I’ve met Corinda Taylor – she is VERY controlling & manipulated by cruel neo-liberal elites

I’ve met her years ago, part of the torture wheel of HATE, ie an obsessed parent of a teen who was driven to suicide.    But now I know more about how neo-liberals purposely incite as much suicide as they possibly can to create jobs and profits for health profession and drug companies – I realise she’s just a naïve ignorant pawn in their game.   People like Corinda play the game for the elites while appearing to care about mental health services, she is angry her son killed himself and more interested in getting help for herself and others that validate her.

People like Corinda and Dave McPherson don’t care whatsoever how bad or abusive mental health services are for their family member – they just want them locked up, drugged up and someone else to blame for the death.  This is not every case of course, I’m generalising with regards to parents who are bullies and put huge amounts of pressure on their children to succeed – in a society where 20% are not allowed to for economic reasons.

This is when you start to see the glaring failure, corruption and deceit in the MENTAL HEALTH/VIOLENCE/SUICIDE INDUSTRY.  I started off making complaints to the Health and Disability Commission – everybody does.  I was told on the phone by HDC staff no complaint would ever succeed because I HAD MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

Which reminds me of my protest at the DHB meeting three years ago, with a cardboard sign how the Chairman (sir Paul Collins – corrupt criminal elitist, google his past) and CEO assured the other members that complaints were dealt with by Health & Disability Commission.  COMPLAINTS ARE NEVER DEALT WITH – THAT IS WHY WE HAVE THE 5TH HIGHEST RATES OF SIUCIDE IN THE WORLD, 1ST FOR YOUTH SUICIDE, 1ST FOR SELF-HARM & FIRST FOR DOMESTIC/FLATMATE VIOLENCE.  The gross injustices, violence, cruelty and psychological torture I am subjected to proves MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ARE ABUSIVE NOT HEALING.  Unless people take ‘the drugs’ elitists demand THEY WILL BE PERSECUTED.

I’ve never taken them myself but I have heard from people whose doctors etc experiment on them, been through up to 10 different medications for stress disorder – all of them made her feel worse.   If something caused worse torment and suicidal hell in your head would you do everything you possibly could to avoid it????  80% of the people in mental health just want THEIR JOBS TO BE EASY AND EVERYBODY TO BE DRUGGED INTO SUBMISSION.  They also know how bad it is and do nothing because they would be prosecuted by the govt and police if they did, they would be sacked if they did and they wouldn’t be able to get another job – because most people working in mental health are unemployable normally!!!!!

I wonder if all these suicide inquests are done to find out how much the family of the person contributed to the suicide – OH NO WAIT – I just realised it is supposed to degrade and terrorise families.   Suicide is embarrassing and annoying for wealthy neo-liberal terrorists, their perfect plan for them drives others to suicide and it doesn’t look good globally – irrelevant of what local people feel.  Plus of course the ‘ethical honest christian’ neo-liberal terrorist rich pigs feel a bit of guilt – got to transfer that guilt to someone else.  Just like Dr Edward Willis top constitutional expert lawyer working at Auckland University who thinks me holding him accountable for social problems is NOT SAFE FOR HIM.  WTF

FAMILIES HAVE NO LAWYERS – NEITHER DO VICTIMS LIKE MYSELF – the current criminal lawyer I have is an idiot and believes me guilty for legally protesting against abusive mental health services.



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