Fonterra Mozarella plant lies idle, 100,000s NZers can’t afford cheese due to govt housing market failure

More proof of the insanity neo-liberal economic terrorism has bought this country and how the government and business continue to flog that dead horse.  Along with the 1,000,000s of NZers suffering and dying because of it – because the people in our government are radicalised deranged neo-liberals that don’t want to get involved IN THE MARKET.  The only reason we have a market at all and now it has gone rogue, Jacinda Ardern and her chronies all sit back and blame………………………….   mostly the victim so their corruption, incompetence and extremist insanity.

Maybe if we and the government stopped listening to STUPID GREEDY FARMERS,  really really really stupid greedy farmers and did what our constitutional laws say it would be different.

Fonterra factory built to make ‘secret recipe’ mozzarella sitting all but idle

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