Mental Health Services in New Zealand – breeding ground for sadistic sociopaths

Absolutely disgusting reading this article – SIX YEARS AFTER THE EVENT – which was obviously punitive, its exactly what the really bad sadistic power obsessed psychopaths who work in mental health love to do to people THAT WON’T DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD!

It is still the same throughout New Zealand, nothing has changed and nothing will change because the Commissioner did absolutely nothing to punish them IN ANY WAY.   Which of course is part of the neo-liberal terrorism of vulnerable people with mental health issues.

This is why all those well meaning people who want family or friends to go to mental health for help ARE SO WRONG and just handing them over to a neo-liberal nightmare of hell.   Where drugging people profits the richest, rather than making sure they have professional health care and necessities of life.

And people wonder why I am terrified of mental health services, I know they do this to people, I have met people they put in jail for three months who were suicidal.  Nobody was dealing with her deeply disturbed controlling abusive parents – who were fundamentalist Christians.  When she got out she contacted me and said not even her parents were told she was in jail.  Punitive use of the police and justice system and its still going on.

I’ve never been caught up in public mental health’s sadistic cruelty like this – but been threatened with it many times.  YOu have to believe me 80% of the staff in mental health services are violent sadistic bullies with serious psychological unresolved issues.  Lots of them want to harm suicidal people because someone they cared about killed themselves and they are angry with that person so take it out on patients.   All the people in Wairarapa – except for perhaps one person – are the worst of the worst in New Zealand, which is why we are NO 1 in NZ for suicide and self-harm and why I can’t get any services AT ALL.  Even when others do, stopping me from seeing a doctor is part of that, stopping me from getting a psychiatrist and my ACC rehabilitation plan back is all part of that.

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