference focused on building inclusive and sustainable cities and communities.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations reminded the conference that well planned cities equip us for inclusive societies and place us well to address the Climate Crisis. He highlighted the role of Civil Society in addressing global challenges and the importance of partnership in working toward to the Global Goals. You can see his full address here. 

You can read the full outcome statement of the conference here.

Hamilton students take on model UN! 

The Waikato branch of UNANZ hosted a Model UN event for highschool students at the end of August.

The topic of the event was a burning one: ‘Minimising the Negative Effects of Climate change’.

The event drew not just students from many schools across Hamilton but also multiple public figures. Including, the Mayor of Hamilton Andrew King, Former Chairperson of Environment Waikato, Pala Southgate and multiple member of parliament, Tim Macindoe and David Bennett who all delivered speeches to the students.

The ‘countries’ discussed their main concerns regarding the topic and outline the policies they had implemented to address them. The main issues included deforestation, extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and the resultant socio-economic implications. Many positive remedies were discussed such as reforestation, renewable energy and international cooperation to heal shared heritage.

The countries were challenged to discuss international agreements focusing specifically on the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol. The countries were divided in opinion. Many highlighted poverty and population growth faced by developing countries as stumbling blocks for achieving positive targets. When debating the resolution was the hidden costs and impacts of seemingly sustainable technological innovations. Many countries called for second thought to possible consequences of new technologies and new research and development to find the most efficient alternatives to fossil fuels.

After the final voting was done, the concluding ceremony was composed of speeches from the President of the Waikato UNA NZ, the Secretary General, the judges, and one of the volunteers who is into environmental sustainability.

The prizes were distributed to the best speaker, the best team, and the team with the best costumes- notably the french delegation pictured.

Multilateralism: Time for a Revamp? Asks Helen Clark

12th August 2019- Annual Peter Fraser Lecture, Wellington. Last month Helen Clark gave the annual lecture in the name of Rt Hon Peter Fraser. Rt Hon Peter Fraser was Prime Minister from1940-1949 who attended and played an active role in the San Francisco conference where the United Nations charter was negotiated in 1945.

Helen Clark spoke about the current state of multilateralism, the importance of staying engaged with it, seeking to improve its performance and create more inclusive forms of it.

Helen Clark noted the success of multilateralism specifically in human rights and development. She went on to discuss the pressure on the multilateral system now, discussing big challenges such as peace and security and climate action.

Finally, Helen Clark argued that a more inclusive form of multilateralism may be the way forward. She commended the ILO for its tripartite membership consisting of governments, unions and employer organisations.

She highlighted challenges for the UN and its core institutions to broaden their governance but noted lessons for the UN in the way others had broadened their stakeholder engagement. And suggested that experimenting more with that in the governance of the core multilateral system could be useful in getting broader engagement in global affairs.

You can read the full speech on Helen Clark’s website, here.

SDG focus: Action for People and the Planet

Last month saw the SDG of the month and Secretary General highlight climate change. The theme continues this month with a focus on ‘action for people and planet’

The theme comes among a month of important meeting such as the Youth Climate Summit on the 21st September. Another notable event is the Climate Action Summit, the first of its kind bringing together public and private stake holders. Finally, the Sustainable Development Goals Summit on the 24th and 25th September.

Exclusive Blog by UN Secretary-General António Guterres

The Secretary-General wrote an exclusive blog detailing his thoughts on taking action for people and the planet in a month of several important meetings.

“This month, world leaders will gather in New York for a week of critical meetings to accelerate action for sustainable development, including the Climate Action Summit and the SDG Summit. I have asked leaders to announce concrete plans of action that can boost global ambition. … If we want our planet to remain the same – healthy and able to support prosperity and opportunity for all — we will have to completely transform our world.


As the SDG summit takes place in New York this September key actors call for the world to ‘make it happen’.

UNA NZ Education Portal Resources

The UNA NZ Education Portal is an excellent web page for UN-related resources.  This month’s featured Portal webpage is SDG 2: Zero Hunger. Given the governments announcement of their latest policy to provide free school lunches to New Zealand’s most under privileged children and the focus on poverty in the latest access radio session (featured in this newsletter) we thought this month we would focus on SDG 2: Zero hunger.

Click here to learn more.

Wellington Access Radio featuring SDG One: No Poverty

Past President of the UNA NZ, Joy Dunsheath, will be featured monthly on Wellington’s Access Radio (106.1FM) discussing ways people can help do more to support a more just and equitable society.

This month’s programme focuses on SDG One: No Poverty with Dr Pushpa Wood and Andrew Johnston.

Listen to this episode here. 

Save the Date: UN Day 2019

On the 24th October UNA NZ will be hosting UN Day celebrations at Premier House in Wellington. The event will feature speakers such as High Commissioners. Invitations will be sent electronically via email and registration through Eventbrite is essential.

Notice: UNA NZ Office available part-time

The UNA NZ Wellington office is still available for sharing one full day or one-half day per week. It is located centrally on Boulcott St.  The office is fully furnished, and has internet connections, heating and ventilation, and an office kitchen available for use.

This would suit an NGO needing an office for one day per week or for occasional use.

For more information, please contact: Joy Dunsheath or

Get your copy of our latest magazine

Be sure to check out the UNA NZ News 2018, which includes the Dame Laurie Salas Memorial Lecture, speeches and reflections from our National Conference on the topic of the role of Global Summits in solving global problems, and latest research reports by the UNA NZ. It also highlights some of the work of the wider UN family in NZ. Members should have received a copy of the magazine. If you have not received a copy, please contact your Branches. Read it now online here

Check out our newly updated website!

Selected International Days This Month


5 September – International Day of Charity
8 September – International Literacy Day
10 September – World Suicide Prevention Day
12 September – United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
15 September – International Day of Democracy
16 September- International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
21 September – International Day of Peace
23 September – International Day of Sign Languages
26 September – International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
26 September – World Maritime Day
27 September – World Tourism Day
28 September – International Day for Universal Access to Information
30 September – International Translation Day


1 October – International Day of Older Persons
2 October – International Day of Non-Violence
5 October – World Teachers’ Day
7 October – World Habitat Day
9 October – World Post Day
10 October – World Mental Health Day
11 October – International Day of the Girl Child

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Are Masterton police being bullied #metoo – Snr Sgt bullying me

From: Jayne R
Sent: Monday, 30 September 2019 4:16 PM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>
Subject: Latest news report bit scathing of Snr Sgts Jennifer

Wondering if there any bullying going on in Masterton police, especially in regards to me, I see the faces of some of those officers when they are charging and processing me – THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE DOING IT – ITS OBVIOUS THEY ARE ASHAMED.  They know what’s going on, that is why I always got on with Wellington officers, they know how long I been protesting and they ALL agreed with what I was saying.  Wasn’t until I got really broke and had to start protesting over here that things got nasty.  Police were never my enemy and I have NEVER RESISTED ARREST or deserved anything but kindness, protection and justice.
Have teamed up with a few interesting new local body councillors – hopefully they all get in.  They are loving my ideas about dealing with our No 1 suicide rate.  Doesn’t matter what you do to me, I’ve got Jesus as my guide, my knowledge is my power and my actions are vital for a civil society, the more you hurt me the more people turn against those doing it.   Here’s my bullying poem dedicated to you and your fascist friends.

I’m being bullied and there’s no-one to tell
Beaten kicked and whipped, left in hell
I can’t find a lawyer, someone to care
I’ve read the laws, understand what’s in there

10 years of torture asking them why
Why do you ignore me, have left me to die
Why’s my life so worthless when others are not
If I had cancer this neglect it would stop

I have all the symptoms of traumatic stress
Have studied university books, the internet
I get no help rejected because
I believe in my spirit, my culture, my knowledge

I write to the paper, TV, radio
To those supposed to protect me I know
Say there’s laws that say this, laws that say that
Some that are good, others a brick bat

Human Rights laws with no power at all
Bill of Rights laws on which nobody can call
Laws only for lawyers and rich people to use
Laws made that meant something, now they’re abused

Laws that cost hundreds of thousands to create
Laws that protected the poor and the weak
Then came the wasps settled in the beehive
On which lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats now thrive


Now there’s nobody taking responsibility
For the stings of the wasps in our capital city
Soldier ants fill our government buildings
Employed cause they’re soulless, ruthless, unquestioning

Like Marianne said they smile as they kill
And if you object you’re insane should take a pill
So if you’re one of those ants from the hill
I’m your worst nightmare, poet, artist, political


Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


Just phoned Amnesty NZ about international refugees making most vulnerable NZers refugees

I have just got back onto Twitter and followed Amnesty NZ – who have insulted and rejected me many times regarding my civil and human rights abuses.  I get insulted and told they don’t deal with individuals.

This morning I couldn’t help myself after they posted something about how bad it was for refugees in Europe and New Zealand should take more of them.  I phoned to tell them I was a disabled poor sexual abuse victim in New Zealand in unstable unsafe unaffordable private rental accommodation and everybody like me was terrified of homelessness.  Asked why they were promoting refugees coming to New Zealand when they were driving disabled and poor New Zealanders from their homes, driving them into dangerous situations which made us No 1 in world for domestic violence, self-harm etc.

I said I could understand if these people were put in tent cities and homeless people of New Zealand could have access to these places as well.   I asked her where someone like me was supposed to live if I had to leave this house, or was I expected to commit suicide like so many were?

She said nothing, even though I gave her the opportunity to several times and said “I’m going to put the phone down now.”  I tried to phone her back to get some sort of coherent answer to my question but the answerphone was on.

I found out last year Amnesty in NZ is run by a senior member of the Labour party.  The woman I spoke to sounded very young, wonder if she gets paid for what she does?

Can other people please contact Amensty NZ on 0800 266 3789  and ask the same question?

Records person at Masterton Hospital just did WHAT EVERY OTHER PERSON IN HEALTH/WELFARE DOES TO ME

So after being sent my hospital notes in April, I saw the envelope and opened them a week ago.  I left TWO messages for the woman, she didn’t get reply to the first message and did to the second message 5 mins ago.  I wanted to know what MENTAL HEALTH being recorded on my A & E notes meant, as I feel I am being labelled this to be targeted for discrimination – not extra help – less help.

She explained how there are three sorts of public hospital notes that they don’t have access to, private hospital notes and mental health services notes.  I got upset cause I am being denied all mental health services and have always been since ACC dumped me in 2009.  The woman IMMEDIATELY told me I had raised my voice and she would “terminate” the call.  She said it like a robot – I hear this from everybody in the health, welfare, justice sector – EXACTLY TEH SAME WORDS as soon as you show any form of distress they freak out and want to terminate the call.  The government have trained them to reject people who are living in the cracks (creavasse) in services they created.

She told me I should make complaints, but I have made complaints for years and been ignored, I was ignored a couple of weeks ago by the current complaints person at the DHB.  She told me I should go to the Privacy Commissioner and get the inaccuracies in my notes corrected.  Every valid Privacy Commision complaint I have ever made has been rjected. I become extremely unwell, self-harm and want to suicide reading notes that aren’t true.  after being rejected from services for so many years and after so many valid complaints all of which are rejected and ignored.

I desperately need a lawyer but of course I am poor and not allowed one because there are no longer any Civil Legal Aid lawyers in New Zealand after 35 years of neo-liberal terrorism closed off our legal system to poor terrorised people like myself.

Not a good way to start the week, being patronised and terrorised by a hospital worker.   When I became distress she did what EVERY OTHER person does as well, patronisingly she started repeating my name over and over again.  Said you are not listening to me – but I was listening to her I just didn’t agree with what she was saying – or I could do what she was saying.  They must be trained to say your name if you disagree with them or are being upset by what you are saying.


Court ordered Psychiatric Report by Nick Judson – labelled insane for protesting WTF!

This is the report ordered to establish if I could represent myself because Legal Aid refused me a lawyer for over a year.  I only go through it without huge distress and terror because of something my friend Malcolm said.  He is part of the Lake Alice group who were tortured and has fought for many years for compensation and services.   He told me when he gets a really bad report full of lies he is really pleased, cause it means he has more ammunition to fight them with.   I havn’t yet done my complaint to the Medical Council about all the lies and assumptions in the report but I will in the next few days.  So you will see just how bad it is, if you can’t work it out already its so full of BS.

I am sure people who understand what has been happening to me and how bad the mental health services are, will see the incredibly corrupt, unprofessional and bias he has shown in this report.   NOTE:  I havn’t smoked pot for years to deal with my disorder, that was in a report done about 15 years ago by the nut job ACC psychiatrist Anne Walsh (she was the lover of that psychiatrist down in Dunedin who tried to kill his wife)  only person who would pay her is ACC and she does exactly what they want.  I know for a fact she has dozens of complaints through the Health and Disability Advocacy Service.

If you remember I had my care illegally removed in 2009 by ACC and they have refused to reinstate it since that time – even though I have won two reviews.  My mental health has only worsened in that time after years of valid written and polite complaints that were ignored.  This report was done based on 1hr 20min meeting with a psychiatrist that has been an architect of abusive, oppressive and elitist mental health legislation in New Zealand.






Jayne R





Consultant Psychiatrist


4 September 2019



Tel: (04) 918 2471

Fax: (04) 918 2477

PO Box 50-233





4 September 2019


The Presiding Judge

District Court






Re:                     J E R……

Dob:                  xx January 1965

NHI:                   APQ 3050


Charges:             Wilful Damage

                             Failure to Answer District Court Bail


                             Use of offensive Language/suggestions (x2)

                               Offensive/Disturbing Use of a Telephone (x4)

                             Obscene Language (x3)

                             Wilful Trespass

                             Causing Harm by Posting Digital Communication (x3)

                             Use of Offensive Language/Suggestion


Psychiatric report pursuant to Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act.


The Court has sought a report for the purpose of assisting the court to determine whether the defendant is unfit to stand trial or would have a defence of insanity within the meaning of Section 23 of the Crimes Act.


I met with Ms Routhan at the Masterton District Court on Thursday 29 August 2019 for the purpose of this report. At her request, a court security guard nominated by Ms Routhan sat in the interview, and a tape recording of the entire interview was made. I agreed to this recording on the basis that the recording would be held by the court. As the court will be aware, there had been some difficulty in organising an appointment that was acceptable for Ms Routhan and after some negotiation the terms of this assessment finally proved acceptable to her.


I have been supplied with the Summary of Facts for the various charges and a Summary of Previous Criminal and Traffic Offending. With Ms Routhan’s verbal consent I have accessed previous reports for the court prepared by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh in March 2014 and March 2019 and Dr Caroline Holmes dated May 2014 as well as a report prepared for ACC by Dr Alan Doris dated November 2008. Ms Routhan was specific in her verbal consent that these were the materials that she would permit me to access. I did not obtain written consent, as she had made it clear early in the interview that she found any ‘forms’ to be traumatic for her and I did not feel that it would be appropriate to ask her to sign a written consent form for access to the material.


With her permission, I have also spoken with her daughter P. M. and with her friend S. S. as well as briefly speaking to her lawyer, Mr Alisdair Ross. Ms Routhan had an understanding of the purpose of the assessment and was aware that my report would be sent to the court. She somewhat reluctantly agreed to participate in the interview.

I subsequently received an email from Ms Routhan sent via the office of the Director of Area Mental Health Services, which has added further useful information.




The interview with Ms Routhan was an extraordinary experience, particularly notable for the continual stream of personal abuse directed at the assessor. The interview was largely unstructured and was allowed to remain so, as any attempts to provide some structure to the questioning seemed to provoke even more levels of distress for Ms Routhan. She was quite clearly distressed and highly aroused by the interview situation and at times she had to pause to sit with her hands pressed to her temples to try and compose herself when her distress became too overwhelming. Her mood throughout the interview varied between anger, with invective and vicious personal abuse directed at the interviewer and at services and professionals in general, to quite marked distress and brief periods when she seemed reasonably calm for short periods and with some ironic humour. There were short periods towards the later part of the interview when she seemed to calm and almost seemed to gain some rapport with the interviewer around the issues of what may be beneficial in terms of a potential health support package. However this did not last very long and she returned to her previous pattern of angry and frustrated abuse.


As the court may be aware, if a transcript of the interview was accessed the abuse was continual and direct, with repeated, almost stereotyped phrases sauch as: “I hate you”, I hate your fucking guts, you piece of shit”, “you piece of garbage”, “you sick fuck”, “you elitist maggot”, you fucking elitist neo-liberal piece of shit” etc. She also directed statements about her beliefs of the Mental Health and Justice systems at the interviewer. It was evident that although these were directed towards the interviewer, they were in fact directed towards the interviewer as a representative of the system about which she feels so angry and frustrated. For example: “I know you are a murderer”, “you are dragging people into the justice system”, “you are raping those people that you lock up”, that the Mental Health system is the cause of suicides and therefore that I was murdering people and that I was personally responsible for the deficiencies in the Mental Health system.


She referred frequently to her views that the ‘system’, characterised by professionals, elites, foreigners, rich people, the justice system and the Police is systematically abusing poor people and actively taking pleasure in the sufferings of poor and disabled people. She expressed anger against foreigners who were moving to the country buying up property and displacing poor people like herself. She referred frequently to the traumas that she had suffered and her frustration with ACC and Mental Health Services, who had not provided her with the services that she feels she requires on terms that are acceptable to her.




She referred to her own very high levels of anxiety and inability to cope when faced with any situation that may remind her of her personal experiences of abuse or trauma, or that of other people in a similar situation. These may include for example, seeing police, people with tattoos in rememberance of a suicide, any kind of forms to complete, or any contact with Police, mental health professionals or the like. Her views on professionals, elites, foreigners and Government agencies systemically abusing poor and traumatised people were expressed with a vehemence and inclusiveness that suggested a quite paranoid flavour, though there were no specifically delusional beliefs.


She referred to feeling constantly suicidal and said that she was unable to function effectively. She agreed that when frustrated, when her pleas for help were not met or taken seriously she “lost the plot”. She referred to this as ‘going Tourettes’, by which she meant that it seemed that her stream of abuse occurred without her necessarily intending to do so, and that this was something in the nature of an involuntary compulsive behaviour or tic. However she also talked about her behaviour as being genuine protest against Police, Government agencies and other actors in the system and seemed to have great difficulty in understanding that her behaviour was effectively self-defeating. When I tried to explore what she was trying to actually achieve with her protests this produced higher levels of anger and distress more intense abuse. She did however appear to acknowledge that her protests were more an expression of her anger and frustration than designed to achieve any specific end, though she did hope to access to suite of ACC funded services.


As regards the issues concerning the court, she appeared to have a good understanding of the charges in general, though I did not go through each of the charges in detail. She had a very clear view of her plea options and the defence that she wished to run. She insisted that her behaviour is justified by being political protest rather than criminal action. When attempts were made to explore her understanding of the potential consequences of the criminal charges, her response was merely that she did not care about the consequences. I was unable to ascertain to what extent she actually did have any factual understanding of the potential consequences of these charges.


She initially was dismissive and somewhat disparaging about her lawyer, but when asked specifically about the role of the lawyer in representing her in court she appeared to understand his role and expressed an intention to let her lawyer run her defence in the courtroom and to try and not intervene directly in the court process. She felt that, even despite the anxiety that she knew she would feel in the court situation she would manage to maintain sufficient composure to allow the lawyer to conduct the process on her behalf.


Ms Routhan subsequently sent me quite a lengthy email, which was articulate and much more reasonable in tone. In this she acknowleged that the abuse she had expressed was not appropriate and almost apologised: “even though I want to write those words I just can’t”. She referred to how the abuse was not intended: “…what came out wasn’t what I expected either”, and that the abuse was not personal, but was an expression of her overall frustration and rage: “What happened was you copped a lot of my unresolved rage at injustice perpetrated by other psychiatrists and mental health workers who had hurt me, discredited me, rejected me etc. Please don’t take it personally.”




Current Offences


The current offences, 18 in all, cover a period between January 2018 and June 2019. The various offences are characterised by her abuse directed at representatives of various agencies whom she contacted in person or by telephone and by behaviour such as chalking swastikas. The charge of wilful damage arose when she threw paint over a White Ribbon banner at the police station because she objected to its comment about speaking out about violence, which she felt was hypocritical and inappropriate – she described her behaviour as ‘artistic expression’. I did not go through all the offences in detail and the court will be fully aware of the details of all the offences she is currently facing.


Background and Mental Health History


I will summarise her background and mental health history briefly as this has been well documented in previous reports.


Ms Routhan appears to have been a well-functioning and reasonably well-adjusted woman prior to an episode in 2002 when she was raped when asleep and intoxicated. She had had some previous mental health contact for some irritability, but no serious psychiatric problems prior to that. Following the incident of rape she developed symptoms suggestive of post traumatic stress disorder and received some mental health support funded by ACC. It appears that in 2009 she was receiving a package of care that she found particularly helpful, but for reasons that are not clear to me this was discontinued by ACC. Since then she has been increasingly angry, frustrated and despairing about mental health and support care that she has been offered, or that has been denied. I understand that numerous attempts have been made to engage her by various therapists through mental health services and ACC funded providers, but for various reasons these attempts to provide care have been unsuccessful.


Ms Routhan is noted to have developed high levels of anxiety, eating disorder, chronic suicidal ideation and anger, compounded by effects of cannabis use that she used to manage her mental health. She was diagnosed as suffering from a profound and enduring personality change due to the trauma of the rape. Diagnoses have varied as to whether this is PTSD, anxiety, personality change or mood disorder but however characterised there seems no doubt that this was provoked by the original episode of rape trauma and has been compounded by repeated frustrations and difficulties in her engagement with ACC, mental health and other helping agencies. Her own account is that she has been increasingly unable to function, unable to face the anxiety provoking contacts with any agencies that can support her. She gave as examples of this her inability to fill in any forms required by agencies such as Winz or ACC because of the trauma this causes her. Her friend S.. noted she experiences high levels of anxiety when she receives any communication by mail and is unable to open her mail.


Both her friend S.. and her daughter P…. describe her functioning as appearing to be relatively unimpaired for much of the time. However, when she has any experiences, contacts or thoughts that remind her of many of the traumas that she finds particularly anxiety provoking this can produce an overwhelming episode of anxiety which then triggers her angry response and inability to cope with the situation in which she finds herself. This may include contacts with mental health or other statutory agencies, or if she sees an item on the television or in the newspaper that reminds her of any of the issues that she is so preoccupied about. Ms Routhan has been unable to obtain any kind of employment and attributes this to lack of services and the anxiety and trauma that she experiences, further compounding her difficulties. She told me she now has only one friend and has very little other social contact.




Ms Routhan is currently not receiving any mental health or ACC funded services. She has made it clear that she does not wish to receive any kind of medication. She currently has no GP. She told me that this was because the GP had imposed conditions on her behaviour that she was unable to maintain without a mental health worker and that she now requires medical intervention for physical health issues.


Previous Offending


I note that Ms Routhan has two previous convictions for graffiti in December 2017 and one of wilful trespass in May 2014. As far as I can ascertain from the records, the pattern of offending behaviour seems to have escalated in frequency and intensity over the last couple of years.




In summary, Ms Routhan displays a picture of a woman who was reasonably functioning and relatively unimpaired in terms of her mental health and behaviour prior to an episode of rape in 2002 age 37. From this event she developed high levels of anxiety triggered by the trauma, leading to an escalating pattern of distress, mood disorder and constant preoccupation with injustices, both her own and those of society as a whole, leading to her continual episodes of ‘protest’. Her protests bring her in conflict with Police and other agencies due to her pattern of escalating abuse, which is clearly distressing and may be frightening to those who are the recipients of her abusive verbal invective.


  1. Mental Disorder within the Meaning of the Mental Health Act 1992


Ms Routan has developed a chronic mental disorder characterised by very high anxiety, volatile mood and preoccupations with systemic abuse and exploitation which border on the delusional. There are also issues of impaired volition, in that she appears by her own admission and the observations of others, to be unable to control the stream of verbal abuse when she is triggered by rejection or an event cue that heightens her anxiety. Although she calls this a type of Tourette’s syndrome (a neurological disorder characterised by compulsive verbal and other tics), it is unlikely that this would be a diagnosis. However there is a very stereotyped pattern of abuse that characterises her tirades when her anxiety and frustration is triggered beyond a certain point.   It appears that she effectively loses control and is unable to exercise any real voluntary control over her anger and verbalisation once she passes a certain trigger point. It would be reasonable to say that the first limb of the test of mental disorder, as an intermittent disorder of mood and volition, is therefore met.


The second limb of the test for mental disorder requires that she poses either a serious risk to others or a serious risk to her own health or safety, or is seriously diminished in her ability to care for herself. In terms of serious risk to others there is little evidence that any of her individual actions in themselves would pose a risk to another person, however it seems clear that the episodes of her abuse can lead to the victims of her abuse becoming upset, frightened and quite scared of her. I myself, an experienced psychiatrist, was taken aback by the abuse I experienced and for a lay person, particularly when caught by surprise, this is likely to be an extremely distressing and traumatic experience. Although each event in itself may not meet the criterion of seriousness, the accumulation of less serious events could be interpreted as being a serious risk to other people.




Secondly considering the issue of serious risk to her own health or safety, although she claims chronic suicidal preoccupation I am not aware that there has been any suicidal behaviour, and in that sense do not think that she poses a serious risk to herself.


However she does put herself in situations where others react to her in a manner that may endanger her safety. For example she complains that Police have physically hurt her when restraining her, due to her behaviour when she has been highly aroused. In addition, her preoccupation and inability to resist the urge to pursue her protests and express her frustrations causes her to come up against the very triggers that re-traumatise her and heighten her anxiety and the consequences of these create a vicious cycle, steadily worsening her own mental health. This is in itself could be seen as a serious risk to her own health if the situation is maintained. She is also reckless as to the potential consequences of her repeated protests, which also may be seen as a risk to her own health and safety. Lastly considering whether there is a significant diminished of capacity to care for herself. The accounts of her daughter and her friend suggest that she is able to care for herself in practical, day-to-day issues when she is calm and functioning reasonably well. However her life situation has clearly deteriorated during the years that she has been suffering from this mental disorder. She has gone from a relatively successful and stable person to one who is living by her own account on the margins of survival, with little money and preoccupied by the injustices of her own situation and that of others. Due to this her function is in many aspects of her life seems quite seriously impaired. Issues such as her inability to deal with the agencies that she needs to help her manage her situation, her inability to complete forms, to open her mail or to attend interviews and appointments that are necessary to make some progress in her life, all suggest that there is a significant diminution in her capacity for self-care.


Putting this all together, it is my opinion that she does meet the definition of mental disorder as defined in the Mental Health Act and that she would potentially be eligible for compulsory intervention if this was considered to be the most appropriate step in alleviating her distress. However, her intense distrust of any aspects of the mental health system would make a compulsory intervention potentially counterproductive, re-trigger many of her traumas and enhance her sense of mistrust, with a significant risk of worsening her situation


  1. Fitness to Stand Trial


The criteria for fitness to stand trial are that she is able to plead, to understand the nature, purpose and possible consequences of the process, and to communicate adequately with counsel.


  • Ability to Plead: She understands the charges and can indicate clearly what is her preferred plea and why. However the defence that she is relying on may be unrealistic, in that she seems to dismiss the reality of the criminal behaviour and seems to regard her behaviour as entirely legitimate. On balance I consider that she is fit to enter a plea.
  • Ability to understand the nature of the process: I do not think this is impaired.
  • Ability to understand the purpose of the process: the answer to this would be yes in a simple sense, in that she understands that she is going to court charged with a range of offences. However her view is that the whole societal structure is one of oppression of the poor and marginalised by the elites, the professionals, Government systems etc, so that her understanding of the purpose is heavily influenced by her view that the legal process is yet another attempt to deliberately victimise her. Her full understanding of the purpose may therefore be impaired.
  • Ability to understand the possible consequences: It is very difficult to assess this given her attitude is that she does not care about the consequences. It is probably that she does understand the consequences, even if she does not accept this. Her refusal to consider the realistic consequences may affect her fitness to stand trial.
  • Ability to communicate adequately with Counsel: This is in my view the most tricky area for her in terms of her fitness to stand trial. The quality of her communication is so coloured by her distress, her anger and her frustration that it may be impossible for her to have any calm, rational discussion with her counsel about these issues. Although she is accepting at this stage the role of her counsel, and insists that she is allowing him to conduct her defence on her behalf, her volatility and impulsivity is such that she is likely to find it very difficult to maintain her composure and her stance of non-intervention in the court room.


In summary then my view is that there is some doubt over her fitness to stand trial, particularly given her firm insistence that she is not criminally responsible because her actions were a legitimate protest and because her ability to interact with the court as the process unfolds is likely to be impaired due to her ability to contain her distress and impulsivity during this stressful process.


  1. Insanity


Previous reports have not considered there to be an issue of insanity, though I would suggest that this a more nuanced judgement. Section 23 of the Crimes Act states that a person may be considered insane if they are suffering from a disease of the mind which makes them unable to understand the nature of the action or omission, or to understand that it was morally wrong.


Firstly does she have a disease of the mind? She is clearly suffering an entrenched mental disorder characterised by PTSD, mood disorder and some personality change, and also exhibits what appear to be compulsive urges to verbally abuse, as well as some degree of paranoid mood in relation to the persecution of herself and others in a similar situation. This mental disorder can be defined as constituting a disease of the mind.


In terms of her understanding of the nature of the action I do not consider that she would be impaired in this regard. However, does she understand that it was morally wrong? She seems to understand that the level of intensity of abuse that she allegedly perpetrates goes beyond acceptable. Her characterisation of this is “going Tourettes” indicates that she believes she cannot help herself when her anxiety reaches a certain point and that she knows that she goes beyond rationality and reasonableness with the stream of abuse that emerges when she is triggered by rejection, frustration and trauma issues. At the time these behaviours occur however, her capacity to reason or to understand the morality of what she is doing is likely to be completely overtaken by the level of personal distress and impulsive expression of her anger and frustration that she experiences. An argument can therefore be made that at the time that these behaviours occur she is incapable of understanding that her actions are morally wrong.




It should also be noted that she regards her actions as being legitimate behaviour and therefore justified. On this basis she argues that it is not morally wrong. Whether this is considered to be due to mental disorder is debatable. It is difficult to see any coherent strategy from her so called ‘protest’ and her view of the injustices seems to be heavily coloured by a quasi-delusional interpretation of the malign intent of the various groupings of professionals, Police, Government agencies, and therefore can be interpreted as being a direct result of the mental disorder.


I would therefore suggest that the question of an insanity defence cannot be entirely ruled out in this case.


Comments on Disposition


The Court has sought advice only on the questions of fitness and insanity, however I think it would be appropriate for me to make some comments on disposition. I am very much aware that Ms Routhan finds any psychiatric assessment to be extremely distressing and anxiety provoking and anything that can be done to avoid her having to attend further psychiatric assessment is likely to be helpful for her and for the Court.


Ms Routhan herself suggests that she needs a package of support to assist her to manage the distress and high levels of anxiety that she currently experiences. She has at least some idea in her mind of what this would constitute. It would ideally involve mental health and support professionals who could support her in various areas of her life to manage the trauma and anxiety experiences and to enable her to get herself back into some sort of functioning occupation. She has been dismissive of the idea of any psychological input or of any medication as part of this. In order to stand any chance of successful intervention, it would be necessary to have support from a coordinated team of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupation therapist, community support worker and possibly others working together to manage the various strands of her disability. I have no doubt that as part of any intervention, medication would be an important tool in alleviating the high levels of anxiety and impulsivity that occur, but this would need to be embedded in a comprehensive support package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan and would also necessarily include some psychological work to address her Complex PTSD. To put together such a package of care would be a challenge, and to set up a package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan would be an even more tricky challenge. In addition, it would require the mental health workers to be able to endure the kind of abuse that she would inevitably exhibit during at least the initial periods of engagement. This may be able to be tolerated if it can be conceptualised as a compulsive or tic- like behaviour that is beyond her control, and therefore not perceived as being personal abuse directed towards the therapists or care workers themselves.


One can see that this would be a difficult task to achieve but in my view would be the best way of ultimately being able to intervene to relieve the distress that Ms Routhan suffers. If successful such intervention may enable her to moderate her behaviour, to maintain any protests within socially acceptable boundaries and avoid the ongoing contact with Police and the Justice system. The question of compulsory intervention will inevitably need to be considered. It may be at the end of the day that compulsory intervention cannot be avoided. However any compulsory intervention by the mental health system would compound her distrust and feelings of trauma and victimisation by a system that she regards essentially abusive and should only really be considered if all other avenues to provide the care that she requires are exhausted.


I trust that this report is helpful to the court.




I have read and complied with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses contained in Schedule 4 of the High Court Rules.


I confirm the truth and accuracy of this statement. I make this statement with the knowledge that it is to be used in Court proceedings. I am aware that it is an offence to make a statement that is known to me to be false or intended to mislead.






Consultant Psychiatrist


I am Human Sewage

I am human sewage, DHB decided so
The Chairman said do nothing, pretend we do not know

I am human sewage ACC decided so
The Minister said do nothing, keep up the torture show

I am human sewage the commissioners decided so
The Ombudsman said do nothing, we don’t wanna know what you know

I am human sewage the government decided so
The Prime Minister said do nothing, keep up the marketing show

I am human sewage our MPs decided so
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I am human sewage mental health decided so
In the Wairarapa are ignorant bigots, running a suicide show

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A witness to the lies they’re telling, cause they’re cruel & I know

I am human sewage, my family decided so
When they all sat back and did nothing, that’s why I’m here on show

Singing we have human sewage, created some years ago
When elitists took over this country & a neo-liberal agenda took hold

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Been on my own all day, not good, wish I could go out but no money – wish I was dead – what purpose in living if you can’t work and forced to live in degrading, soul destroying poverty.  I don’t understand why I am not allowed services other people get – drunks, gamblers violent people, criminals get services and victims don’t?  WTF is that BS & none of the organisations who supposed to insure you get justice and services will help??  Its like I don’t exist.


Further complaints about all bias psych assessors I expected to see

1 May 2019


Medical Council of NZ

PO Box 10509

The Terrace



Dear Sir/Madam,


Please find attached a complaint about psychiatrist Justin Barry-Walsh in his capacity as a consulting forensic psychiatrist in my current Bill Of Rights/criminal case for protesting about mental health services, police, housing, ACC and government.


Firstly, I have yet another bladder infection which is making me feel yuk, also my knee is getting sorer since I fell a few weeks ago. Really need to see a doctor, is there anything you can do about that urgently, I havn’t seen a doctor for over three years.


Included are copies of documents, books etc I showed at the assessment but he didn’t respond to me about any of these things, we didn’t talk about treatments at all. I mostly cried and was extremely distraught telling him the worst of what was happening, how my behaviour had deteriorated etc.   Don’t want to start again, I don’t want to cry today.


Yesterday I was talking to court staff who said every person there had tried to get me health care I was entitled to, it was people higher up in police, health and government who were refusing. I believe the motivation behind this is sinister and punitive to punish me for my LEGAL NON-VIOLENT PROTESTS about what was happening to me and others like me. That is against the laws of New Zealand (including Crimes Act) and United Nations treaties, freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Sadly justice organisations in this country are grossly corrupted by neo-liberal extremists, nothing more than marketing. Freedom of speech means you are free from economic, psychological and physical violence.


I know there may not be any way for the Medical Council to help me with the lack of health care I am being subjected to, but I hope and pray with all my heart you can. I just want to get better and go back to work, I have to or I won’t survive and will have no hope for the future. I have so much to offer my community and the world with my art and what I know. Please free me from the torment of suicidal ideation at the hands of these terrible faceless people.


You should also consider contacting police after reading what has been happening to me and the serious life-threatening situation I am living with unsupported. In fact I am supporting others who are getting services and in better living situations than me.


I hope you believe me, I hope you can help me, nobody else will, when I write these things down it seems so surreal this is happening to me in New Zealand in 2019.





Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


3 May 2019


Medical Council of NZ

PO Box 10509

The Terrace



Dear Sir/Madam,


This letter is to form part of my complaint about Justin Barry-Walsh and others using psychological abuse/torture in an attempt to drive me to suicide.


I am not sure how to talk about the background to this as it is very traumatising for me, I have communication impairments and need someone to insure I relate all the relevant information needed for the Medical Council to make a decision. Can you please help me work out how to do this, I am not sure myself, whether phone or face to face. I have no support to do this from anybody else.


This is in regard to being in court for my legal and valid protests about police violence, being illegally denied health care, punitive use of the justice system, government corruption, gross injustices in mental health and housing sector, etc. Legal Aid refused me legal aid, even when the judge said they were required to provide it so I had a lawyer.


On 1 May I heard from Nelda Day court officer that the second psych assessment would be 24 May, THE DAY AFTER I was due in court. The date of 23 May was made four weeks ago, the Forensic Service was required to provide a suitably qualified culturally appropriate ‘impartial’ psych assessment as requested by Judge Morris before the next court date – not the day after. The 23rd was chosen because I have a long term relationship of sorts with Judge Morris and she is determined to do whatever she can to get me the health care and justice I am entitled to under law – so I don’t end up in court repeatedly for my ongoing protests. She was going to be there on 23 May, she may not be there 10 days later.


I was advised the assessor was going to be Dr David Chaplow, ex Director of mental health and one of the people I have spent the past 17 yrs complaining/protesting about.   The first assessor was not who the court staff were told it would be, it was a very gay sounding man called Peter who only 18 months before wrote a report saying I didn’t want services – which was a horrendous lie.   Then I got Dr Barry-Walsh who I thought to be trustworthy, but obviously wasn’t from his report. Now they want Dr Chaplow, when I had requested Mason Drury or ANYBODY he recommended who knew Whare Tapa Wha and assessed on a culturally appropriate basis, ie as a Pakeha New Zealander. The judge supported this in her formal request to Forensic Services, it was ignored.


Finding out the court had organised the psych assessment for the day after I was due in court made me very angry and I challenged court staff about this.   I was told to contact Forensic Services as they were the ones who organised it, there was nothing they could do. Giving consideration to my extremely poor mental health what they were doing was psychological torture, vindictive, punitive use of the justice system and criminal under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act. It is also a perversion of justice which is a crime and subject to 7 years jail if convicted and of course many other human rights and disability rights laws.  I looked on the website and tried to phone head of Forensic Services Dr Emery-Palmer given the seriousness of what was happening.


I went through to a call centre, the person asked me who I was because psychiatrists did not talk with patients who phoned, I told her I was not a patient. She phoned through to Dr Emery-Palmer and returned to me saying the doctor had said I was a patient and not to put me through. I reiterated I was not a patient and tried to explain the situation, the woman hung up on me.


As a writer I have a pretty good grasp of the English language and just to make sure looked up the word patient.   I am definitely not a patient by definition of the word, I am not registered with any health provider, I have not received any services from mental health for many years – no matter how many times I begged for professional health care I was entitled to. I have not received anything from public mental health services, except some counselling 25 years ago and the odd bit of social work (which is not health care). I did have some interaction with an Occupational Therapist in 2009 but when ACC illegally withdrew my actual professional rehabilitation the OT couldn’t cope and rejected me also. I had been working with a very professional and amazing OT Glenda vandervenLong at the time who was funded by ACC. The interaction with Hugh Gaywood-Eyre OT was more a therapeutic interaction, there was no ‘health care’ involved.


The last interaction I had with Hugh was at Masterton police station, I was on the floor with my arms around the ankles of the social worker sitting beside him begging for health care. Hugh told me to get up and stop embarrassing myself, that I knew as well as him there were no longer services in mental health. He left the service not long after that, I knew him through a club I belonged to for a while, we have discussed what happened, he left MH services as he couldn’t cope with how badly they treated people.


Being a patient would require some sort of regular interaction with the same person, I can’t recall that happening for a very long time. It distresses me greatly that other people appear to get professional health care and I do not. I have never understood why and people treat me like I’m a liar and delusional when I tell them what is happening to me, because it doesn’t happen to them. Hopefully the Medical Council and police can work out what has been happening to me. The only possible reason I can think of is my public protests and formal complaints, it is illegal to harm or disadvantage someone who makes a complaint.


With everything the media and government say about mental health services and the horrendous ‘suicide promotion’ propaganda we are all subjected to day after day, my mental health is denigrated even further by my experience of EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE to what is expected.


It appears to me Dr Emery-Palmer may be part of this appalling abusive behaviour by Forensic Services, I truly believe only a police investigation would be able to explain what is happening and how many it is happening to. I know from the laws I read it is not allowed to happen to me or anybody else.


Mental health services have more power over people and the opportunity for more abuses of power than police. What is happening to me might explain New Zealand’s world leading suicide, self-harm, domestic violence and eating disorder rates. Perhaps I am part of a targeted group of disabled people who are prevented from accessing professional health care, using professional health and rehabilitation models and whose valid complaints are illegally rejected.


Please make this stop, please, I have never hurt anybody, I barely drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t steal, I don’t rip people off, I don’t bludge off people, I don’t gossip, I don’t gamble, I am not a sexual deviant or pervert of any sort. I am an honest good person just wanting health care I need and am entitled to so I can return to work for wages, so I can live with dignity and in safety without having to beg for food. My house is tidy and clean, my gardens are done, I share jars of jam & pickle I make with others, most of it goes to waste (when I get given fruit or produce people don’t want). I don’t want to live like this as an outcast of society, I am intelligent, I have reports that say it, I have a report from Justin Barry-Walsh 6 years ago that said I was intelligent, didn’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional. That is still true, unfortunately I don’t know if Justin is as sound minded.


I am 54 years old, why are they doing this to me, I am going to be destitute the rest of my life if they don’t help me, there is no point in living if this is what my life is going to be like.   Please I want to meet my grandchildren, please I don’t want to be despised by my family and the community, please I havn’t done anything wrong and I don’t understand why this is happening to me when every law and report I read says exactly the opposite should be happening. Please if I don’t work I know I will be raped, harmed and exploited again, please help me, this is what is happening in the ‘darklands’ where I live every day. Its very hard to avoid junkies and being told repeatedly to interact with very self-righteous wealthy Christians is extremely offensive. The times I have gone to churches for support I have ended up being the one supporting them, working for them for nothing, often doing things for people who were getting health services and had safe stable homes to live in.


Did I tell you about them cancelling an x-ray the doctor at A & E said I needed, so I went there and was told there was no appointment?   Did I tell you about mental health staff gossiping to people in the community about what a bad person I was (who then came and told me). If I was a patient of mental health services then I would be able to make formal complaints about this gossip and the horrendous violations of my most basic rights, I am not so I can’t.   How can somebody be a PATIENT of a health system that completely rejects them?   They treat sex offenders and abusive thieving junkies better than they treat their victims, I know that for sure.


What is happening to me is a criminal act and a deliberate perversion of justice



Yours sincerely



Jayne R


From: <>
Sent: Monday, 9 September 2019 5:04 PM
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: RE: Complaint

Hello Ms Routhan

The reason we did not take this any further, is that there is nothing in the documentation you gave us showing how the doctor breached the third-party assessment statement. This means we will not be taking any further action with this matter.

You asked us to provide you with the documentation we sent you, and I have attached a pdf file with the information you sent us in 2019.

You have also made a Privacy Act request for ‘all documentation in the consideration of my case’. We are compiling this material, and will provide it you to. I note that we have 20 working days from your request to provide you with this material.




Andrew Greig
Manager Professional Standards

Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa |Medical Council of New Zealand |

This email may contain legally privileged or confidential information which is intended for the use of the addressee only. If you receive this mail in error, please delete it from your system immediately and notify us at either the above email address or on +64 4 384 7635.

From: Jayne Routhan []
Sent: Wednesday, 28 August 2019 9:51 a.m.
To: Andy Greig <>
Subject: Re: Complaint

Mr Grieg,

I have never received advice from the Medical Council of NZ that you were refusing to consider my valid complaint of bias by Justin Barry-Walsh and others from Forensic Mental Health services.

1.  Please advise the date and method of MCNZ response.

2.  Please advise how you were confused about the extreme bias Justin Barry-Walsh and two other assessors with conflicts of interest in my case, it is quite obvious from the report and FMH sending people who were supposed to be assessors yet had already refused me services.  Conflicts of interest and bias in independent third party psychiatric assessments are illegal according to your own rules.  You do know your rules Mr Grieg????

3.   Did the complaint go through the official complaint channels or did you stop it before it got to those people?

4.   Who where the people that made the decision?

4.   Please provide all documentation in the consideration of my case?

5.   Can you please explain in more detail why you rejected my valid complaint?

5.   Why would you list what the MCNZ does, I have read your rules and the legislation I know what you are supposed to do, I am not stupid or illiterate – in fact I have psych assessments that confirm I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and not delusional?   Your response would suggest the opposite of you and your organisation.  Do doctors driving our world leading suicide, self-harm and violence statistics concern you at all, or are you more interested in the profits and jobs created for doctors?

6.   Please return all the documentation I sent you to 29 Clifton Avenue, Carterton.   I am very poor and cannot afford large amounts of photocopying, I will require all the documents I sent you for another avenue I have for justice and protection from government oppression of people with mental health issues like myself.

7.   My complaint was extensive and detailed, I was very careful to explain the situation using health, disability and legal jargon so people like yourself could understand.  I have spent time studying disability and rehabilitation at Massey University, also law, human rights etc.  Along with living amongst the  purposely impoverished, violent and suicidal rejects of neo-liberalism.   Is my extensive knowledge and experience of no consequence to you?  Do you believe yourself to be superior to me due to your affluence and powerful position?

8.   I spoke to a woman in your office a few weeks ago that told me MCNZ were making a decision whether to make a decision about my valid complaint.    I was also told by the same woman in May I had a valid complaint according to the rules, which is why I sent the complaint.  Can you please advise this woman’s name, I require it for upcoming legal proceedings.  Do the men bully and denigrate the intelligent women in your organisation?

I look forward to your reply, these are all requests under the Privacy Act and as required by law the information should be forwarded to me within 28 days.


Jayne Routhan

UN Civil Society Actor

I HAVE JUST REALISED EMAILS ARE DISAPPEARING – I CAN’T FIND THE ORIGINAL EMAIL FROM THIS CORRUPT ELITIST PIG – I do recall something being said during the Cambridge Analytica scandal that they make sure the emails are deleted off the system after a few weeks – maybe they make it automatic.   So will start posting more copies on here of the worst ones in future.


Complaints to Medical Council & Privacy Commissioner about Forensic Mental Health report

I’m very upset after writing that last report, will post this, got some more to go with it and then will have to go for a walk.  Might not be able to come back to computer, my heart is breaking over knowing just how cruel and corrupt our government truly are.  It makes me wonder how long this elitist shit manipulating and terrorising us peasants has been going on.  They definitely good at covering it up THAT’S FOR SURE.

Kia kaha and aroha to all those other people being denied professional health care, have suffered abuse/trauma, now being deprived of basic necessities of a human being and told THEY ARE THE ONES WHO INSANE!

18 April 2019


Medical Council of NZ

NZ Privacy Commissioner



This is a complaint (and report) to the Medical Council of New Zealand, the Privacy Commissioner and others who it may concern. Due to impairments related to my disability (Complex PTSD as a result of overwhelming trauma and criminal negligence) I can only do this once so please do not take this as a sign of disrespect for your processes. It is also going to be difficult for me to keep order in my paragraphs etc. There may be some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and I apologise in advance for them. I won’t be capable of reading this once it is finished and will have to self-harm etc while writing it in order to get it completed. It has already taken me several days to sit down and write it I am so terrified of the impact it is going to have on me, each similar complaint or report I write gets a little more difficult every time – and there have been many over the past 17 years, when I believed in an honest and ethical legislature, executive and judiciary (politicians, public servants and judges).


“All societies in decay make war on artists and intellectuals

because they offer up ideas which are uncomfortable

and provide a narrative that doesn’t fit the spectacle.”


Cicero 49BC


With my interest in writing, poetry, Rule of Law, justice and accumulation of knowledge I think if born a man of priviledge in 106BC would have been much like him and definitely his friend and supporter. Also given our births are only one day apart, him 3rd and me 2nd January.


It is with deep despair and incredible concern I am writing this with the knowledge head of psychiatry at CCDHB is grossly corrupt, deceitful, incompetent, unprofessional and criminally negligent.   To help me put this report together I will use his report as a basis, a copy of this is enclosed/attached.

I have just looked at Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act. It was very distressing and quite obviously prepared at the height of extremist neo-liberal economic policies that were intended to persecute people with mental health issues as a result of trauma and neglect.   Now it is 2019 and neo-liberalism has been completely discredited and acknowledged as causing significant harm to our planet and society this law will be seen by many as a human, disabled rights and Bill of Rights abomination.


I note from the legislation the assessment required Justin Barry-Walsh to contact my family and whanau to establish what was happening, he did not. I suggested in our meeting he do just that, my daughter P. and my friend S. would be the best people at the moment (although I don’t tell P. the most serious issues I have to protect her and I have not known S. a long time and she has trauma issues herself). Sadly all my working friends and family have withdrawn from being around me as they cannot cope with my situation. Sarah Greenall was a long time friend Dr Alan Doris talked to for his assessments, she violently assaulted me, ripped my clothing and subjected me to a tirade of abuse in December last year. She also was not able to deal with my increasingly distressing living situation and succumbed to her wealthy and powerful friends and clients opinions of me based on the fact I am unemployed rotting on invalids benefit – when I appear NORMAL.

I also suggested to Justin several public servants I had worked with over time who would be able to advise him of the deterioration in my behaviour. People I knew to be professional and have integrity, who would be objective. He looked like he was writing the names of these people down, particularly Tina Hemi, my WINZ Case manager who had only recently attempted to get ACC to reinstate my health care after waiting nine years since I won two reviews. I also showed him a letter and advised him to call Susie Barnes, a previous lawyer of mine, he only looked at the letter. Susie and I have a process whereby anybody phoning her regarding me and she will text me to get my permission. She is not able to represent me due to her lack of resources and expertise in constitutional law.


I also suggested he talk to Jason, a security guard at Masterton Court who has seen my behaviour deteriorate and within my dysfunction is very adept at getting me through those really terrifying times (I have met several court security staff who have an amazing talent for doing that). Judge Morris who ordered the assessment would herself be a person to talk to as she has known me since my legal protests started becoming before the court in around 2010, after ACC illegally withdrew all my entitlements to professional health care and Independence Allowance of $18/wk and refused to reinstate them even after I won two reviews – and I almost died.


Although the legislation is incredibly specific (in my opinion to manipulate and corrupt the process for people like myself) about what it is to cover in my situation, I can confirm it was about me being able to represent myself as Legal Aid were illegally/unjustly refusing me a lawyer. Justin was well aware the report WAS NOT about whether I was unfit to stand trial, but whether I could represent myself, I told him that at the beginning. That is what the court transcript and documents will show during the earlier appearance where the judge ordered the assessment. Copies of the court transcripts are available (please advise me if you would like me to request them).


Because the summary of facts leaves out the reasons I protested in a way those harming me didn’t like, that I was completely justified in doing, it was not an accurate account of what happened. During our meeting I told him I threw washable red poster paint (I usually work with chalk so I don’t break the law) on the white ribbon banner in Masterton police station because police violently assaulted me, lied about it and got away with it even though I had proof. The court process I went through in 2017 with lawyer Susie Barnes was a perversion of justice however I am not able to get a lawyer after months of trying (please contact Ann Rice at the Law Society) and no longer well enough to start appeal proceedings as I have done in the past – and won. In response to the injustice I was subjected to and the rage I felt listening to those two police officers lie in court and the IPCA ignore my valid complaint I acted out on a protest mission I had been considering for many months after the assault and threats of worse harm (rape implied)– but too terrified to carry out.


I cannot be sure I talked about the other charges as I know I became extremely distressed on recounting the ongoing police violence and ignoring of my valid complaints about it to the appropriate authorities. Decent police officers have done their best to try and make me feel OK and show me not all of them are like those who attacked and threatened me. They have told me they don’t agree with what is happening to me.


The charge for wilful damage, I threw washable red poster pain on the white ribbon banner in Masterton police station that said SPEAK OUT AGAINST VIOLENCE TOWARDS WOMEN. A sign that still triggers me into flashbacks of the physical and psychological violence I was subjected to. They (the govt) play that message on TV screens and posters at Masterton hospital A & E as well as WINZ I found out yesterday. It took me every bit of courage I possessed to do that protest I was so terrified of more violence. I also left a sculpture of my art that included a poem and philosophical quote. I walked out of the police station and using chalk spray did a swastika on the wall. I got into my car and drove an hour to Lower Hutt where I chalked on the court building (this is where Judge PJ Butler found me guilty of some minor crime for chalk graffiti I think and defended the two police officers who hurt me). I chalked Judge PJ Butler with a large swastika – to represent fascism and violence I was being subjected to as a vulnerable targeted minority.


I left there and drove to Wellington Central Police Station where I handed myself in, because I have a lot to do with Wellington police after my years of protests and mostly they are decent police officers who try to apply Bill of Rights. It was very distressing as I had to tell them why and I know police don’t like hearing stories like mine about other officers.


The other charges included me not attending court and twice I had to spend a night in Wellington police cells and be transported in a very small metal box back to Wairarapa. I refused to attend court because until I received the ACC health services I was entitled to after winning the reviews in 2010 and 11 – mental health services were continuing to refuse me all services and I was terrified of them for good reason. I also refused on the basis I was being denied a lawyer and I desperately needed one. Legal Aid Services delayed appointing a lawyer, then appointed one who didn’t even work in Wairarapa and they didn’t tell him. It was only me phoning the day before I was supposed to appear that he knew I existed. Then they appointed a lawyer that had a conflict of interest as he was the lawyer of a mentally ill dangerous gang member I had unfortunately become associated with (I thought he was a musician I didn’t know his background to start with, but once you are embroiled with these people there is no going back).


I was too terrified to go into a Wairarapa police station or at the time the court (that was more my mental health issues and being phobic about being in the court building after several traumatic events there).


THIS IS SOUNDING ALL CONFUSING AND I’M BECOMING REALLY UNWELL BRINGING UP THESE TRAUMAS, that is what happens with Compounding Complex PTSD. If you bring up too many injustices/traumas your brain starts to shut down in order to protect you. I refuse to stop, I am in bed it is 2.30 in the afternoon and I am not moving from here until this is done, complete or not.


Justin Barry-Walsh was deceitful when he asked me if he could call Stephen Enright, the context was about how insulting, offensive, bigoted and ridiculous Mr Enright was in the 10 years I had been dealing with him. Stephen Enright is the person the Minister of Health puts people like me on to when we are being illegally denied professional mental health care as required under multiple laws. The Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services is quite obviously instrumental in our appalling abusive mental health system and corresponding world leading suicide, violence, self-harm and eating disorder rates. Also in Wairarapa we are No 1 for suicide in NZ, along with compulsory treatment orders and psychotropic drug use.


I never read the report Justin did in 2014, a friend at the time read a few pieces out to me which sounded very supportive and professional, so I thought I could trust him this time – I was wrong. I didn’t agree with the report of Dr Holmes, again parts read out to me, because she had a drug focus rather than an Occupational Therapy focus on me overcoming the phobias I had created after being raped sodomised, the person found not guilty even when he admitted it in court and then being left without professional health care or support as a single parent of two girls aged 5 and 6 at the time (now 23 and 24).


It is a fundamental spiritual, cultural and ethical belief of mine (also based on my extensive study of traumatic stress disorders and basic human needs as defined by Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs) I do not want experimental psychotropic drugs used in my rehabilitation and treatment.   Under Bill of Rights, civil and human rights I am allowed to manifest my beliefs in society and have them respected. I am mentally injured, not mentally ill, my brain is reacting quite normally to an inhuman situation of overwhelming trauma followed by criminal negligence over a long period of time (ie govt persecution).


There is absolutely no way I gave Justin or Stephen Enright authority to discuss my health issues in any way and I definitely did not give him authority to consult with Wairarapa Mental Health Services. These are the people who, apart from ACC refusing to reinstate my care after winning two reviews, refuse me all public mental health services advertised and given to many other people – just not me. They are the ones in my local community who discredit, defame and denigrate me to police, leaders and other members of the community, ACC and mental health denying me professional treatment care rehabilitation and safe stable culturally appropriate housing is why I protest (under ACC law they are required to insure their disabled clients are in housing – they don’t of course).


The reports I offered him were two from Dr Alan Doris, who has now left the country (no doubt due to govt corruption in the mental health sector). I don’t want to go into what happened with Alan, he was such an amazing man and although I thought he was my psychiatrist at one point, that was never the case. ACC were refusing to provide me a psychiatrist I just didn’t understand their corrupted and cruel assessment and neglect regime.


I also showed him the outcomes of my winning ACC reviews, which has professional health information from Adapt Therapy and my amazing, awesome, professional Occupational Therapist at the time Glenda vanderven-Long – she is still practicing. He glanced at them but didn’t want copies. I had a satchel of documents he browsed through, a copy of all the documents is attached. The only thing he took away from our meeting was a piece of art/poetry I had recently done called I Don’t Want To Live. He didn’t seem interested in anything I had to show him, though I remember him taking a few notes.


I showed him the Guide to a Civil Society produced by the UN and told him I adhere to it – including the part that says I am allowed to be insulting in the face of ignorance, corruption and bigotry. I showed him my dozens of photocopied pages from the book Traumatic Stress – The effects of overwhelming experience on mind body and society by Bessel van der Kolk and others. Also the book Multidisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitation by Shrawan Kumar and Person to Person, another book from my health rehabilitation and disability studies at Massey several years ago. I showed him my copies of the Code of Claimant Rights, ACC Act 2001 and Human Rights Act 1993 and those parts I had highlighted that were being ignored. I showed him the contract I was forced to sign under duress by Carterton Medical Centre – I had a skin cancer at the time and they refused to treat me until I signed it. Also letters to Bell Gully complaining about Simon Watt and a document I accidentally obtained while being transferred by police to Masterton that says some extremely degrading, insulting and derogatory things about my mental health on it.


He refers to none of these documents, Dr Doris’ reports or the ACC Fairway review decisions in his report. He consults instead with the people who are illegally denying me professional health care, the very people I am protesting about.


I don’t want to go back and I don’t know if I have said I emailed Tina Hemi a few days after seeing Justin and gave her authority to speak to him, but nobody else, she never heard from him and he sent me a very creepy email saying he would talk to her, but it was after he had written the report so it would have been completely irrelevant. I have included the 2/3 emails I have sent to Justin and his replies, which now look extremely patronising and insulting. Please including these emails as part of this complaint.


Paragraph 3 Justin Barry-Walsh DID NOT explain he worked in any small pilot programme with police or Parliamentary services IF HE HAD I WOULD HAVE WALKED STRAIGHT OUT THE DOOR. I was at law school before I was raped in 2002, I know enough about the basics of law to know it was a severe conflict of interest for him to even be assessing me considering his role discrediting people with mental health issues demanding justice and professional mental health care they are entitled to under multiple laws and official documents that the government are failing to provide. Hence our world leading rates of suicide, that everybody who can’t get professional health care knows mental health and ACC do to us but nobody can do anything about unless they have a very good lawyer – which I do not.


Judge Morris was horrified by the conflict of interest blatantly shown in Justin’s report, she has ordered a second assessment with hopefully a less corrupted neo-liberal controlled psychiatrist.   I have asked for someone recommended by Mason Dury as I am a proponent of his Whare Tapa Wha model as it relates to my rehabilitation and treatment. The judge has recommended this. The Medical Council website says doctors must refuse to do assessments for third parties if they have such a conflict of interest – Justin obviously believes himself above these requirements.


I am incredibly insulted and at the same time disgusted and horrified that I have been labelled as fixated for protesting that ACC are refusing to reinstate my care as required by two reviews.   All New Zealanders would understand anybody such as myself challenging abusive, experimental, unprofessional and criminally negligent mental health services has far more credibility than those who provide and defend the current regime.


I have protested many times outside Parliament and used every democratic process possible to firstly get the professional health care described in ACC legislation, academic literature, disability, health, constitutional and other laws, as well as UN treaties. My protests have improved services for some parts of the population, particularly violent criminal mentally ill people, addicts and those with minor mental health issues. People who get services, mostly further harm me and get away with it because they are ‘mentally ill’.


Paragraph 4, Justin’s report is extremely bizarre in its conflicting assessments of me, he says I am an intelligent and articulate woman, yet gives absolutely no indication as to why he says I am not fit to stand trial on these minor criminal charges – but extremely important Bill of Rights decisions. He in no way describes my extremely dysfunctional behaviour on the day he assessed me. I have these worsening reactions to people in power over me and me receiving health care and justice. The years of assessments, very good and very bad, while nothing ever comes from them (except in 2009 when a report by Alan Doris culminated in ACC starting a prof rehab plan, which was supposed to be for 2 ½ years but was illegally stopped by an ACC GP with no mental health training after six months). I don’t even have a GP at the moment and have other health issues not being addressed, I desperately need health care, everybody else gets it, why not me. I truly believe there are people within our government that are denying me health care and ignoring police violence in order to drive me to suicide.


Justin has trivialised the extreme state of distress I was in, the almost continuous crying, at times doubled over dry reaching and dribbling, rocking in emotional pain. He makes no comparison whatsoever to the state I was in 2014 during his assessment and the significant deterioration of my behaviour since then. It is distressing for me just to think about how bad things have become and wish I had acted on my suicidal ideation years ago.

Having read many books on traumatic stress disorders and psychology my mannerisms were described as tics, involuntary repetitive movements. These are extremely distressing for me, especially if they happen in front of people. I don’t have a PERCEPTION of injustice and mistreatment of myself and others, I know we are being treated unjustly and mistreated.   Having met a lot of people while publicly protesting and of course on social media, I know what is happening to those with stress disorders denied professional rehabilitation. I don’t work, I have made this my job and our society get excellent value for money at $450 per week for my 15 years of expertise and cliff face experience. Even more so now my rent is $320 per week.


He says my anger was never directed at him and it wasn’t, I didn’t realise he was instrumental in discrediting me and insuring me and others didn’t get public mental health care – after ACC illegally refused. I can assure you it would be now. I will include my first response to Justin’s report which I received at 4.30pm the day before I was due in court. It was addressed to the judge and hand written, I hadn’t fully considered the implications of the report at that stage, I have now, and I am infuriated by it.


I discovered recently the Forensic Mental Health Unit at Porirua is named EARTH MOTHER, no wait GARDEN OF EDEN, no wait VIRGIN MARY, no wait PAPATUANUKU. I find this highly offensive and will be taking steps to address this extremely offensive use of a word that has significant spiritual meaning to me as a Pakeha on an organisation neo-liberals set up after driving as many mentally ill out of hospitals to be harmed and harm our communities. There is significant evidence available to prove as our corrupt government emptied out mental health facilities our prisons filled up. In fact I met a police jailer once that had been working as a corrections officer when this was happening and he confirmed that is exactly what happened. It is obvious also in our courts, which now have permanent, poorly trained mental health workers in attendance at all times and programmes in jail for mentally ill people. Under World Health Organisation guidelines people with mental health issues are not supposed to be put in jail or go through the police or justice system. Sadly neo-liberals have worked out the huge amounts of money in violence and justice industry they can make by persecuting people with mental health issues. Especially those they purposely impoverish and deny professional health care to.


My strong sense of justice is as a result of my personality and all other intelligent people interested in the art and history of Rule of Law, government etc. Any judge would have to have the same interest in justice, or they wouldn’t do it for a job. Governments and laws were created to deal with injustices between citizens, because injustices cause dissension, envy hate and of course violence and bitterness.


There were political themes, I am becoming more and more aware of political religions defining how people behave and what they think. I don’t ascribe to any of them, my only interest is truth and justice. I also do not define myself under any spiritual religion, I know about Christianity, Spiritualism and a little about Buddhism and Islam and I do believe in non-violence in the face of persecution. That is validated by these spiritual religions and many activists experiences, including John Lennon who has a great quote about those in power harming you until you become violent or suicide – then they know how to handle you. While you stay non-violent they don’t know what to do, which my case illustrates perfectly.


The neo-liberal reforms started in the 1980s continue to be implemented to this day, they didn’t stop after the 1990s. I have recently seen official documents cutting even more services from our health sector, by cutting supervisory staff, therefore further cutting services and putting public mental health staff under even more pressure. This is to drive people into private health insurance and private health providers, to replicate the neo-liberalism of Americans.   As this American medical model takes firmer hold and becomes more corrupted we have become like America and have mass shootings by violent extremists. I witnessed an American race consultant on The Project entertainment news show positively happy when the presenters asked why did we have a terrorist shooting event in New Zealand. His comment was, it happens all the time in America, the link between NZ rejecting our own ‘Kiwi culture’ for American/global neo-liberalism seemed completely lost on those TV personalities and the American.

Paragraph 5 – I display a keen awareness of inequalities because I am a lay expert in the area of psychology, human behaviour, sociology and of course traumatic stress disorders and I live in the neo-liberal darklands of this hell hole country. After I was raped and couldn’t get the help I needed and learnt was entitled to I started to study, to try and understand what was happening to me and others and how to fix it. Sadly fixing it is not on the minds of those who deny us professional rehabilitation models and health care, they have done all they can to cause harm and create jobs and profits for very bad people.


I said at the beginning of my interview with Justin that I would be digressive and ‘all over the place’ that was part of my disorder when extremely stressed. It is like I have to open up that part of my personality that takes on all the trauma, it has been given names like the wounded child and it definitely is part of my split in personality after years of persecution and neglect. I told him if he wanted me to get me on track for questions he had he should just interject when what I was saying wasn’t relevant and ask them. He has lied about letting me talk and that being respectful. He didn’t say much, that is true, but he had every opportunity to and to ask relevant questions, I was there a long time. It took me days to recover my body goes into such ‘convulsions’ I am exhausted physically and mentally. I call it my tourettes moments, after watching several programmes on tourettes and recognising my worsening behaviour was very similar to these people – just mine was onset by prolonged trauma/persecution, not mental illness.


I do have trouble sleeping but because I don’t work I can usually catch up on sleep if I really need it. My ability to sleep through the night is also reliant on the level of fear and stress I am under at the time, eg after police assault or persecution when I wake to go to the toilet I completely wake up and can’t get back to sleep. If I have had a dangerous flatmate or person in my life that will keep me traumatised and terrified for weeks/months. It also depends on my bladder and kidney issues which are associated with my monthly menstrual cycle. I have so many bladder and kidney infections now, after being unable to have tests due to my appalling mental health and lack of mental health services around five years ago. I have requested a copy of my medical files to prove the doctor ordered them, I don’t’ want to say what happened, I am sure it is one of the documents I will give you about the nurse who ignored me saying I couldn’t go and needed mental health services. She responded with if you don’t want to go there is nothing I can do.


Paragraph 6 – I didn’t express regret at ACC and mental health denying me care and illegally stopping all my care in 2009 I expressed outrage and terror, which is why my behaviour was so dysfunctional. These people have destroyed my life and denied me right and justice, these are basic rights under Westminster Law. These people have destroyed the lives of 100,000s New Zealanders and everybody knows it. I am subjected to discrimination and stigma mostly perpetrated by cruel immoral corrupt mental health service providers, New Zealand media and politicians. Using words like ‘my sense’ of is extremely insulting and further discredits anything I say.


I do have suicidal ideation – or more correctly I am suicidal – and I definitely know after 17 years since I was mentally injured that there is no hope for the future while cruel corrupt neo-liberal economic terrorists rule our country and most of our planet. My issues with anxiety, trauma and phobias are caused by being denied mental health services, they are amplified by being left to live in harmful dangerous inhuman living situations and not protected. As required under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act 1961, I tell police about those who violate those two laws, but they refuse to do anything, refuse to even reply. The fact they do that implies they are also corrupt and covering up for the government who currently use mass immigration of wealthy foreigners to prop up the economy and drive disabled and poor locals from their homes etc.


I have done some study into the history of welfare and homes for us all, it has been our culture since Gov George Grey and Richard Seddon over 100 years ago. All that gone since neo-liberal economic extremists took over our country and government. Grossly illegal but nobody is allowed to challenge it in court of course, I would if I was well enough and I would if I could get a suitably resourced and qualified lawyer.


I am a good person, only time I am triggered is when I am insulted and patronised. There are many people I get on with, that my rage has increased over time is because that is what happens when you are persecuted for many years. Yes I have a good dictionary and am aware of the meaning of persecuted, it is not something that happens only in other countries, it happens in New Zealand. It appears to me NZ is just very very good at marketing media propaganda and cover it up. I deal with that when protesting because people don’t believe me when I tell them what is happening to me and others and could happen to them.


Paragraph 7 – Justin wouldn’t understand the difference between mental illness and mental injury as he hasn’t read the ACC legislation which defines mental injury. I have a perfectly normal functioning brain as I said before, it is the environment and trauma it has suffered that makes it the way it is.   It was him that said Dr Holmes said I had Complex PTSD, I agreed with him as I have did many months of study trying to find out what was happening to me before I read Bessel vanderkolk and he listed almost everything I was experiencing. Since then I have read many more books on the topic and keep abreast of latest research and treatments.


I studied health rehabilitation and disability at Massey University a few years ago. I ended the year even more unwell than I started as I was made aware what was being taught was the opposite to what was being practiced. During my studies as a adult extramural student I got out every book in the Massey library I could find about stress disorders, abuse, etc etc. If I was told to read a chapter I read the entire book. If I found something interesting I read even more, for example the question of CULTURE came up and I have considered it for many years. As a pakeha what is my culture and I can assure you it is definitely not part of the current neo-liberal economic terrorist religion we are suffering under.


The scathing story of what a Pathways social worker did to me was more than scathing, he almost killed me and drove me into a really dangerous situation with a dangerous mentally ill man. I don’t’ want to describe it here, it is too traumatising to recount and I fear for my life/safety. The social worker did something to me on 2nd January, my birthday and around the time I was raped which is always difficult, if  XXXXXX had not turned up I would have killed myself for sure. .


I don’t perceive suicide prevention marketing to be worsening the situation I KNOW IT IS! Recently an unwell suicidal young man I know went to his new American immigrant doctor in Carterton. He had had enough of their experimenting on him with meds, he has CPTSD due to abuse and poverty. The doctor told him he had a chemical imbalance in his brain – which is a myth and any health professional that says that is incompetent and a quack. She also told him he should take the meds because if he lived in America he would get nothing. As New Zealand’s youth suicide, domestic violence and self-harm statistics are worst in the world this proves what we do in New Zealand is worse than doing absolutely nothing.   Please refer to Chris Hedges, international journalist and his references to ANOMIE and why people are committing suicide and homicide in this neo-liberal utopia for the rich and hell for the poor. I asked Justin if he knew what ANOMIE was, he said he did, I described the complete breakdown of social bonds I was experiencing and had no comment. Given he is head of psychiatry at CCDHB you would think he might have a little more interest – are they trying to stop suicides or not (personally I think not).


Of course unprofessional incompetent abusive mental health services cause our world leading suicide rates, of course going into mental health services you have more chance of dying and being sexually and physically abused than staying out of it.   Dozens if not hundreds of people I have met who have been thrown in the bin or have had people they cared about commit suicide describe exactly that. As head of psychiatry at CCDHB I would imagine it would be impossible to admit what you and the government were doing was killing vulnerable terrorised, impoverished women, children and men (some in debt poverty). I would describe Justin as delusional and a psychopath, they are very clever, even when they feign concern it is only because it is in their best interest.


We didn’t talk much about the impetus behind each one as I become to unwell bringing up further older traumas that lead to my protests. I told him I was illegally denied Legal Aid, how I was given a lawyer who didn’t work in the region, then a lawyer who had a conflict of interest with the aforementioned dangerous mentally ill man. Then I was just denied Legal Aid and even the judge can’t make them find me a lawyer – which is illegal.


Here Justin explains why I have a legal defence and yet at the beginning of this report he suggests he doesn’t know. I did clearly articulate my defence of several of the charges based on impairments related to my disability, which include – what I call GOING TOURETTES when I am triggered / insulted/ patronised etc, as I have described before. I have little or no control over these moments and I will often apologise after them, they are something reasonably new, as is the swearing. They are described in the last report by Dr Alan Doris, but it has got worse since then.


Although I do GO TOURETTES and insult and swear at people who are responsible for harming or discriminating against people like myself I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER threaten anybody with harm or resort to violence in any way. It is part of my fundamental belief system that karma will see people are punished, or God is the punisher, not me. I have never been prosecuted by police for anything like this ever, even when many public servants in health, welfare and justice have accused me of doing it. Police know me now and they know I don’t do that, I hope people experience what I am experiencing so they will learn and not be bigoted, cruel and callous.


My tourettes is an impairment related to my disability, something I have no control over, you can’t prosecute a disabled person for something they have no control over. Sadly neo-liberal controlled mental health workers, our government and judiciary have been doing that, which was what John Tully was subjected to. I also know that once people I have ‘lost it’ with understand what is happening to me after waiting nine years for ACC to reinstate my care, not having a safe stable home or enough money to live with dignity. Once they understand my living situation and the trauma after trauma they understand and don’t want me prosecuted because they know I am unwell. That’s how we all treat people who ‘lose it’ when they are going through trauma.


I did not want a lawyer to deal with the criminal charges as well as my health care, I wanted a lawyer that could deal with the Bill of Rights aspects to my justified protests, that I should never have been prosecuted for in the first place.   Getting the health care I am entitled to and compensation for the years of criminal negligence and persecution is another matter. The letter Justin looked at from Susie Barnes relates to this health and human rights, Bill of Rights issue. Susie wrote that before we both knew Legal Aid Services were intending to deny me a lawyer altogether for these latest charges. If I could get the health care I am entitled to by law and been denied for the past nine years through these protests, both myself, the judge and a large number of other people would be very pleased – NONE MORE THAN ME OF COURSE.


With regard to conflating the two issues, they are in fact one issue, for 17 years since I was raped I have been unable to get a lawyer to force ACC and the NZ govt to provide me the professional treatment care rehabilitation and housing I am entitled to under law. When I started protesting about it – as I am required to do in a corrupted democracy – my civil rights started to be violated. This was a huge shock and disappointment to me, realising the police, justice system, government etc were grossly corrupted by this extremist neo-liberal economic religion everybody had decided was the only way. Which we now know is nothing more than wealthy global elites taking back power from us peasants and exploiting us to profit even more. It has destroyed the planet and caused huge disruption and violence around the world. 30 years after we were told REFORMS were going to make New Zealand even better than it was before it is quite obvious these claims were completely false and things are much worse.


Part of neo-liberalism was to set up processes to stop poor people who were having their basic human needs denied and their wealthy and assets taken from them also denied access to justice. And I can quote multiple laws implemented during the rise of neo-liberal terrorism that did this. Justin is a psychiatrist, how would he know how the justice system works in relation to a political activist seeking justice. Or has he been advised by government consultants like Bell Gully and Simon Watt who are of course grossly corrupt fraudsters – from my understand of what they do and the law.


The issues of my minor criminal charges in respect of protesting to have my care reinstated after winning two ACC reviews in 2010/11 and stop the persecution of police and public mental health services are all one issue. The issue is the government stopping me receiving the treatment care rehabilitation housing and justice I read about in ACC and other legislation. I know what the law says, I can read and comprehend English, I only finished by first year of law at Victoria but I had already represented myself in an Employment dispute as an employer and a resource consent dispute as president of an offroad racing club. I knew I was good at it and I had a real passion and understanding of law, which hasn’t changed and any lawyer who knows me will tell you that. Any psychiatrist or mental health worker who knows me will also know I am an expert in traumatic stress disorders.


In fact a local Occupational Therapist currently working with a friend of mine asked her about me recently. My friend was talking about me and the OT asked if my name was Jayne and she said yes. The OT Lauren who I do not know made a comment that I was a very intelligent woman.   This has made me distressed as how intelligent can I be as I don’t have a doctor and havn’t had for over three years, I’m rotting on welfare, living in poverty, can barely feed myself, can’t belong to clubs, can’t participate in my community, can’t help my children and family who are mostly ashamed of me. I can’t get a lawyer, can’t represent myself either, etc etc – that’s not very intelligent, is it.


I am despised and treated with contempt by mental health services, I have people in the community I know tell me when mental health staff are saying really horrible things about me. Nobody will tell me who said it, but only so they don’t get themselves into trouble.   Because I challenge the abusive mental health system and staff we have in Wairarapa and around New Zealand I am HATED. Because I tell the truth about how bad they are and that there propaganda is all a bunch of marketing lies I am HATED. I am discredited and despised in the community because of discrimination by social agencies, churches, council, local and national leaders. All of this is validated by extremely corrupt, grossly negligent people who are instrumental in purposely causing the social problems that plague this country today. Problems that create jobs and wealth, but that require people to stay unwell and unable to participate.   There might be other people on welfare who like it and want to stay there – I have never met anybody like that in my lifetime – but I can assure you there has never been a day gone by since I was raped that I didn’t want to return to work. 17 years I have woken every single day with the desire to get the help I need so I can return to work. If I don’t work I can’t live, if I don’t work I am terrorised and despised in the community, if I don’t work I will be raped again, if I don’t work I will eventually be made homeless, if I don’t work I can’t live with dignity, if I don’t work I will kill myself.


I wasn’t trying to draw attention to the fact I am being persecuted and illegally denied the health care, welfare, home and justice I am entitled to by law. The only good thing about CPTSD is it makes you highly creative, all the blood flows to your right brain from your left (please refer to my youtube channel to see what happens, before and after a visit to WINZ – google JR Murphy Poet youtube). Unlike most people on welfare I use my time to educate and inform myself of world events, study the suicide and violence industry, study media and neo-liberalism, study people and what is happening around me in the darklands. I do art, I write, I am a poet, I write plays and songs, I can sing, not everything is about how bad my life is in this revolting neo-liberal country. I also write plays etc that involve gardens and birdlife etc.   I paint and sculpt, I try to sell the things I create by I am mostly too unwell, I am not well enough to fill out forms and applications etc. I am a fragile artist as many are.


I was trespassed from public mental health facility King Street Artworks not long after ACC withdrew all my care in 2009. I became unwell and King Street decided to censor my art about what was happening to me and then trespass me – my complaints to the Human Rights Commission were ignored. It still devastates me today what they did to me in my most desperate time, King Street staff and artists who I had considered my family rejected me because they thought they would lose their funding if I was allowed to exhibit my art and tell the truth. It is a serious sign when those in positions of power are censoring artists. I am censored from all galleries public and private I have approached in the Wairarapa. Almost every one receives funding from the govt or Trust House so will do nothing to challenge these organisations. It is deeply disturbing behaviour and not legal, but when I try and approach those who supposed to insure artists are not censored they are so naïve and ignorant they just don’t believe you or even realise that is part of their job.


Paragraph 8 – He was wrong about my reasoning for why I wanted police to arrest me so I could attend court, I told police on the day. Although police had violently assaulted me with handcuffs and I was in a lot of pain (and still have ongoing problems and am not able to see a doctor). My anxiety of standing waiting for court with all those people, after I had had several melt-downs in the place was overwhelming. I knew I would not be able to stay there and if I left they would have cut my benefit. So I reasoned, managed my disability, by coming in through the cells, much quieter and I don’t have a choice, which I’m weirdly OK with.


Police thought it was a great joke, started to take me back to outside court then said they wouldn’t stay. I told them if they didn’t stay I couldn’t either, they left and went back inside. My wrist was excruciating, they had refused me a doctor and let me go after charging me with graffiti for a chalk sprayed swastika on the court doors and windows. A protest at the injustices I was being subjected to. I left the police station went round to the court fuming angry because of the pain I was in, walked down to the front of the court which was locked and about 40 people were outside waiting. Started banging with my leg on the door and telling people what had happened and they were all being screwed. Was removed by security, can’t remember what happened with court.


I can’t handle waiting I start freaking out and ticking, its is extremely humiliating and I didn’t want to be put in that situation.


Ended up at A & E the next day getting my really sore wrist x-rayed and braced up, was harrowing as I was having severe fear reactions where I curl up in a ball and put my hands over my ears. I am so overwhelmed.


Paragraph 9 – Justin DID NOT SPEND ANY TIME DISCUSSING MY TREATMENT NEEDS – THAT IS A LIE.   He asked me but I couldn’t speak, after ACC dumped me off care in 2009 I almost died and it was very traumatic for me, so traumatic I freeze. I have told so many people what I want and what I had and nothing ever happens. It traumatises me even more when this happens. I have only ever been told by mental health that I don’t want services, which is a lie. The OT ACC had arranged who pulled out, after she was rude to me and then so was her boss I didn’t react very well which they reakon gave them an out. That is the third OT in nine years to reject me, I need an OT to arrange things for me. I can’t do so many things myself now.


My clear views about what I needed are based on the ACC legislation and professional health and rehabilitation models. I know what I need and I know what I am entitled to. I never told Justin what my needs were and he never offered any services, therapies or solutions from public mental health services.


Of course my behaviour has impacted on my ability to communicate with others and get services, that is an impairments related to my disability, I manage it best I can – others should be doing the same. Tina Hemi at WINZ could, Glenda and others. All staff within mental health services are really really bad, they try to have power over you and that will never work with me. This issue gets worse the longer ACC deprives me of a multi-disciplinary, Occupation Therapy approach to my rehabilitation based on professional, culturally appropriate models. Not the experimentation people with stress disorders are being subjected to at the moment – that’s killing us, that’s made us No 1 for suicide in NZ, etc.


It is not me who becomes disrespectful it is the people I am dealing with.


Psychiatric History


I havn’t smoked cannabis for a long time, people I know do, they also drink, take psych medication to keep them stable, etc etc. I live in the disabled darklands everybody’s on something, except for me. I don’t even have paracetamol in my house at the moment.


If people weren’t smoking pot to keep themselves happy and calm when there lives are a never ending struggle and drama, then maybe they would start protesting like I do and things would change. Everybody in the darklands just tries to forget what is happening to them and many are suicidal. I don’t associate with junkies, they’re dangerous, they get lots of support from the government I have noticed – doesn’t seem fair when they usually the ones hurting people like me.


I DO NOT HAVE AN ENDURING PERSONALITY CHANGE, if I had the health care I am entitled to and safe stable home to live in, with what is necessary to live a dignified life I wouldn’t still be traumatised and dependent. That includes working and not having to beg for food and other things which are part of my pakeha culture.


Mental health refused me services in 2017, the person Peter was sent to do the court assessment the judge ordered. I completely flipped out, I had been told it was Justin, I was looking at the man who had denied me care when I was told by a member of the mental health director I would definite receive it. The trauma, suffering and suicidal hell I went through after that, made my life so much more difficult. I started screaming and swearing at him when I realised who it was. Jason the security guard was excellent and made sure another meeting was arranged. Little did I know Justin was just another part of the corrupted appalling mental health system that discredited, rejected and terrorised people like me.


PTSD and compounding Complex PTSD are different, the first one is a normal reaction to an extreme stressor and slowly heals. What goes wrong is when the person with PTSD has another or many more traumas or their life becomes extremely stressful and overwhelming. You need safe stable affordable places to heal in your community, they are no longer there.

Pile on top of that degrading unjust terrifying welfare after 30 yrs of austerity and discrimination in the community.


The sexual assault was the catalyst for developing CPTSD, the criminal medical neglect, unsafe unstable housing afterwards and being put in positions of harm is what has made things worse and not allowed me to heal.


My relationship with Wairarapa Mental Health is appalling and I have not disengaged, they have rejected me. King Street Artworks trespassed me for being upset about my art being censored because it criticised mental health services and the government. I was really unwell, they wanted me to meet them in a coffee shop, that is an insult and would have been deeply humiliating for me. I was managing my disability and I have the phone records from a previous DHB OT to prove it.


I have made numerous complaints about them, all ignored. I spent four years with a Nationwide Advocate trying to ENGAGE with mental health I was refused over and over again. My contact with them has been appalling, I know the standard and type of rehabilitation I am entitled to and I will not be disrespected or degraded by people I have to deal with. It is not my fault I am an intelligent informed strong person and can’t be around people who are not, I have no respect for what they say.


They gossip in the community about me and there is nothing I can do because they are not my health providers. Most police don’t like mental health services, as they are the ones dealing with the aftermath of rejection. I have made valid complaints to the Privacy Commissioner which were also ignored and they were allowed to continue discrediting me and defaming me in the community. That incites my traumatic responses, that is why we have laws against it.


I had to leave this complaint for several days, been trying to return to it but my brain doesn’t want to, my bulimia has become really bad, sadly I don’t throw up enough to lose weight – I just get fatter and more disgusting.   Because I am coming back to this complaint I may repeat things which I apologise for. I have to finish this complaint, having spent some time on facebook recently the government corruption and propaganda I am seeing in the area of mental health, disability and human rights is overwhelming and criminal.


I am not even sure where I left off and I can’t work it out so I will start at Paragraph 14 – I can’t bear to read what I have written above. I wish I was dead soooooo much, to know how corrupt our government, leaders and corporations are, to know they want people to commit suicide, violence, etc so they can exploit them and make money out of them, why would anybody who knows the truth want to live. Especially knowing an entire industry had been set up and brainwashed to believe it is my fault I am unwell, rather than those who required under law to provide me health care, welfare and justice.


Paragraph 14 is one of the worst, yes decent people do show concern for my welfare as they have seen my mental health deteriorate because I am being illegally denied ACC, professional health care and a safe stable affordable home to live in. They try and get me services, except mental health and ACC providers refuse, nothing those people who are or me can do about it.   This report by Justin proves what is happening, that Justin blames me for the corrupt abusive negligent system he heads and runs in accordance with his extremist neo-liberal terrorist beliefs is the reason he should be censured and prevented from ever working in a position of power over vulnerable terrorised people ever again.


I phone people because I wrote to them for years and they did nothing, I wrote to everybody I did everything required under every complaints process there is in this grossly corrupted neo-liberal controlled country. In those calls I tell the truth and beg for health care I know I am entitled to and the justice I know I am entitled to. I am very unwell, not sure what dysregulated is, being persecuted and denied health services after watching 1000s of hours of dysfunctional TV and media marketing that says there are services is extremely disturbing.


I’ve been waiting nine years for ACC to reinstate my care after winning TWO reviews/court cases. Yes I am unwell, angry and screaming for help everybody tells me is there – but is not provided to me, I am not sure if this is just me and because of legal protests, or nobody gets it. Perhaps nobody is receiving the care they are entitled to under law, because I see a huge amount of dysfunctional trauma victims in the darklands where I live.


I DO NOT MAKE THREATS AND NEVER HAVE MADE THREATS EVER.   I am a deeply spiritual person and believe wholeheartedly in non-violence in the face of persecution by government and economic criminals.   Justin is suggesting I would hurt someone myself, I never would, I don’t need to (and being angry at someone who insults me is NOT VIOLENCE AND NOT A CRIME).   I am now so unwell I do go tourettes and the most insulting things come out of my mouth, but are always related to wanting people to go through what I have gone through so they understand how corrupt and cruel the government are and how abusive mental health services are. Then I start swearing, every swear word I know. I am pretty sure I have described this to someone recently and I have put it earlier in this report so I won’t continue.

Yes I have protested at MOH, I wrote an amazing poem and was so unwell – I protest most when I am highly suicidal and very unwell as staying at home and doing nothing I would definitely kill myself.   All trespass notices I have been served are illegal and only so those harming me and others didn’t have to address the suffering and harm they were causing. People in their offices in Wellington get to drive people to violence and suicide, deny them professional health care and the necessaries of life, because they never meet these people it is easier for them to persecute us. One of the reasons ACC find it so easy to reinstate my care and $10,000 they owe me is because they refuse to meet me face to face. That is why the meetings Tina Hemi and Richard Fry at WINZ went nowhere, because ACC refused to meet with me. Why would they do that, police were prepared to, WINZ were there, mental health were there, but ACC refused to be there and illegally used members of parliament and ministers to stop the meeting.   Susie Barnes a previous lawyer of mine was going to be there too, she was given as some sort of excuse why the meeting never went ahead. Susie wasn’t representing me in any way, because I have no money to afford a lawyer, she was there concerned by the fact someone like me was being treated so badly and ACC, police etc were so corrupt and illegally denying me health care and justice. Susie refused to attend without me there so people at the very highest levels in WINZ and government (including Members of Parliament) got involved and shut everything down. Richard Fry acted extremely strange when I phoned him trying to find out what the delay was in having the meeting. I started crying and he said THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU and hung up. That is exactly what Justin Barry-Walsh said when I phoned and emailed him before I knew what was in his deeply disturbing report.   A copy of the communication between me and Justin is attached.


Paragraph 15, the people who are required to provide mental health services were concerned I was suicidal – no they weren’t, if they were they would have provided services. These communications do blame those who are denying me care, of course they do, because these people are not doing what the law, professional health models and their marketing says they do. I have been assessed recently in Nov/December 2017 – I was refused services saying I told the assessor I didn’t want them. I have described what happened with that deranged psychologist and the bigoted psychiatrist before, and can’t do it again, its makes me feel really really really really bad/terrified/degraded/worthless/suicidal.




Stephen Enright never discussed ACC with me, all he talked about was public mental health services and how they were there and I was lying about not receiving them.   I did everything Colin Hamlin – now retired – told me to do, he told me it would result in me getting professional health care I was entitled to. When it didn’t he blamed me, when it was not my fault. I thought for sure what I had told the last assessors from Upper Hutt mental health services (Peter and some revolting woman) would result in me getting care. When it didn’t I was again devastated and angry – AS ANYBODY FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE AND THE RIGHT TO WORK WOULD BE.

We are told if we are suicidal to phone mental health, that’s what I do, it results in more rejection and psychological torture, but I still do it – most people I know stopped because they know they will get nothing.   Currently I am told I am not allowed to phone the government suicide hotline 1737, I am also not allowed to phone Healthline, no matter what it is for – I have no way of finding out why I have been denied this essential health services, they will not tell me. Simon Watt from Bell Gully and chief legal advisor to the government on provision of health services has advised ALL PRIVATE HEALTH PROVIDERS they are not subject to Official Information Act and Privacy Act requests so they refuse to provide me.


Currently I am trying to get a copy of everything MOH, WINZ, parliamentary services and MOJ have on file about me, that I don’t know about.   I have seen some of what the police have and its highly offensive and shows extreme bigotry and hatred. Copies are attached, I shows these to Justin, he said nothing and did not ask for a copy of them. I have also made valid complaints about these things to the Privacy Commissioner that were also ignored. Discrediting me using mental health labels and reports like this appalling injustice Justin has produced is extremely cruel, corrupt, illegal and terrorist behaviour.   Just because I have a mental health issue, doesn’t make me a liar or overly sensitive – there is no woman on this planet that would have been able to go through what I have and survive without suicide or homicide.   I believe there are very corrupt cruel and violent people who know what is happening to me and others and takes advantage of it to create jobs and profits for justice/injustice sector, security sector, charity sector etc. Neo-liberals want disabled mentally injured abused women children and men to remain dysfunctional, that is the only explanation why they are refusing me care for so many years, then call me fixated for protesting about what was happening to me and others.


The only difficulties in engaging with me is I am now terrified of ALL health workers, so am extremely fragile and unwell when I do deal with any person.   I am extremely submissive and find it extremely difficult to speak to start with, it isn’t until people start insulting and patronising me I get defensive and upset.   Of course I do this, I have been told for years there are services, even won a court case and when I try to access these professional services and justice they are denied. There is nothing I can do about this I have discovered over the past nine years, that is because I cannot get a suitably qualified or resources lawyer to fight our extremely powerful corrupt neo-liberal government. My last lawyer Susie Barnes tried against govt/ACC corporate lawyers Meredith Connell and failed and refuses to provide me any further legal services because she knows she cannot go up against.


Stephen Enright always assures me I can get health services, when I tell him I can’t. He wanted to prove to me he could get me into my local doctor by phoning them, he couldn’t. This is the fault of a practice manager called Sandy who has control over the 600 person waiting list for registering at the Carterton Medical Centre. I was told recently Sandy chooses who gets to the top of the list and who doesn’t. I asked to be put on the list, I phoned yesterday to find out where on the list I am after two months, as my kidneys are playing up again and I have yet another bladder infection, I was told Sandy decides who gets accepted and who doesn’t. Sandy is a revolting woman and advised by Simon Watt at Bell Gully, I have started formal complaints to the Law Society about him for corruption, criminal negligence and fraud. If I had money and a lawyer I would take a private criminal case against Sandy and Simon Watt.


Since I didn’t get the health care I am entitled to and other New Zealanders get I have been angry and hostile – OF COURSE I HAVE, ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD BE!


Paragraph 16 THERE HAS NEVER EVER BEEN ANY PROPOSED TREATMENT PLANS OFFERED BY PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – EVER.   It is a tragic aspect to my difficulties that I don’t accept treatment that is never discussed with me and I am assuming this is because it doesn’t follow professional rehabilitation or treatment models. They know I went to university and studied health rehabilitation and disability, they know I know the law and will only accept the professional models of health care I know I am entitled to and need. This is very inconvenient to their experimental neo-liberal economic commodification of mental health and purposeful harming of the most vulnerable in society to exploit and profit from those they persecute and impoverish for their extremist economic religious beliefs.


There is no PERCEIVED FAILING, there is an extreme failing in their experimental American neo-liberal drug model of mental health services, begun in the 1980s and still today subject to COMMISSIONS OF INQUIRY demanded by millions of naïve and devastated New Zealanders. Changes the government are now proposing are extremely disturbing as increasing an unprofessional abusive NARROW OFFER OF ‘TREATMENT’ to seriously ill suicidal disabled mentally injured abuse/trauma victims is going to make things much worse. It is going to insure there is a steady stream of suicidal people for the workforce cruel corrupt neo-liberal economic terrorists have created. For our media it will insure a steady stream of violence, suffering, injustice, suicide, injustice and money from our ‘clickbait’ elitist corrupted neo-liberal media. All of who censor what is happening to me and refuse to tell me why.


People who refuse me health care and justice I am entitled to under law and after winning two ACC reviews nine years ago, do find my justifiable response to their criminal negligence and medical/legal neglect intolerable. That is what intolerant people are like when they persecute targeted vulnerable vilified terrorised discredited minority groups.

As part of my work as a Civil Society Acivist I participated in the UN Human Rights five yearly report from New Zealand. At the meeting I attended to start it off at Victoria University in a room of around 50 people, 48 were there regarding human rights abuses by the government against mentally ill people. I know there were only two people highlighting other human rights abuses against other disabled people. There were no people there complaining about racism, and yet since Christchurch terrorist attack thousands of muslims etc have said they are subjected to it continuously.


Justin Barry-Walsh has confirmed ACC are responsible for providing further treatment but havn’t for the past nine years I have been begging for it to be reinstated as required.   As a result of this confirmation by a senior psychiatrist that ACC are indeed responsible for my health care his statement can be used to prove ACC are in fact torturing me, purposely causing me harm and exposing me to harmful situations, denying me professional health care they have no right to deny me. Under law ACC is a health funder not a health provider that is why they are not subject to Health and Disability Commission censure. And because HDC are corrupt they refuse to deal with any criminal negligent, corrupt, perverted health professional ACC currently employ – that includes Anne Walsh and Peter Jansen. If I had money and a lawyer I would start criminal proceedings against both of these health professionals.


Progress isn’t stymied between me and ACC, ACC illegally removed and deprive me of the health care I am entitled to under ACC and other legislation, constitutionals laws and international laws. I beg for professional health care, somewhere safe to live and the Independence Allowance they are withholding from me. ACC illegally refuse to provide it for the past 17, and more cruelly nine years since they took away the beginnings of a professional rehabilitation plan against the advice of all health providers and community I was working with.




Justin states my disorder is the same, which is true, however there has been a definitely noticeable deterioration of my behaviour and ability to cope in response to the past six years of medical neglect, criminal negligence and being put in positions of harm in the community. Of being subjected to discrimination and bigotry by some members of the police, health system, justice system and media is the truth of life for members of our society targeted for persecution by neo-liberal extremists.   (Note: I am using English to describe these people, I am a writer, I know my language, I know the meaning of words and I know what is happening to me and others.) What I say is not an opinion, it is FACT based on personal experience and my extensive lay-expert knowledge of traumatic stress disorders and government controlled systems. If I am not sure of a fact I will call it an opinion, please refer to my facebook page or my website also my youtube channel at JR Murphy Poet. I gave Justin these social media sites to refer to, I don’t believe he did from his incredibly unprofessional bias deceitful report.


Justin also ILLEGALLY and UNPROFESSIONALLY did not refer to any of my family, friends, court staff, past lawyers, police officers, security staff etc to establish the deterioration of my mental health. I told him myself about the deterioration and how I have become extremely isolated and alienated from my family, community and friends. NOT MY FAULT, MOST OF THEM CAN’T HANDLE THE SITUATION I AM IN AND HOW SUICIDAL I AM BECAUSE OF IT so they reject me, just like everybody does. With the constant government propaganda about there being services (which are only there for the mildly mentally ill going through trauma with PTSD, not for seriously suicidal unwell people). I am constantly abused by people who are lead to believe there are services. Just like they are lead to believe all people on Community Services Card only pay $18.50 to go to a doctor when I am forced to pay $75 – from a welfare payment that is below the poverty line.


I was not high functioning before my initial overwhelming rape trauma, I was functioning like all single woman with children have to in our cruel neo-liberal society. I was functioning normally and yes I had a stress event when the business the government told us we had to start – because there was no other work – was unprofitable, too stressful for our new family and wasted our money so we had even less to survive on.


I DO NOT HAVE AN ENDURING CHANGE IN MY PERSONALITY and I am extremely angry this has been said in a document like this. If I had received the professional treatment care rehabilitation, justice and welfare I was entitled to under New Zealand law – which would have included a state house to live in for life with my two children – which is my CULTURAL RIGHT according to 150 years of New Zealand history – then I would have healed from the mental injury and moved on. That I was left in a dangerous situation, deprived those things I am entitled to under law, (human laws and laws of the bible) is why I have had to live in this extreme compounding Complex PTSD state. That appears to be a change of personality when it is just living under inhuman extremely stressful living situations created by neo-liberal economic terrorism of our government and leaders.


Paragraph 17……”These difficulties have been amplified by her subsequent contact with helping services and others, her loss of income and an interaction with her previous personality that appears to have been one that included holding a strong sense of justice.” That sentence doesn’t even make sense, what Pakeha or human being doesn’t have a strong sense of justice when they are being treated unjustly to the point their lives are destroyed and they are driven to suicide? I was at law school when I was raped, I do have a strong sense of justice the judge I appear in front of does too, so do the lawyers I meet, those in the Human Rights Commission, United Nations etc. They have a strong sense of justice too, this comment is so strange it definitely points to some sort of psychopathy, radicalisation, denial or delusion in what his role is as a leader of ‘Forensic’ Psychiatry in New Zealand.


Even the new neo-liberal term ‘forensic’ psychiatry doesn’t even apply to me, that refers to people who have committed crimes as a result of their psychiatric disorder. I have never committed a crime, my protests have always been legal in a commonwealth democracy, I speak truth to power, I tell the truth, I hold people who harm me and others to account – THAT IS NOT A CRIME, THAT IS JUST A FACT. That is also not a political position, it is a fact based on Rule of Law and government produced documents regarding disability, mental health, human rights, civil rights etc.


What is happening to me aren’t entrenched ‘difficulties’ that are something to do with my dysfunctional brain. What is happening to me is a result of medical neglect, criminal negligence, corruption and being forced into inhuman living situations, along with the application of abusive extremist neo-liberal economic austerity against poor disabled people (mostly with mental health issues) by rich healthy people.


Paragraph 17 I am sensitive to being patronised, thought of in a derogatory way and being disrespected. These ARE NOT things I perceive, these are things I experience. These are what trigger my worsening behaviour and prolong the absolute living nightmare of being suicidal and being denied health care etc you are entitled to.


All I have begged for in engagement, I am refused it and I respond with hostility, terror and overwhelming toxic rage – this is normal for a person in my situation. Ask any person who has had a family member commit suicide after being rejected repeatedly from mental health services. That is why the PUBLIC demanded an inquiry into mental health services and the fact mental health services are so bad is in our news every week. As an civil society activist in the area of mental health I keep well informed through local and international news reports. I also follow several health services and receive email newsletters etc from people like the Medical Council, Psychologist and Psychiatrist professional organisations etc. I read reports, I write reports, I read upcoming laws, I make submissions to select committees – all ignored of course because the reality doesn’t fit the spectacle.




I AM NOT UNFIT TO STAND TRIAL – I AM UNFIT TO REPRESENT MYSELF which Legal Aid Services are demanding I do. That is why the judge asked for another assessment, to get me health care I am entitled to and the suitably qualified and resources laywer I am entitled to.


….a discrete psychiatric illness?????????   I am trying to think what you would call a ‘physical illness’ that was purely created by being persecuted by other people. Here Justin fails to explain the difference between physical and mental injury, fails to explain the prolonged worsening state I am in relates to me being denied health care and other necessaries of life I am entitled to.


Justin is a psychiatrist who makes a vague suggestion I have Complex PTSD (I definitely do not have the very normal and common PTSD) then in the next sentence says I undoubtedly have a serious mental health issues as a result of trauma and subsequent events.   This entire paragraph is deeply disturbing to read and would be to any decent NORMAL person. But then people who become mental health workers aren’t NORMAL people, are they. My difficulties create severe depressed mood, no hope for the future and suicidal ideation ALL OF THE TIME. I’m just a lot better at pretending in front of people now – most of the time – except when it explodes out of me when I’m triggered by ignorance, bigotry and HATE or violence.


Why has Justin discussed me being put in compulsory care????? He was there to advise the court if I could represent myself or not. I am not allowed in compulsory care, that is done purposely, because I would cause havoc with staff and patients. They couldn’t possibly have someone in there telling people their rights and the truth. They also couldn’t possibly have me under mental health act because I would then get a free lawyer that might actually help me. Because I am denied care under public mental health I also cannot get a lawyer all people under mental health act get.   I am assuming most of them are not good people, considering the number of dangerous people in our community and good people locked up.


Public mental health services are never going to allow me into their services when the suicidality becomes overwhelming if they write reports saying I don’t want services – are they. If they spend years denying and refusing me services – I have enclosed years of attempts by Nationwide Advocacy Services to get me services that were refused over and over again. HDC refused to address these issues, I have made many complaints.


I have begged to go into public mental health facilities, Dr Alan Doris has recommended it, years ago, I have never been allowed, except of course under a compulsory treatment order which would take away all my rights to any cultural and personal control over what services were offered and how I was treated. Its either go there by force so we can forcibly drug you, or don’t go there at all. I would imagine no mental health workers likes dealing with people who aren’t on huge amounts of experimental psychotropic drugs to keep them calm.


Justin Barry-Walsh is not allowed to force me to take any drug that violates my spiritual, ethical and cultural beliefs and the right to manifest those beliefs in a civilised commonwealth society. I believe it is my refusal to take experimental psychotropic drugs – mostly made in American and recommended by the American Medical Association DSM documents – behind the 17 years of being denied health care, welfare and justice I am entitled to under ACC and other laws I have mentioned. I can find no other explanation for their appalling behaviour and this appalling psychiatric assessment. Unless of course neo-liberal terrorism of poor by rich is causing huge corruption throughout our entire government etc. and people are expected to reject, terrorise and discriminate against me. Hopefully a complaint to the International Criminal Court will be accepted and I can get justice outside New Zealand.


This report by Justin is the proof I need and after I read it I emailed him and thanked him for expressing so completely the corruption and criminal negligence in mental health sector/industry.


Paragraph 19 …. However she runs into difficulties in several areas. She has conflated her civil rights issues as she sees them with the criminal charges..”   I’m up on charges for protesting, for pushing the boundaries but not breaking the law. I have been charged with minor crimes of trespass etc by police over 20 times, they have managed to get 2 convictions over that time – both unjust but I could not get a lawyer to appeal them – because I can’t get legal representation WHICH IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!   I am not up on charges for harming someone because I was unwell, I am up on charges for justifiably protesting and my now tourettes type response to ignorance and bigotry I am subjected to. Justin is not a lawyer, whoever suggested I was wrongly conflating the two issues is either grossly incompetent or grossly corrupt.   In my opinion they are both.


What I see as an injustice over lack of provision of care – is an injustice over refusal by ACC to reinstate care after winning two reviews in 2010 and 11. I have repeatedly made complaints of harm caused by ACC and others to police under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act, they are unjustly ignored. Now Justin has named police in this report as an organisation discrediting/insulting me and TARGETING me for my legal protests about being denied health care this report will be useful in my complaints about the serious harm senior police officers and the Minister of Police and Justice have caused me.


His comments about my perception I have been denied essential health care I am entitled to – I have been grievously wronged – what sort of quackery and corruption is Justin involved in? How could he write this absolutely ridiculous contradictory unprofessional report and think he would get away with it?   Maybe there are so few terrorised, persecuted mentally ill people who are strong enough or intelligent enough to think they can even go up against a grossly corrupted psychiatrist. It has taken every part of my willpower to get to this point, nearly finished, at the worst parts of the report where I am so distressed about what is in it and what impact that will have on me being able to live with dignity and work again. So far all this report has done is prolong my court case another few months – these delays are part of the neo-liberal terrorist economic health and justice strategy to drive people from services – hoping they will die before they get them.


Paragraph 18 “…. Although there is legitimacy in her views (yes there are) they may be considered to be disproportionate and the disproportionate aspect of that is driven by her mental health problems which may be considered a mental impairment.”     MY PROTESTS ARE DEFINITELY NOT DISPROPORTIONATE TO THE WAY I AM BEING PERSECUTED, DENIED HEALTH CARE AND JUSTICE.     I have heard cruel bigoted police officers say my mental health issues are why I protest and use every democratic and justice avenue available to me to get that health care. Not only for myself, also for the hundreds of people I see in the community very like me who cannot fight against neo-liberal corruption and persecution of people with mental health issues as a result of overwhelming trauma and criminal neglect.


The current charges involve me throwing red paint on the white ribbon banner in Masterton police station. That IS NOT a disproportionate response to being violently assaulted and threatened with rape (ie I would see how bad police could be if I talked about the assault), watching those officers lie in court and then have a gross miscarriage of justice during proceedings. Proceedings for graffiti for chalking a swastika on the front of Carterton police station after being charged for the second time for misuse of a telephone for phoning ACC remote claimants answerphone and screaming to have my care and money reinstated when I was extremely unwell. On the verge of psychotic, usually late at night, about to kill myself, I phoned them instead. They dropped similar charges six weeks before, then did them again. There is much more backstory to this, but I cannot go into it. I would like to the opportunity to tell my whole story and this complaint won’t do that.   It involves High Court Security violently assaulting me for wanting to attend a public court trial of three mentally ill men taking the DHBs and Attorney General to court. It failed, it would have been successful if the human rights lawyer had accepted my case. I had been begging Tony Ellis for years to take my case, he refused, he doesn’t like women who have never committed a crime. He is only interested in mentally ill people who have physically hurt other people in my opinion.


My decision making is based on 15 years of study in the area of traumatic stress disorders, human rights, disabled rights, civil rights and being at the knife edge of abusive mental health services in New Zealand.


I am not highly anxious, I am TERRIFIED, ask any police officer about my behaviour and what resemblance it has to the 10,000s abused women and children they respond to every year in a country No 1 in the world for domestic/flatmate violence. This response only comes in certain situations and they are stressful, they would be stressful to any person – to someone with Complex PTSD living in an inhuman harmful living situation created by the government they are extreme and overwhelming. WHICH IS WHY I CANNOT RESPRESENT MYSELF AND NEED A SUITABLY RESOURCES AND EXPERIENCED LAWYER.


Of course I can give instruction to counsel, my extreme behaviour in the assessment is related to my extreme fear of Justin and all people involved in mental health services and justice. I thought Justin was a good person based on the limited amount I knew about his last assessment. After this assessment I now know he is corrupt, incompetent and criminally negligent.

I can give instruction to counsel, sadly many unintelligent lawyers don’t understand constitutional and civil rights laws. In my opinion the only human rights lawyers skilled enough and resources enough to represent me all work for the government and will refuse to do it based on a conflict of interest – which I have encountered in dozens of lawyer I have approached over the years.   I wonder why the government needs such experts in human rights, in order to violate the human rights of people like me perhaps. People like Simon Watt, Mai Chen, Palmer, John Millar, etc.


I am currently not represented because Legal Aid services refuse me legal aid and have not been able to employ a suitably qualified and resourced lawyer. Susie Barnes will confirm this. They have been using Michael Bott as some sort of legal representation for the court, he is not appropriate due to his strong ties to the Labour Party. He was a candidate for Labour in at least two elections – that is how I first met him. Also if he had done what I wanted years ago when he got me off some charges on a technicality rather than imperial and constitutional laws – then I wouldn’t be in court today still contending this and I might have had my care reinstated and be back working rather than living in terror, impoverished and marginalised.


I don’t’ know if Justin lied or was told a lie but I was quite capable of working with appointed counsel. The first counsel Legal Aid appointed didn’t work in the Wairarapa and I only found out the day before court. The second counsel had a conflict of interest that involved a gang member I knew, but did not want to know or want in my life. The judge has the details of why and agreed with my decision, she had to clear the court so I could talk in private for fear of my safety and life in a public court peppered with relatives and associates of this man.


Again Justin goes on about points of law he knows absolutely nothing about, his report was supposed to be about whether I could physically represent myself not if my case was valid or not – that is up to a judge to decide – all injustices are up to the judge to decide. Given our district court judges deal with the failure of neo-liberalism every day and know what is happening it is not surprised Judge Morris is doing everything she can to get me health care I am entitled to and justice I am entitled to. So I can recover, work, be safe and continue on with my life – which Justin, his bosses, our government, senior police and other neo-liberals are doing their best to stop.   I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY, only an extensive police investigation or ICC investigation would establish why, I think I know why but my conclusions are too horrific to accept – even for me.


MY COURT CASE IS INTIMATELY RELATED TO MY DRIVE FOR JUSTICE AND TO RECEIVE PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE. That he has made this statement as though it is something derogatory and NOT NORMAL to expect is deeply disturbing unprofessional, extremely bias behaviour.


Paragraph 19 My ability to attend court, I didn’t go into why I havn’t been able to due to extreme fear created phobias and how I have managed my disability so I can, using police for support (except they violently assaulted me with handcuffs instead). I can’t go into it now but I want to, I have to finish this I am nearly at the end and very unwell. Court security and operational staff understand, people like Jason and Nelda, they would have been able to advise Justin of these impairments and the solutions. Justin refused to contact them, I told him to contact them, he contacted all those he works with and for – the very people illegally and cruelly denying me health care and justice. My case manager Tina Hemi understands, my previous lawyer Susie Barnes understands, I thought MOH worker Colin Hamlin did, but obviously not and I know Stephen Enright definitely did not. Occupational Therapist Glenda vanderven Long understood and so did Dr Alan Doris.


How can you be calm when you are being persecuted for asking for health care you are entitled to? I am being destroyed and denied justice, there is no person on this planet that is calm about that and can stop it. That is why our planet is in such turmoil with so many protests against violent abusive out of control neo-liberal governments.




Paragraph 21 – in my opinion he has not complied with the code of conduct for expert witnesses. It is a fact he has not complied with the code of conduct expected from the Medical Council in situations of ‘independent’ assessments for a third party. Judge Morris was horrified by the bias and conflict of interest in Justin Barry-Walsh’s report and has requested another from a more culturally appropriate, hopefully professional psychiatrist. Her and I have expressly asked no psychologists be involved, my distrust and disgust in this profession would take a book to outline.   Basics of it is, our government terrorises and impoverishes at least 20% of the population then creates jobs in mental health that are people trying to brainwash people to accept being forced to live in inhuman situations without the necessities of life required to be provided by the government. THE MARKET as an upholder of truth, justice, human, civil and disabled rights is a nonsense. Governments and Westminster law was created to stop rich and powerful in THE MARKET (during industrialisation) from persecuting the poor and powerless who just wanted to live their lives freely in a safe environment, in their own community, with their family and friends.


Paragraph 22 is of course a false statement and this complaint and the accompanying documents prove that. It should be expected that someone chose by our neo-liberal controlled government would choose someone like Justin who can lie so convincingly. They will probably make him the scapegoat for their appalling corruption, crimes and cruelty. That is how health laws are progressing where those working with the disabled person have all the responsibility and liability, while their government or private MARKET bosses have none.


A good example of this would be the fact Wyatt Creech, ex National MP for Wairarapa is currently Chair of Healthcare NZ, along with his political associate Roger Sowry on the board. They own and run Gains Geneva whose health staff illegally denied me professional heatlh care last year when ACC had told me they would provide it. I am protesting about neo-liberalism introduced and forced on our population by these people, who now profit from it knowing they are driving social problems like suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, violence etc.


Justin confirms the accuracy of a statement that is so contradictory no judge would be able to make a decision on it. If this is the standard of assessment by our government’s most senior forensic psychiatrist it is quite obvious the appalling state of mental health services is directly related to this man.


I will reiterate this is not the entire story and I have much more to reveal and I want the opportunity to do that. I have never been allowed to make eye contact with those making decisions under Human Rights, privacy laws etc. I have never been allowed a lawyer to get me justice and health care, I am only ever allowed an overworked criminal lawyer who has little knowledge of human rights and no resources to fight a case as complicated and legally important as mine.


It may be minor criminal charges but what is happening here is a serious breach of NZs constitutional laws to the point of corruption, criminal negligence, medical neglect and persecution.   This case should be in the High Court with a top international human rights lawyer funded by the UN as there are no NZ lawyers capable or willing to do it. What should happen and what does happen is of course different and millions of NZers suffer unnecessarily because of corruption in mental health. My case is stark proof of just how corrupt ACC, mental health and our government are in relation to providing professional treatment care rehabilitation, homes and justice to those who need and are entitled to it.

Jayne R

Civil Society Activist



Labelled insane for being denied ACC care, a lawyer & protesting about it- WTF!!!!

I can’t copy this to my website so will have to type out the six pages – groan.  I can’t download any photos or print out any documents from my computer sent to me by the government, I will do a youtube video to prove the document exists.  If people care at all about suicide or those who have suffered trauma (including victims of crime) being illegally denied extensive ACC care they are entitled to then read and CONTACT ME TO HELP OUT.   Cruel corrupt criminals in our government and ACC (ie American controlled neo-liberal terrorist elitist fascists) decided sensitive claimants would receive extremely limited and cheapest (ineffective) mental health services they could possibly offer and get away with it.  I have it on reports – I’ll show you on youtube.

This report was ordered by the court because Legal Aid were REFUSING to provide me Legal Aid and a lawyer for charges of throwing red paint over White Ribbon Banner in Masterton Police Station in January 2017.  Which I did because police violently assaulted me – threatened me with much worse, lied in court and got away with it (more than once).   They assaulted me because I was angry they were prosecuting me with Misuse of a Telephone for phoning ACC in the middle of the night on the verge of psychotic screaming at them to reinstate my care after waiting 8 yrs since I won the review.   I couldn’t represent myself I’m too unwell and terrorised by what had happened.  THAT IS ALL – THAT IS THE ONLY REASON AND YET THIS IS WHAT WAS SAID.  Proves our government are targeting people with mental health issues (related to severe trauma because of the inhuman living situations they are forced into) who know what is happening to them is illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is me typing out the report from head mental health CORRUPT ELITIST sociopath Justin Barry-Walsh – Forensic Mental Health service is run by REALLY BAD PEOPLE.  Who think us peasants are sooooo stupid they call themselves Papatuanuku – TROUBLE IS MOST PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM ARE STUPID IGNORANT BRAINWASHED BIGOTS, OR SOCIOPATHS.  The men seem incredibly weak and bigoted, while the women there are the sociopaths, ewwwww.  The whole organisation is creepy.   This is supposed to be an Independent 3rd party psych report, Medical Council has rules about how they are to be completed – I made complaints to them, firstly I was told they did make decisions (not Health & Disability because person isn’t my health provider).  I made a decision and then I get told ON THE PHONE only after ringing multiple times, they refused to consider the complaint.  WTF – really dodgy stuff AND YOU NEED TO HELP ME EXPOSE IT AND STOP IT OR I AM GOING TO BE LOCKED UP AND WILL LOSE EVERYTHING.  Can’t have a home when you locked in a MH unit – you are deprived of your benefit so get kicked out of rental accommodation!

I will put everything in bold THAT IS TRUE – you need to read my next post which is formal complaint to Medical Council.

22 March 2019

The Presiding Judge
Masterton District Court


Re:  J E R

This report is written in pursuant to request under Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act.   Ms Routhan is facing charges of wilful damage, failure to answer district court bail, graffiti and use of offensive language.  The report has been request to address whether she is unfit to stand trial.  To assist I was provided with a copy of the order and Summary of Facts of the alleged offending.

Ms Routhan has been subject to a previous report written by me on 17 March 2014 and a second report written by Dr Holmes (idiot woman who wrote pile of crap) of 15 May 2014.  I interviewed Ms Routhan at the Masterton District Court for about 1 1/2 hours on morning of 15 March 2019.  With her consent I spoke to Stephen Enright, manager office of the Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Ministry of Health and Wairarapa Mental Health Services, I considered these previous reports. (NOT TRUE I CONSENTED TO IT – WHY WOULD I CONSENT TO PEOPLE I PROTEST ABOUT ILLEGALLY DENYING ME CARE BEING CONSULTED – NOBODY WOULD BE THAT STUPID.  ALSO NOT LEGAL ACCORDING TO MEDICAL COUNCIL RULES.)

The outset of the interview I explained to Ms Routhan the purposes of the interview.  I outlined the limits in confidentially which related both to my role as a report writer and because I work as a psychiatrist with a small pilot program with POLICE and where we take referrals from PARLIAMENTARY SERVICES of people who APPEAR FIXATED (really hard to write this, blatant admittance the govt are persecuting people fighting for health care/ACC they are entitled to by law).  Ms Routhan has been flagged within this service.   (TARGETED for oppression, I wrote to Parliamentary services and sent copies of my winning ACC reviews from 2010 & more accurate unbias psych reports from Dr Alan Doris – no response cause they are corrupt and controlled by THE SPEAKER, TREVOR MALLARD – surprised NOT).

Mr Routhan impressed as an intelligent and articulate woman.  She was obviously distressed.  Frequently she was fearful.  She had a number of mannerisms she described as tics  (WHICH ARE TICS).  The most consistent of these was a clicking of the fingers and placing of her fingers over her ears which appeared to be a way that she managed escalating feelings of anxiety and distress.  She often became angry and this anger was never directed as me but was driven by her strong sense of justice and perception of injustice and mistreatment of her and others.  There were political themes evident in what she said although she describes herself as a political atheist.  She was highly critical of neoliberalism and by implication of neo-liberal reforms in New Zealand in the 80s and 90s.

She displayed a keen awareness of inequalities within our society and her awareness of this was amplified by her current impecunious state.   Meaning of impecunious – having little or no money – he should have used word impoverished but obviously though I wouldn’t look it up – that is why you always do look up words or laws these corrupt criminals refer to.)  Predominantly she communicated sadness, distress and anger during the interview but there was evidence of humour.  She was constantly digressive and peppered the interview with anecdotes.  As a result the interview was not well structured and it was much more appropriate for me to allow Jayne to talk about her concerns and to listen respectfully than to interrupt and to force her into a structure interview  (corrupt lying bastard – I asked him multiple times to keep me on track, I know I get distracted when terrified and disraught, its part of my disorder – dah! – so fkd off I didn’t record it).   Ms Routhan found the interview process distressing and required some support in order to compose herself and leave the interview  (a hand towel from the toilet for my running nose, he didn’t support me, it was the security guard I get on with how did).

During the interview Ms Routhan acknowledged difficulties sleeping usually getting 4 – 5 hours a night  (liar).  She described chronic suicidal ideation with a sense that she has no future  (ie, I am suicidal and have no future if I don’t get my ACC care back or somewhere safe to live – anyway got to stop making comment and just type – my response is all in my complaint to Medical Council.)  She referred to her problems with anxiety and traumas which she sees greatly amplified by her experiences with what are meant to be helping institutions particularly ACC and to a lesser extent Mental Health.  A central theme to her concerns was her lack of access to health care she is entitled to especially through ACC.  This included her expressing regret  (deeply despairing and angry) that the package of care she had in 2009 had not been reinstituted.  She described a strong sense of stigma, aware that other people may avoid her because she was confronting and challenging and also because they may perceive her as being different and potentially mentally disordered.  She described a number of ways in which she ahs been mistreated and described a clear sense that she is subject to injustice and differential treatment.  She described a fear of the Police related to past experiences of them but equally acknowledging that some of them were decent people.  (He knew my wilful damage charges were related to my protest about police violently assaulted me and threatening me with worse – revolting manipulating bastard.)

Although initially she seemed opposed to the idea of having a ‘mental illness’ (I HAVE A MENTAL INJURY AS A RESULT OF OVERWHELMING TRAUMA AND CRIMINAL NEGLECT AND NEGLIGENCE – doesn’t make me mentally ill like someone with psychtzophrenia , austism etc)  she later referred to herself as having a disability.  This, she characterised as a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  She noted that her traumatic experiences were amplified by her further contact and subsequent experiences from 2002 when the initial trauma occurred up until now.  She described problems in her living circumstances related not only to a lack of money but when she does take in flatmates that they exploit her  (bastard, I told them they steal from me, unload all their traumatic shit onto me, bring dangerous people into my home, etc etc etc).   She was scathing of recent contact with an NGO which was meant to provide support and the manner in which the individual let her down.  She frequently referred to suicide prevention initiatives which she was cynical about, perceiving that they worsen the situation and spoke of how Mental Health Services kill people referring it seemed to the frequency of suicides and by implication the role of Mental Health Services in driving these.


During the course of the interview it became evident Ms Routhan had a clear understanding of the charges against her.  She told me she currently has no legal representation.  She described to me her view about her guilt or innocence observing that there wer two issues of particular relevance.  The first she said was that her actions represented a legitimate protest and she saw that she would have a defence under the Bill of Rights.  Secondly she also had a defence related to her disability although she didn’t clearly articulate how this would function as a defence (liar) .  She indicated that she sought a lawyer that would not only deal with the narrow criminal issues but also deal with the lack of health care she has received  (liar).  Thus she seemed to conflate these two issues although in fairness to her this conflation is understandable in the context of her protest actions at least in part to draw attention to the fact that she doesn’t have the health care that she deserves  (IS ENTITLED TO BY LAW!) and that she sees other people receiving.

Ms Routhan described difficulty in attending court.  She described a preference on occasions for being brought into court discreetly through the back entrance and indicated that on several occasions  (once & I was violently assaulted with handcuffs that was worst pain I ever felt in my life and has permanently damaged my wrist!)  
she had provoked police to arrest her so she could be bought into court that way.  The difficulties she had with court she said had more to do with sense of justice system was being used in a punitive way against her.  During the course of the interview I was unable to explore her understanding of court process beyond these issues, although from my previous contact with her and the interview I am satisfied she has reasonable understanding of court process including the role of the officers of the court.  It was clear she understood the role of her lawyer.

I spent some time discussing with Ms Routhan her treatment needs   (BIGGEST LIE OF THE LOT, I STARTED TO TELL HIM WHAT CARE I HAD IN 2009 FROM ACC – I became so distraught, ticking, self-harming etc I couldn’t continue.) Ms Routhan had some very clear views about what she needed.   Her ultimate goal is to be able to return to work.  Because of her spiritual beliefs she does not wish to take medication.  She stated that she wanted to deal with health professionals because they can understand her when she is ‘flipping out’.  Primarily she preferred to have a psychiatrist although she could identify other health professionals who had treated her respectfully and in a professional flexible way who she could relate to.  She was scathing in her criticism of psychologists as a group of health professionals and also social workers.

Although Ms Routhan frequently decompensated and became distressed it was evident she had some capacity for self-reflection.  She displayed some insight not only into her difficulty but also to the impact her behaviour had on others noting that at times people seemed fearful of her.  However, this insight did not extend to recognising that it may be her presentation which as at least partially impacted on the capacity of services to provide care to her  (another big wopper of a lie – those scum refuse me care, that’s why I get more unwell).

Psychiatric History

Ms Routhan’s psychiatric history is well described in the previous reports including my report of 2014.  In essence although she had had some problems with anxiety when her business was struggling in 1998 but prior to a serious sexual assault in 2002 she had a stable mental state.  She did well with counselling in 1998 to deal with the stressors and anxiety she was experiencing at the time.  (another lie, I sold the business, shit work, shit hours for shit money and hours spent trying to stop a thief who worked for us from getting $1000s after we sacked him.)  There was no suggestion that prior to that time there were any issues in her personality functioning.  Subsequent to 2002 she presented with high levels of anxiety, eating problems which she referred to in my interview, chronic suicidal ideation and cannabis use.  (I don’t smoke pot like that now, why put it in, just to discredit me.) It is considered she had a profound and enduring personality change resulting from the traumatic experience.   (YES BECAUSE I WAS BEING DENIED HEALTH CARE AND SOMEWHERE SAFE TO FKN LIVE THAT I AM ENTITLED TO UNDER LAW – I NEVER AGREED WITH THIS DIAGNOSIS – IT MAKES IT ACCEPTABLE TO NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVICES CAUSE ALL MENTALLY INJURED ABUSE VICTIMS ALL TURN OUT THE SAME – GRRR).  My assessment of 2014 was similar, noting there were difficulties with diagnostic labels but that her presentation merged into what might be considered diagnostic criteria for post traumatic stress disorder.    (Untreated PTSD and continued unsafety and trauma turns into Complex PTSD, which is a way different thing that normal trauma – what he is saying is so wrong on so many levels makes you realise our entire psychiatric industry is controlled and run by corrupt elitist rich pigs – screwing us peasants over.)   I noted “in essence Ms Routhan has been seriously damaged by the sexual assault and subsequent experiences”.   She has had input from professional services but I reported “her relationship with Mental Health Services Wairarapa has been fraught with mistrust, hostility and disengagement.  I am unable to comment of the extent to which this has been driven by Ms Routhan or the responses services.”  Both my report and that of Dr HOlmes noted a period in 2009 where she did well with treatment which was subsequently stopped.  She had had little contact with Mental Health Services since 2010, although she was seen by Crisis Services in April 2013.  Dr Holmes described a similar opinion with regards to her mental health problems labelling them as complex PTSD.  More recently Ms Routhan was assessed by Mental Health Services as part of a broader plan to assist her with further treatment.  Unfortunately this did not lead to further engagement and care  (NO, even though I was told without doubt it would – almost killed me – the assessors where those people who cause suicide).

I am aware Ms Routhan has generated a great deal of concern at times because of her frequent phone calls to statutory and helping agencies where she may have become dysregulated, angry and make reference to thoughts of suicide coupled with behaviours that include protest and times where again she becomes deregulated and angry.  She can make threats  (I NEVER EVER MAKE THREATS OF HARM TOWARDS ANY PERSON EVER – I HOPE SOME REALLY BAD PERSON HURTS THEM AFTER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO ME AND OTHERS – I have never been prosecuted for it by police ever – I go tourettes (insult people who deserve it) and swear.   I believe in karma and non-violence, (God/Spirit dishes out the punishments for hurting people, NOT ME) , it is a fundamental part of who I am, that will never change I told him that.   Ms Routhan described protest action at the Ministry of Health and being trespassed from the building in Wellington.

Since 2014 there have been intermittent contacts with mental health services from organisations concerned about the tenor of communications from Ms Routhan.  These communications have been accusatory and often referenced a wish to die.  Ms Routhan as not been assessed recently by Mental Health services.

Other Sources

Stephen Enright indicated ACC had agreed to fund further treatment.  A now retired individual  (lying revolting corrupt old sleezey Colin Hamlin) in the Ministry had worked hard to broker treatment for Ms Routhan.  Unfortunately, attempts had been unsuccessful, partly due to difficulties engaging Ms Routhan, presumably because she can become angry and dysregulated.  In this contact, Mr Enright had asked on her behalf for the local general practice to allow her to see a specific general practitioner.  They had not agreed and then his contact with Ms Routhan had been characterised by hostility and abuse.  She has been trespassed from the Ministry building.  There seems to be a pattern whereby proposed treatement plans  (ARE REJECTED) break down quickly and it seems a tragic aspect of Ms Routhan’s difficulties that it is hard for her to accept treatment offered outside narrow parameters she views as necessary   (OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION MODELS – CAUSE NZ ONLY EXPERIMENTS ON PEOPLE NOW THANKS TO GLOBAL DRUG COMPANIES AND CORRUPT GOVT).  and when there is a perceived failing she responds with a level of dysregulation and abuse many find intolerable.  It would seem ACC remain responsible for proving further treatment, but progress is stymied.

Opinon  ( of an elitist neo-liberal terrorist murderer)

I find a similar clinical state in Ms Routhan now to 2014  (another huge lie, my ticking and traumatised behaviour is way worse and he knows it).  Ms Routhan was a high functioning woman with some limited problems with stress and anxiety prior to a serious sexual assault in 2002.  This trauma has generated a number of problems with anxiety and regulation in mood with an enduring change in her personality.  These difficulties have been amplified by her subsequent contact with helping services and others, her loss of income and interaction with her previous personality which appears to have been one that included holding a strong sense of justice.  Unfortunately over time these difficulties have become entrenched and we are left in a situation where Ms Routhan suffers from high levels of distress, anxiety and chronic suicidal ideation.  It is evident from my interview and from review of materials that she can be exquisitely sensitive to what she perceives as people who are patronising her, thinking of her negatively or disrespecting her.  This and her past history of traumatic experiences can trigger highly dysregulated, distressing responses where she may become hostile, angry and express thoughts of suicide.  This unfortunately makes it more difficult to engage with Ms Routhan in any therapeutic endeavours.   (and yet in 2009 when I had professional treatment care and rehabilitation using a professional health model and provider I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER).

Unfitness to Stand Trial

Unfitness to stand trial is defined within the Criminal Procedures (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act 2003  (HELEN CLARK WAS PM IN 2003 – LABOUR NOT CHANGED ONE BIT – THEY STILL WORKING OUT WAYS TO PERSECUTE THE TERRORISED POOR AND ABUSED THEY CREATE IN THIS NEO-LIBERAL HELL HOLE! – and Jacinda just loves her!).   Ms Routhan can be said to have a mental impairment on the basis of my understanding of this term which I am given to understand the court interprets broadly.  It is probably not useful to consider her has having a discrete psychiatric illness (although according to AMERICAN diagnostic fashion some might diagnose her with PTSD or Complex PTSD.  She undoubtedly has a serious mental health issue as a result of trauma in 2002 and subsequent events  (and being deprived of ACC care I am entitled to )  These difficulties do generate distress, depressed mood at times, anger and chronic thoughts of suicide.  At such times when she presents in crisis she might be considered mentally disordered with the meaning of the Mental Health Act, although my view is the nature of her difficulties mean that the use of compulsory care would be contraindicated as I would anticipate it would only escalate her distress and cause her further harm.  A good example of this is her opposition to medication.  I would not consider it appropriate to recommend or enforce medication against her clear wish.   (he admits mental health services are abusive and it is against the law to force medication onto me when I told him it was my religious and ethical belief based on science I know about trauma and now damage neo-liberals are purposely doing).

The question therefore arises as to whether she is unfit to stand trial.  Ms Routhan displays a good understanding of the charges against her and although given the nature of interview I wasn’t able to clearly explore it I think she would be able to follow legal process in general sense and understands the role of the officers of the court  (not even the officers of the court understand their roles, I’m continuously having to tell them in Masterton – they only employ stupid people who will do what they are told.) This was certainly my experience in 2014.  However she runs into difficulties in several areas.  She has conflated her civil rights issues as she sees them with the criminal charges.  This includes what she sees as an injustice over the lack of provision and care to her.  Her decision making in this area is driven by a perception of herself as a person with a disability and someone who has been grievously wronged.  Although there is legitimacy in her views they may be considered to be disproportionate and the disproportionate aspect of that is driven by her mental health problems which may be considered a mental impairment.  She is a highly anxious individual prone to rapid decompensation in response to triggers and situations she experiences as stressful.  Her tendancy to do this is erratic and she may be able to manage the court room environment however she may greatly struggle, limiting her ability to meaningfully participate in court process.  In addition, it is evident that it will be difficult for her to give useful instruction to counsel.  I am aware that she is not currently represented but has had previous legal representation.  My understanding is that currently she doesn’t have legal representation because she has been unable to work with counsel appointed for her in this case.  This difficulty probably relates to two things, the interpersonal sensitivity that I noted and her view that the court case is intimately related to her drive to seek justice and obtain health care   (no shit Sherlock).

It may therefore be open to the Court to consider Ms Routhan unfit to stand trial on the basis that a mental impairment impinges upon her ability to consistently attend to court, follow legal process and instruct counsel.  Equally, an argument can be made that she has these capacities although they may fluctuate and the nature of her difficulties do not seriously undermine her capacity to understand events and communicate when she is calmer.


I have read and have complied with the code of conduct for expert witnesses contained in Schedule 4 of High Court rules  (LIAR)

I confirm the truth and accuracy of this statement.   I make this statement with the knowledge that it is to be used in court proceedings.  I am aware that it is an offence to make a statement that is known by me to be false or intended by me to mislead (LIAR).


Dr Justin Barry-Walsh

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

THAT WAS VERY HARD TO TYPE LIES LIKE THAT FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOU AND I WANT TO THROW UP – us peasants have to realise, these elitist mongrels in power have set EVERYTHING up to exploit and profit from us EVERYTHING.

I just saw a news item about a Somalian man that epitomises what is happening to me – NOT THAT I’M A DISABLED SEX OFFENDER – I’m quite the opposite I’m being terrorised through the courts, corrupt elitist bigoted corrupt judges FOR PROTESTING ABOUT PEOPLE WITH HISTORIES OF ABUSE NOT GETTING THE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT CARE REHAB AND HOMES THEY ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER LAW.    Interesting how the law always works to make sure there are dangerous abusers in society don’t you think.    Want to know why – then watch Naomi Kleins documentary THE SHOCK DOCTORINE, then apply it to neo-liberals shutting down psych wards and driving people into the community loaded up on experimental drugs to harm and be harmed.  The poor man was not allowed to go back home, where he needed to be, the only way he could safely stay here if he was given INTENSIVE ‘brainwashing’ type treatment and of course everything else victims of abuse are supposed to be getting.