This is what hypocrisy & HATE really looks like – VisionWest

I was reading the article below thinking how good it was until the arsehole who profits from VisionWest started saying it was people’s fault they were in the situation.  WTF – this is the Baptist Christian bullshit coming through.  That they could get themselves sorted and get over it etc WHICH IS NOT FKN TRUE FOR THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE!

He’ll be talking about the successes they have had but saying nothing about the failures they have caused.  The numbers of people driven to suicide with an attitude like his, ewwww.  But then to self-righteous Christians suicidal people are sinners the same as murderers, etc.

Its like all these Christian charities have gone insane and if these people believed in the bible they’d be shitting themselves right now.   Our govt is corrupt and commits crimes against the poor in this country, charities were part of the neo-liberal takeover – that is what Libertarians demand – that charities provide for poor and disabled people – not the government.   It doesn’t work of course and the emotional and financial profit this man makes from VisionWest completely clouds his judgement and understand of neo-liberalism.

That man emotionally and financial profits from poverty, he does it for the wrong reasons and incites hatred against people who can’t get over it without medical intervention.  He is also one group in one small area of our country and yet the impression you are given is these services are EVERYWHERE.   Media does that on purpose of course, to manipulate their listeners and those doing well – so they don’t feel so guilty and won’t want taxes to go up to the filthy rich and return to our socialist culture.

I despise NZ charities, those people should have been protesting in the streets and demanding justice and equality – instead they jumped on board and are now maggots feeding off the puss filled sore that is social decay.  They don’t attempt to fix what is causing the sore and the puss – which is what they should be doing.

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